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Should government put the brakes on fuel tax cuts?

Tuesday - The government isn’t ruling out further fuel tax cuts, but experts say policy makers should be looking at a targeted approach to inflation rather than continue with a “knee-jerk response” to rising fuel prices.


Tuesday - Ten years ago, an expert was calling for government regulations or incentives to cut emissions from the transport sector, as the ETS was doing little to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


Tuesday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

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Review of Australia’s carbon credit units announced

Tuesday - The Australian government has announced the appointment of an independent panel (Panel) to review the integrity of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Youth climate case moves to top tribunal in European Court

Tuesday - The European Court of Human Rights said Thursday that a complaint against 33 countries filed by six young Portuguese climate activists will be examined by the tribunal’s top panel of judges, a move...

Deadly glacier collapse in Italy "linked directly to climate change"

Tuesday - Italian prime minister Mario Draghi joined scientists in pointing to the climate emergency as the cause of a deadly glacier collapse in the Italian Alps on Sunday afternoon, saying policymakers must...

Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia's most populous state

Tuesday - On a fine day, locals arrive on boats that motor up the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales to dine on the back deck of the Paradise Café.

Restoring nature is not a silver bullet for global warming, we must cut emissions outright

Tuesday - Restoring degraded environments, such as by planting trees, is often touted as a solution to the climate crisis. But our new research shows this, while important, is no substitute for preventing...

Gabon to sell €275m worth of carbon credits before COP27

Tuesday - For Gabon, forests are rich in with economic opportunity. The country plans to create 187 million carbon credits and sell half of them on the offset market.

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Apply now for government decarbonisation co-funding

Monday - (Partner content) The government has accelerated its efforts to support businesses with the transition to clean energy and clever technologies. EECA is inviting applicants with large...

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23 Jun 22 - What's coming up

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Pacific island nations unite against deep sea mining

29 Jun 22 - Media Release - In the first governmental alliance of its kind, the Pacific...

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer aims to build anti deep sea mining coalition at UN Oceans Summit

28 Jun 22 - Media Release - Te Pāti Māori Co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer MP was...

Multi-million dollar fund set to address high failure rate of kiwi social enterprises

27 Jun 22 - Media Release - A new $20 million fund and incubation initiative designed to...

Avis shifts gears to launch NZ's largest electric car rental fleet

23 Jun 22 - Media Release - Avis New Zealand has added close to 100 electric vehicles (EVs)...

Mysterious climate behaviour during Earth’s most severe mass extinction event explained

22 Jun 22 - Media Release - The end-Permian mass extinction is the most severe mass...

New biodiversity market launched

17 Jun 22 - Media Release - A new biodiversity market has been launched with the first...

Circular economy discussion paper for investors released

10 Jun 22 - Media Release - The Investor Group on Climate Change today released a new...

Landfill gas capture deal a win for the wallet and environment

9 Jun 22 - Media Release - More than five million cubic metres of potentially harmful...

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