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Environmental Defence Society says "radical anti-environment government" could harm NZ's reputation

27 Feb 24 - The Environmental Defence Society says the government’s environmental policies could cause environmental harm as well as threaten New Zealand’s international reputation.

Danish farmers must cut production to achieve climate goal, says government advisor

22 Feb 24 - Denmark’s farmers must reduce production by as much as one-fifth by 2030 if the country is to achieve its ambitious climate goals, a government-commissioned group said.

Climate finance is targeting the wrong industries

14 Feb 24 - Roughly half of the world’s emissions currently can’t be reduced, yet green investment continues to avoid the sectors that need the most help—manufacturing, agriculture, and built environment.

The climate denial network behind ‘classic astroturf’ farmers’ campaign

12 Feb 24 - Producers say ‘No Farmers, No Food’ is a populist initiative that serves to “whip up indignation and anger”.

Extreme weather a critical concern for the next decade of farming, experts say

7 Feb 24 - Media Release | Climate change, extreme weather events and water quality are considered the three biggest challenges likely to affect agriculture in Aotearoa for the next 10 years, according to primary industry experts.

Facing farm protests, EU eases demands in 2040 climate proposal

7 Feb 24 - The EU executive dropped specific references to agriculture emissions cuts as farmers protest across Europe.

Research undermines claims that soil carbon can offset livestock emissions

5 Feb 24 - Study is “a nail in the coffin” for the idea that the global ruminant sector can be climate positive at its current scale.

Best by the rest...

2 Feb 24 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Watts says government ‘strongly committed’ to emissions targets; what climate scenario should we plan for?; and sediment runoff...

Pre-pesticides, pro-farmer: the rise of agroecology

26 Jan 24 - One part ancient practices, one part worker justice, a new-old way of farming is adapting agriculture for an uncertain world.

Agri-focused board game for NCEA students

20 Dec 23 - A new board game for NCEA students is aimed at attracting young farmers to the industry.

Climate Change Commission doubles down on ETS criticism

13 Dec 23 - The Climate Change Commission has doubled-down on its long held view that the ETS is not fit for purpose when it comes to driving down emissions, in its latest advice to government.

Urine sensors for cattle to reduce nitrogen loss

11 Dec 23 - Media release | It’s a 'wee' issue but with a big environmental impact; and a new award-winning technology developed by AgResearch may help farmers to address it.

NZ signs sustainable agriculture declaration

5 Dec 23 - New Zealand was one of 134 countries at Dubai’s COP28 UN climate summit to sign the COP28 “UAE declaration on sustainable agriculture, resilient food systems and climate action”.

We’re burning too much fossil fuel to fix by planting trees – making ‘net zero’ emissions impossible with offsets

20 Nov 23 - By Mike Joy | The idea that we can mitigate current carbon emissions by “offsetting” them with carbon reduction initiatives elsewhere has become central to government and business responses to...

Fonterra announces 30% on-farm emissions reduction target

10 Nov 23 - Fonterra has announced it is targeting a 30% intensity reduction in on-farm emissions by 2030 from a 2018 baseline.

Climate protestors target dairy, fertiliser, and gas

7 Nov 23 - Climate activists blockaded three targets simultaneously on Sunday - the Whareroa Fonterra Dairy factory, the Kapuni Ballance fertiliser factory, and Todd Energy’s gas plant.

New tech to boost emissions reduction effort

6 Nov 23 - Media release | Ground-breaking new portable technology to measure methane emissions from cattle “on farm” will bolster efforts to reduce the climate change impact from livestock in New Zealand and...

Best by the rest...

27 Oct 23 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Is a $90m project to cool cow burps working? an East Coast leader argues that indigenous reforestation is a Treaty right; and...

Proposal to include non-forestry land in NDC calculation

25 Oct 23 - By Jeremy Rose | A Cabinet minute from July of this year agreed in principle to include non-forest land in New Zealand’s nationally determined contribution.

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