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California wildfires have burned five times the average area this year, officials say

Today 10:45am - Cal Fire head Joe Tyler urges residents to be ‘extra cautious’ and reveals fires have scorched nearly 220,000 acres.

We built our world for a climate that no longer exists

Today 10:45am - OPINION: Earlier this week, the Third Avenue Bridge in Manhattan had to be shut down because the bridge – which pivots to allow ships to pass – wouldn’t close correctly.

Climate in the courtroom: all sides are using ‘green lawfare’ - and it’s good for democracy

Today 10:45am - Accusations that environmentalists are abusing our legal system, blocking progress, and costing the economy are not new, but they are getting louder.

Climate change is upending NATO's operations

Today 10:45am - NATO is paying more attention to the security risks of climate change, along with warming's implications in the Arctic, a new report shows.

Hurricane Beryl shows why the new UK government must ramp up climate finance

Today 10:45am - COMMENT: In the wake of yet another Caribbean climate disaster, the government should raise its ambition in offering international support.

UN expert on climate change and human rights sees ‘crucial and urgent demand’ to clarify governments’ obligations

Today 10:45am - Elisa Morgera’s role is to get countries thinking about, and acting on, the many human rights consequences of the climate crisis.

After Hurricane Beryl’s destruction, climate scientists fear for what’s next

Monday - Experts say devastating hurricane so early in season is ‘big wake-up call’ – and predict even more powerful storms.

Montana’s High Court considers a constitutional right to a stable climate

Monday - The state’s Supreme Court heard oral arguments on an appeal of a decision that struck down a law supporting fossil fuel development.

What does a city that has spurned cars look like? Olympics visitors to Paris will get a look

Monday - Changes designed to encourage people to take other forms of transportation have contributed to a 40% decline in air pollution, according to city officials.

Europe’s tourism destinations feel the heat

Monday - As the climate warms, popular coastal tourist haunts across Europe will be hit hard by extreme weather.

The Hawaii seabed mining ban doesn’t spell the end of EV batteries

Monday - Hawaii has banned all seabed mining for minerals within its waters to protect the local fishing industry, biodiversity and Native Hawaiian rights.

‘Knowledge keeps the fires burning’: how ancient Indigenous wisdom can transform our battle against climate change

Monday - As climate change worsens, Indigenous peoples can offer valuable insights into sustainability and resilience, Australian researchers say.

How Denmark plans to tax agriculture emissions to meet climate goals

Friday - Denmark is on its way to introducing a world-first tax on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in 2030.

What next after 'bewildering' climate offsetting ban call?

Friday - When 50 major NGOs, including Oxfam, Greenpeace and Amnesty International, signed an open letter against carbon offsetting, some leading sustainability execs were "bewildered".

At-risk islands are missing from climate change models, researchers warn

Friday - Urgent international cooperation is required to provide small island states and territories with the information they need to respond effectively to the existential threat of climate change.

Ireland's greenhouse emissions lowest in 30 years

Friday - Greenhouse gas emissions in the Republic of Ireland are at their lowest level in 30 years, according to the latest figures.

Using Toyota's hydrogen car as the Paris Olympics official vehicle 'will damage reputation of 2024 Games'

Friday - More than 120 scientists, academics and engineers call for switch to battery electric vehicles, arguing that fuel-cell cars are ‘not a viable net zero solution’.

The Loss and Damage Fund must not leave fragile states behind

Friday - As the Loss and Damage Fund’s board meets this week, it is addressing key issues such as selecting a host country, how to disburse its financial resources, and lobbying for more funding from donors.

New EU Parliament less supportive of green agenda, documents show

Thursday - The next European Commission will no longer be able to rely on a broad consensus among lawmakers in support of ambitious climate change policies, draft documents showed.

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