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Wealthy Kiwis driving up transport emissions

13 Jun 24 - Cashed-up Kiwis are pumping out more than their fair share of transport emissions, driving more frequently and over longer distances, according to new research.

Scion report on short rotation forestry met with scepticism

27 May 24 - A new report from Scion that says short rotation forestry holds the key to lowering fossil fuel use has been criticised by sustainable land use campaigners as well as an oil industry expert.

NZ agrees to cooperate on carbon markets with Singapore and Thailand

18 Apr 24 - New Zealand has signed separate partnership agreements with Singapore and Thailand, saying the countries will work together on carbon markets as one of several green economy measures.

Unions Wellington launches campaign to stop airport sale

15 Apr 24 - The Wellington branch of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is opposing Wellington City Council’s proposal to sell its 34% share in Wellington Airport.

Net zero emissions target may need strengthening: Climate Change Commission

9 Apr 24 - By Jeremy Rose | New Zealand’s current Net Zero 2050 emissions reduction target may need to be strengthened, the Climate Change Commission says in a discussion document released yesterday.

City should include cruise ship emissions in targets - campaigners

22 Mar 24 - Climate activists are urging Christchurch City Council to include cruise ship emissions in the city’s emissions reduction plan.

Dutch court finds KLM ads were misleading in 'greenwashing' case

22 Mar 24 - A Dutch court ruled that KLM had misled customers with an advertising campaign aimed at improving the company's environmental image, in a case of so-called "greenwashing"

Plan for new Tarras airport on hold

29 Feb 24 - Christchurch Airport has put controversial plans for a new airport in Central Otago on hold, with opponents of the plan welcoming the pause.

Best by the rest...

16 Feb 24 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Christchurch Airport stops saying it is 'climate positive'; the real carbon footprint of starting a family; and why the Waitangi...

Big hike in airfares needed to achieve aviation emission reductions: experts

12 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | A return airfare to Europe would jump by around $900 if GST and greenhouse gas levies were applied to international air travel, one of the proposals in a recent paper by four climate...

Former Air NZ Sustainability Panel chair proposes frequent flyer penalty levy

5 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | Here’s a prediction: in the coming year you’ll see dozens of articles about sustainable aviation fuel, and battery and hydrogen powered planes but not one about flygskam.

Ministry for the Environment emissions up by 70%

17 Nov 23 - The Ministry for the Environments emitted 752.33 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in the 2022/23 financial year - a 69.84% increase on the previous year.

How much biofuel would we need to decarbonise aviation?

2 Oct 23 - The world could need four to five times as much land for biofuels as it uses today.

Channel Infrastructure’s profit increases, looks to a future in jet fuel

8 Sep 23 - Channel Infrastructure reported increased profit and forecast higher dividends as it released its results for the six months ended 30 June 2023.

Hydrogen summit coming to Wellington

15 Aug 23 - New Zealand’s second international hydrogen summit, in Wellington next month, will feature international speakers representing global shipping and aviation.

Business travel recovery stalls as companies seek to cut costs and emissions

14 Aug 23 - The recovery in business travel has stalled this year amid record price rises for premium flights and growing pressure on big companies to cut their carbon emissions.

Sustainable aviation fuel funding is govt “greenwash”: fuel expert

10 Jul 23 - By Liz Kivi | A former senior oil executive says that the government and Air New Zealand investing more than $2 million in research into sustainable aviation fuel is a blatant greenwashing tactic.

Turbulence has increased with climate change since 1979 - study

10 Jul 23 - Fasten your seat belts and get ready for yet another potential impact of climate change: bumpier airplane rides.

Should climate scientists fly?

3 Jul 23 - By Robert McLachlan | COMMENT: Have you ever thought a climate scientist hypocritical for flying to a climate change conference?

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