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Livestock methane emissions tackled by Western Australian company with 'inorganic bioactives'

Tuesday - A Western Australian company claims to have produced bioactives in a laboratory that could reduce livestock methane emissions by up to 95%.

Water crisis, power cuts worsen misery in Pakistan’s hottest city

Tuesday - By the time Pakistani schoolboy Saeed Ali arrived at the hospital in one of the world’s hottest cities, his body was shutting down from heatstroke.

Australian carbon market splits as buyers pay more for “high integrity” units

Tuesday - Australia’s carbon offset market is showing signs of splitting in two, analysts say, as buyers show they are willing to pay a premium for “higher integrity” offsets.

Australian election 2022: What the manifestos say on energy and climate change

Photo Credit: ABC

Tuesday - As Australians head to the polls on 21 May, voters face a decision that could have significant consequences for the nation’s efforts to cut emissions and transition its energy system.

Zero-carbon flat glass made for the first time by Saint-Gobain

Tuesday - In a world first, France’s Cie. de Saint-Gobain said it produced carbon-neutral flat glass by using recycled materials and green energy.

IEA expects record renewable growth despite cost, supply problems

16 May 22 - Rising concerns over energy security and climate change will galvanize record new capacity to generate renewable power in 2022, the International Energy Agency has forecast.

Over 90 million Indians at risk of hunger due to climate change: report

16 May 22 - The effects of climate change will put 9.06 crore [90 million] Indians at risk of hunger in the next eight years, according to the Global Food Policy Report 2022 on ‘Climate change and food systems’...

UK aviation industry misses all but one climate target: study

16 May 22 - The United Kingdom’s bid to decarbonize its aviation industry—a plan that depends largely on self-regulation—is being described as “implausible and credulous,” after a new report showed how little...

Philippines' court declares fossil fuel companies' climate liabilities a human rights issue

16 May 22 - When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, it made a direct hit on the hometown of Yeb Saño’s family. Saño,the country’s chief climate negotiator at the time, had to attend the United...

‘Critical mass’ of polluters setting carbon targets

16 May 22 - The number of big polluters setting targets to cut CO2 emissions has reached a “critical mass”, a UN-backed report has said.

California $19Bn carbon market not good enough to curb emissions

16 May 22 - California’s carbon market was supposed to be a model for the US, harnessing the power of capitalism to fight climate change in the world’s fifth-biggest economy.

Even if we miss the 1.5°C target we must still fight to prevent every single increment of warming

13 May 22 - Is it game over for our attempts to avert dangerous climate change? For millions of people in India and Pakistan the answer is clearly yes as they continue to suffer from a record-breaking spring...

Sustainable bonds poised for growth, but standards remain a potential bottleneck

13 May 22 - A recent study estimates that green, social and sustainability bond issuance may reach €1.6tn in just four years, but also highlights concerns on standards and the liquidity of the market.

Giga-scale solar manufacturing roaring back to Europe: industry chief

13 May 22 - Solar players are now very willing to relocate to Europe again to cater for soaring demand as the continent tries to wean itself off Russian energy imports and meet climate targets, Carsten Körnig,...

Trees aren’t a climate change cure-all – 2 new studies on the life and death of trees in a warming world show why

13 May 22 - The results of two studies published in the journals Science and Ecology Letters on May 12, 2022 – one focused on growth, the other on death – raise new questions about how much the world can rely on...

Climate goes missing in action in Russia’s war

13 May 22 - Making big promises at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow was hard; six months later, governments are finding out that actually following through on them is even harder.

Canada, industry in talks to cement future carbon price hikes

13 May 22 - The Canadian government is in talks with heavy industrial emitters about ways to ensure Ottawa's planned carbon price increases will remain in place even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal...

Kiwis confident about move to low carbon economy

12 May 22 - Media Release - New Zealanders are feeling confident about the nation’s transition to a low carbon economy, according to Mercury’s survey of electricity consumers.

Climate change is devastating the Global South: opinion

12 May 22 - Right now in India and Pakistan, a record-breaking heatwave is impacting the daily lives of nearly a billion people. Scorching temperatures are damaging wheat harvests, preventing many labourers from...

