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Paris Agreement

In its current state the ETS will fail to deliver significant emission reductions: Rod Carr

Wednesday - By Jeremy Rose | Climate Change Commission chair Rod Carr has told the Environment Select Committee that, in its current state, the ETS will fail to deliver significant emissions reductions.

Environmental Defence Society says "radical anti-environment government" could harm NZ's reputation

27 Feb 24 - The Environmental Defence Society says the government’s environmental policies could cause environmental harm as well as threaten New Zealand’s international reputation.

Wave of civil disobedience could upset corporate balance sheets

26 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | Companies ignoring the potential cost of protests, which could reduce the economic value of carbon intensive investments, are risking the future viability of their businesses, a former McKinsey & Company consultant is warning.

MfE lays out issues for new minister

13 Feb 24 - Environment officials’ briefings to incoming ministers are a guarded affair with the papers outlining issues and choices, including what the new government wants to do with resource management laws, water issues, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation.

EU free trade agreement with “ambitious” climate commitments a step closer

2 Feb 24 - New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, which carries sanctions if one of the parties doesn’t meet climate commitments, is a step closer. However the country’s climate targets seem to be moving further out of reach.

ACT’s proposed climate bill ‘concerning’ - expert

25 Jan 24 - A private member's bill from the ACT Party could delay gross emissions reductions and ultimately threaten New Zealand’s climate targets, according to an expert.

COP28 president says his firm will keep investing in oil

18 Dec 23 - Sultan Al Jaber says Adnoc has to meet demand for fossil fuels, and hails ‘unprecedented’ Cop deal.

COP28 “frustrating” but some significant breakthroughs - experts

15 Dec 23 - Small island states facing the existential threat of climate change were particularly effective negotiators at the latest UN climate summit, according to a Kiwi expert.

Watts tells COP28 NZ is committed to "ambitious" NDC

11 Dec 23 - In his first major speech on climate change since becoming the minister, Simon Watts re-stated New Zealand’s commitment to meeting our “ambitious” Nationally Determined Contribution.

Climate minister confirms commitment to international climate targets

8 Dec 23 - Climate Change minister Simon Watts confirmed New Zealand’s commitment to the Paris Agreement ahead of flying to Dubai for the annual United Nations climate summit.

New Zealand criticised for dependence on offsetting

7 Dec 23 - New Zealand has been singled out, along with Japan and South Korea, for relying on offshore offsetting to meet its nationally determined contribution in the latest update by non-profit Climate Action...

Scrutiny on global voluntary carbon market and changes to ETS led to Toitū dropping NZUs

1 Dec 23 - By Ann Smith | OPINION: Toitū’s decision last week to transition away from accepting New Zealand carbon credits brought the global voluntary carbon market, and debates about its integrity, into...

Climate Change Commission in the dock

22 Nov 23 - The Climate Change Commission is back in court defending its advice, with a case brought by Lawyers for Climate Action (LCANZI) starting in the Court of Appeal yesterday.

COP28: Loss-and-damage fund set to disappoint poor countries

17 Nov 23 - A year on from the breakthrough on climate-change funding, poor countries eye disappointment at the Dubai summit.

NZ still has a long way to go to meet emission reduction targets: "This ship can sink"

10 Oct 23 - By Robert McLachlan | COMMENT: The 2016 Paris Agreement contains a built-in feedback mechanism to help ensure that its goals are met: the Global Stocktake. Every five years all pledges and progress...

Outgoing EECA boss on energy efficiency policy

25 Sep 23 - Despite the rapid expansion of the Government’s retrofitting housing for energy efficiency, there is still easily five years of work at the current pace to make a serious dent in improving New...

Farmers call for methane review based on flawed report, says expert

19 Sep 23 - The agriculture sector is calling for a review of New Zealand’s methane targets, citing a report suggesting Kiwi farmers are being asked to do more than their fair share in terms of reductions.

Climate issues and the 2023 Election: Is Aotearoa heading in a sustainable direction?

30 Aug 23 - By Ralph Chapman | COMMENT: In the glare of now daily global climate disasters, climate change is taking a higher profile as an election issue in Aotearoa.

High Court orders govt to review ETS settings

17 Jul 23 - By Liz Kivi | The government will be forced to review Emissions Trading Scheme settings, after climate activist lawyers won a High Court case arguing the decision-making process for the December 2022...

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