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Friday - In our weekly round-up of the climate coverage in local media: Uncertainty abounds in the ETS; a major Atlantic current collapsing could disrupt NZ’s climate again; and is the government focussing on drilling or climate ambition – it can’t be both.

University of Canterbury research 'curbing our carbon conundrum'

Friday - Media release | Crushing rocks, injecting CO underground, and burning trees; UC researchers are finding solutions to Aotearoa New Zealand’s 100 million tonne carbon problem.

Hottest June temperature ever

13 Jun 24 - The mercury hit a high on Monday, setting a new national temperature record of 25.7C for June.

Basic income can double global GDP while reducing carbon emissions

11 Jun 24 - Media release | Giving a regular cash payment to the entire world population has the potential to increase global gross domestic product (GDP) by 130%.

‘No additional warming’ for methane target - but relative to when, asks expert?

7 Jun 24 - Advocates of the government’s methane review will probably be disappointed to learn that aligning the target with “no additional warming” might not give farmers the green light to relax about their methane emissions.

Humanity must extract seven to nine billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year

5 Jun 24 - Media release | New State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report shows the need for a much stronger set of policies.

Flood damage a growing risk for NZ’s kelp forests

27 May 24 - Media release | Timber slash and debris from flooding events is decimating Aotearoa New Zealand’s vital underwater kelp forests, a nationwide study shows.

Environment commissioner calls for separate ETS for methane

23 May 24 - The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has again called for forestry to be phased out of the Emissions Trading Scheme and is calling for a separate ETS for methane.

We’ve underestimated the ‘Doomsday’ glacier - and the consequences could be devastating

23 May 24 - The Thwaites Glacier, dubbed ‘Doomsday’, could trigger a two-foot rise in global sea levels if it melts completely.

Antarctica likely storing more carbon than previously thought

21 May 24 - Media release | Antarctica is likely a carbon storage powerhouse, according to NIWA.

Concern over job losses at Scion

17 May 24 - Foresters are “deeply apprehensive” over potential redundancies of scientists at Scion, with a proposed 30 jobs losses - about 10% the forestry crown research institute’s workforce.

Carbon pricing works: major meta-study

17 May 24 - Media release | Carbon pricing systems achieve between 5% and 21% emission reductions in their first few years of operation, according to a new study.

‘Unprecedented’: CO2 in the atmosphere is rising 10 times faster than at any point over 50,000 years

17 May 24 - Ice built up in the Antarctic over hundreds of thousands of years is helping scientists to understand today's climate.

Major conference for Pacific experts on Indigenous knowledge and climate crisis

9 May 24 - More than 60 Pacific experts are at a conference looking at the intersection between Indigenous knowledge and the climate crisis, hosted by the University of Canterbury.

Kiwi company aims to make alternative protein from carbon emissions

6 May 24 - A New Zealand-based start-up has raised $1 million towards commercialising production of an alternative protein made with carbon emissions.

Commission rejects basis for review of methane targets - but methane vaccines could be good news for ag sector

9 Apr 24 - The Climate Change Commission has rejected the basis of a new, separate review of Aotearoa’s methane target in its advice released yesterday.

Best by the rest...

5 Apr 24 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: How to avoid a billion climate deaths? Why pressure must increase to cut emissions; and the Maōri king and other indigenous...

Scientists warn Australians to prepare for megadroughts lasting more than 20 years

5 Apr 24 - New research shows megadroughts lasting up to 20 years or more have occurred in Australia in the past and could happen again.

Half of Tairāwhiti at risk of erosion - new data

28 Mar 24 - An estimated 182 million tonnes of eroded soil entered New Zealand's rivers in 2022, according to new research.

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