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Gas firms target industrial ‘clusters’ for hydrogen

25 Feb 21 - Gas companies in Europe and America are looking at using the existing gas network to serve industrial “clusters” of hydrogen users in sectors like chemicals, cement and steelmaking, adopting a...

Power generators quiet about emissions

24 Feb 21 - Electricity generator Mercury noted in its financial update yesterday that the ClimCom draft report is good news for the renewable electricity sector.

India’s energy policy is key to the planet’s future

23 Feb 21 - Here’s the bad news: Unless India opts for a totally new energy policy - a revolutionary switch to a clean future - the world has no chance of avoiding dangerous climate change.

Oil and gas get emojis, why not wind power?

19 Feb 21 - Scroll through all the emojis on your phone, and you’ll find a gas pump, an oil drum, and … zero sign of clean energy.

Europe pulls ahead in global hydrogen race

18 Feb 21 - Most of the world’s planned hydrogen projects and the biggest chunk of related investments this decade are expected to be in Europe, a new industry report says.

Genesis puts another fossil-fuel unit on standby

15 Feb 21 - Genesis Energy says it is advancing plans for more renewable electricity generation – but is also preparing to fire up an extra fossil-fuel turbine at Huntly this winter if needed.

Solar power’s future could soon be overshadowed

15 Feb 21 - As more households and industries have opted to harness the sun’s energy, a small but definite shadow is nagging at the many manufacturers who have put their faith in solar power’s future.

Bitcoin uses more energy than all of Argentina

15 Feb 21 - Bitcoin is a huge energy hog. And Tesla's recent announcement that it had bought $1.5 billion bitcoin — and will soon accept the cryptocurrency as payment for its cars — will only encourage more...

Shell expanding gas business despite net-zero pledge

12 Feb 21 - Shell has set new carbon emissions goals to become a net zero carbon energy company by 2050, but will continue to grow its gas business by more than 20 per cent in the next few years.

Denmark to build 'first energy island' in North Sea

11 Feb 21 - A project to build a giant island providing enough energy for three million households has been given the green light by Denmark's politicians.

Shell targets power trading and hydrogen

2 Feb 21 - Royal Dutch Shell is betting on its expertise in power trading and rapid growth in hydrogen and biofuels markets as it shifts away from oil, rather than joining rivals in a scramble for renewable...

BlackRock threatens to sell shares in worst climate polluters

27 Jan 21 - BlackRock, the world’s biggest investment fund manager, has threatened to sell shares in the worst corporate polluters in a bid to support the goal of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

Energy efficiency boosts jobs, says IEA

27 Jan 21 - Improving energy efficiency creates far more jobs than generating it, and at the same time provides a way out of the covid crisis by bringing prosperity.

Genesis says it will slash emissions

9 Dec 20 - The operator of the Huntly coal-and-gas-fired power station says it will cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Cutting emissions and making fertiliser from beer-and-chip waste

8 Dec 20 - The much-loved combination of beer and chips is being harnessed to tackle climate change.

Biogas study: could we be running on waste?

7 Dec 20 - Gas suppliers, users and consultants are joining forces to assess the potential to use biogas to power industry and homes.

Ammonia – a fuel of the future?

30 Nov 20 - Like hydrogen, ammonia can play a key role in decarbonising Europe’s heavy industry and transport. So why isn’t it grabbing the headlines in the same way?

Large slice of Kupe gas could be up for sale

27 Nov 20 - Genesis Energy – one of the country’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases – is considering selling its stake in the Kupe oil and gas field, freeing up money it could invest in renewable generation.

Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power

27 Nov 20 - News that two more reactors in the United Kingdom are to shut down on safety grounds earlier than planned has capped a depressing month for nuclear power in Europe.

Gas, carbon capture key to emissions cut - BP

26 Nov 20 - By GAVIN EVANS | Natural gas, especially when combined with carbon capture use and storage, can play a critical role meeting the world’s net-zero carbon targets, BP economist Michael Cohen says.

