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Govt at risk of litigation if emissions reduction plan doesn’t cut it

Monday - By Liz Kivi | The government might find itself in court if it doesn’t come up with a credible plan this year to meet its emissions budget, according to legal experts.

Government announces review of forestry ETS costs

Thursday - Forestry minister Todd McClay has announced an independent review into the forestry component of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) register.

In its current state the ETS will fail to deliver significant emission reductions: Rod Carr

Wednesday - By Jeremy Rose | Climate Change Commission chair Rod Carr has told the Environment Select Committee that, in its current state, the ETS will fail to deliver significant emissions reductions.

The protesters planning to disrupt business as usual

27 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | Restore Passenger Rail – the protesters who took to gluing their hands to the tarmac and disrupting commuter traffic – have rebranded.

Environmental Defence Society says "radical anti-environment government" could harm NZ's reputation

27 Feb 24 - The Environmental Defence Society says the government’s environmental policies could cause environmental harm as well as threaten New Zealand’s international reputation.

Wave of civil disobedience could upset corporate balance sheets

26 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | Companies ignoring the potential cost of protests, which could reduce the economic value of carbon intensive investments, are risking the future viability of their businesses, a former McKinsey & Company consultant is warning.

NZ and Aus will work to align climate regulations: Finance minister

23 Feb 24 - Finance minister and associate Climate Change minister Nicola Willis says Australia and New Zealand will work together to align regulations to reduce climate emissions.

Biden vs. Trump: Do young climate voters care?

20 Feb 24 - Biden, who signed the biggest climate law in US history, has angered environmentalists by approving fossil fuel projects.

Govt to spend $3.6 billion on environment in 2023/24 fiscal year

15 Feb 24 - Media release | Central government agencies are estimated to spend $3.6 billion on the environment in the 2023/24 financial year according to new figures from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the...

MfE lays out issues for new minister

13 Feb 24 - Environment officials’ briefings to incoming ministers are a guarded affair with the papers outlining issues and choices, including what the new government wants to do with resource management laws,...

Forest & Bird says hazard policy a must to protect Kiwi communities from future floods

13 Feb 24 - Media release | Forest & Bird is calling on Penny Simmonds and Simon Watts – the respective ministers for the environment and climate change – to take action and pass the National Policy Statement on...

Best by the rest...

9 Feb 24 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Climate levy proposed for Christchurch; Peters promises $16.5 million to climate change initiatives in the Cook Islands; and more...

Best by the rest...

2 Feb 24 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Watts says government ‘strongly committed’ to emissions targets; what climate scenario should we plan for?; and sediment runoff...

Green co-leader resigns - stays on to support bill drafted by climate lawyers

31 Jan 24 - By Liz Kivi | The Green Party’s James Shaw has resigned as co-leader, but is staying on in Parliament to support a private member’s bill to recognise the right to a sustainable environment in the...

Govt spends $8 million on flood resilience for the Wairarapa

25 Jan 24 - The government has committed $8 million to improve flood resilience in the Wairarapa across five different projects.

Micro-EVs safer than motorbikes but less safe than cars

Micro-EVs safer the motorbikes but less safe than cars

22 Dec 23 - Allowing lightweight electric vehicles on our roads would make us a cleaner and greener country but could see an increase in fatalities, a Waka Kotahi report has found.

Relying on the invisible hand of the carbon market to reduce emissions

19 Dec 23 - By Jeremy Rose | The new government is in the process of incinerating every climate change mitigation policy other than the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Wellington emissions now below COVID lockdown levels

18 Dec 23 - Wellington’s emission are down by 10% since 2020 and 1% below the levels achieved during the Covid lockdowns of 2019.

Bill passed to repeal Clean Car Discount

15 Dec 23 - The Government has passed legislation repealing the Clean Car Discount, which it nicknamed the “Ute tax,” for all vehicles registered after 31 December 2023.

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