Biggest 'floating solar park' in Europe will open this year in Portugal

12 May 22 - Europe's largest floating solar park will take shape in July this year, in Portugal's Alqueva reservoir.

12 May 22  It’s easier to break a bog than to repair it—but it’s still a carbon bargain.

12 May 22  Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

12 May 22  Who invented ther 'carbon footprint'? The shocking origins

12 May 22  Big Oil braces for shareholder revolt over climate plans in proxy voting season

11 May 22  'Fifty-fifty chance' of breaching 1.5C warming limit

11 May 22  European carbon prices tumble, failing to scale new highs as gas drops

11 May 22  What comes after London’s congestion charge?

11 May 22  Scientists rate Aussie political parties' climate policies

11 May 22  Swedish green steel firm racks up sales before plant is built

11 May 22  Just one of 50 aviation industry climate targets met: study

10 May 22  Atmospheric CO2 hits another all-time high

10 May 22  Bangladeshi children leaving school to work due to climate crisis

10 May 22  Singapore carbon exchange targets futures trading with German bourse

10 May 22  This Arctic town wants to make renewable energy work at the top of the world

10 May 22  German transport minister plans massive increase of e-car subsidies

10 May 22  Norway wants people to park their EVs and ride the bus

9 May 22  Indian court finds nature has same rights humans

9 May 22  Hawaii legislature calls for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

9 May 22  Israel advances its first Climate Bill in bid to hit emission goals

9 May 22  UK wind and solar boom will bring energy surplus

9 May 22  What remains of the U.S. Green New Deal?

9 May 22  Growing African mangrove forests aim to combat climate woes

9 May 22  All coal boilers to be removed from schools

6 May 22  Still too many coal plants to keep warming below 1.5c

6 May 22  Which diet is more climate friendly: Novel foods or mostly vegan?

6 May 22  How companies blame you for climate change

6 May 22  Barclays and Standard Chartered shareholders reject climate plans

6 May 22  Tropical vegetation benefits less from elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide than researchers previously thought

