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Wealthy Kiwis driving up transport emissions

13 Jun 24 - Cashed-up Kiwis are pumping out more than their fair share of transport emissions, driving more frequently and over longer distances, according to new research.

Govt 'not even pretending to try' to reduce transport emissions: former MOT chief science advisor

11 Jun 24 - By Liz Kivi | The former chief science advisor for the Ministry of Transport says the current government isnít even pretending to try to reduce carbon emissions from transport.

Budget prioritises adaptation over emissions reductions

31 May 24 - The government is prioritising stop banks and floodwalls over initiatives to reduce emissions, with the $1.2bn Regional Infrastructure Fund to focus on climate resilience efforts, while hundreds of millions of dollars of funding for conservation efforts has been cut.

Media round-up

31 May 24 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: rethinking roads as public spaces; government's coal strategy might breach international commitments; and "green reasons" for destroying the seabed?

Planet Titanic

28 May 24 - By Jeremy Rose | Itís the genteel version of cage diving: cocooned in a steel cage, tourists are wowed by the majesty of nature all the while knowing theyíre involved in something many experts argue is environmentally destructive.

Scion report on short rotation forestry met with scepticism

27 May 24 - A new report from Scion that says short rotation forestry holds the key to lowering fossil fuel use has been criticised by sustainable land use campaigners as well as an oil industry expert.

Media round-up

24 May 24 - In our weekly round-up of climate coverage in local media: Christopher Luxon and Chloe Swarbrick - a tale of two speeches; private jet use is increasing in NZ; and investment giant BlackRock is yet to make investments from NZ climate fund announced ten months ago.

Infrastructure Commission finds some progress on climate - but road-building wonít solve congestion

16 May 24 - By Liz Kivi | The coalition government has reaffirmed its focus on roads just days after a major report from the Infrastructure Commission said we canít build our way out of congestion.

Retiring diesel buses early would cut total emissions

13 May 24 - In terms of total emissions, itís far better to take diesel buses off the road and replace them with electric buses, a Waka Kotahi study has found.

Govt looking at policy to restrict forestry in the ETS: Watts

7 May 24 - By Liz Kivi | The government is looking at complementary policies around land use to restrict forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, rather than making changes directly to the scheme.

Fast-charger trickle begins

1 May 24 - The government has announced the first of its promised 10,000 new high-speed EV chargers will be in service by mid this year.

Kiwis still donít understand electrifying benefits

29 Apr 24 - It will come as a surprise to many in the sector that many New Zealand households still donít understand the benefits of electrification.

NZ bottom of heap for EV chargers

26 Apr 24 - New Zealand has the fewest public EV chargers per EV of any member country of the International Energy Agency.

Hiringa launches Australasiaís first zero-emissions hydrogen refuelling network

24 Apr 24 - Green hydrogen company Hiringa Energy has launched Australasiaís first zero-emissions hydrogen refuelling network.

Fast-Track legislation wrong track for climate targets, say lawyers

22 Apr 24 - Fast-Track legislation will take New Zealand further off track from meeting climate change obligations - and places the country at risk of breaching them, according to Lawyers for Climate Action.

Emissions down for 2022

18 Apr 24 - Aotearoa New Zealandís gross greenhouse gas emissions fell by 4% in 2022, according to new figures.

Emissions Trading Scheme underperforming - study

12 Apr 24 - Media release | The impact of Aotearoaís main tool in the fight against climate change could be heightened if five sectors were better regulated, according to a new study.

BYD warned road user charges would collapse EV market

8 Apr 24 - BYD Ė the manufacturer of one of New Zealandís bestselling EVs Ė warned a select committee hearing submissions on the introduction of road user charges for electric vehicles that the way it was being...

National rules out support for EV perks tax exemption

4 Apr 24 - Climate Change Minister Simon Watts has ruled out supporting a member's Bill that would exempt EVs from fringe benefit tax.

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