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New plan might see climate change minister in court

Thursday - Lawyers for Climate Action say there are “significant concerns” about whether the government’s new climate plan will achieve its climate targets, and could be in breach of the Climate Change Response Act.

Foresters say govt planting forecasts are wrong

Thursday - Foresters say the government's planting forecasts in its new climate plan are wrong, with the actual planted areas likely to be about half the government’s projections in 2024, according to the New Zealand Institute of Forestry.

Govt drastically weakens vehicle emissions standards

Thursday - By Robert McLachlan | On 25 June, the Government amended the Clean Vehicles Act, completed in a single day under urgency, so there was no opportunity for public input.

Govt releases emissions reduction plan

Wednesday - Climate change minister Simon Watts has released the second emissions reduction plan for consultation, with proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme including aligning ETS units with emissions budgets and reviewing the free industrial allocation of units.

ACT submits bill to stop regional councils considering climate impacts

Monday - ACT MP Mark Cameron has lodged a new member’s bill to stop regional councils from considering climate change impacts in consenting decisions.

Reversing oil and gas exploration ban will increase emissions by 50Mt

12 Jul 24 - The coalition government’s plan to lift a ban on oil and gas exploration will lead to an extra 51.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions up to 2050, according to the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment.

EDS launches recommendations for Climate Adaptation Act

12 Jul 24 - Media release | The Environmental Defence Society has launched the final report of Phase 1 of its Climate Adaptation Project.

Climate strategy contradictory - or step in the right direction?

11 Jul 24 - A climate policy expert and IPCC lead author is concerned that progress on climate will be lost if the government doesn’t overhaul the Emissions Trading Scheme and introduce other complementary...

Govt must not lower ETS auction floor price

11 Jul 24 - By Nigel Brunel | OPINION: The coalition government has undermined confidence in our central mechanism to deal with climate change, the Emissions Trading Scheme, and needs to stop meddling and start...

How different are the US presidential candidates on climate?

11 Jul 24 - An analysis of both Trump and Biden's climate policies quantifies the difference.

Watts unveils five-point climate strategy

10 Jul 24 - Climate change minister Simon Watts this morning announced a strategy of “five core pillars” to deliver climate change goals.

Govt consulting on carbon capture framework

10 Jul 24 - The government is consulting on a proposed framework for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Initial carbon trading boost following stockpile reduction

9 Jul 24 - There was an initial “flurry” of carbon units trading hands on the secondary market last week, following a government update revealing a 25 million decrease in the stockpile of units in private...

Jones says he hopes Climate Commission CEO is removed

3 Jul 24 - Minister for Resources Shane Jones says he hopes that the chief executive of the Climate Change Commission will soon be removed from her job.

Where did govt suggestion for lower NZU prices come from?

3 Jul 24 - When a recent consultation on Emissions Trading Scheme settings suggested a lower pricing corridor for NZUs, prices in the secondary carbon market plummeted and have continued to stay moribund.

Watts agrees more work needed to restore confidence in ETS

24 Jun 24 - Climate change minister Simon Watts agrees that more needs to be done to restore confidence and stability to the emissions trading scheme, while also saying the scheme is the government’s key tool to...

Wait for the emissions reduction plan: Watts

20 Jun 24 - By Liz Kivi | The failure of yesterday’s carbon auction doesn’t mean the Emissions Trading Scheme isn’t working, according to climate change minister Simon Watts.

Conservation minister slammed for branding marine protection commitments “an aspiration, not an obligation”

19 Jun 24 - Media release | The World Wide Fund for Nature NZ has hit back at Conservation Minister Tama Potaka’s outrageous claim that protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030 is purely “an aspiration”.

MfE consultation risks landing government back in court

18 Jun 24 - Lawyers for Climate Action NZ has warned MfE that its approach to ETS settings in its consultation document could land the government back in court.

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