6 May 22  Gene-editing breakthrough could cut ruminant methane

5 May 22  Heat, drought, fire, hunger: studies portend ‘ferocious’ conditions as ecosystems shift

5 May 22  Researchers pinpoint 12 tried-and-true ways to reduce cars in cities

5 May 22  Winner of Australian election must fix carbon market: report

5 May 22  California just shy of 100% powered by renewables for first time

5 May 22  DR Congo approves auction of oil blocks in one of the world’s largest carbon sinks

5 May 22  US carbon border fee gains traction, but hurdles remain

4 May 22  India and Pakistan heatwave is 'testing the limits of human survivability' - expert

4 May 22  One in 25 Australian homes could become uninsurable

4 May 22  Tasmania goes net carbon negative by reducing logging

4 May 22  Major Japan railway now powered only by renewable energy

4 May 22  West African countries pledge $294 billion to fight climate change

4 May 22  Supreme Court abortion ruling could have climate fallout

3 May 22  Interruption or incentive: Will the war in Ukraine thwart Europe’s green energy transition?

3 May 22  Scorching weather forces India to face climate change head on

3 May 22  In Switzerland, parliamentarians have requested training on global warming

3 May 22  Tree loss in tropics casts doubt over climate goals

3 May 22  A mangrove revolution: How Egypt is prioritising climate projects in the run-up to COP27

3 May 22  ‘Money time’ for EU carbon market reform in the European Parliament

2 May 22  This is what the world’s first floating city will look like

2 May 22  Satellites detect cow burps from space

2 May 22  US postal service sued over purchase of gas guzzling delivery trucks

2 May 22  Pacific community pleads for Australian climate action amid regional tension

2 May 22  German carmakers have an uphill struggle to go green

2 May 22  Germany makes push to quit Russian oil by late summer

29 Apr 22  Unchecked global emissions on track to initiate mass extinction of marine life

29 Apr 22  German auto association calls for bicycle use to save energy

29 Apr 22  Climate change will drive new transmission of 4,000 viruses between mammals by 2070

29 Apr 22  Climate change is making India’s brutal heat waves worse

29 Apr 22  100 EU cities commit to going climate neutral by 2030

29 Apr 22  Is organic food better for the climate?

28 Apr 22  Heat wave in India threatens residents and crucial wheat harvest

28 Apr 22  U.S. scraps incandescent bulbs, cuts 222 megatonnes of emissions over 30 years

28 Apr 22  Global poll finds concensus on need to ditch fossil fuels

28 Apr 22  Designers of cow face mask that neutralises emissions from belching win £50k Prince Charles prize

28 Apr 22  The too-invisible hand of the EU emissions market

28 Apr 22  Climate change fuelling rise of Spanish far right

27 Apr 22  Too many new coal-fired plants planned for 1.5C climate goal: report

27 Apr 22  Macron’s win is good news for climate

27 Apr 22  Rich countries need to decrease meat consumption by 75%: new research

27 Apr 22  Credit Suisse investors push for faster climate action

27 Apr 22  Aussie climate change war erupts as MP declares net zero ‘dead’

27 Apr 22  Canada overestimating hydrogen's potential cut carbon emissions: Auditor General

26 Apr 22  Climate activist dies after setting himself on fire outside US Supreme Court

26 Apr 22  Soaring fuel prices test Biden on climate change

26 Apr 22  Twitter bans ‘misleading’ ads about climate change

26 Apr 22  Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets

26 Apr 22  Climate change not limited to national boundaries, it will affect us all: Dalai Lama

26 Apr 22  Now we know the flaws of carbon offsets, it’s time to get real about climate change

22 Apr 22  Giant global asset managers have $82 billion in coal projects, $468 billion in oil and gas

22 Apr 22  Damage to Ukraine’s renewable energy sector could surpass $1 billion

22 Apr 22  Florida company wants to use your dead body to fight climate change

22 Apr 22  African economies risk suffocation by 'shock' carbon tax

22 Apr 22  Vehicle CO2 emissions fall in 17 Europe markets

22 Apr 22  Transport emissions rose 12% in three months in Australia

22 Apr 22  IIGCC launches framework to ‘raise bar for investor climate stewardship’

21 Apr 22  Climate change linked to fewer bugs: study

21 Apr 22  To fight climate change, and now Russia, too, Zurich turns off natural gas

21 Apr 22  Brazil to serve 10 million plant-based meals to students every year

21 Apr 22  Climate action in Ireland is not following climate ambition

21 Apr 22  Bahamas preparing to enter global carbon market

21 Apr 22  Methane reducing pilot to reduce GHG emissions from cows by 30%

20 Apr 22  Climate wars enter Aussie election campaign

