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Farms could be the backbone of Aotearoaís renewable energy future

17 May 24 - If each of New Zealandís 50,000 farms installed a midsize solar array they would generate about two-thirds of the countryís current electricity needs.

Aotearoa gives $17 million for PNG renewable energy

15 May 24 - A $17 million contribution to a renewable energy project on the Island of Bougainville is part of a $44.9 million package announced by foreign minister Winston Peter in Port Moresby earlier this week.

Kiwi company aims to make alternative protein from carbon emissions

6 May 24 - A New Zealand-based start-up has raised $1 million towards commercialising production of an alternative protein made with carbon emissions.

Fast-charger trickle begins

1 May 24 - The government has announced the first of its promised 10,000 new high-speed EV chargers will be in service by mid this year.

Kiwis still donít understand electrifying benefits

29 Apr 24 - It will come as a surprise to many in the sector that many New Zealand households still donít understand the benefits of electrification.

Is a storm brewing for NZ dairy production?

22 Apr 24 - By Nick Swallow | OPINION: Animal proteins make up 40% of New Zealandís exports. So why arenít we talking about alternative proteins, which look set to disrupt the dairy industry along with a major source of our countryís wealth?

New wind installations hit a record last year, report says

18 Apr 24 - The global wind industry installed a record 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity last year but needs to add triple this amount annually by the end of the decade to meet climate targets, according to an industry report.

Net zero emissions target may need strengthening: Climate Change Commission

9 Apr 24 - By Jeremy Rose | New Zealandís current Net Zero 2050 emissions reduction target may need to be strengthened, the Climate Change Commission says in a discussion document released yesterday.

Commission rejects basis for review of methane targets - but methane vaccines could be good news for ag sector

9 Apr 24 - The Climate Change Commission has rejected the basis of a new, separate review of Aotearoaís methane target in its advice released yesterday.

BYD warned road user charges would collapse EV market

8 Apr 24 - BYD Ė the manufacturer of one of New Zealandís bestselling EVs Ė warned a select committee hearing submissions on the introduction of road user charges for electric vehicles that the way it was being...

New $100m Ďgreení industrial development for Auckland

2 Apr 24 - A $100 million industrial complex under construction in Auckland will incorporate low-carbon concrete and rainwater harvesting as well as generating its own solar electricity.

Itís now cheaper for Kiwis to go fully electric

18 Mar 24 - New Zealand is one of the first places in the world where electric appliances and vehicles are now more affordable than their fossil fuel equivalents, according to a new report.

BP among recipients of EECA low emission grants

22 Feb 24 - Fossil fuel giant BP is among the latest batch of recipients of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's Low Emissions Transport Fund.

Green building retrofit designed for extreme climate change

21 Dec 23 - An Auckland building has undergone a low-carbon retrofit to withstand extreme climate change, and more than 300 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill during construction.

Best by the rest...

1 Dec 23 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Helter smelter - the Tiwai Point dance begins again; the new government's climate plans include some surprises; and will reviving...

Call for incoming government to allow micro-cars on our roads

20 Nov 23 - By Jeremy Rose | Long-time micro-car advocate Toa Greening is calling on the incoming government to change road regulations to allow microcars - increasingly popular in Asia and Europe - on New...

Aotearoa could make a real impact on cutting greenhouse gas emissions internationally: Thomas Pogge

7 Nov 23 - By Jeremy Rose | The director of Yale Universityís Global Justice Program, Thomas Pogge, says for a relatively small investment of, say, US$100 million, New Zealand could make a significant impact on...

RB governor warns of climate change induced supply side shocks

3 Nov 23 - Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr has warned that climate change is likely to cause supply side shocks similar to those of Russiaís invasion of Ukraine and the COVID pandemic.

Power between the tracks

31 Oct 23 - The gap between New Zealandís more than 4000 kilometres of rail tracks could one day be home to solar panels generating up to 0.78 terawatt hours of electricity or 3% of the electricity produced by...

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