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Native snails heading for extinction

27 Feb 24 - Media release | New Zealand has some of the most spectacular land snails in the world, but they’re sliding to extinction – and climate change is a major factor.

Researchers looking to develop ‘resilience credit’

20 Feb 24 - Researchers are hoping to develop the world’s first 'resilience credit' as the ultimate goal of a project looking at how salt marshes and mangroves could protect the Bay of Plenty’s coastline from climate change.

Kiwi researchers rewriting climate history

13 Feb 24 - New Zealand researchers say they have rewritten the deep time history of Earth’s temperature record with findings that disprove ideas that early oceans were hot.

A leading data scientist's journey from doomism to climate hope

12 Feb 24 - Data scientist Hannah Ritchie argues that planetary damage could be about to peak – but that the US election result could be "pivotal".

Scientists call for a new hurricane category as storms intensify

7 Feb 24 - Kiwi scientists are welcoming international research suggesting we need a new hurricane category to communicate just how much more intense the biggest tropical cyclones are expected to become under climate change.

Sustainability and climate change concerns for Central Otago - new research

26 Jan 24 - Sustainability and climate are high on the list of concerns for people in Central Otago - and they don’t want a new airport, according to research released today.

Climate crisis to blame for more extreme weather - NIWA

24 Jan 24 - Scientists have been working on joining the dots between human-driven climate change and more extreme weather since the Auckland Anniversary floods and Cyclone Gabrielle.

Octopus DNA contains grave warning for sea level rise

22 Dec 23 - Media Release | Scientists have used octopus DNA to discover that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) likely collapsed during the Last Interglacial period around 120,000 years ago when global...

NZ a consistent carbon sink - new research

21 Dec 23 - Aotearoa is a consistent carbon sink, while Australia switches between being a carbon sink and a carbon source, according to new research.

Powerful climate deniers delay action in NZ: new report

18 Dec 23 - Most New Zealanders believe in climate change and its human cause - but climate change deniers are often over-represented in powerful positions and are delaying action, according to new research.

Climate change might be to blame for ozone hole - new research

22 Nov 23 - Ozone levels above Antarctica may not be recovering after all, and climate change might be to blame, according to NZ scientists.

Bottom trawling risks releasing massive ocean CO2 sink: new report

17 Nov 23 - New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone contains about 2,240 million tonnes of organic carbon or 1% of the estimated global carbon stocks in marine sediments, a report commissioned by the Parliamentary...

Heat-related deaths could increase fivefold by middle of 21st century

16 Nov 23 - Heat-related deaths could increase almost fivefold by the middle of the century, according to an international WHO co-authored report by more than 100 researchers.

New study highlights need to address risk of continued global warming after net zero

16 Nov 23 - From scorching heat waves to torrential downpours and devastating storms, the disastrous effects of global warming are sweeping across the world.

Global heating is accelerating, warns scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 80s

6 Nov 23 - Study delivers dire warning although rate of increase is debated by some scientists amid a record-breaking year of heat.

NZ’s response to climate change ‘hangs in the balance’: scientists

3 Nov 23 - Scientists are calling on the incoming government to urgently rebuild the country’s research, science and innovation sector - with our climate change response at risk.

Marsden Fund grants for climate research

2 Nov 23 - Research into climate and the energy transition are among 123 projects taking $83.59 million from this year’s Te Pūtea Rangahau a Marsden, the Marsden Fund, announced today.

New govt funding for climate research

30 Oct 23 - One third of this year’s Rutherford Fellowships are for climate research, with four of the 12 researchers tackling climate-related projects with $800,000 each from the fund over five years.

Proposal to include non-forestry land in NDC calculation

25 Oct 23 - By Jeremy Rose | A Cabinet minute from July of this year agreed in principle to include non-forest land in New Zealand’s nationally determined contribution.

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