25 Nov 20  Coal financing evaporates as countries go carbon-free

24 Nov 20  Kiwi company uses Bitcoin to buy solar panels

24 Nov 20  EU, UN-led pact commits oil and gas firms to tackle methane emissions

20 Nov 20  Green-trolling to bring down Big Oil

12 Nov 20  Meridian looking good to carbon-averse Blackrock

12 Nov 20  New fund helps businesses ditch coal and gas

10 Nov 20  No miracle energy sources to replace fossil fuels, says scientist

10 Nov 20  Where should be we use hydrogen?

6 Nov 20  How 'geothermal anywhere' can cut our emissions

6 Nov 20  'Liquid window' harnesses light and heat

4 Nov 20  Shell's climate tweet goes badly wrong

3 Nov 20  New method to measure fossil-fuel emissions

3 Nov 20  You've got cheap data, how about cheap power too?

30 Oct 20  Ford and GM knew about climate change - and covered it up

30 Oct 20  How to boost the hydrogen market

23 Oct 20  World Bank branch backs coal megaproject

20 Oct 20  We need to solve the dry-year problem, says Carr

19 Oct 20  World makes haste too slowly on cutting energy use

14 Oct 20  IEA outlines how world can reach net-zero emissions by 2050

12 Oct 20  Parker pushes back against pumped-hydro critics

9 Oct 20  Lines project first to try covid consent process

7 Oct 20  Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change

6 Oct 20  Green hydrogen could be cheap transformative fuel within a decade

1 Oct 20  Policy could prevent shift to low-emissions tech, says Genesis

29 Sep 20  Labour promises $5 million a year more for just transition

29 Sep 20  Exxon uses carbon capture to keep oil flowing

15 Sep 20  Global oil demand may have passed peak, says BP

15 Sep 20  Using rocket science to green transport

11 Sep 20  How the pandemic lockdown slashed our greenhouse gas emissions

9 Sep 20  Gas exploration won't be rushed, Beach tells EPA

9 Sep 20  Green hydrogen breakthrough uses sun and water from the air

7 Sep 20  New solar and lighting technologies could trigger an energy revolution

2 Sep 20  Govt report sees frontline job in biocrude for Marsden

1 Sep 20  Only 10% of power companies putting renewables ahead of fossil-fuels

25 Aug 20  Major investment firm dumps Exxon, Chevron and Rio Tinto

21 Aug 20  Energy-and-transport plan key to emissions cuts

20 Aug 20  ConocoPhillips trying to freeze permafrost to drill more oil

20 Aug 20  Australian hydrogen company launches IPO

14 Aug 20  Global offshore wind industry takes huge strides

13 Aug 20  Nanotech turns bricks into batteries

10 Aug 20  South Africa tightens restrictions for new coal power in landmark ruling

10 Aug 20  Is this the end for King Coal in Britain?

10 Aug 20  India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

7 Aug 20  BP cuts oil production in favour of green energy

7 Aug 20  Business risk and covid-19 are pushing Asian financiers away from coal

7 Aug 20  Europe is going all-in on hydrogen power - why isn’t the US?

5 Aug 20  Wood cheaper than electricity for emissions cuts, says Fonterra

4 Aug 20  Downstream turns on the power

4 Aug 20  Big Oil takes big hit from covid-19

4 Aug 20  More coal power-generation closed than opened last year

27 Jul 20  Big Hydro not the only way, says energy expert

22 Jul 20  Stored electricity can make cleaner fuels

21 Jul 20  Making electricity from methane-rich water

14 Jul 20  Booming wood-pellet business is bad for the climate

13 Jul 20  Greens put pressure on coal-fired boilers

13 Jul 20  After the global oil and gas industry crash, what next?

6 Jul 20  ARDERN: Watch this space

6 Jul 20  $10b of precious metals dumped each year in e-waste

2 Jul 20  We've 'reached peak emissions and oil demand'

2 Jul 20  Storing electricity under ground...

2 Jul 20  ...and in tall brick towers

30 Jun 20  Refinery rescue not on the agenda, says Jones

29 Jun 20  ASB owner faces Permian project questions

16 Jun 20  Big Oil all talk about revolution, says report

10 Jun 20  Two-faced solar panels follow the sun

5 Jun 20  Hunt for the superconductors

29 May 20  Clean energy cracker thing in a crisis

27 May 20  How dangerous is low-level radiation for kids?

25 May 20  German coal generator fights Dutch coal phase-out

21 May 20  Hydrogen dream driven by greed, says expert

18 May 20  At last, a fair deal for our atomic love affair

14 May 20  Wind might pass coal sooner than we thought

12 May 20  Ammonia is the energy future, say scientists

8 Apr 20  New renewables capacity hit record in 2019

6 Apr 20  Todd wins sole exploration permit

3 Apr 20  Blue energy revolution comes of age

2 Apr 20  Hydrogen not the answer for transport, says study

30 Mar 20  Offshore windfarms have future, say experts

23 Mar 20  Otaki sets up solar farm to power the town

13 Mar 20  Emissions increase in some energy sectors

6 Mar 20  Taranaki hydrogen project gets $20m boost

4 Mar 20  Green groups take on energy giant

26 Feb 20  Not in five years, but holy grail of energy on its way

26 Feb 20  Old batteries can be source of new energy

26 Feb 20  Solar power booms just miles from the Arctic Circle

25 Feb 20  NZ risks missing biofuels chance, says industry

19 Feb 20  Z Energy offers free deal on offsetting

12 Feb 20  Energy producers cut CO2 emissions

11 Feb 20  We must have certainty with ETS, says Ballance

11 Feb 20  Coronavirus halts work on Marsden solar plant

11 Feb 20  Big solar projects running into trouble

10 Feb 20  How Big Oil's fake news fooled America

31 Jan 20  Fonterra plant dumps coal for wood pellets

31 Jan 20  Looking for the next battery breakthrough?

13 Dec 19  Low lake levels lead to jump in emissions

12 Dec 19  Coal being cleaned out of schools and hospitals

4 Dec 19  Cut hydrogen red tape, urges business sector

29 Nov 19  Coal-fired electricity set for biggest fall in four decades

22 Nov 19  The little windfarm that could ...

22 Nov 19  We need to find ways to store extra energy

21 Nov 19  Bill Gates backs startup using sunlight to make 1000deg heat

13 Nov 19  Mercury gives green light to country's biggest windfarm

1 Nov 19  Government wants info on biofuture of wood

23 Oct 19  Renewables could grow 50% in next five years

17 Oct 19  High carbon price has downside, says gentailer

16 Oct 19  Shell has no choice but to keep drilling, says CEO

14 Oct 19  Fossil fuel industry has seen the future ... and it's plastic

1 Oct 19  Why nuclear power is not the answer

27 Sep 19  NZ sets new mark for coal-fired electricity

10 Sep 19  Thermal battery producer heats up storage market

2 Sep 19  Government has eye on hydrogen future

30 Aug 19  There's plenty of renewable energy out there

29 Aug 19  BP selling Alaska assets to troubled private firm

14 Aug 19  Todd Corporation sees big future for natural gas

8 Aug 19  Storage key to renewable energy success

6 Aug 19  Portugal solar energy auction sets record

29 Jul 19  How Big Oil can sue for loss of profits

26 Jul 19  Meridian predicts renewables will rule

23 Jul 19  How science can double the solar dividend

19 Jul 19  Why efficiency is the key to cheaper energy

10 Jul 19  Refinery wants to cut costs with solar farm

9 Jul 19  China's solar plants pay the price for dirty air

9 Jul 19  LNG industry could be as bad as coal, experts warn

5 Jul 19  Heat waves threaten nuclear power production

3 Jul 19  Today's power plants already lock in 1.5deg

2 Jul 19  Solar future shines ever more brightly

26 Jun 19  G20 countries triple coal-power subsidies

19 Jun 19  Oil companies make carbon promise to the Pope

19 Jun 19  Hydrogen could be big by 2050, say experts

18 Jun 19  Hopes falter with coal still king across Asia

14 Jun 19  Troubled gas supply means jump in coal emissions

11 Jun 19  More rain brings big problems for dam builders

10 Jun 19  It's going to take a long time, says former BP chief

10 Jun 19  Global natural gas boom about to slow

28 May 19  Todd ups investment in renewable energy

15 May 19  METHANE MOVES: Give poos a chance

3 May 19  Gulf states shape as green energy superpowers

26 Apr 19  Dutch building string of solar islands

4 Apr 19  Hydrogen has a place, says new Clark group

28 Mar 19  Mercury gives go-ahead for Turita wind farm

19 Mar 19  Taranaki eyes future in hydrogen economy

19 Mar 19  New ultra-thin material seen as breakthrough

19 Mar 19  HOT CHOCOLATE: Cocoa is helping to slow climate change

18 Mar 19  Hydrogen could be fuel of the future

18 Mar 19  Why radical plan to cool climate could work

13 Mar 19  Coal-fired stations deliver danger dust

12 Mar 19  Bioenergy body hails hospital move to wood

11 Mar 19  Wind turbine pioneer slams NZ procrastination

5 Mar 19  Fossil-fuel wealthy Taranaki faces major rethink

28 Feb 19  Biomass energy could punch hole in emissions

22 Feb 19  Industrial plants see low carbon price as barrier

21 Feb 19  Coal giant Glencore to limit production

20 Feb 19  Big companies might leave, warns oil sector

20 Feb 19  Renewable energy will be tops by 2040, says BP

12 Feb 19  Labs busy finding new ways to power the world

11 Feb 19  Why solar generation will be a big player

4 Feb 19  BP acts on shareholder demands

22 Jan 19  Tiwai could lead way in new-deal aluminium

22 Jan 19  Govt gives Foodstuffs $1m for green vehicles

11 Dec 18  BP faces shareholder challenge over carbon targets

29 Nov 18  New round opens for Taranaki permits

22 Nov 18  Biofuel land grab will squeeze nature’s space

20 Nov 18  Dead fish new power behind high-polluting cruise ships

16 Nov 18  NZ scientists work on safer batteries

14 Nov 18  EECA wants feedback on $14m energy fund

8 Nov 18  Oil and gas exploration ban becomes law

8 Nov 18  Big hydropower dams unsustainable, says study

30 Oct 18  Compressed air could be our energy friend

30 Oct 18  Oil countries will have to change their ways

29 Oct 18  Hydrogen offers hope for island dwellers

25 Oct 18  Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes

24 Oct 18  NZ signs hydrogen agreement with Japan

24 Oct 18  Solar is here to stay, but where are the boats?

17 Oct 18  Big Gas wants exploration ban put on hold

11 Oct 18  Bioenergy will lead the way, predicts IEA

9 Oct 18  Three decades later, Chernobyl goes solar

8 Oct 18  Wind-solar hybrid means 24-hour energy

2 Oct 18  Regional energy leaders to talk transition

27 Sep 18  Property company wins energy-saving award

21 Sep 18  Wind and rain gives renewables a boost

21 Sep 18  Exxon, Chevron join oil and gas climate alliance

19 Sep 18  Shell announces methane emissions target

13 Sep 18  Clean energy can provide all electricity, says study

12 Sep 18  Why carbon removal is not enough to save climate

11 Sep 18  Low-carbon economy worth $26 trillion, says Stern

11 Sep 18  Green power set to surge while fossil fuels decline

10 Sep 18  The world is not building enough green power

7 Sep 18  Batteries could be made from paper ... and spit

31 Aug 18  Carbon-sucker wins new investment money

29 Aug 18  Fuel from wood great energy option, say scientists

27 Aug 18  Growth fund should back biofuel, says jet group

27 Aug 18  Z Energy buys chunk of electricity company

24 Aug 18  Scottish tidal project sets new power records

22 Aug 18  Solar goes super and next stop might be space

3 Aug 18  Ten years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries

27 Jul 18  Cheap new material could speed battery charging

12 Jul 18  Clean energy investment passes $138b

11 Jul 18  Smarter renewables open up new markets

10 Jul 18  GAS GROWTH: The answer lies in feedback loops

9 Jul 18  Here’s where 3m EV batteries will go when they retire ...

6 Jul 18  LUNAR LAW: Does Moon hold key to Earth’s energy needs?

4 Jul 18  Meridian predicts carbon price as high as $200

3 Jul 18  Protein’s secret function could boost solar tech

2 Jul 18  New fuel from CO2 could slow climate change

28 Jun 18  Methane revelations unlikely to affect NZ

21 Jun 18  Clean energy investment ‘must be 50% higher’

11 Jun 18  Parker to talk hydrogen energy in Japan

11 Jun 18  ‘Liquid air’ storage technology comes step closer

23 May 18  Wood fuel benefits beg for attention, say backers

21 May 18  Natural gas will last bit more than a decade

17 May 18  Warming planet faces a cooling crisis

15 May 18  New steel plant will emit only water vapour

14 May 18  New technology could slash aluminium emissions

10 May 18  Natural gas not the solution, claims new report

10 May 18  Renewables employing 10 million people

8 May 18  Small land area, big rewards from solar panels

3 May 18  War on coal making money for mineowners

17 Apr 18  Waste food could fuel emissions cuts. says report

17 Apr 18  What will we do with all those dead solar panels?

12 Apr 18  Government acts to block offshore exploration

12 Apr 18  Shell's climate push fails to cut emissions