20 Apr 22  Denmark ‘first country in the world’ to develop its own climate label for food

20 Apr 22  Germany’s largest dairy co-op launches vegan product range

20 Apr 22  Deforestation of Brazil's Indigenous lands a threat to country's climate target

20 Apr 22  The surprising climate cost of the humblest battery material

20 Apr 22  Good Energy releases a Hollywood climate change resource guide

19 Apr 22  They derailed climate action for a decade. And bragged about it

19 Apr 22  IMF expects 'significant' pledges for new climate, pandemics trust

19 Apr 22  US EV tax credits might increase emissions

19 Apr 22  The quest to build a tiny Bolivian EV

19 Apr 22  Climate justice coalition files criminal complaint against South Africa

19 Apr 22  Macron uses climate change to attack Le Pen

14 Apr 22  COP26 promises will hold warming under 2C

14 Apr 22  Native Americans embrace renewable energy

14 Apr 22  Biomass industry pushes back against Europe's plans to protect forests

14 Apr 22  Seven new oil and gas projects approved since IPCC report called for an end to fossil fuels

14 Apr 22  New aussie gas projects a risky bet: IGCC

14 Apr 22  From traditional practice to top climate solution, agroecology gets growing attention

14 Apr 22  NASA's upcoming battery tech could recharge EV in 15 minutes

13 Apr 22  Climate change looms large in US treaty talks in the Pacific

13 Apr 22  Big tech launches $925 million fund for carbon removal

13 Apr 22  Wealthy nations responsible for 74% of ecological harm: study

13 Apr 22  Global warming drove a deadly burst of Indian Ocean tropical storms

13 Apr 22  Climate litigation boosted by latest IPCC report

13 Apr 22  Meet a climate scientist who just risked arrest to save the planet

12 Apr 22  Sweden set to be world’s first country to target consumption-based emission cuts

12 Apr 22  Cost of carbon on the rise in South Korea

12 Apr 22  This is Australia's climate change election

12 Apr 22  Hydrogen 11 times worse than CO2 for climate: new report

12 Apr 22  Climate change intensified deadly storms in Africa in early 2022

12 Apr 22  Architecture "lagging behind all other sectors" in climate change fight: IPCC author

11 Apr 22  Atmospheric methane on the rise: NOAA

11 Apr 22  Scientists call for a climate revolution

11 Apr 22  Banks say they're getting tough on coal, but they keep lending trillions to polluters

11 Apr 22  KLM’s carbon neutral claim is misleading: watchdog

11 Apr 22  Why ‘eco-conscious’ fashion brands can continue to increase emissions

11 Apr 22  Mattel releases its first carbon-neutral toys

8 Apr 22  China’s emissions expected to peak in 2027: state think tank

8 Apr 22  UK livestock only half way there on emissions

8 Apr 22  Climate claims and greenwashing - what's to be done?

8 Apr 22  Climate research funded by polluters discredits universities

8 Apr 22  New IPCC report looks at neglected element of climate action: people

8 Apr 22  Solar panels, made from food waste, produce energy without sunlight

7 Apr 22  EU Commission lays out plan to become climate neutral by 2030

7 Apr 22  Milking the EU’s carbon market cash cow for industry

7 Apr 22  18 countries have been able to cut emissions while growing economies

7 Apr 22  Tropical forests have big climate benefits beyond carbon storage

7 Apr 22  Is this Zaha Hadid-designed building a blueprint for the carbon neutral 'office of the future'?

7 Apr 22  Germany boosts renewables with “biggest energy policy reform in decades”

6 Apr 22  IPCC scientists report five ways to save the planet

6 Apr 22  Global hub launched to help countries slash methane emissions

6 Apr 22  Carbon removal ‘unavoidable’ as climate dangers grow: IPCC

6 Apr 22  PNG suspends new carbon deals, scrambles to write rules for the schemes

6 Apr 22  Indonesia delays carbon tax till July to help economic recovery

6 Apr 22  The climate case for seizing superyachts, Russian and otherwise

5 Apr 22  World has its best chance yet to slash emissions – if it seizes the opportunity: IPCC

5 Apr 22  The UN's 10,000-page red alert on climate change

5 Apr 22  Who is responsible for climate breakdown?

5 Apr 22  Climate change could cost U.S. budget $2 trillion a year by the end of the century

5 Apr 22  Chile's new constitution likely to enshrine rights of nature

5 Apr 22  Australia plans to be a big green hydrogen exporter

4 Apr 22  Scientists race to finish key IPCC report

4 Apr 22  Scientists risk arrest to sound climate alarm

4 Apr 22  Torres Strait First Nations' Waratah Coal fight to be heard by Queensland Land Court

4 Apr 22  Nestlé looks to dairy supply chain to achieve net-zero

4 Apr 22  Cut methane emissions with less beef and dairy: report

4 Apr 22  China’s funding for overseas coal projects under construction to release 300 million tonnes of emissions a year

