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Scrapping Māori Health Authority will worsen climate impacts on community - OraTaiao

28 Feb 24 - OraTaiao, the NZ Climate and Health Council, says the government’s decision to scrap Te Aka Whai Ora, the Māori Health Authority, will undermine the Māori community’s ability to adapt to climate change.

Climate change litigation developing risk for emitters

22 Feb 24 - Companies need to be increasingly wary of litigation, with greenwashing claims and climate change litigation at the top of a long list of risks facing businesses.

Researchers looking to develop ‘resilience credit’

20 Feb 24 - Researchers are hoping to develop the world’s first 'resilience credit' as the ultimate goal of a project looking at how salt marshes and mangroves could protect the Bay of Plenty’s coastline from climate change.

Port Hills fire: worsening conditions due to climate change

15 Feb 24 - A large wildfire in Christchurch’s Port Hills was made more likely, and likely more severe, because of climate change.

Businesses underrating risks from climate change - report

14 Feb 24 - While cyber breaches, slow economic recovery, and business interruptions are among the biggest risks keeping CEOs up at night, climate change didn’t make the top ten in a survey of current and future risks for business owners in the Asia-Pacific.

One of NZ’s most contentious climate cases is moving forward. And the world is watching

14 Feb 24 - By Vernon Rive, University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau | In recent weeks, the Supreme Court of New Zealand has delivered a landmark decision on a case brought by Māori elder Mike Smith against a group of New Zealand’s largest corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters.

MfE lays out issues for new minister

13 Feb 24 - Environment officials’ briefings to incoming ministers are a guarded affair with the papers outlining issues and choices, including what the new government wants to do with resource management laws, water issues, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation.

Scientists call for a new hurricane category as storms intensify

7 Feb 24 - Kiwi scientists are welcoming international research suggesting we need a new hurricane category to communicate just how much more intense the biggest tropical cyclones are expected to become under...

EU free trade agreement with “ambitious” climate commitments a step closer

2 Feb 24 - New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, which carries sanctions if one of the parties doesn’t meet climate commitments, is a step closer. However the country’s climate targets...

Industry emissions up but GDP down

2 Feb 24 - New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions are up 3% for the September 2023 quarter, according to the latest data from Stats NZ.

Sustainability and climate change concerns for Central Otago - new research

26 Jan 24 - Sustainability and climate are high on the list of concerns for people in Central Otago - and they don’t want a new airport, according to research released today.

Green building retrofit designed for extreme climate change

21 Dec 23 - An Auckland building has undergone a low-carbon retrofit to withstand extreme climate change, and more than 300 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill during construction.

Climate Change Commission doubles down on ETS criticism

13 Dec 23 - The Climate Change Commission has doubled-down on its long held view that the ETS is not fit for purpose when it comes to driving down emissions, in its latest advice to government.

Kiwi nature-based solution at COP28

11 Dec 23 - A nature-based climate solution to strategically restore and enhance 2.1 million hectares of Indigenous forest across Aotearoa over the next decade took the stage at the UN’s global climate summit...

Climate minister confirms commitment to international climate targets

8 Dec 23 - Climate Change minister Simon Watts confirmed New Zealand’s commitment to the Paris Agreement ahead of flying to Dubai for the annual United Nations climate summit.

Climate Change Commission in the dock

22 Nov 23 - The Climate Change Commission is back in court defending its advice, with a case brought by Lawyers for Climate Action (LCANZI) starting in the Court of Appeal yesterday.

Climate adaptation planning: “Strengthen community engagement,” says Helen Clark Foundation and WSP

21 Nov 23 - Media release | A new report from the Helen Clark Foundation and engineering consultants WSP is calling for significant change to the way communities are engaged in climate adaptation planning.

We’re burning too much fossil fuel to fix by planting trees – making ‘net zero’ emissions impossible with offsets

20 Nov 23 - By Mike Joy | The idea that we can mitigate current carbon emissions by “offsetting” them with carbon reduction initiatives elsewhere has become central to government and business responses to...

Climate change a threat to human rights, Court of Appeal told

13 Nov 23 - The Human Rights Commission has argued that climate change impacts raise serious issues of human rights law and te Tiriti o Waitangi, in a case before the Court of Appeal.

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