10 Apr 18  Solar and wind could replace fossils within 20 years

10 Apr 18  Solar geoengineering ‘still too uncertain’

6 Apr 18  Shell knew dangers in the 1980s, company papers show

26 Mar 18  GREECE'S DIRTY SECRET: Life in a 625 square mile coal mine

20 Mar 18  The real reasons we’re not building clean energy

16 Mar 18  NUCLEAR FUSION: Don't hold your breath

15 Mar 18  RAIN OR SHINE: New solar cell captures energy from raindrops

14 Mar 18  How protons can power our future energy needs

12 Mar 18  Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say scientists

7 Mar 18  Is sustainable investing a better way to go?

2 Mar 18  What's next for getting energy from the sun?

2 Mar 18  Nuclear waste mountains just keep on growing

28 Feb 18  Z aims for A-plus in transition to new energy

27 Feb 18  Biofuels need backing of the nation, says Scion

27 Feb 18  OPINION: Biofuels not easy, but worth the effort

23 Feb 18  Floating windfarms are proving a smash hit

22 Feb 18  Plastic bans will dent oil demand growth, says BP

21 Feb 18  Minister offers money for good emissions moves

15 Feb 18  Energy producers want mandatory disclosure

15 Feb 18  China will show the way with solar power

13 Feb 18  Lack of women in energy ‘holding back the fight’

9 Feb 18  BP aims to invest more in clean energy

8 Feb 18  We'll soon feel the effects of China's market

8 Feb 18  After an oil-soaked past, Saudi wants to let the sunshine in

5 Feb 18  Sweden setting up first fossil-free steel plant

5 Feb 18  One way to save energy is to stay at home

30 Jan 18  Time to put the kettle on as solar power scheme tees off

30 Jan 18  TAKE FIVE: Renewable energy projects are out to impress

25 Jan 18  Localised heating warms cities without fossil fuels

23 Jan 18  IT'S A GAS: Cook dinner on energy from food you dumped

29 Nov 17  Shell doubles up on green spending and vows change

27 Nov 17  Green bonds reach $100 billion milestone

22 Nov 17  Mexico about to generate world's cheapest solar power

17 Nov 17  We're prisoners of the old way, says solar flight pioneer

17 Nov 17  The allure (and perils) of hydropower

16 Nov 17  It's high time for a global agreement on minerals

13 Nov 17  Mining giant about to go coal-free

13 Nov 17  ‘War on coal’ goes global with $50m fund

10 Nov 17  Contact Energy likes what it's doing with green bonds

9 Nov 17  POWER PLAY: 100% renewable in reach by 2050

8 Nov 17  Polish grab for carbon-market cash

8 Nov 17  Bishops urge Church to divest from Exxon because of climate change

7 Nov 17  Report: oil refineries will close as world decarbonises

7 Nov 17  Memo coalminers: we're looking at your climate policies

7 Nov 17  Scots on track to be 100% renewable

6 Nov 17  Cape Verde may beat NZ to 100% renewable power

31 Oct 17  Shell and BP planning for 5deg global warming

27 Oct 17  Falling solar costs further boost booming market

27 Oct 17  Electric cars emit 50% less greenhouse gas than diesel

19 Oct 17  France looks to solar power ‘prosumers’

18 Oct 17  Worldwide demand for petrol likely to reach peak by 2030

17 Oct 17  The tide has turned globally, analyst tells politicians

17 Oct 17  Coal misinformation is distorting the facts

13 Oct 17  Is your Auckland rooftop suitable for solar?

13 Oct 17  Fossil fuels win billions in public money after Paris pact

13 Oct 17  UK and Canada lay down coal power challenge

12 Oct 17  BLOWN AWAY: It could be one wind farm to rule them all

6 Oct 17  SHINING EXAMPLE: Solar power fastest-growing energy source

29 Sep 17  Europe gives diesel $11bn a year in tax breaks

27 Sep 17  Getting energy from water evaporation is not just hot air

25 Sep 17  More countries eye turning waste into energy

20 Sep 17  Cash shortfall stops electricity reaching world’s poor

13 Sep 17  Silicon fires up renewable energy revolution

8 Sep 17  FUEL FACT: We're burning more oil than ever

1 Sep 17  Biofuel breakthroughs bring negative emissions closer

29 Aug 17  Wind, solar and water could be powerhouses by 2050

28 Aug 17  Phase-out of fossil fuels can be painless

28 Aug 17  Carbon capture has failed ... but here's what we could do

8 Aug 17  Fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering $5 trillion a year

7 Aug 17  Solar most popular form of new electricity generation

7 Aug 17  Nuclear revival looks set to falter

3 Aug 17  Now Tesla wants to unite batteries and offshore wind

19 Jul 17  Free footy tickets lure oil workers to renewables

18 Jul 17  Some biofuels worse than fossil fuels, warns report

14 Jul 17  Wood-for-coal switch would save us millions

11 Jul 17  Handful of fossil fuel producers feed global emissions

30 Jun 17  It's nonsense to say fracking can be made safe

29 Jun 17  State should show the way, says bioenergy group

29 Jun 17  Fossil lobbies threaten to scupper renewables in South Africa

29 Jun 17  Closing nuclear plants threatens climate targets

28 Jun 17  Cutting emissions would slow growth, officials claim

28 Jun 17  Science splits ranks over fossil fuel phase-out

27 Jun 17  Energy major talks of falling fossil fuel demand

26 Jun 17  Renewable energy no longer niche investment

23 Jun 17  Not so much coal about ... but we're burning more

23 Jun 17  Top banks still lend billions to extract fossil fuels

23 Jun 17  Renewables investment by 2040 will be in the trillions

23 Jun 17  SUCKER PUNCH: Plant pulls CO2 directly from the air

22 Jun 17  Government keeps lid on Buller mining papers

22 Jun 17  Tyre mountains will be turned into biofuels

21 Jun 17  World’s largest coal company to retire 37 mines

20 Jun 17  OCEAN OIL: Algae strain doubles fuel production

19 Jun 17  Solar power will kill coal much quicker than anyone thought

16 Jun 17  TOWER POWER: Another solar system is on the march

15 Jun 17  Global demand for coal falls for second year in row

14 Jun 17  Coal is dead, says world’s largest investment group

13 Jun 17  What biofutures need is America's Cup energy

13 Jun 17  Costa Rica bids for world’s cleanest transport system

12 Jun 17  Farm waste could feed industry worth millions

9 Jun 17  Coal India looks to diversify

7 Jun 17  It's like taking nine million cars off the road

30 May 17  It's time for the oil industry to snuff out its flares

30 May 17  Jobs ahead for 24m renewable energy workers

29 May 17  Road transport killing our clean-energy benefits

29 May 17  TUNNEL VISION: New energy lines up job for old mines

29 May 17  World's largest floating solar platform just went on line

26 May 17  Drought brings drop in greenhouse gas emissions

24 May 17  Move over, Tesla, here come batteries made in Europe

23 May 17  The new energy highway leads in one direction ... to the sun

23 May 17  Welcome to the Wild West world of deep-sea mining

22 May 17  Sharing green energy tips good for cutting business costs

19 May 17  New Buller mines could emit CO2 of 3m cars

19 May 17  UK nuclear industry faces Brexit fall-out

19 May 17  World’s largest wind turbines go on line

18 May 17  Fossil fuel lobby could be forced to declare interests

18 May 17  Indian coal plant gets $150m to sit idle

17 May 17  China (and others) pay for coal plants in Africa

16 May 17  Vegan football club dines out on success

15 May 17  SLIP SLINDING AWAY: Big Oil losing its grip on power

15 May 17  Europe opens door to Canada’s dirty oil

12 May 17  Wood energy project start less than spectacular

12 May 17  Indian solar power prices hit record low

10 May 17  Problems with nuclear waste launch a gold rush

9 May 17  Germany’s weekend powered 85% by renewables

8 May 17  Our big houses bad for better insulation

5 May 17  Spray on, printables next for the solar panel market

3 May 17  Coal price of $150 a tonne key to new Coast mine

3 May 17  Clean energy now employs over 9.4 million

2 May 17  It takes only a few countries to kickstart a revolution

1 May 17  Power plants must cut emissions under new EU rules

28 Apr 17  Is deep sea mining worth the risk?

27 Apr 17  UK acts to get gas out of the atmosphere

26 Apr 17  UK power generation achieves first coal-free day

26 Apr 17  Scottish wind powers affordable housing

21 Apr 17  Energy Star rating loses its twinkle

21 Apr 17  Who wants to work with wind turbines? Plenty, it seems

21 Apr 17  Food carts get taste of solar

20 Apr 17  Fracking brings new oil boom to Alaska

19 Apr 17  Scientist seeks capital backing for adaptation projects

19 Apr 17  Pool operator splashes out on electric pumps

18 Apr 17  World's nuclear giants limp toward extinction

12 Apr 17  SEND IN THE DRONES: Sky-high power stations find a friend

10 Apr 17  Solar power and saltwater to grow veges in desert

7 Apr 17  POWER POSERS: Energy industry worries and waits

7 Apr 17  Brexit barrier to clean energy, says WEC

7 Apr 17  Green HQ gets green light

7 Apr 17  Europe votes to take action on palm oil

6 Apr 17  Europe vows no new coal-fired plants from 2020

5 Apr 17  Renewables cut Europe's carbon emissions by 10%

4 Apr 17  Carbon law could make Paris promise a reality

31 Mar 17  SOLAR SURGE: Renewable energy sets new record

30 Mar 17  How an energy icon bet on nuclear power - and lost

29 Mar 17  A ‘cold economy’ could bring environmental benefits

29 Mar 17  Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption

28 Mar 17  Some emissions rise ... some emissions fall

28 Mar 17  'Poor losers' report out of step, says solar company

27 Mar 17  Solar panels could cost the poor, says report

24 Mar 17  NET-ZERO REPORT: We can do more, says bioenergy industry

24 Mar 17  Moore’s Law for carbon could beat global warming

23 Mar 17  Coal in freefall as new plants dive by two-thirds

23 Mar 17  European cities want 10 million smart streetlamps

23 Mar 17  Norway must put oil ventures to ‘climate test’

22 Mar 17  Peak oil? Sooner than you think

21 Mar 17  South Australian energy plan signals storage revolution

20 Mar 17  Wind turbine manufacturer needs more capital

20 Mar 17  China kickstarting coal boom in Pakistan

20 Mar 17  Windfarms commercial director to run company

17 Mar 17  Scotland goes big with offshore wind farm

9 Mar 17  Global solar leaps 50% thanks to US and China

8 Mar 17  Energy needs broader view, says new minister

7 Mar 17  Back us and we'll build more plants, says Z biofuel

7 Mar 17  UK emissions at lowest level since 19th century

6 Mar 17  Let's talk about emissions, fuels firm tells public

6 Mar 17  America’s ‘hidden subsidies’ worth $170b a year

2 Mar 17  ENERGY REPORT: Great ideas but they're not happening

2 Mar 17  China coal use fell again in 2016

2 Mar 17  Germany’s e-car plan might increase emissions

1 Mar 17  Our environment image at risk, says global agency

28 Feb 17  Government pension scheme begins ditching oil and gas

28 Feb 17  EU’s clean energy package gets national support

27 Feb 17  Battery storage industry to fight Australian bans

27 Feb 17  How a Danish island did zero carbon in less than 10 years

24 Feb 17  UK tidal project could spark global revolution

24 Feb 17  This is what 4 million solar panels look like from space

23 Feb 17  The age of the giant battery is almost upon us

21 Feb 17  Govt could end up in court over energy plan, warns campaigner

21 Feb 17  How India subsidises electricity only for the rich

20 Feb 17  Small businesses dragging the energy chain

17 Feb 17  How your life could change without fossil fuels

17 Feb 17  US marks record year for solar power

16 Feb 17  Stop fossil fuels subsidies, say major investors

15 Feb 17  Pressure group takes coal case to court

15 Feb 17  Cafe chain converts waste coffee into renewable fuel

10 Feb 17  Methane emissions higher than feared, say scientists

10 Feb 17  EU must end coal by 2030 to meet Paris goals

7 Feb 17  Miners again free to flatten mountaintops

3 Feb 17  Wind turbines again head for the home straight

2 Feb 17  Authority set to hear solar panel 'tax' case

2 Feb 17  Energy leaders to hear the word from grid godfather

2 Feb 17  Hydropower can be more environmentally friendly

2 Feb 17  EU hails clean energy 'year of delivery'

1 Feb 17  Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

1 Feb 17  Tesla batteries give California grid a boost

31 Jan 17  Government's new-energy action does little, says report

31 Jan 17  Giant US coal-fired power plant might close

27 Jan 17  EDS slams meaningless energy efficiency plans

26 Jan 17  China builds world's biggest solar farm

26 Jan 17  UAE to spend billions on clean energy

25 Jan 17  POWER CUTS: Our electricity is producing fewer emissions

25 Jan 17  Exxon predicts 25% rise in energy demand

25 Jan 17  Electric vehicles drive to overtake biofuels

25 Jan 17  Scotland pulls out all stops to hit 66% target