1 Apr 22  US battery storage soared in 2021

1 Apr 22  Nasdaq launches carbon removal indices

1 Apr 22  Aussie native tree planting projects can be stopped if 'adverse' to communities"

1 Apr 22  France fails to meet court deadline to get Paris climate deal objectives back on track

1 Apr 22  In Austria, the government pays to repair your stuff

1 Apr 22  New report calls for government action on methane reduction

31 Mar 22  After US fails to pay its debt, UN’s flagship climate fund warns of austerity

31 Mar 22  Taiwan vows US$32 billon spending spree on clean energy as it lags on climate targets

31 Mar 22  Greens promise to re-introduce a carbon price in Australia

31 Mar 22  Global wind and solar growth on track to meet climate targets

31 Mar 22  Climate disasters rising faster in MENA than any other region

31 Mar 22  Baker’s yeast may be the unexpected solution to beer’s sustainability problem

30 Mar 22  Canada lays out C$9.1 billion roadmap to meet 2030 climate targets

30 Mar 22  What does China’s coal push mean for its climate goals?

30 Mar 22  Climate campaign pushes Bitcoin network to drop energy-hungry code

30 Mar 22  Carbon market for Indonesia

30 Mar 22  Extreme storm surges likely to increase

30 Mar 22  Stanford transitions to 100% renewable electricity as second solar plant goes online

29 Mar 22  Australian carbon traders defend troubled offset market against whistleblower claims

29 Mar 22  Scientists alarmed as east Antarctic ice shelf collapses

29 Mar 22  Biden wants record $11 billion in climate aid to poor nations

29 Mar 22  A bold idea to stall climate crisis - build better trees

29 Mar 22  Ukraine war accelerates climate emergencies in Horn of Africa

29 Mar 22  Sweden’s innovative wooden skyscraper captures as much carbon as 10,000 forests

28 Mar 22  Germany’s new government had big plans on climate, then Russia invaded Ukraine

28 Mar 22  White House office seeks public opinion on crypto-climate implications

28 Mar 22  China's carbon market has a credibility problem: analysts

28 Mar 22  Baby boomers are the new climate change villains: study claims

28 Mar 22  Trudeau government lowballed cost of carbon tax

28 Mar 22  The impact of deforestation goes beyond carbon emissions: new study

25 Mar 22  Australia’s carbon market is in crisis

25 Mar 22  Shifts in El Niño may be driving climates extremes in both hemisphere

25 Mar 22  Climate smart’ policies could increase southern Africa’s crops by up to 500%

25 Mar 22  Indian forest loss ‘worse than feared’ due to climate change

25 Mar 22  Apple using carbon-free aluminium

25 Mar 22  Germany lowers petrol and public transport prices

24 Mar 22  19 oil and gas producing countries must cut oil and gas 76% by 2030 to keep 1.5° alive

24 Mar 22  Arctic sea ice winter peak in 2022 is 10th lowest on record

24 Mar 22  Appeal Court allows White House to calculate social cost of carbon

24 Mar 22  UN weather agency to spearhead 5 year early warning plan, boosting climate action

24 Mar 22  Putin’s climate envoy Anatoly Chubais quits

24 Mar 22  Protecting the beasts of the land and sea could help fight climate change

23 Mar 22  New report a ‘stark indictment’ of rich nations’ climate failure

23 Mar 22  Proposed SEC climate rules sparks fight over indirect emissions

23 Mar 22  South Korea commits to slashing emissions

23 Mar 22  Carbon trading platform launched in Singapore

23 Mar 22  Designer of China carbon market sees expansion delayed

23 Mar 22  Brazil unveils incentives to spur biomethane output

22 Mar 22  World ‘sleepwalking’ to climate catastrophe: UN chief

22 Mar 22  Russia claims sanctions will stop it meeting climate targets

22 Mar 22  Australian carbon credit companies to cash in on multi-billion-dollar windfall

22 Mar 22  Cameron’s decision to cut ‘green crap’ now costs each household in England £150 a year

22 Mar 22  IPCC scientists to examine carbon removal in key report

22 Mar 22  Astronomy's contribution to climate change rivals the emissions from some countries

21 Mar 22  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $73.62

21 Mar 22  IEA 10-point plan to cut oil use

21 Mar 22  Antarctica and Arctic experiencing more than 30 to 40 degree temperature increases

21 Mar 22  The U.S. may force companies to disclose climate risks

21 Mar 22  Permafrost peatlands ‘on a precipice’

21 Mar 22  UN report to lay out options to halt climate crisis

21 Mar 22  Circular economy needed to get to net-zero emissions

18 Mar 22  High energy costs intensify debate over Europe's carbon plan

18 Mar 22  Mark Carney scales back plans as doubts grow over carbon offsets

18 Mar 22  Australian zero carbon exports could slash emissions across Asia and Pacific

18 Mar 22  What would increasing Saudi Arabian oil production mean for the climate?

18 Mar 22  US Army plan to combat climate change lacks the fighting spirit

18 Mar 22  Methane-eating bacteria convert greenhouse gas to fuel

17 Mar 22  Roadmap announced for new voluntary carbon market standards

17 Mar 22  Coal Mines emit more methane than oil and gas wells

17 Mar 22  Some EU members turn back to coal to cut reliance on Russian gas

17 Mar 22  Could EV trucks be an alternative to Lake Onslow?

17 Mar 22  New mapping connects indigenous knowledge to climate mmpacts and solutions

17 Mar 22  French election campaign ignores ‘humanity’s greatest challenge’

16 Mar 22  EU nations reach agreement on carbon tax

16 Mar 22  Climate group prepares legal action against Shell directors

16 Mar 22  Australia court overturns landmark climate ruling

16 Mar 22  China slams firms for falsifying carbon data

16 Mar 22  3 ways to reimagine public transport for people and the climate

16 Mar 22  Australian billionaires put more money into $15 bln solar power export project

15 Mar 22  Australian carbon credit price plunges after policy change

15 Mar 22  Germany plans new energy price relief for consumers

15 Mar 22  Investors launch global climate standards for companies

15 Mar 22  U.S. spending for global climate response ‘pitifully too low'

15 Mar 22  How can we reduce the climate impact of plastic?

