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Climate strategy contradictory - or step in the right direction?

Thursday - A climate policy expert and IPCC lead author is concerned that progress on climate will be lost if the government doesn’t overhaul the Emissions Trading Scheme and introduce other complementary policies to reduce emissions.

A growing spectre of Azerbaijani irredentism hangs over COP29

10 Jul 24 - Technically a diaspora rights organisation, critics say the Western Azerbaijan Community has become one of Baku’s key instruments for domestic radicalisation.

Jones says he hopes Climate Commission CEO is removed

3 Jul 24 - Minister for Resources Shane Jones says he hopes that the chief executive of the Climate Change Commission will soon be removed from her job.

We must take “all necessary measures” to control greenhouse gases, says International Tribunal

1 Jul 24 - The 21-judge International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea says science must guide efforts to prevent climate change and protect vulnerable people and wildlife.

Global survey reveals consensus for stronger climate action

24 Jun 24 - Media release | The overwhelming majority of people around the world want an end to geopolitical differences when it comes to fighting climate change, the results of a landmark public opinion poll conducted by the UN Development Programme.

Exposing ‘risks hiding in plain sight’ – accounting for offshore carbon credits

20 Jun 24 - Media release | The McGuinness Institute has published a discussion paper on how New Zealand’s commitment to purchase offshore carbon credits under the Paris Agreement should appear in financial statements.

Carbon auction preview: Experts predict likely failure and govt lost revenue “own goal”

18 Jun 24 - Experts are picking tomorrow’s carbon auction will fail, with no incentive for participants to bid at prices more than 20% higher than the current secondary market price.

Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from UN conference

17 Jun 24 - Climate diplomats have finished another two weeks of intense negotiations in the German city of Bonn, discussing global efforts to cut emissions and protect people from climate hazards.

Bonn bulletin: Fossil fuel transition left homeless

12 Jun 24 - Countries clash over where to negotiate the shift away from dirty energy agreed at COP28, while talks on a new climate finance goal make little progress.

‘No additional warming’ for methane target - but relative to when, asks expert?

7 Jun 24 - Advocates of the government’s methane review will probably be disappointed to learn that aligning the target with “no additional warming” might not give farmers the green light to relax about their...

Ban fossil fuel ads to save climate, says UN chief

6 Jun 24 - The world's fossil fuel industries should be banned from advertising to help save the world from climate change, the head of the United Nations said.

Govt looking at policy to restrict forestry in the ETS: Watts

7 May 24 - By Liz Kivi | The government is looking at complementary policies around land use to restrict forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, rather than making changes directly to the scheme.

Fast-track Approvals Bill ‘serious risk’ to NZ exporters: Environmental Defence Society

29 Apr 24 - Exporters should be ‘deeply concerned’ that the Fast-track Approvals Bill has not been assessed for consistency with any of New Zealand’s free trade agreements, according to the Environmental Defence...

Tzay is right to raise human rights concerns about carbon markets

29 Apr 24 - Media release | Amnesty International’s Advisor on Indigenous Rights, Chris Chapman has reacted to a call by the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples to consider a moratorium on...

Climate Change Minister now in Cabinet after reshuffle

26 Apr 24 - Climate Change minister Simon Watts now has a seat at the Cabinet table.

NZ to cooperate with Philippines on international climate target, pledges $41 million climate finance to Southeast Asia

23 Apr 24 - By Liz Kivi | New Zealand has made its first tentative step towards forging an international agreement to meet its United Nations climate target by buying offshore offsetting.

Fast-Track legislation wrong track for climate targets, say lawyers

22 Apr 24 - Fast-Track legislation will take New Zealand further off track from meeting climate change obligations - and places the country at risk of breaching them, according to Lawyers for Climate Action.

NZ agrees to cooperate on carbon markets with Singapore and Thailand

18 Apr 24 - New Zealand has signed separate partnership agreements with Singapore and Thailand, saying the countries will work together on carbon markets as one of several green economy measures.

Emissions down for 2022

18 Apr 24 - Aotearoa New Zealand’s gross greenhouse gas emissions fell by 4% in 2022, according to new figures.

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