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NZ government swimming against the tide of history: Oil Change International

15 Dec 23 - Oil Change International campaign manager David Tong says the COP28 call to move away from fossil fuels shows the New Zealand government is trying to swim against the tide of history.

Watts tells COP28 NZ is committed to "ambitious" NDC

11 Dec 23 - In his first major speech on climate change since becoming the minister, Simon Watts re-stated New Zealand’s commitment to meeting our “ambitious” Nationally Determined Contribution.

New Zealand criticised for dependence on offsetting

7 Dec 23 - New Zealand has been singled out, along with Japan and South Korea, for relying on offshore offsetting to meet its nationally determined contribution in the latest update by non-profit Climate Action Tracker.

New Zealand continues to punch above its weight in Fossil awards

4 Dec 23 - New Zealand has once again won itself the dubious honour of a Fossil of the Day Award at COP 28 in Dubai, the third time in as may years.

Scrutiny on global voluntary carbon market and changes to ETS led to Toitū dropping NZUs

1 Dec 23 - By Ann Smith | OPINION: Toitū’s decision last week to transition away from accepting New Zealand carbon credits brought the global voluntary carbon market, and debates about its integrity, into sharp focus.

Massive native reforestation project proposed

29 Nov 23 - By Jeremy Rose | New Zealand could go from being a buyer of offshore carbon credits to an exporter of offsets, according to the promoters of an ambitious plan to reforest and restore 2.1 million hectares of indigenous forests over the next 10 years.

Proposal to include non-forestry land in NDC calculation

25 Oct 23 - By Jeremy Rose | A Cabinet minute from July of this year agreed in principle to include non-forest land in New Zealand’s nationally determined contribution.

Climate issues and the 2023 Election: Is Aotearoa heading in a sustainable direction?

30 Aug 23 - By Ralph Chapman | COMMENT: In the glare of now daily global climate disasters, climate change is taking a higher profile as an election issue in Aotearoa.

ETS review looks at reducing NZUs at auction

19 Jun 23 - The government has opened public consultation on the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme as well as consultation on redesigning its Permanent Forest Category.

Best by the rest...

24 Mar 23 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: the Climate Change Commision wants the Government to explain why it rejected advice; meanwhile, the commission failed to win legal...

Nations fight to be called climate vulnerable in IPCC report

24 Mar 23 - Government negotiators fought bitterly last week over which groups and regions are defined as particularly vulnerable to climate change in the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on...

Govt announces review of the ETS

23 Mar 23 - The government has announced it is reviewing the Emissions Trading Scheme to see whether it can play a stronger role in driving New Zealand’s climate response.

New IPCC report shows the ‘climate time bomb is ticking,’ says UN Secretary General António Guterres

21 Mar 23 - The latest climate science assessment warns—once again—that global warming of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius would be devastating for Earth’s people and ecosystems.

The UN’s climate handbook for a ‘liveable’ future

15 Mar 23 - Earth is hotter than it has been in 125,000 years but deadly heatwaves, storms and floods amplified by global warming could be a foretaste as planet-heating fossil fuels put a “liveable” future at...

New mechanism provides a key tool for countries to meet their climate goals

14 Mar 23 - The full operationalisation of the ‘Article 6.4 mechanism’, as established in the Paris Agreement, is key to help countries unlock the goals set out in their climate action plans, said UN Climate...

A loss and damage deal was finalised at COP27. Now, the hard work begins

2 Mar 23 - Loss and damage costs related to climate change could total more than $1 trillion by 2050. Where will the money come from, and who will get it?

NZ meets 2020 decarbonisation target with Kyoto credits

19 Dec 22 - New Zealand is meeting its commitment to reducing the country’s 2013-2022 emissions by 5% compared to 1990 levels by using 6.5 million Kyoto protocol credits.

Which countries are ‘particularly vulnerable’ to climate change?

9 Dec 22 - The G77+China bloc of developing countries wanted all developing countries to be eligible for the funds. The European Union – which caused a lot of climate change and so will be expected to pay...

1.5 degrees not just aspirational: Shaw

25 Nov 22 - Climate change minister James Shaw says New Zealand’s commitment to 1.5 degrees is “absolutely essential.”

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