15 Mar 22  Climate change is OKCupid’s No. 1 ‘dealbreaker’ issue

15 Mar 22  Renewable gas - cooking with scraps

14 Mar 22  International experts believe carbon price must go up

14 Mar 22  Morrison government blasted for 'bungling' eastern Australian flood disaster

14 Mar 22  Tens of thousands march in climate protests across France

14 Mar 22  UK ministers urged to promote e-bikes to tackle health and climate crises

14 Mar 22  Mumbai announces net zero by 2050 plan

14 Mar 22  Wales' first net carbon zero school and how it works

11 Mar 22  How climate change is disrupting the global supply chain

11 Mar 22  Solomon Islands receives first carbon credit as part of conservation work

11 Mar 22  Ten climate-resilient homes that have adapted to the realities of global warming

11 Mar 22  UN climate change negotiating bloc rejects Russia, condemning its invasion of Ukraine

11 Mar 22  Urgent action needed in aviation sector to keep 1.5 degrees within reach: Climate Action 100+

11 Mar 22  Ukraine invasion crashes carbon credit prices

10 Mar 22  Carbon dioxide will have to be removed from air to achieve 1.5C: report

10 Mar 22  Carbon removal factory

10 Mar 22  Fighting climate change in court: Reporting on cases against governments

10 Mar 22  ‘Reimagine security’, experts urge, as military emissions and budgets grow in tandem

10 Mar 22  Climate action could avert close to half the world's premature deaths

10 Mar 22  Barcelona-style “superblocks” could make a surprising number of cities greener and less car-centric

9 Mar 22  Forest clearing for crops in Papua may unleash massive emissions

9 Mar 22  EU unveils plan to end reliance on Russian gas

9 Mar 22  How badly will Russia's war torpedo hopes for global climate cooperation?

9 Mar 22  Experts call for moratorium on deep-sea mining

9 Mar 22  Tesla is a complete climate embarrassment: report

9 Mar 22  Apparel makers greening their factories in developing world

8 Mar 22  Amazon rainforest nears tipping point that may see it become savannah

8 Mar 22  Carbon prices in the EU crash despite rising fossil fuel prices

8 Mar 22  Berlin to unleash €200 billion for climate protection until 2026

8 Mar 22  U.S. EPA proposing rules to cut emissions from heavy trucks

8 Mar 22  A radical, carbon negative project in Turkey is turning algae into bio-jet fuel

8 Mar 22  How London plans to make the entire city an Ultra Low Emissions Zone

7 Mar 22  A reprieve for coal? Xi Jinping urges ‘realism’ on China’s road to carbon goals

7 Mar 22  Climate change taking big bite out of food supply

7 Mar 22  African experts call for climate-proofing farming systems to overcome hunger

7 Mar 22  Chile creates national park to save glaciers

7 Mar 22  How Big Ag bankrolled regenerative ranching

7 Mar 22  Truck maker Hino Motors reveals it faked emissions data

4 Mar 22  World agrees to negotiate a ‘historic’ treaty on plastic pollution

4 Mar 22  Windfall for Aussie farmers as government changes carbon credit rules

4 Mar 22  Timber giant quietly converts Congo logging sites to carbon schemes

4 Mar 22  Almost all climate-related corporate disclosures are inadequate: CDP

4 Mar 22  Low-carbon cement trial cuts CO2 emissions by 60%

4 Mar 22  Climate risks are wake-up call for sovereign bonds

3 Mar 22  EU carbon permit prices crash after Russian invasion of Ukraine

3 Mar 22  ‘Atlas of Human Suffering’ only matters if countries take action

3 Mar 22  Climate stories don’t have to be depressing to be effective

3 Mar 22  Stilride uses "industrial origami" to create stainless steel electric scooter

3 Mar 22  Reaching peak carbon early could save hundreds of thousands of lives in China

3 Mar 22  ‘One of the most extreme disasters in colonial Australian history’: climate scientist

2 Mar 22  The UN’s climate report highlights the dangers of natural solutions

2 Mar 22  100% green power by 2035 – high hopes for Germany's next renewables reform

2 Mar 22  Tonga volcano eruptions have smaller cooling impact on climate change: study

2 Mar 22  These solar panels pull in water vapor to grow crops in the desert

2 Mar 22  Australian Carbon + Biodiversity projects starting to kick off

2 Mar 22  As petrol prices rise, will carbon emissions come down?

1 Mar 22  Australian floods will become more common with climate change

1 Mar 22  Kenyan farmers test insurance to ward off climate-driven hunger

1 Mar 22  Cyclone risks are intensifying for India due to climate change

1 Mar 22  Deforestation emissions far higher than previously thought: study

1 Mar 22  California's carbon markets getting in the way of climate targets: report

28 Feb 22  New UN report set to paint stark picture of impacts of climate change

28 Feb 22  Russian official apologizes to Ukraine at climate science meeting

28 Feb 22  Invasion tears Ukraine’s climate community away from life’s work

28 Feb 22  China mining ban adds to Bitcoin's environmental footprint: study

28 Feb 22  African nations forced to spend on climate adaptation

28 Feb 22  Panama enacts a rights of nature law

28 Feb 22  Using land to tackle climate change could have ‘adverse impacts’ on global hunger

25 Feb 22  UN report warns climate change could spur 50% more wildfires by 2100

25 Feb 22  'A journey with no end': Angola's climate refugees

25 Feb 22  Massive timber residential building planned for Toronto

25 Feb 22  EU wants to reward farmers and foresters for nature-based carbon removals

25 Feb 22  Russia’s climate posture offers clues on its Ukraine mindset

25 Feb 22  Australia’s gas and mining emissions higher than estimated: report

24 Feb 22  Forestry rule changes could jeopardise net zero target: Forest Owners Assoc

24 Feb 22  EPA says U.S. met Obama-era climate pledge

24 Feb 22  Fossils emit 70% more methane than governments report: IEA Tracker

24 Feb 22  290 million new city dwellers benefit China's climate balance

24 Feb 22  Guinness aims to brew good by cutting the carbon footprint of its barley

24 Feb 22  Why plant-based biofuels are not the silver bullet to Europe's carbon problem

24 Feb 22  Plant-based meats barely make dent to overall market

23 Feb 22  Antarctica will likely set an alarming new record this year: new data

