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ETS alone won’t decarbonise NZ: businesses representing 40% of country’s GDP

22 May 24 - The Sustainable Business Council and Climate Leaders Coalition say that depending on the ETS alone to reach net zero will cause significant harm to the economy.

Emissions down for 2022

18 Apr 24 - Aotearoa New Zealand’s gross greenhouse gas emissions fell by 4% in 2022, according to new figures.

Plan for new Tarras airport on hold

29 Feb 24 - Christchurch Airport has put controversial plans for a new airport in Central Otago on hold, with opponents of the plan welcoming the pause.

Big hike in airfares needed to achieve aviation emission reductions: experts

12 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | A return airfare to Europe would jump by around $900 if GST and greenhouse gas levies were applied to international air travel, one of the proposals in a recent paper by four climate researchers.

Former Air NZ Sustainability Panel chair proposes frequent flyer penalty levy

5 Feb 24 - By Jeremy Rose | Here’s a prediction: in the coming year you’ll see dozens of articles about sustainable aviation fuel, and battery and hydrogen powered planes but not one about flygskam.

Industry emissions up but GDP down

2 Feb 24 - New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions are up 3% for the September 2023 quarter, according to the latest data from Stats NZ.

Climate friendly transport: Why Air New Zealand needs to get onboard with passenger rail

29 Nov 23 - By Paul Callister and Robert McLachlan | Air New Zealand has a problem. The national airline needs to be profitable and, traditionally, this has involved increasing passenger numbers.

Bird of the Century? We have a suggestion

28 Aug 23 - With aviation emissions ramping up post-Covid, two climate policy experts are nominating a new species as "Bird of the Century": the jet aircraft.

Business travel recovery stalls as companies seek to cut costs and emissions

14 Aug 23 - The recovery in business travel has stalled this year amid record price rises for premium flights and growing pressure on big companies to cut their carbon emissions.

Sustainable tourism plan "short on detail": Environment commissioner

8 Aug 23 - The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has criticised the government’s draft plan for sustainable tourism, saying it is short on detail, particularly around plans for decarbonisation.

NZ needs better emissions data: research

3 Aug 23 - New research shows that New Zealand isn't doing enough to keep track of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation, with lacking data and modelling capacity in some sectors.

Sustainable aviation fuel funding is govt “greenwash”: fuel expert

10 Jul 23 - By Liz Kivi | A former senior oil executive says that the government and Air New Zealand investing more than $2 million in research into sustainable aviation fuel is a blatant greenwashing tactic.

Turbulence has increased with climate change since 1979 - study

10 Jul 23 - Fasten your seat belts and get ready for yet another potential impact of climate change: bumpier airplane rides.

Delta Air Lines faces lawsuit over $1bn carbon neutrality claim

1 Jun 23 - Delta Air Lines is facing a lawsuit over its $1bn carbon neutrality claim which plaintiffs say is “false and misleading” as it relies on offsets that do little to mitigate global heating.

France bans short-haul flights in effort to fight climate change

25 May 23 - France has formally banned domestic flights on short routes that can be covered by train in less than two-and-a-half hours in a move aimed at reducing airline emissions.

New tech to turn hydrogen and CO2 into lower-carbon aviation fuel announced

11 May 23 - Honeywell International Inc (HON.O) has announced announced a new technology to produce lower-carbon aviation fuel from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide captured from industry, which can help cut...

Time for a frequent flyer climate tax

5 May 23 - How many times did you fly in 2019? If you took more than six flights, or three roundtrips, you flew more than 98% of the world population. Consequently, you also contributed much more carbon than...

The global jet set feels the heat over climate change

20 Apr 23 - There was once a time when the global jet set aroused the admiration and envy of ordinary people when they boarded private jets for a pleasure trip to the latest in-vogue destination. These days,...

Private jet flights in Europe soar to record levels — and most were ultra-short journeys

31 Mar 23 - A private jet aviation boom shows no signs of slowing.

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