24 Jan 17  Congo peatland packs massive amount of carbon

19 Dec 16  Queensland gets serious about waste-to-fuel

19 Dec 16  Green buildings make you work smarter and sleep sounder

19 Dec 16  California adopts energy rules for computers

16 Dec 16  Solar nearly level with wind in developing world

15 Dec 16  New emissions reduction plan business as usual

15 Dec 16  Now it's Caseley to head energy authority

15 Dec 16  One answer could be to build more highways

14 Dec 16  Energy industry welcomes national strategy plan

13 Dec 16  Govt targets industrial sector in new energy strategy

13 Dec 16  Gates and the world's wealthy backing $1b energy fund

13 Dec 16  Fossil fuel divestment funds double to $5 trillion in a year

7 Dec 16  Google to be 100% powered by renewables from next year

6 Dec 16  Batteries not the cheapest way to store energy

5 Dec 16  How NZ could become biofutures powerhouse

5 Dec 16  FUSION FUTURE: A time of transition and potential

5 Dec 16  US oil exports skyrocket despite climate pacts

5 Dec 16  World’s largest solar plant opens in India

2 Dec 16  China to lead way in growth of solar market

1 Dec 16  Engineers turn old tyres into quality oil and fuel

1 Dec 16  China pushes to dig more coal

30 Nov 16  Households cut emissions by 11%, says report

30 Nov 16  Trump can't stop rising use of fossil fuels

30 Nov 16  Switch to new power puts pressure on boilers

29 Nov 16  First solar panel roads to be built next year

29 Nov 16  Finland plans to ban coal by 2030

25 Nov 16  Europe felling protected forests for biofuel supply

23 Nov 16  California aims to generate energy from traffic jams

22 Nov 16  Solar company wins innovation award

22 Nov 16  Canada sets 2030 deadline to get out of coal

22 Nov 16  Scientists take big step toward safely burying carbon dioxide

21 Nov 16  PV power could save nation tonnes of emissions

21 Nov 16  Obama puts Arctic Ocean off limits for drilling

18 Nov 16  Texas oil find biggest in US history

15 Nov 16  Fossil fuel emissions have stalled for third year

11 Nov 16  Britain's last coal power plants to close by 2025

10 Nov 16  Cloud cameras warn of dips in solar power

9 Nov 16  Wind and solar combo could be the way to go

9 Nov 16  We can’t bet on renewable energy to save the world

7 Nov 16  Mercedes-Benz enters US energy storage market

3 Nov 16  New energy strategy on way, says minister

3 Nov 16  PAY DAY: Bioenergy switch brings in business

3 Nov 16  Big Oil joins climate push with clean-energy fund

3 Nov 16  Offshore wind could swell 650% by 2030

3 Nov 16  Subsidy crunch cuts funding for Asia clean energy

2 Nov 16  You can't do it alone, bioenergy body hears

2 Nov 16  Companies using yeast to wean us off fossil fuels

1 Nov 16  Musk muscles in on old-style domestic energy systems

1 Nov 16  Iceland turning up the heat on thermal energy production

31 Oct 16  Electric floor sparks power from footfalls

28 Oct 16  Scientist calls for crackdown on methane gas leaks

27 Oct 16  Half of added electricity capacity was renewable in 2015

27 Oct 16  Paris withdraws plans for carbon tax on coal

26 Oct 16  Renewables poised for rapid growth worldwide

26 Oct 16  Adelaide blackout draws attention to battery storage

26 Oct 16  India’s solar power set to outshine coal

25 Oct 16  Energy efficiency makes impact on carbon emissions

25 Oct 16  Corporate climate risk is all about turning a profit

25 Oct 16  Clinton says clean energy economy will create millions of jobs. Can it?

21 Oct 16  Diesel use boosts national gas emissions

21 Oct 16  Exxon says world needs oil of five Saudis

21 Oct 16  Saudis say oil industry must do its bit

21 Oct 16  Meet the US companies with the most solar

20 Oct 16  Big Oil might be emerging stronger than ever

18 Oct 16  Nuclear fusion record big boost for clean energy

18 Oct 16  Biofuels turn out to be a climate mistake – here’s why

18 Oct 16  Fracking pumps up public’s climate fears

17 Oct 16  Nations sign 'monumental' deal on coolants

17 Oct 16  ... but it will make little difference in the West

14 Oct 16  Global wind capacity will hit 500GW by year end

14 Oct 16  US energy emissions fall to lowest in 25 years

12 Oct 16  Investing in renewable energy falls to new low point

12 Oct 16  BP ditches plans to drill for oil in Bight

12 Oct 16  Fossil fuel industry must halt expansion

11 Oct 16  Global demand for energy will peak in 2030, says world body

11 Oct 16  Energy leaders want stability for renewables

10 Oct 16  We're not doing enough, warn global energy leaders

10 Oct 16  Trustpower hits pause on Aust renewables spin-off

6 Oct 16  Fossil fuel emissions much higher than thought

6 Oct 16  Brazil shifts funds from coal to solar power

6 Oct 16  World's largest carbon-capture plant opening soon

5 Oct 16  Fossil fuel investors seek risks disclosure

5 Oct 16  Global energy graphs that might surprise you ...

4 Oct 16  Minister wants a clean-tech 'second revolution'

30 Sep 16  Nation still dining out on fossil fuels, report shows

27 Sep 16  Burning existing fossil fuels will break the Paris bank

27 Sep 16  Scientists find better way to run gas turbines

26 Sep 16  Why NZ doesn't need foreign carbon credits

26 Sep 16  China to slow green growth after boom

23 Sep 16  Solar behemoth arises in China

23 Sep 16  Asia eyes renewable energy super grid

21 Sep 16  Native American pipeline resistance is about climate justice

16 Sep 16  Renewables establish economic lead

16 Sep 16  Investment in new renewables outpaces demand

15 Sep 16  Scientists get closer to methane answers

15 Sep 16  Gas pipelines run over EU energy policy

14 Sep 16  Green-powered boat readies for round-world voyage

13 Sep 16  New fabric generates electric power on the go

8 Sep 16  BIOGAS BONUS: NZ is slow to get the message

8 Sep 16  Europe’s nuclear club slows emissions cuts

7 Sep 16  Biggest funds blocking climate action

6 Sep 16  Banks put high price on climate change risks

6 Sep 16  US eyes public land for renewables

2 Sep 16  G20 emissions pledges are far too low

30 Aug 16  The fact is eco housing is not expensive

29 Aug 16  How long weekends can help to save the world

25 Aug 16  Rich investors call on G20 leaders to ratify Paris

24 Aug 16  It's official, King Coal has been dethroned

24 Aug 16  Energy breakthrough could save billions

23 Aug 16  Musk wants to build entire roofs of solar panels

23 Aug 16  Sugarcane waste takes on new powers

22 Aug 16  Are our computers chewing up the power supply?

18 Aug 16  Welcome to the world of the community solar farm

18 Aug 16  Nordic countries could inspire EU bioenergy

17 Aug 16  Renewables up 70% in G20 countries

17 Aug 16  LA switches on to virtual power plants

17 Aug 16  UK to build largest offshore wind farm

15 Aug 16  Fonterra manager wins energy plaudits

12 Aug 16  Wind covers Scotland's electricity needs for a day

11 Aug 16  Swiss pioneer new way of storing energy

10 Aug 16  Renewable electricity hits 90% mark

10 Aug 16  RIGS TO REEFS: Should we leave oil platforms alone?

9 Aug 16  Christchurch office wins 5-star rating

9 Aug 16  Can Tesla go from sexy cars to clean energy?

8 Aug 16  Giant Amazon dam fails environment test

3 Aug 16  New York eyes 50% renewable energy by 2030

1 Aug 16  Britain's nuclear white elephant stumbles

1 Aug 16  State fracking controls don't exist, study finds

1 Aug 16  Fossil fuel workers to retrain in clean energy

29 Jul 16  Call me Mercury, says Mighty River

29 Jul 16  A short history of nuclear fission ...

29 Jul 16  Renewables overtake coal in UK power generation

29 Jul 16  Denmark targets 100% renewable electricity by 2050

28 Jul 16  Big emitters face landmark human rights case

27 Jul 16  Z gets an A for corporate responsibility

27 Jul 16  A nuclear reactor in every town? Don't laugh

26 Jul 16  China's coal peak hailed as turning point

25 Jul 16  MINE GAMES: Plunder of Earth’s natural resources is rising

25 Jul 16  As nuclear power plants close, states need to bet big on energy storage

25 Jul 16  US oil sector fights climate disclosure push

21 Jul 16  The future of Big Oil? At Shell, it's not oil

20 Jul 16  Offshore windfarms power ahead in Europe

20 Jul 16  Drones set to play big role in change to renewables

20 Jul 16  America's booming marijuana industry is an energy hog

18 Jul 16  Monkey business threatening India's solar development

15 Jul 16  POWER STRUGGLE: Why the energy market doesn't work

15 Jul 16  New energy putting a dent in emissions

14 Jul 16  POWER SHOCK: Just how climate friendly are we?

14 Jul 16  Three reasons to be cheerful about the 1.5deg target

14 Jul 16  Hotel installs biggest rooftop solar array in US

13 Jul 16  LEDs lighting the way on our streets

13 Jul 16  No worries, says Republican Party, coal is clean

12 Jul 16  Meet the woman who took on Canada’s tar sand barons

11 Jul 16  BONUS BILLION: Our untouched energy potential

11 Jul 16  World's largest storage battery will power LA

11 Jul 16  Electric Highway to expand in UK

8 Jul 16  Fonterra signs on as biodiesel pioneer

8 Jul 16  More companies looking beyond lightbulbs

7 Jul 16  How nuclear records paper over the flaws

7 Jul 16  Piles of dirty secrets behind clean coal project

7 Jul 16  US farmers turn their tobacco into jet fuel

6 Jul 16  Vector adds up benefits of charging stations

5 Jul 16  Norway eyes full carbon capture by 2022

4 Jul 16  Energy leaders renew faith in renewables

4 Jul 16  Green and cool roofs provide relief for hot cities

4 Jul 16  Clinton's ambitious plan avoids carbon tax

4 Jul 16  Argentina to launch landmark renewables programme

1 Jul 16  Brexit hot air causes climate project problems

29 Jun 16  Government makes energy-use facts available

29 Jun 16  How China can harness wind of change

29 Jun 16  Oakland votes to ban coal shipments

29 Jun 16  Siemens freezes UK wind power investment

28 Jun 16  Wind and solar have won – it’s too late for the rest

28 Jun 16  Germany agrees to ban fracking

27 Jun 16  Berlin pulls out of fossil fuels

24 Jun 16  A brief history of fossil-fuelled climate denial

24 Jun 16  COAL PART 6: Infographic, the state of coal

24 Jun 16  Solar could meet 13% of global power by 2030

23 Jun 16  EU smashes 2020 emissions target six years early

23 Jun 16  COAL PART 5: China’s future is up in the air

22 Jun 16  PUMP SLUMP: True carbon cost would punish petrol

22 Jun 16  Experts offer help to victims of solar charge

22 Jun 16  Engineers build tower to power-up phones

22 Jun 16  COAL PART 4: Carbon capture unlikely to be the saviour

22 Jun 16  Using CO2 could improve fracking efficiency

21 Jun 16  What do you do with your old solar panels?

21 Jun 16  China set for 25% of electricity from wind by 2030

20 Jun 16  Fonterra nod pleases bioenergy industry

20 Jun 16  Battery miracle will transform power generation

20 Jun 16  Should China save its last wild river?

17 Jun 16  Islands could become first 100% renewable nations

17 Jun 16  Inside South Africa’s battle between coal and renewables

14 Jun 16  COAL PART 3: How miners secured workers' rights

14 Jun 16  World nears peak fossil fuels for electricity

14 Jun 16  How coal giant funded disbeliever groups

13 Jun 16  LanzaTech has role in global low-energy drive

13 Jun 16  EECA chief to end 10 years at the top

13 Jun 16  It's a sign of the times

13 Jun 16  COAL PART 2: Window on an ancient world

13 Jun 16  Introducing: The bionic leaf that could fuel a revolution

13 Jun 16  Coal production plummets to lowest level in 35 years

10 Jun 16  COAL PART 1: King of the Industrial Revolution, but not always on the right path

10 Jun 16  Green homes only as good as who's pushing the buttons

10 Jun 16  China sets 2016 solar cap at 18GW

10 Jun 16  Emissions stopped growing in 2015, says BP

9 Jun 16  Energy independence won’t cure climate ills

8 Jun 16  Countdown finds emissions cuts are working

8 Jun 16  Wind and solar entering new generation

8 Jun 16  Dubai building largest solar power plant

7 Jun 16  Big names back global renewable energy drive

7 Jun 16  EV report cynical and diversionary, says Solarcity

7 Jun 16  Europe’s renewables spending hits 10-year low

7 Jun 16  What in the world is a Watly?

7 Jun 16  Nuclear plants face global crisis of ageing

7 Jun 16  Ten EU countries sign offshore wind power pact

7 Jun 16  BHP steps up carbon storage efforts

7 Jun 16  Investors bet coal has a future as backup

3 Jun 16  New report backs e-cars over solar panels

3 Jun 16  Chile has so much solar energy it's giving it away

2 Jun 16  SOUTHERN COMFORT: Southland sets the new-energy style

2 Jun 16  Energy solutions need leaders, money and ideas

2 Jun 16  Renewable energy smashes global records

2 Jun 16  German leader agrees to put brakes on green energy