23 Feb 22  Targeting the super-rich could contribute to net zero

23 Feb 22  Church of England fossil fuel ties revealed

23 Feb 22  Climate change is sickening, literally!

23 Feb 22  Green groups slam HSBC's new targets for cutting financed emissions

23 Feb 22  Aircraft CO2 emissions hit all time low

23 Feb 22  Hamilton’s climate actions on track

22 Feb 22  Climate change activists block Hamburg port bridge

22 Feb 22  Irish opposition demands scrapping of carbon tax increase to fight cost of living crisis

22 Feb 22  Covid shutdown linked to record rainfall in China

22 Feb 22  Court ruling on social cost of carbon upends Biden’s climate plans

22 Feb 22  Engineered bacteria produce chemicals with negative carbon emissions

22 Feb 22  Fatal distraction: the problem with the methane pledge

22 Feb 22  Forest Owners tell government to look across the Tasman

21 Feb 22  Island states meet to discuss suing Global North over climate change

21 Feb 22  Climate-boosted drought in western US worst in 1,200 years

21 Feb 22  $1.5 trillion lent to coal industry since 2019

21 Feb 22  Three banks join initiative for voluntary carbon market platform

21 Feb 22  Hydrogen hype gets real with big Japanese tender

21 Feb 22  Colonialism distorts efforts to save climate-threatened heritage: report

18 Feb 22  Climate change expert calls for UN watchdog to monitor weather-modifying methods

18 Feb 22  US to offer $3B to boost battery production, recycling

18 Feb 22  German NGOs call on govt to soon start returning CO2 price revenues to citizens

18 Feb 22  How Minecraft is teaching kids to face the threat of climate change

18 Feb 22  Ganni’s carbon rethink: Offsetting is out. Insetting is the future

18 Feb 22  Carbon credits outperforming bitcoin, in the bet on a longer energy transition

18 Feb 22  Partners shortlisted for world¡¯s largest green hydrogen project in Southland

17 Feb 22  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $85.50

17 Feb 22  Lead EU lawmaker proposes carbon market rules to respond to price spikes

17 Feb 22  Forests follow unexpected—and surprisingly fast—paths to recovery

17 Feb 22  Canada says U.S. solar tariffs violate trade pact

17 Feb 22  Could ‘carbon clubs’ supercharge climate action?

17 Feb 22  Climate crisis reaches ‘code red’ status

17 Feb 22  Shell’s Quest blue hydrogen plant emits more carbon than it captures

16 Feb 22  Poland calls on EU to remove 'speculators' from its carbon market

16 Feb 22  A growing wave of litigation spurs climate action

16 Feb 22  New IPCC report will strengthen science on links between biodiversity loss, climate change: UNEP

16 Feb 22  Big banks pump cash into coal industry in spite of net zero pledges

16 Feb 22  This fuel plant will use agricultural waste to combat climate change

16 Feb 22  A child born today needs to emit 10 times less than their grandparents

15 Feb 22  ‘Dangerously fast’ methane increase suggests feedback mechanism may have begun

15 Feb 22  Judge bars Biden from using "social cost of carbon" metric

15 Feb 22  German transport ministry opposes raising ambition in EU fleet emission target

15 Feb 22  Amazon deforestation: Record high destruction of trees in January

15 Feb 22  In a warmer future, ocean carbon sinks could help stabilise our planet

15 Feb 22  Eradicating ‘extreme poverty’ would raise global emissions by less than 1%

14 Feb 22  Flyers not willing to pay extra for green travel: study

14 Feb 22  Why climate change talk must focus on water

14 Feb 22  Polar bear inbreeding and bird 'divorces': Weird ways climate change is affecting animal species

14 Feb 22  World must ‘change track’ to protect oceans from climate crisis: UN chief

14 Feb 22  Pacific Island Forum head calls on world to act now

14 Feb 22  How voices from Hawai’i are reframing the climate conversation

11 Feb 22  Aboriginal group launches new carbon farming body

11 Feb 22  Scientists raise alarm over ‘dangerously fast’ growth in atmospheric methane

11 Feb 22  China's steelmakers get 5 more years to reach peak carbon output

11 Feb 22  UK renewables auctions to be held annually in green energy push

11 Feb 22  How dairy farmers are cashing in on California's push for cleaner fuel

11 Feb 22  Mining would see financial boon under global carbon tax — so why is industry fighting it?

10 Feb 22  Australia's carbon price dips following last year's 210% gain

10 Feb 22  Toronto's huge new solar wall

10 Feb 22  Climate change will be expensive. Who should pay?

10 Feb 22  Rethinking how to measure methane's climate impact

10 Feb 22  Climate activist shareholders are finally starting to win

10 Feb 22  Green growth won't kill the planet: opinion

10 Feb 22  Greenpeace delivers oceans petition

9 Feb 22  US govt to spend $1 billion to spur farmers and ranchers to fight climate change

9 Feb 22  Italy expects EU carbon price to trade around 80 euros per tonne this year

9 Feb 22  Emissions targets costly for Australian grain growers

9 Feb 22  Is there room for fruit trees in carbon capture programmes?

9 Feb 22  Greenpeace International boss appointed as Germany's climate envoy

9 Feb 22  Survey of gender bias in the IPCC

9 Feb 22  Hamilton aims to increase native vegetation from 2% to 10%

8 Feb 22  Net-zero corporate commitments largely over-reliant on carbon offsetting

8 Feb 22  Ice that took roughly 2,000 years to form on Mt. Everest has melted in around 25

8 Feb 22  Gambling on climate failure: fossil fuel projects that only succeed if world fails to meet climate targets

8 Feb 22  U.S. markets regulator flags risks for ratings firms in ESG boom

8 Feb 22  ‘We need politicians and experts’: how Chile is putting the climate crisis first

8 Feb 22  Electric cars fend off supply challenges to more than double global sales

4 Feb 22  European carbon price climbs to new high

4 Feb 22  Giant iceberg blocks scientists’ study of ‘Doomsday Glacier’

4 Feb 22  North Sea oil and gas project gets green light just months after UK hosted COP26

4 Feb 22  Ending animal agriculture and planting trees on empty fields is 'best chance' to slow climate change: vegan scientists

