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The widest-ever global coral crisis will hit within weeks, scientists say

Wednesday - Rising sea temperatures around the planet have caused a bleaching event that is expected to be the most extensive on record.

Australia could reach an ‘ambitious’ emissions cut of up to 75% by 2035, advisers tell Labor

Wednesday - Climate Change Authority says goal could be achievable if more action is taken by governments, business, investors and households.

Europe stands firm against US-driven ESG backlash

Wednesday - Steady investor demand in Europe for environmental and socially responsible investments and wide-ranging regulation are helping Europe's finance industry withstand political pressures that have pushed some US peers to backtrack on their green agendas.

A year’s worth of rain plunges normally dry Dubai underwater

Wednesday - A year’s worth of rain unleashed immense flash flooding in Dubai Tuesday as roads turned into rivers and rushing water inundated homes and businesses.

Science based targets initiative for carbon offsets and the Bezos Earth Fund

Wednesday - The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is supposed to provide standards for corporations to set emission reduction targets that are in line with climate science.

Finding new chemistry to capture double the carbon

Wednesday - Finding ways to capture, store, and use carbon dioxide (CO2) remains an urgent global problem.

Biden awards $830 million to toughen nation’s infrastructure against climate change

Tuesday - The Biden administration on Thursday awarded $830 million in grants to fund 80 projects aimed at toughening the nation’s ageing infrastructure against the harmful impacts of climate change.

EU parliament adopts proposals for power market reform

Tuesday - The European parliament voted for proposals to make electricity prices less dependent on fossil fuel prices, in a bid to boost renewable energy and shield consumers from price spikes.

Food security threatened by extreme flooding, farmers warn

Tuesday - The flooding and extreme weather linked to climate change will undermine UK food production unless farmers get more help, according to the National Farmers Union.

UK Government faces High Court challenge over ‘inadequate’ climate protection plans

Tuesday - The case has been brought by an activist who lost his house to coastal erosion, a disability campaigner and Friends of the Earth.

The best coffee for the planet might not be coffee at all

Tuesday - Climate change is coming for your flat white. Startups are betting that substitutes made out of date seeds and chickpeas are the answer.

Can green hydrogen production help bring oceanic dead zones back to life?

Tuesday - Green hydrogen production makes a lot of extra oxygen. Could we put it to work revitalizing the ocean?

Climate target organisation faces staff revolt over carbon-offsetting plan

Monday - Employees at SBTi have called for their CEO to resign over controversial plans which they fear will enable greenwashing.

Russia and Kazakhstan battle record floods as rivers rise further

Monday - The city of Orenburg battled rising water levels after major rivers across Russia and Kazakhstan burst their banks in the worst flooding seen in the areas in nearly a century.

America's ageing water infrastructure is getting pounded by climate change – fixing it is also a struggle

Monday - Climate change is threatening America’s water infrastructure as intensifying storms deluge communities and droughts dry up freshwater supplies in regions that aren’t prepared.

Don’t forget women in new UN climate fund, policymakers urged

Monday - At home on a flood-prone island in northern Bangladesh, Ms Mosammat Shahina and her family take refuge from frequent inundations on a boat, causing upheaval that adds to her domestic workload.

Residents of one of Arizona’s last ecologically intact valleys try to detour the largest renewable energy project in the US

Monday - The SunZia transmission line that would carry wind energy from New Mexico to California has sparked one of the most consequential fights over the development for green energy.

Seagrass planted to tackle global warming

Monday - Coastal seagrass beds are being revived as part of a global effort to tackle climate change.

Global carbon trading revenues grew to US$74 billion last year - report

Friday - Global revenues from the sale of carbon permits in emissions trading systems grew to a record $74 billion last year, as governments increasingly turn to such schemes to help tackle global warming.

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