1 Jun 16  New York to cut emissions by 100%

31 May 16  How fracking can contribute to climate change

30 May 16  Consultants reply to Solarcity crticism of report

30 May 16  Exxon chief: Ending oil production not acceptable

30 May 16  Why energy crops have been a major flop with farmers

30 May 16  Trump: First on fossil fuels, last on climate change

27 May 16  World of clean energy soaks up 8 million workers

27 May 16  Exxon rejects shareholder climate demands

26 May 16  China solar has coal in its sights

26 May 16  US now has 27.2 gigawatts of solar energy

26 May 16  Shell to cut another 2200 jobs

26 May 16  Poland limits where wind farms can be built

25 May 16  Take a hard look at investments, insurers warned

25 May 16  Fracking makes US top fossil fuels producer

24 May 16  Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

24 May 16  Oil majors tread cautiously toward renewables

24 May 16  Coal-giant shareholders vote for disclosure

23 May 16  Proud Portugal just set a renewable energy record

20 May 16  Indonesia deepens reliance on coal power

20 May 16  Europe has high hopes for smart meters

20 May 16  Outcry as Norway opens new areas to exploration

19 May 16  Energy awards show what the country can do

19 May 16  Glad tidings for the potential of sea power

19 May 16  Europe needs independent carbon market regulator

19 May 16  Renewables leaving natural gas in the dust

18 May 16  China dominates wind turbine installation

17 May 16  It's more bad news for carbon capture

17 May 16  Shell creates green energy division

17 May 16  Largest floating windfarm to be built off Scotland

17 May 16  Facebook, Microsoft give clean energy a boost

16 May 16  Angry climate campaigners aim at bank coffers

16 May 16  Vanadium the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy

16 May 16  UK energy from coal hits zero for first time in 100 years

13 May 16  How updating office buildings can cut emissions

13 May 16  Shell unveils vision of 2deg energy future

12 May 16  Carbon emissions rise in study of future energy

12 May 16  Will taxpayers foot the bill for broke coal companies?

9 May 16  Solar industry fights lines companies' taxes

9 May 16  Nuclear power plant costs roll onwards and upwards

9 May 16  Oil firms have 10 years to change strategy ... or die

6 May 16  Better solar cells mean more energy from the sun

4 May 16  Cut the kindling, Huntly could run on wood

4 May 16  Japan pays high price for ‘silo’ science

4 May 16  GE wants become big player in offshore wind

3 May 16  Phasing out fossil fuels more than just a straight swap

2 May 16  US coal use down in nearly every state

29 Apr 16  Love thy neighbour and feel the power

29 Apr 16  Venezuela orders two-day week to tackle energy crisis

29 Apr 16  San Diego aims to be largest 100% renewable US city

28 Apr 16  Genesis extends life of Huntly coal-fired plant

26 Apr 16  We can survive without oil, says Saudi

22 Apr 16  San Francisco demands solar panels on new buildings

21 Apr 16  US-Canada pact eases Arctic drilling fears

21 Apr 16  Millions must choose between eating and heating

20 Apr 16  Z Energy's biodiesel plant strikes gold

20 Apr 16  Nuclear costs are travelling in uncharted territory

20 Apr 16  Australian partners want $1b for clean energy move

19 Apr 16  Australia's air pollution increases 69%

19 Apr 16  Japan’s emissions fall to three-year low

18 Apr 16  Forgetting fossil fuels a turning point in history

18 Apr 16  World Bank head warns against new coal plants

15 Apr 16  Biggest coal company files for bankruptcy

15 Apr 16  Solar sets UK record by beating coal for a day

14 Apr 16  Big powers in push for small nuclear reactors

14 Apr 16  China coal use: Here’s how to read the tea leaves

14 Apr 16  BP playing fast and loose with future, by Bill McKibben

13 Apr 16  Nine ways steel could build a greener economy

13 Apr 16  Couch potatoes have outsized energy footprints

11 Apr 16  Why it makes sense for offshore drilling to wait

11 Apr 16  We keep flushing valuable energy down the drain

8 Apr 16  Banks threaten to unleash infrastructure tsunami

7 Apr 16  Green business awards finalists pack energy punch

7 Apr 16  Solar energy shines as power business shrinks

6 Apr 16  Students give university the good oil on ethical investing

31 Mar 16  That good addresses might not be so good for solar

30 Mar 16  Beware the Exxon factor, lawyer warns big business

30 Mar 16  LanzaTech signs first US biofuels deal

29 Mar 16  Emitters, you have until Thursday

29 Mar 16  'Unless you make the price of fossil fuels honest, people will just keep burning them'

29 Mar 16  Does doing renewable energy demand the undoable?

29 Mar 16  It looks like Asia is losing its appetite for coal

23 Mar 16  US energy firm boosts Christchurch plant

22 Mar 16  Electric cars the answer for NZ, says report

22 Mar 16  Beehive blind to one big fact, says energy expert

22 Mar 16  European politicians push nuclear ‘poison pill’

21 Mar 16  Drilling for gas is good for us, says Government

21 Mar 16  Energy efficiency in itself can become a market

21 Mar 16  Emissions standstill boosts Paris pact hopes

18 Mar 16  New energy cuts our greenhouse gas emissions

18 Mar 16  Warm welcome could be awaiting oil industry bigwigs

16 Mar 16  Clean energy is a win-win for the US

15 Mar 16  Minister goes back to school on sustainability

15 Mar 16  China's electricity sector soars

4 Mar 16  Greens want probe into future of Huntly

3 Mar 16  It's time to look at energy goals, says minister

3 Mar 16  Yes to solar, but we're light years behind

3 Mar 16  Give MOOC a chance ...

3 Mar 16  Here's how we can make power plants green and beautiful

3 Mar 16  How Africa could leapfrog fossil fuels to clean energy

1 Mar 16  Clean energy reaches record heights in China

29 Feb 16  US uses trade rules to hinder India’s solar hopes

26 Feb 16  Carbon budget is only half as big as we thought

25 Feb 16  Stand by for a miracle, says billionaire Bill

24 Feb 16  If you don't like your power, turn it off

23 Feb 16  We're streets ahead on renewables, says Mighty River

23 Feb 16  British power stations burning biomass from America

15 Feb 16  Solid Energy might be short of fix-it funds

15 Feb 16  World energy leaders pack bags for the capital

15 Feb 16  Businesses keen to save on energy use

9 Feb 16  Useful waste offers win-win energy benefits

9 Feb 16  Investors tip balance toward renewables

9 Feb 16  Giant blades snatch energy from the air

9 Feb 16  Many Brits can't be bothered, survey shows

2 Feb 16  Solar club builds up powerful alliance

2 Feb 16  Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?

2 Feb 16  New oil and gas wells will wait for price rise

2 Feb 16  High-tech power lines seen as solar solution

25 Jan 16  Pakistan turns to coal to keep factories running

25 Jan 16  Carbon capture technology needs urgent help

18 Jan 16  Bulbs slash airline kitchen's costs

18 Jan 16  Why more droughts might mean less power

7 Dec 15  Govt looks to slow solar spread, says industry player

7 Dec 15  Climate action 'could halve energy firms' worth'

7 Dec 15  Energy game-changers look to future

7 Dec 15  Small wind turbines switching into top gear

30 Nov 15  Oil-hunter Key calls for end to fossil fuel help

30 Nov 15  Perfect storm heads for fossil fuel assets

30 Nov 15  Just what is solar thermal electricity, anyway?

23 Nov 15  Smelter owner among worst carbon offenders

23 Nov 15  Euro nations lead in use of solar generation

16 Nov 15  Top-drawer dozen dodge climate change grilling

16 Nov 15  Property giant switches on to energy savings

16 Nov 15  Biggest economies still backing fossil fuels

16 Nov 15  Hopes run high for floating power stations

9 Nov 15  Entries open for sought-after EECA Awards

9 Nov 15  Go-it-alone action can break climate gridlock

9 Nov 15  How ‘dragon water’ could power the planet

9 Nov 15  China boosts renewables

2 Nov 15  Get smart, get e-cars, Peters urges Government

2 Nov 15  Solar can cut our bills and still be good for utilities

27 Oct 15  Victoria's green efforts win high awards

27 Oct 15  Big emitters shift burden to poorer nations

19 Oct 15  Solar goes solo on RadioLive

19 Oct 15  Fonterra becomes second-largest user of coal

19 Oct 15  Follow us and save the world, says Groser

12 Oct 15  NZ great test-bed for plug-and-play energy system

12 Oct 15  Scientists push boundaries to find alternative energy

5 Oct 15  Global megatrends driving our energy changes

5 Oct 15  Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

5 Oct 15  Solar capacity to grow more than fourfold

5 Oct 15  Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

28 Sep 15  OECD urges end to policies which support fossil fuels

28 Sep 15  Investors opt out of fossil fuels as climate talks near

28 Sep 15  Asia-Pacific heads for solar powerhouse status

21 Sep 15  Member's bill demands end to fossil fuels investment

21 Sep 15  We're a nation of wastrels, says OECD report

21 Sep 15  Report shows up double-standards of G20 countries

21 Sep 15  Renewable energy flexes its muscles

21 Sep 15  India in disarray over strategy on global warming

21 Sep 15  Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

14 Sep 15  World’s first solar-powered airport takes off

14 Sep 15  Efficiency drive can cut a quarter off energy demand

7 Sep 15  Coal town's vote makes rumbles at the port

31 Aug 15  Stranded-assets threat making mark on business

31 Aug 15  Shell swims against oil price tide

31 Aug 15  Solar power takes giant strides as prices fall

31 Aug 15  We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials

31 Aug 15  Support for new energy vital for growth

24 Aug 15  China’s carbon count is not as high as feared

24 Aug 15  Renewables raise challenge to coal in power league

24 Aug 15  Time to tap an underused energy source: wasted heat

17 Aug 15  Contact to close gas-fired Auckland plant

17 Aug 15  Clouds gather over China’s solar power industry

17 Aug 15  Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

17 Aug 15  Clean Power Plan will have a real impact

17 Aug 15  India lets loose the reins of its energy horses

10 Aug 15  Why coal commitment will cost Fonterra dearly

10 Aug 15  Revolutionary fence is set to trap the sea’s power

10 Aug 15  Chinese ride to the rescue of Europe’s nuclear industry

3 Aug 15  Why Tiwai stands between us and 100% renewable energy

3 Aug 15  Caygill sets out on new energy mission

3 Aug 15  Fossil fuel industry still winning the investment war

3 Aug 15  Good practice makes perfect sense for emissions cuts

27 Jul 15  Why cities are a rare good news story in climate change

27 Jul 15  Norway pumps up 'green battery' plan for Europe

27 Jul 15  Big money in reforming fossil fuel subsidies

27 Jul 15  Recession cut US emissions, not falling coal use

20 Jul 15  Japan signs up for geothermal classes

20 Jul 15  EPA Clean Power Plan reenergises US climate policy debate

13 Jul 15  Don't ignore us, bioenergy lobby tells Government

13 Jul 15  Fossil fuel firms fail to report climate risks

13 Jul 15  Science breaks new ground in converting coal ash from pollutant to useful products

6 Jul 15  Tesla batteries might power your home but stored fuels will still run the country

6 Jul 15  It looks like carbon capture is going down down the tubes

29 Jun 15  Indian developer might junk giant Australian coal project

29 Jun 15  Renewable energy redoubles its global reach

29 Jun 15  Solar fuels: how planes and cars could be powered by the sun

29 Jun 15  How Rwanda’s clinics have gone off-grid and on to renewable energy

15 Jun 15  EcoStore pioneer is still setting the pace after 20 years

15 Jun 15  European power is slipping away from King Coal

15 Jun 15  Could one million smart pool pumps store renewable energy better than giant batteries?

15 Jun 15  China sets the pace in solar installations

8 Jun 15  Climate targets not a cost, says bioenergy bloc

8 Jun 15  Africa’s advocates say fossil fuel subsidies must go

2 Jun 15  Networking good way to make wind power reliable

2 Jun 15  Shell can’t afford to wait until 2050 to adapt its business to climate change

2 Jun 15  Take care with electric vehicles, says academic

2 Jun 15  New energy policy needed as nuclear giants take a hit

25 May 15  Brazil leads South American renewable energy charge

18 May 15  Tesla's battery power could give Nevada a $100b jolt

18 May 15  Oceans generate rising tide of renewables ideas

18 May 15  Why falling oil prices should not undermine investment in green energy

18 May 15  Islands switch to solar power

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15  'PM's bank' pulls back from coal investments

