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Wait for the emissions reduction plan: Watts

Thursday - By Liz Kivi | The failure of yesterday’s carbon auction doesn’t mean the Emissions Trading Scheme isn’t working, according to climate change minister Simon Watts.

Govt cans controversial forestry ETS charges for this year

17 Jun 24 - Foresters have welcomed the government’s announcement that it is cancelling forestry ETS annual services charges for 2023-24.

Govt 'not even pretending to try' to reduce transport emissions: former MOT chief science advisor

11 Jun 24 - By Liz Kivi | The former chief science advisor for the Ministry of Transport says the current government isn’t even pretending to try to reduce carbon emissions from transport.

Flaws in NZ ETS make international news

4 Jun 24 - Problems with the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme are making headlines globally.

Climate change minister faces up to some difficult questions

30 May 24 - By Liz Kivi | The climate change minister faced some awkward questions at the Carbon and Energy Professionals conference this week, against a backdrop of falling carbon prices.

Scion report on short rotation forestry met with scepticism

27 May 24 - A new report from Scion that says short rotation forestry holds the key to lowering fossil fuel use has been criticised by sustainable land use campaigners as well as an oil industry expert.

Environment commissioner calls for separate ETS for methane

23 May 24 - The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has again called for forestry to be phased out of the Emissions Trading Scheme and is calling for a separate ETS for methane.

Govt blamed for low carbon price

22 May 24 - By Liz Kivi | The carbon price hit a ten-month low on the secondary market on Monday, with NZUs trading at about half the price of the commodity’s all-time high of $88.50 in November 2022.

ETS alone won’t decarbonise NZ: businesses representing 40% of country’s GDP

22 May 24 - The Sustainable Business Council and Climate Leaders Coalition say that depending on the ETS alone to reach net zero will cause significant harm to the economy.

ETS consultation: ‘signal versus noise’ suggests eventual price rise

21 May 24 - By Murray McClintock | COMMENT: Although changing prices makes a good soundbite, the key driver of ETS prices is unit supply and demand.

Carbon price sinks to lowest in ten months

20 May 24 - The carbon price is down nearly 11% since last week, as the market reacts negatively to a government consultation suggesting weaker ETS settings.

Concern over job losses at Scion

17 May 24 - Foresters are “deeply apprehensive” over potential redundancies of scientists at Scion, with a proposed 30 jobs losses - about 10% the forestry crown research institute’s workforce.

Jury out on how ETS consultation will impact carbon market

16 May 24 - The government’s latest consultation on Emissions Trading Scheme settings will be difficult for the market to translate into clear positive or negative signals - with uncertainty remaining around...

ETS consultation suggests lower prices for NZUs

15 May 24 - A new consultation document from the Ministry for the Environment suggests lowering the auction floor price for the Emissions Trading Scheme, as well as lowering the trigger price for the cost...

NZ must avoid environmental mistakes of the past: new book

14 May 24 - A new book about the Environmental Defence Society is full of salient lessons for today, including why the government’s proposed Fast-track Approvals Bill shouldn’t override environmental...

Enough fiddling: The ETS needs to be allowed to do its job

10 May 24 - By Andrew Cushen | OPINION: While it isn’t perfect, the Emissions Trading Scheme is the only tool in our climate response that is working at the scale we need to meet the challenge in front of us....

East coast residents might destroy forests if land use changes don’t go far enough

8 May 24 - Tairāwhiti residents are furious that pine plantation owners are pushing back against rule changes to protect catchments from the impacts of harvest slash and sediment, and are calling for a...

Govt looking at policy to restrict forestry in the ETS: Watts

7 May 24 - By Liz Kivi | The government is looking at complementary policies around land use to restrict forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, rather than making changes directly to the scheme.

OECD calls for review of how forestry is treated under ETS

7 May 24 - By Jeremy Rose | The OECD says the government should review the ETS with a focus on the treatment of carbon removals through afforestation.

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