4 May 15  It's simple, says action group, coal's day is done

4 May 15  Southern project shows way with wood-fired boilers

4 May 15  Rather than divest, advocate for carbon balancing

4 May 15  Teslas, in one place at least, aren’t greener than diesels

4 May 15  Commitment to end flaring is boost for climate talks

28 Apr 15  NZ emissions figures worse than average, says report

28 Apr 15  LanzaTech lines up more commercial plants

28 Apr 15  Major changes in store for electricity industry

28 Apr 15  Scientists again raise carbon storage hopes

20 Apr 15  Power giant to dump coal-fired stations and go green

20 Apr 15  Big Oil faces new pressure to disclose climate risk

20 Apr 15  Battery costs drop even faster as electric car sales keep rising

13 Apr 15  Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

13 Apr 15  An economy focused solely on growth is unsustainable

7 Apr 15  Hydrogen moves could trigger $44 billion green economy, says Toshiba

7 Apr 15  BP’s extreme climate forecast puts energy giant in a bind

7 Apr 15  Water crisis pushes Brazil toward solar power at last

7 Apr 15  New ocean energy plan could worsen global warming

7 Apr 15  Energy promoters adopt Dragons' Den concept

30 Mar 15  Govt opens doors to new oil and gas exploration

30 Mar 15  Third thermal station finds competition too much

30 Mar 15  New tandem solar cells pave way for better solar

30 Mar 15  Wynyard scheme adopts green rating

23 Mar 15  Old King Coal is sick ... but not yet dying

23 Mar 15  Why is low-carbon energy innovation so slow? You can thank Economics 101

23 Mar 15  Powerful wind blows through US energy sector

16 Mar 15  Why is pumping CO2 underground stuck in second gear?

16 Mar 15  Whatever happened to the great European fracking boom?

9 Mar 15  Biobattery breakthrough boosts waste-to-energy revolution

9 Mar 15  Four ways to boost Australia’s economy and help the climate

9 Mar 15  How artificial lagoons can be used to harvest energy from the tides

9 Mar 15  Civic energy could provide half our electricity by 2050

9 Mar 15  Prices fail to reflect real costs of fossil fuels

2 Mar 15  Waikato mine delayed, not on hold, says Fonterra

2 Mar 15  Sydney aims to save $600m on energy bills

2 Mar 15  Bad news, says BP, we're looking at a 25% rise in CO2

2 Mar 15  Tiny capsules can have big impact on carbon capture

23 Feb 15  Can wave energy rise to the challenge in Australia?

23 Feb 15  Shell chief calls for climate action, but what are the motives?

23 Feb 15  Energy Union targets renewables subsidies, boosts idle coal plants

16 Feb 15  Energy-efficiency rules fail US academic's test

16 Feb 15  Rice serves up double measure of biofuel and fodder

16 Feb 15  ‘Bionic leaf’ could turn solar energy into chemicals and fuels

16 Feb 15  Geoengineering might work in a rational world … but we don’t live in one

9 Feb 15  Asia powers into the forefront of solar revolution

9 Feb 15  Gas will replace oil in the UK – with or without fracking

9 Feb 15  Canberra to get wind power from South Australia

2 Feb 15  Welcome to 2015 where fracking changes everything

2 Feb 15  Fracking and local jobs … a false promise

2 Feb 15  Yes minister, but ...

2 Feb 15  Will Obama’s methane plan reduce dependence on natural gas?

2 Feb 15  Going down ... green lifts can cut building costs

27 Jan 15  Register sees fewer carbon units

27 Jan 15  Energy pours into cutting-edge conservation ideas

27 Jan 15  Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution

27 Jan 15  Sun and wind could make electricity too cheap to meter

27 Jan 15  Energy leaders fret about uncertainties

27 Jan 15  Your energy ideas could win $4m

22 Dec 14  Transport and heating force up gas emissions

22 Dec 14  Health fears see New York ban fracking

22 Dec 14  Chile’s mines set hot pace in renewables

15 Dec 14  Fossil fuel probe under way as NZ goes exploring

15 Dec 14  UN launches new coalition to promote renewable energy

15 Dec 14  Australia takes action on energy market reform

15 Dec 14  Bank of England probes risk of fossil fuel assets

8 Dec 14  Outlook bright for UK’s solar power potential

1 Dec 14  Getting out of fossil fuel investment is the right way to go

1 Dec 14  Beyond the poo bus ... the many uses of human waste

24 Nov 14  Australia’s coal and gas exports being left stranded

17 Nov 14  We can cut carbon and pollution at no cost, says China

17 Nov 14  Crowd-funders get behind CarbonScape

17 Nov 14  New Australian report debunks coal industry myths

17 Nov 14  UK ignores pledge to end fossil fuel support

10 Nov 14  How Mighty River is switching on to the new economy

10 Nov 14  Trustpower's Aussie wind farm breezes along

10 Nov 14  India wants to double coal production

10 Nov 14  EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables

10 Nov 14  Why Australia’s entire power sector should support target

3 Nov 14  State miner rethinks environment liabilities

3 Nov 14  Tararua turbines set power-output record

3 Nov 14  Denmark wants to be coal-free by 2025

3 Nov 14  Business leaders praise EU emissions deal

28 Oct 14  Green-coke pioneer puts faith in public-funding

20 Oct 14  Fracking boom could mean up to 12% more carbon emissions

20 Oct 14  Greenpeace v Shell via Lego: The building blocks of a successful campaign

20 Oct 14  Solar chief: There’s no cost to solar energy, only savings

20 Oct 14  Outlook palls for fossil fuel investment

20 Oct 14  Don’t get too excited, no one has cracked nuclear fusion yet

13 Oct 14  WANTED: $44 trillion to switch to clean energy

13 Oct 14  World of clean energy 'feasible' by mid-century

13 Oct 14  Shift to low-carbon economy could free up $1.8 trillion

13 Oct 14  Europe throws nuclear power a state-aid lifeline

13 Oct 14  China’s mythical coal habit is no excuse for climate inaction

13 Oct 14  VUW researchers work on better solar systems

29 Sep 14  Renewables make mark on emissions figures

29 Sep 14  Do something, big business warns political leaders

29 Sep 14  Unhappy power consumers eye solar generation

29 Sep 14  Have a say in energy development

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

22 Sep 14  How renewables can lead to prosperity and jobs

22 Sep 14  LED street lights could be 50% cheaper

22 Sep 14  Solid Energy needs extension of guarantee

16 Sep 14  Post-Fukushima, Japan's power plans are all at sea

16 Sep 14  To make this fuel just add water and sunlight

16 Sep 14  There's more to renewable energy than fighting climate change

16 Sep 14  Water source major challenge for frackers

8 Sep 14  New-energy groups join up to sell NZ credentials

8 Sep 14  China looks like kicking its coal habit

8 Sep 14  Leaders are emerging, says senior scientist

8 Sep 14  How we tricked bacteria into making renewable propane

1 Sep 14  We're going off grid ... surely but slowly

1 Sep 14  Policy wobbles could slow renewable energy growth

1 Sep 14  Canadian batteries get NZ approval

1 Sep 14  Worldwide, public shows its support for renewables

1 Sep 14  The fact is we're making the emissions problem worse

25 Aug 14  Watchdog rules ‘clean coal’ advertisement misleading

25 Aug 14  G20 energy brains talk business in Brisbane

18 Aug 14  High-altitude winds could help to power the Earth

18 Aug 14  So, what is this thing called perovskite?

18 Aug 14  Debate heats up as US looks at gas emissions

11 Aug 14  Flower power one way to bring new life to broken mill town

11 Aug 14  Is natural gas fracking the answer to our energy problems?

11 Aug 14  Science eyes role of water in beating climate change

4 Aug 14  Former Shell chief here to talk about drilling

4 Aug 14  NZ ups spending on Pacific new-energy projects

1 Aug 14  Nuclear power champions paint rosy picture

1 Aug 14  Canberra gives go-ahead to massive coal mine

1 Aug 14  Worth listening to ...

25 Jul 14  Germany and Britain top the Dirty 30

25 Jul 14  Europe lacks courage on energy targets

18 Jul 14  What is the future of coal? It depends on which part of the world you’re talking about

18 Jul 14  Waste disposal becomes critical as nuclear sites close

11 Jul 14  Crisis-mauled Montserrat turns disasters to its advantage

11 Jul 14  Sydney takes lead role in urban energy drive

11 Jul 14  Project sheds light on how we use power

4 Jul 14  Asia-Pacific targets $2.5 trillion for renewables

4 Jul 14  Climate target needs new money … but not that much more

4 Jul 14  'I shuddered at the thought of connecting my cooking stove with a toilet’s septic tank'

4 Jul 14  Doctors swap fossil fuels for renewables

4 Jul 14  New solar panel system safer and cheaper

4 Jul 14  Coal forever? It depends on what we do now

4 Jul 14  Bioenergy group praises Auckland action

27 Jun 14  Why blue means better solar energy systems

20 Jun 14  Figures show how coal curbs cut gas emissions

20 Jun 14  Rivers' turn as Wright fires second salvo at Government

20 Jun 14  Hot rocks are a core asset for renewable energy

20 Jun 14  Foot-draggers back robust 2030 climate goals

20 Jun 14  Supercritical steam new frontier for power generation

20 Jun 14  Fracking seriously dangerous, say campaigners

13 Jun 14  New city hotspots are the air conditioners

13 Jun 14  Energy efficient homes could help Treasury balance the books

6 Jun 14  How China changes could leave coal a stranded asset

6 Jun 14  New Indian leader inherits energy problems

30 May 14  Hydrogen and fuel cells worth a look for home heating

30 May 14  Costly golden oldie now gets heating energy from the sea

30 May 14  Former oil executive joins EPA board

23 May 14  Methane hydtrates are a whole new world

16 May 14  New-look energy system catches the wind

16 May 14  Coal use spiking climate mitigation costs

16 May 14  Can we harness the might of magma?

9 May 14  Businesses keen on solar, but need official help

9 May 14  Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

9 May 14  Air NZ aims high with solar power programme

9 May 14  Europe reports fall in CO2 emissions from energy use

2 May 14  It’s here … all-weather solar power (even at night)

2 May 14  Science aims to cut brown coal emissions by 50%

2 May 14  Charge raises questions about 'clean coal' method

2 May 14  LEDs light the path for bulb sales

24 Apr 14  Householders doing their bit in Australia

24 Apr 14  The energy revolution is jammed in reverse

11 Apr 14  Alpha Coal ruling breaks new ground for mining

11 Apr 14  UN to promote sustainable energy for all

21 Mar 14  Let's get together, says UK energy expert

21 Mar 14  Power emissions down for quarter

21 Mar 14  BP urges progress on global carbon price

21 Mar 14  Minister names forum members

14 Mar 14  MP wants power deal for Stewart Island

14 Mar 14  Norway pumps pension money into renewables

7 Mar 14  What do we do with the byproducts of fracking?

28 Feb 14  Lawmakers get 'pragmatic' about off-shore drilling

28 Feb 14  Grass above, kids below mark country's 100th sustainable building

28 Feb 14  Sydney emissions cuts plan hits the roof

21 Feb 14  Think green, builders urge Christchurch

14 Feb 14  Solar plants bring fresh water to Vanuatu

14 Feb 14  Nuclear waste disposal gets expensive

7 Feb 14  Scrap offshore oil rules, says watchdog group

7 Feb 14  Turbine tower installers eye windfall

7 Feb 14  Engineers claim solar cell breakthrough

31 Jan 14  Major powerco sets pace for fall in emissions

31 Jan 14  All power to Scottish tides, say engineers

24 Jan 14  Database updates how we use energy

24 Jan 14  So, if the carbon tax isn't working, what is?

24 Jan 14  China tops wind turbine installations

20 Dec 13  Fuels emissions levels show increase

13 Dec 13  Sydney set to paint the town ... green

6 Dec 13  Govt has way to aid clean-tech pioneers, says Labour

6 Dec 13  Wind industry wants gas turned down

6 Dec 13  Stationary fuel cell market set to boom

29 Nov 13  Future bright for small-wind power, says study

29 Nov 13  Australia to ease environment path for drillers

29 Nov 13  NZI Centre wins top sustainability rating

22 Nov 13  EXCLUSIVE: Biofuels pioneer wants to go into production with refinery in NZ

22 Nov 13  More and more Aussie offices going green

22 Nov 13  How Australia deals with carbon and electricity

15 Nov 13  CCS will be big, say energy leaders

15 Nov 13  WANTED: Projects that are changing our lives

8 Nov 13  New carbon capture projects get go-ahead

8 Nov 13  NZ gas fireplace wins accolades

1 Nov 13  Energy leaders to talk carbon capture

25 Oct 13  Why Sydney wants to bend the power rules

18 Oct 13  Solar revolution carries huge financial pain

18 Oct 13  Big users keen on cutting energy costs

18 Oct 13  Lightbulbs get the recycling treatment ... but not here

18 Oct 13  Hydro power heads for growth period

11 Oct 13  Obama's coal power call tougher than ours

11 Oct 13  Greens vow to bring power to the people

11 Oct 13  Nuclear energy left behind, says report

4 Oct 13  Obama's strategy guru joins LanzaTech

4 Oct 13  We're thinking solar, say power people

4 Oct 13  Home-energy firm wins UK accolade

27 Sep 13  True carbon price bioenergy aid, says expert

27 Sep 13  100% Pure? We're ranked at a lowly 36

27 Sep 13  Business better, gas emissions worse

20 Sep 13  Power rental market expects the best

20 Sep 13  Smart Sydney landlords save millions

13 Sep 13  Waterfront building becomes a star

13 Sep 13  Renewables yes, but thermal power will win

13 Sep 13  Warehouse switches off energy-hungry bulbs

6 Sep 13  Greens criticise good-news minerals report

6 Sep 13  Businessmen join the stars in oil protest

6 Sep 13  Labour thermal power bid fails

6 Sep 13  Solar installation rates trend down

30 Aug 13  Renewable energy generation drops

30 Aug 13  We're switching on to energy-saving bulbs

30 Aug 13  Geothermal projects win new funding

23 Aug 13  Contact decision disappoints wind energy body

23 Aug 13  Official support gives boost to renewable energy

9 Aug 13  Bathurst can dig up Denniston, rules court

9 Aug 13  Council centre gets high energy rating

26 Jul 13  Treasury cashes in on energy rating

26 Jul 13  Human waste helps to mend mine sites

19 Jul 13  Gas emissions from oil on the rise

12 Jul 13  Labour seeks help for fossil fuel action

5 Jul 13  Genesis gets nod for biggest windfarm

14 Jun 13  Dunne decider on thermal power future

14 Jun 13  Industry sees bioenergy as key to jobs

7 Jun 13  Carbon price cancels out CCS potential

7 Jun 13  WWF accuses NZ of hypocrisy

24 May 13  Look to NZ geothermal power, US hears

17 May 13  Todd takes control of tidal power project

17 May 13  Pot party pushes hemp for houses

3 May 13  Power switch will cut emissions, says solar chief

26 Apr 13  Don’t deafen our dolphins, marine scientists urge

19 Apr 13  World wind power on a roll

19 Apr 13  Hurunui wind farm gets green light

5 Apr 13  Museum aims high to cut emissions

28 Mar 13  EXCLUSIVE: Upstream paddle for next SOE floats

28 Mar 13  NZ firms win solar fresh water contracts

28 Mar 13  Drought costs power company $2m

28 Mar 13  Renewable energy share on the rise

22 Mar 13  Power plant gas emissions show rise

22 Mar 13  Wind energy firm laps up UK tariff deal

22 Mar 13  Islands eye switch to renewable energy

15 Feb 13  Meat exporter targets energy savings

8 Feb 13  Kiwi star LanzaTech turns American

8 Feb 13  Clean energy tops agenda at talkfest

8 Feb 13  Companies in court over cost of ETS

1 Feb 13  New wind generator does it on the ground

14 Dec 12  Power plant gas emissions drop

14 Dec 12  Meat producer eyes millions in energy savings

7 Dec 12  Power company grows home generators

30 Nov 12  Get smart with power, says PowerSmart chief

30 Nov 12  Insulation scheme hot news, say Greens

23 Nov 12  Fracking report due next week

9 Nov 12  Textile companies slash energy costs

2 Nov 12  Wind turbine pioneer finds overseas market

2 Nov 12  How to build green - for free

2 Nov 12  Trustpower surges ahead with Snowtown 2

2 Nov 12  Have your say on mining changes

26 Oct 12  Denniston debate goes back to court

19 Oct 12  Poll shows Maori mood against mining

12 Oct 12  Mining mood catches industry by surprise

12 Oct 12  Developing countries adopt green energy

28 Sep 12  Emissions cut, but still at high level

28 Sep 12  CarbonScape picks up rich second prize

14 Sep 12  RMA not all hot air, says wind chief

14 Sep 12  Aquaflow wins major Asia award

7 Sep 12  Europe bulbs ban leaves NZ unmoved

7 Sep 12  Water-wise Maori now look to the wind

7 Sep 12  Blenheim innovator makes world final

31 Aug 12  Industry slams Govt biofuel backdown

31 Aug 12  Mining cuts won't ease gases liability

31 Aug 12  NZ to host EU energy conference

24 Aug 12  Billions back fossil fuels, says study

24 Aug 12  Fracking no answer, warn Greens

24 Aug 12  Aquaflow makes Asia tech final

17 Aug 12  Wave power popular, but progress is slow

17 Aug 12  Mill Creek wind farm to play key role

27 Jul 12  Petrobras protest skipper walks free

13 Jul 12  NZ helps Tonga build solar plant

29 Jun 12  Puketoi wind farm gets go-ahead

22 Jun 12  We'd like $25m, too, says wind industry

15 Jun 12  Wind energy pathway to jobs, says report

8 Jun 12  Big business gets busy with bioenergy

8 Jun 12  Jobs boom looms in clean energy

8 Jun 12  Power company backs green projects

1 Jun 12  Help us, pleads wind power innovator

1 Jun 12  Make it easier, says rivers champion

1 Jun 12  Solid Energy keen on Taranaki gas

25 May 12  LanzaTech takes global award ... again

18 May 12  Low lake levels affect gas emissions

4 May 12  Key must quit coal connection, says campaigner

27 Apr 12  Britain tempts NZ over marine power

20 Apr 12  Coal survey unfair, says protest group

20 Apr 12  Business takes over energy centre

13 Apr 12  Firm doubles sales of LED lights

13 Apr 12  Bioenergy group looks for scholars

13 Apr 12  City wins praise for fracking stand

5 Apr 12  Wind energy lobby predicts big things

5 Apr 12  EPA bombshell means big changes ahead

30 Mar 12  Wind is the word at Hamilton talks

23 Mar 12  Marine energy groups to join forces

16 Mar 12  Talks look at wood for bio-energy

9 Mar 12  Wind power forecast is for huge growth

24 Feb 12  Lucy joins oil ship boarding party

17 Feb 12  Meridian explains jump in emissions

17 Feb 12  Solid Energy wants coal from new mine

3 Feb 12  Developer goes solar for subdivision

3 Feb 12  Fancy fridges save country millions

3 Feb 12  Solid Energy buys back Spring Creek

27 Jan 12  Interest high in green-living project

27 Jan 12  Hydropower on rise worldwide

20 Jan 12  Taupo tempts clean-tech Americans

20 Jan 12  Meridian drops wind farm project

9 Dec 11  Drop Denniston, says business lobby

25 Nov 11  Hacker slams lignite on miner's website

18 Nov 11  Scrap lignite plan, says energy expert

11 Nov 11  LanzaTech lands a first with India

11 Nov 11  Aquaflow to show know-how in Australia

11 Nov 11  Wind power projects short of money

4 Nov 11  We can capture carbon, says report

4 Nov 11  Gas outage spurs forest biofuel option

28 Oct 11  Study urges care with harvesting for biofuel

28 Oct 11  Quake city to focus on energy-wise buildings

21 Oct 11  Windflow back in the black

21 Oct 11  Stewart Island wants to stand alone

14 Oct 11  Windflow puts future in shareholders' hands

7 Oct 11  Windflow founder backs shares plan

30 Sep 11  Nelson projects aim to cut emissions

23 Sep 11  Windflow signs deal in Shetlands

16 Sep 11  Labour plans for state clean energy push

9 Sep 11  Fossil fuel investment will damage NZ's reputation

2 Sep 11  Genesis surpasses cuts targets

2 Sep 11  Windflow seeks capital to take IP offshore

26 Aug 11  State deals cut out wind power pioneer

26 Aug 11  Windflow signs deal with NZ Windfarms

19 Aug 11  ETS cutting emissions, says minister

19 Aug 11  Wind farm adds to environment awards

5 Aug 11  Coal has major role in power generation

17 Jun 11  Hydro footprint light on environment

17 Jun 11  New standard measures energy efficiency

10 Jun 11  Wind energy now in the mainstream

10 Jun 11  Ten things they want you know about wind energy ...

13 May 11  Public has no say in southern lignite plant

13 May 11  LanzaTech makes mark in Silicon Valley

6 May 11  Who says homes can't be stylish ... and energy efficient?

15 Apr 11  Solid Energy hits out at Pike gas advice

25 Mar 11  Kaipara key first step, says energy group

18 Mar 11  Crest gets nod for Kaipara tidal plant

18 Mar 11  Biodiesel co-op wants to expand

18 Mar 11  Australia, Germany sign solar pact

18 Mar 11  Labour: All councils should look at solar

11 Mar 11  New Christchurch could show world the way

11 Mar 11  Taupo centre showcases clean energy

4 Mar 11  Windflow happy with UK tariff change

4 Mar 11  Waikato wind farm wins approval

25 Feb 11  Geothermal best bet, says Contact

18 Feb 11  Lignite mining could send emissions soaring

18 Feb 11  Windfarm decision worries developers

4 Feb 11  Lanzatech takes on international exec

4 Feb 11  Kiwi bach shows off power of solar

21 Jan 11  Investment in five wind farms tops $250m

10 Dec 10  Solid Energy happy to sit on lignite facts

10 Dec 10  Windflow rights issue raises $3 million

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

26 Nov 10  EECA 2 - top honours to Te Kuiti

26 Nov 10  EECA 3 - pig-power in Taranaki

26 Nov 10  EECA 4 - two crowns for Christchurch

19 Nov 10  UK opening for turbines excites Windflow

5 Nov 10  Asia seen as hub of renewable energy

22 Oct 10  Carbon trade transparency key, says manager

22 Oct 10  NZ wind turbine makes California breakthrough

8 Oct 10  Solar returning to the White House

24 Sep 10  Delays frustrate Kaipara tidal energy developer

17 Sep 10  Brownlee chuffed with geothermal figures

17 Sep 10  Maari reaches ‘10 million barrel’ milestone

17 Sep 10  Meridian, landowners talk on North Bank hydro project

10 Sep 10  Bioenergy material going to waste, says report

10 Sep 10  LanzaTech signs for first coal-to-biological-fuel project

3 Sep 10  Mighty River likes look of carbon market

3 Sep 10  We pay $11m too much, say major power users

3 Sep 10  Go for natural gas - the price is right

20 Aug 10  Top Energy sells Fiji operation

13 Aug 10  Meridian to build huge Aussie wind farm

6 Aug 10  Coal-fired station predicts cut in emissions

6 Aug 10  Mighty River offers carbon deals to landowners

6 Aug 10  Lightbulbs - so you think you know the difference

6 Aug 10  Fuel prices mainly unaffected by ETS

30 Jul 10  Official energy website wins award

23 Jul 10  Vector shows off first of new-tech solar systems

23 Jul 10  NZ energy firm finds Aussie scheme profitable

23 Jul 10  Government releases energy update

2 Jul 10  Businesses could carve $2b off energy bills

18 Jun 10  Company tax cut puts $21m on Vector's books

18 Jun 10  Renewable generation remains high

11 Jun 10  LanzaTech eyes oil and coal waste gases

11 Jun 10  'Sensible' Norway halts new oil drilling, say Greens

4 Jun 10  Inventor claims he's beaten energy storage problems

4 Jun 10  Kiwis 'throwing away millions' in electricity savings

28 May 10  Power companies explain ETS price rises

14 May 10  Big player Genesis turns carbon market builder

14 May 10  Kiwi companies eye $800m Canberra fund

23 Apr 10  Gull might import ethanol to meet fuel demand

23 Apr 10  We're putting $650b into renewable energy

9 Apr 10  Solid Energy lawyers check out free credits

26 Mar 10  Coal users count the cost - but how much?

19 Mar 10  NZ pioneer sells first overseas clean-tech rights

19 Feb 10  NZ drags chain on clean-tech, says Crest director

12 Feb 10  Wind grows share of power generation

11 Dec 09  Power stations switch turns off Meridian

4 Dec 09  OBITUARY: Kiwi pioneered biochar research

9 Oct 09  ASX green move means good news for NZ

18 Sep 09  Renewable power runs at 70 per cent

21 Aug 09  Bio-oil from wood trials excite backers

21 Aug 09  Pioneer Pers is making waves in Denmark

21 Aug 09  Meridian buys US solar-farm developer

14 Aug 09  Wind energy key to cutting electricity emissions

7 Aug 09  Crest can't get its hands on million-dollar grant

24 Jul 09  Coal pushes NZ's emissions up

24 Jul 09  Companies link to hasten biofuel production

24 Jul 09  NZ House told to green up its act

24 Jul 09  Straterra goes to bat for mining industry

24 Jul 09  GNS sings praises of NZ oil potential

14 Jul 09  Small miner puts case for use of coal

3 Jul 09  Crown Minerals happy with tour of the majors

30 Jun 09  Why Top Energy is sitting pretty

19 Jun 09  Emissions from power generation at low level

19 Jun 09  Last of the coal to be mined at Kimihia project

16 Jun 09  German coal move good for NZ researchers

9 Jun 09  Decision near on greenhouse gas emissions rules

5 Jun 09  Coal mining takes on touch of the golden days

22 May 09  We'd rather have a tax break, say biofuels producers

22 May 09  Power companies' earnings 'disturb' minister

19 May 09  Biodiesel industry gets multi-million dollar boost

19 May 09  Consortium wins funding for wave energy device

19 May 09  Aquaflow keen despite poor share issue response

19 May 09  Forget Australia, urges wind energy expert

15 May 09  Analysis: Solid Energy reveals its hand

8 May 09  Australians merge to boost NZ coal gas search

5 May 09  Solid Energy on trail of carbon accounting

1 May 09  ETS certainty vital, says wind energy chief

24 Apr 09  Genesis buying credits, but quiet on NZUs deal

24 Apr 09  Origin could be player in southern coal gas

24 Apr 09  Deforestation must stop, says power company

24 Apr 09  King Solomon looking at more than gold

21 Apr 09  NZ could lead in wind energy, says global expert

17 Apr 09  Hydro dams carry concerns, says Greenpeace

17 Apr 09  Knock-backs no worry, says wind energy group

17 Apr 09  Coal-rich southern mine heads for closure

17 Apr 09  Carbon credits sale funds heat-loss spy in the sky

14 Apr 09  Drilling crews busy in hunt for Southland gas

14 Apr 09  US bank troubles could leave Transpower exposed

9 Apr 09  Greens and Nats do deal over home insulation

9 Apr 09  Wairarapa wind farms win consent

9 Apr 09  Rainbow Warrior chief here to talk wind power

7 Apr 09  Commissioners knock back wind farms

3 Apr 09  Blame transport, not animals, says energy expert

3 Apr 09  Togetherness key to our bioenergy success

31 Mar 09  Meridian tests Kaipara potential for wind power

31 Mar 09  Wellington eyes hydro plant at Wainuiomata

27 Mar 09  Solid Energy wants action on southern lignite

27 Mar 09  Blue Mountain finds the BOOT fits

24 Mar 09  Coal turned to gold for British millionaire

20 Mar 09  Brownlee facts spur power station protesters

20 Mar 09  Kiwi charcoal system in line for world prize

20 Mar 09  Wood-pellet industry resents officials’ disinterest

10 Mar 09  Time right for mass home insulation, says economist

6 Mar 09  Electricity Commission review puts M-co at risk

3 Mar 09  Don't count on Kaukapakapa thermal plant to solve electricity woes, Genesis tells commission

27 Feb 09  Minister's omission worries wood fuel backers

27 Feb 09  Manapouri power problems worry Government

24 Feb 09  NZ firms chase slice of Obama's clean-energy billions

24 Feb 09  Invasive jatropha might have dodged NZ security net

24 Feb 09  Costs slow action on fixing Cook Strait cables

24 Feb 09  New approach to electricity governance recommended

24 Feb 09  Green light for New Zealand’s first Solar City Pilot

24 Feb 09  Smith: DOC needs to be more transparent

20 Feb 09  Crest gathers support for Kaipara tidal project

20 Feb 09  GNS sees big benefits in geothermal link with Japan

20 Feb 09  Mission sparks high-level interest in marine energy

17 Feb 09  Aquaflow confident of getting $20m from investors

17 Feb 09  Capital fast-tracks tidal turbine trial

13 Feb 09  Regional council gives thumbs down to jatropha

13 Feb 09  Scientist pioneers cheaper solar cells

10 Feb 09  Kiwis a bit short on good ideas, UK expert says

10 Feb 09  Capital scraps over windfarms in parks

10 Feb 09  Wellington to stage micro-turbines trials

3 Feb 09  Learn from us, says UK renewables expert

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Toxic seeds could fool children

27 Jan 09  Farmers fear fuel-source jatropha will kill stock

27 Jan 09  NZ could pay the price for Australian energy targets

27 Jan 09  Biofuels a sham, says Goldsmith's ecology magazine

23 Jan 09  Australia better investment bet than NZ, says Trustpower

23 Jan 09  Anxious Asian buyers try to rewrite NZ coal deals

20 Jan 09  ETS puts NZ power users $360m behind Australia

20 Jan 09  Timber plant pioneers geothermal sequestration

20 Jan 09  British developers keen to work with NZ on clean energy

22 Dec 08  Environment Court confirms Mahinerangi windfarm

22 Dec 08  Greenpeace New Zealand Inc v Genesis Power Ltd

19 Dec 08  The new slavery - some say it's time to face up to the curse of oil

19 Dec 08  Board of inquiry into Turitea wind farm proposal

16 Dec 08  Banks praise direct selling of carbon credits

16 Dec 08  Ministry extends time for carbon-reporting comments

16 Dec 08  Brownlee urgently wipes thermal ban and biofuel requirement

16 Dec 08  Crown Minerals taking oil offers to Asia

12 Dec 08  Lightbulb move angers NZ manufacturer

12 Dec 08  Hugh Green: Contractor turns oil and gas hunter

12 Dec 08  Government does not support any form of mandatory bio fuel obligation

5 Dec 08  Westport coal export scheme could save port

2 Dec 08  Aquaflow woos big international players

2 Dec 08  Entries open for energy awards

25 Nov 08  Energy-saving scheme targets old industrial motors

25 Nov 08  New interest shown in southern oil shale field

25 Nov 08  Economic Development Minister to open Pike River coal mine

21 Nov 08  Report deals blow to wind-and-water power backers

21 Nov 08  NZOG shows way in Canterbury Basin oil search

18 Nov 08  Worried investors back off renewables sector decisions

18 Nov 08  Electricity watchdog might be made independent

14 Nov 08  New Zealanders get first chance to buy Aquaflow shares

14 Nov 08  NZ obstacles scare off major overseas companies

11 Nov 08  Port Taranaki gas terminal high on Nats' action list

7 Nov 08  Nat's bedfellows happy to cuddle up with energy policy

7 Nov 08  Solid Energy chief heads world coal body

4 Nov 08  Taranaki engineer in move to produce low-cost fuel

31 Oct 08  Crown Minerals eyes rich gas hydrates deposits

31 Oct 08  NZ magnets might play part in Big Bang showcase experiment

24 Oct 08  Contact puts $75 million price tag on carbon commitment

24 Oct 08  Nats' research stance worries wind turbine pioneer

24 Oct 08  National-Maori deal to put geothermal under Minerals Act?

21 Oct 08  Biodeisel demand fuels price of wood waste

17 Oct 08  Clean-tech investors need to bring money and skills

17 Oct 08  Northland, East Coast basins about to go to tender

17 Oct 08  Cook Strait cable in the spotlight

14 Oct 08  Nats won't back billion-dollar warm homes plan, says Smith

14 Oct 08  Company clustering aims to cut energy and waste costs

14 Oct 08  Hydro schemes on wrong side of the island, says report

10 Oct 08  Europe stand likely to boost carbon capture technology

10 Oct 08  Key players ponder Nat's 'unusual' R&D decision

10 Oct 08  Buffett makes a bid for power - that's our power

7 Oct 08  NZ in danger of missing clean-tech boom, warns expert

7 Oct 08  We can have cheaper street lights, says promoter

3 Oct 08  Power users unite in push for electricity reform

3 Oct 08  Wind power poser: Low lakes mean low wind speeds

3 Oct 08  Asian coal demand gives longer life to Stockton mine

3 Oct 08  Huntly helps Genesis to $10m profit increase

3 Oct 08  'Hard year' nearly halves Meridian profit

3 Oct 08  Houston company buy-in will boost Contact Energy coal

26 Sep 08  Hydrogen economy tumbles down the NZ wish-list

19 Sep 08  Crest appeal one of four over tidal power scheme

16 Sep 08  Kaipara hapu lodges appeal against Crest tidal project

16 Sep 08  Contact wins consent for Taupo geothermal station

9 Sep 08  NZ scientists unrecognised for work behind the scenes

5 Sep 08  US speculation regulator includes NZ among targets

2 Sep 08  Mobil closes in on carbon dioxide breathrough

2 Sep 08  Wholesale electricity index up 9.79 points on a year ago

29 Aug 08  Wind energy developers keep keen eye on new approvals process

29 Aug 08  MAF excited at finding cellulose perennial solution to biofuels

26 Aug 08  National goes quiet on coal-fired power

22 Aug 08  Northland gives nod to Kaipara tidal energy project

22 Aug 08  Genesis and Rodney council reach understanding on wastewater

22 Aug 08  Niwa scientists take serious look at algae for biofuel

12 Aug 08  Wind-turbine pioneer sceptical about National policy

12 Aug 08  Nats to reveal energy policy this week

12 Aug 08  Council delays decision on Kaipara tidal-power station

12 Aug 08  Caygill, Cayford new members on EECA

12 Aug 08  Nuclear power definitely not an option: Greens

8 Aug 08  Pike River deal trebles forecast revenues for first coal production

8 Aug 08  Supreme Court still quiet on Rodney gas power station

8 Aug 08  Crest expects Kaipara tidal power decision next week

8 Aug 08  Coal-seam gas exploration operations to begin

5 Aug 08  Unhappy Argent questions future of NZ biodiesel industry

5 Aug 08  'Too busy' Key suddenly finds time to meet power station opponents

5 Aug 08  Tiny turbines to power Antarctic science station

1 Aug 08  Biofuels player pulls $100m plug on New Zealand plant

1 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: Show faith in our emerging biofuels industry

1 Aug 08  National not opposing Helensville gas-fired power station plan

1 Aug 08  TrustPower rides rocky RMA road to win Mahinerangi approval

1 Aug 08  Government reopens marine energy chequebook

29 Jul 08  Millions on research could mean billions in earnings

25 Jul 08  Coal, wind, waves - the hunt is on for hydrogen energy

25 Jul 08  Energy authority cock-a-hoop over Tegel heat recovery success

25 Jul 08  Goldsmith organisation condemns plans for importing biofuels into NZ

22 Jul 08  Neptune in turbine talks over Cook Strait tidal energy plans

22 Jul 08  Meridian building windfarms in Australia and Antarctica

22 Jul 08  Contact plans wind farm for Southern Hawke's Bay

18 Jul 08  National Party hopeful targets Indonesian coal used at Huntly

18 Jul 08  Biofuel subsidies waste of money, says OECD report

15 Jul 08  Pure Power looking to up New Zealand investment

15 Jul 08  Crest waits for Kaipara nod as Portugal prepares to plug in to wave power

15 Jul 08  Waste-to-biofuel developer wins $12m in state funding

15 Jul 08  Contact Energy’s pending parent determined to go nuclear

11 Jul 08  Gas the way to go for home heating, say manufacturers

11 Jul 08  New gas system will make it easier to switch supplier

8 Jul 08  Branch out into willow, biofuel maker urges farmers

4 Jul 08  Wind-generated electricity blows past 2007 figures

4 Jul 08  Energy summit chance for power players to let off steam

27 Jun 08  Contact Energy drops Environment Court appeal against Meridian wind farm

20 Jun 08  Genesis starts $100 million entry into carbon market

20 Jun 08  Solid energy assessing coal-to-transport fuel scheme

20 Jun 08  Pike River coal manages emissions and looks forward to price increases

18 Jun 08  Extreme low hydro inflows reduces TrustPower's profit outlook

18 Jun 08  Lights out for the incandescent bulb

13 Jun 08  Kiwis cut power use 2%, advertisements and rain now due

13 Jun 08  Hydro lakes at their lowest this year

12 Jun 08  Kaipara marine energy plan worries fishermen

12 Jun 08  Push for wider use of geothermal energy, using "low heat" resources

12 Jun 08  US$100m, 20MW roof-top solar power plan detailed

12 Jun 08  O'Reilly: No excuse for faltering energy supply

12 Jun 08  Mobil joins the biofuel parade

11 Jun 08  Power saving radio and TV ads to start this weekend

11 Jun 08  First personal carbon trading scheme launches

11 Jun 08  The big debate comes down to heated towel rails?

10 Jun 08  DOC - Crest Energy allays our concerns over Kaipara tidal energy project

10 Jun 08  Public power savings campaign likely to start this weekend

10 Jun 08  Brownlee: So there IS a power crisis

10 Jun 08  TrustPower: Kiwi power users fortunate to have shelter from world fuel prices

10 Jun 08  Green MPs respond to power problem: Fridges get the flick

10 Jun 08  Spot electricity index down slightly in the past week

10 Jun 08  IEA shows way to sustained economic growth based on clean energy

10 Jun 08  No need to take IEA advice to quadruple nuclear power, says Greenpeace

9 Jun 08  $40m electricity price subsidy revealed, new geothermal on early

6 Jun 08  Clean energy attractive to investors

6 Jun 08  EU Parliament looks at rules for carbon capture and storage

6 Jun 08  Contact's Otahuhu gas-fired plant out

4 Jun 08  Crest Energy upbeat at close of Kaipara tidal energy consent hearings

4 Jun 08  Neptune’s non-notified consent a victory for innovation over caution

4 Jun 08  Transpower looks at possible new central North Island grid links for renewables

4 Jun 08  Overwhelming support for wind energy

4 Jun 08  Spot electricity prices fall

4 Jun 08  ECCA figures on Kiwis and renewables

4 Jun 08  Pike River tunnel reaches Hawera fault

3 Jun 08  NZ solar efforts look small compared with EU's strong sector growth

3 Jun 08  Brazillian ambassdor snaps back on rain forest-for-fuel claims

3 Jun 08  Red Stag co-generation plant puts $1m a year on bottomline

3 Jun 08  US study: US$35 per ton carbon price will cut emissions 10%

3 Jun 08  US wineries go for 100% solar power, lightweight bottles

3 Jun 08  Public investment in major clear coal plant project at risk

30 May 08  Marine energy on a roll - offshore investors lining up

30 May 08  New Zealand's largest gas field completed

30 May 08  Why Parker is enthisiastic about marine energy

30 May 08  Govt funding for Kaipara harbour tidal energy devices

29 May 08  Meridian fights local body troika's backdoor bid to ban windfarms

29 May 08  New petrol price impact research under way

29 May 08  Recipients of millions in marine energy grants announced today

29 May 08  Contact cranks part of New Plymouth plant back to life

28 May 08  Windflow falls victim to noise issue

28 May 08  Two news wells for Taranaki's Cheal oil field

28 May 08  Electricity bosses given new policy orders

28 May 08  Update on proposed national grid regulations

28 May 08  $100m smart meter policy ushers in future appliance remote control

27 May 08  Solar hot-water payback too slow

26 May 08  Continued tax incentives for renewables expected to boost growth 20%

23 May 08  Financiers: Is Kyoto factored into Contact Energy?

23 May 08  Greens get warm, energy-efficient houses in Budget win

23 May 08  Keep your hat on Mam: Queen invests in biggest wind turbine

23 May 08  BP: We've slashed emissions 24% below 2003 levels

22 May 08  Govt's moratorium won't affect electricity supply - Caygill

22 May 08  Delaying the ETS risks electricity security , delays to win energy investment

22 May 08  Brownlee - thermal generation shows need for power saving campaign

20 May 08  Electricity market: Prices continue to rise

19 May 08  Canadian with Kiwi connections to take over Genesis

16 May 08  NZ energy-miser motor could lead the world

16 May 08  Gas from our coal could provide energy for 1600 years

6 May 08  Heavy-emitters should buy now, says carbon trader

2 May 08  Crest Energy ready to power up the Kaipara

30 Apr 08  Lines companies can’t duck thermal ban - Parker

30 Apr 08  Hutt hi-tech could ground overhead pylons fears

29 Apr 08  Wholesale electricity prices fall on last month

29 Apr 08  New report: Power utilities could make efficiency impovements of up to 11%

29 Apr 08  OptiSolar applies to build world's biggest (16 sq km) solar farm

28 Apr 08  Woodhouse ready for commercialised carbon trade-off

28 Apr 08  NZ companies join UN emissions project

28 Apr 08  The big business question: How do we do it?

28 Apr 08  We're five times greener than the Aussies

24 Apr 08  Greens cool down on coal, but still hot on emissions

24 Apr 08  Power struggle as top energy companies go to war

24 Apr 08  Welcome to the age of ‘black power’

24 Apr 08  Christchurch centre starts probing methane absorbing gas molecules on sea floor

24 Apr 08  UN honours climate change ‘trailblazer’ Clark

23 Apr 08  Green Party pledges to shut Huntly, hobble coal industry

22 Apr 08  It's not so bad - a Carbon News series on mitigating the impact of emissions trading down on the farm

21 Apr 08  The other side of the PI story: how environmental extremists are attacking NZ companies

18 Apr 08  Genesis to build new $420m thermal plant unless regulations say not to

18 Apr 08  Carbon neutrality uncompromised by coal supply, Meridian says

18 Apr 08  Biofuels target of protests in UK

17 Apr 08  Contact Energy not defying thermal ban

16 Apr 08  ‘Mokihinui doomed by RMA if not by Mallard’

16 Apr 08  Labour’s energy strategy in tatters, Brownlee says

16 Apr 08  Contact signs contracts in $250 million peaking plant project

15 Apr 08  MP: Parachutes coming out on bio fuel imports

15 Apr 08  Drought sparks winter electricity contigency planning

14 Apr 08  Thermal ban ‘will kill oil exploration’ – Todd

14 Apr 08  Forest and Bird supports request to call in Mokihinui consent

11 Apr 08  EXCLUSIVE: Cook Strait tidal test turbine gains resource consent

11 Apr 08  New price control and investment law for utilities

11 Apr 08  Carbon neutrality? What about 400% electricity use cut instead?

10 Apr 08  No European-like second phase windfall profits for NZ generators

10 Apr 08  Local authorities to get message on renewables

10 Apr 08  Kiwi-based Windflow Technology does $12m plus turbine deal with Te Rere Hau

10 Apr 08  US expert: No technical barrier to 20% wind power goal in NZ

10 Apr 08  Contact No1 in electricity hedge market services

10 Apr 08  BP warned of political troubles in West Papua LNG project

7 Apr 08  Minister: There's a place for nuclear

7 Apr 08  Study confirms 50% CO2 reduction from use of home-grown biodiesel

4 Apr 08  Carbon News discovers "book-and-claim" scheme answer to bio-fuels impasse

4 Apr 08  Mallard foreshadows easier planning path for renewables, attacks polluters

3 Apr 08  Oil stocks agreement signed with the Netherlands

2 Apr 08  No timeframe on exploiting southern lignite fields

1 Apr 08  NZ Windfarms increases stake in WindPower Maungatua

1 Apr 08  Mighty River Power committed to new geothermal development

31 Mar 08  Skids under government’s bio-fuels mandate

31 Mar 08  Parker pooh-poohs 50% power hike report

31 Mar 08  Bio-fuels threaten food catastrophe

27 Mar 08  Spot electricity market summary

26 Mar 08  Environmental protests knock millions off Solid Energy's bottom line

26 Mar 08  Meridian half-year profit $94 million - $175 million special dividend

26 Mar 08  Half year loss but Solid Energy forecasts profitability for full year

20 Mar 08  Huntly sends electricity emissions into nosedive

19 Mar 08  Queensland drives net solar cost down to under $1500 per household

17 Mar 08  Government’s bio-fuel bubble fit to burst

17 Mar 08  Two marine energy fund applications

17 Mar 08  EU pumps up minimum taxes for diesel to equal petrol

12 Mar 08  Right House scores DOC carbon neutral contract

12 Mar 08  Half of inter-island pole 1 power link back before winter

12 Mar 08  Poll: National electricity grid greatly worries New Zealanders


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