4 Feb 22  Is a coffee shortage inevitable as climate change gets worse?

4 Feb 22  Does hybrid work reduce carbon footprint? It's complicated

4 Feb 22  Hitting Biden’s greenhouse goals could save billions in health-related costs

4 Feb 22  Remote sensing technology reduces urban air pollution

3 Feb 22  Extreme heat driven by climate change is ‘new normal’ for oceans: study

3 Feb 22  Climate action takes centre stage in first Indian budget since COP26

3 Feb 22  What’s driving the remarkable decline of urban sprawl in the US?

3 Feb 22  Greenflation is real: opinion

3 Feb 22  TransAlta submits plan for battery storage near Alberta hydro dam

3 Feb 22  Tauranga organisations and councils announce pledge to cut transport emissions

3 Feb 22  Corporations using misleading climate pledges to greenwash their image

2 Feb 22  Countries back away from pledge to update climate goals this year

2 Feb 22  Climate change has likely begun to suffocate the world's fisheries

2 Feb 22  30,000 year-old carbon deposits are thawing in Siberia

2 Feb 22  How "cool roofs" are helping women earn more in India

2 Feb 22  Repeat photography shows climate change impacts on real places

2 Feb 22  More Zoom, less climate gloom

2 Feb 22  Chapman Tripp first New Zealand Law firm to join Net Zero Lawyers Alliance

1 Feb 22  Global carbon markets value surged to record US$851 billion last year

1 Feb 22  This Fed pick is a climate hero. Will it sink her nomination?

1 Feb 22  Beijing expected to relaunch the China Certified Emission Reduction scheme

1 Feb 22  Q&A: What do rich countries owe the rest of the world?

1 Feb 22  New transport blueprint unveiled for Scotland

1 Feb 22  20% of Brits eating less meat to fight climate change

31 Jan 22  Renewables investment hits record $755B

31 Jan 22  Net zero will result in hundreds of thousands of job losses in Australia: report

31 Jan 22  Alaska Supreme Court narrowly dismisses youths’ climate change lawsuit

31 Jan 22  How to win more global warming lawsuits

31 Jan 22  Plant-based epoxy enables recyclable carbon fibre

31 Jan 22  8 reasons Finland is winning on climate: opinion

28 Jan 22  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $75.25

28 Jan 22  Key crops face major shifts as world warms

28 Jan 22  How Pacific climate diplomacy is changing

28 Jan 22  Future forests will have smaller trees and soak up less carbon: study

28 Jan 22  Gas stoves leak climate-warming methane even when they're off

28 Jan 22  The pandemic has been great for electric car sales

28 Jan 22  Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan talking about climate change will make your brain dissolve

28 Jan 22  Driverless, low emissions tractor in development

27 Jan 22  Climate change costs world US$329 billion in damages

27 Jan 22  Huge aluminium demand expected in solar industry, concerns arise on emissions

27 Jan 22  Cutting carbon to take backseat to ‘normal life’ in China: Xi Jinping

27 Jan 22  Oil firms accused of scare tactics after claiming climate lawsuits ‘a threat to US'

27 Jan 22  Here’s how top predator species might buffer climate change impacts on biodiversity

27 Jan 22  Economist proposes carbon backed currency

26 Jan 22  Net-zero transition will cost $275 trillion globally by 2050: McKinsey

26 Jan 22  Rich countries could slash agricultural emissions by 62% by eating less meat

26 Jan 22  Norway underpaid Indonesia for forest protection results: study

26 Jan 22  The rise of voluntary carbon markets

26 Jan 22  Texas and New Mexico methane leaks casuing as much climate pollution as 500,000 cars

26 Jan 22  Carbon capture: savior or a boondoggle?

26 Jan 22  Otari gets money to conserve native orchids

25 Jan 22  'Fragile win' at COP26 summit under threat: Sharma

25 Jan 22  Shipping emissions rise 4.9% in 2021

25 Jan 22  China's national carbon market records brisk trading

25 Jan 22  Slow phasing out of polluting cars a drag on China’s climate targets

25 Jan 22  Scientists warn climate change could unleash ‘rivers in the sky’

25 Jan 22  What will it take to shrink the carbon footprint of health care

24 Jan 22  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $74.95

24 Jan 22  Why the price of Australian carbon credits has tripled in the past year

24 Jan 22  Shell’s massive carbon capture plant emits more than it captures

24 Jan 22  First battery-powered train to start trial operations in German regional transport

24 Jan 22  World's first hydrogen tanker to ship test cargo to Japan from Australia

24 Jan 22  Canada's biggest climate polluters pay lowest carbon price

24 Jan 22  Climate-adaptation funds have not reached half of ‘most vulnerable’ nations

24 Dec 21  How climate change has altered Christmas

24 Dec 21  What is 'youthwashing' and is it dangerous for the climate movement?

24 Dec 21  “We’re no longer totally f$%@ed. But we’re also far from totally unf$@%*ed!”

24 Dec 21  Ozone-destroying greenhouse gas emissions from China increased significantly: Study

24 Dec 21  Controlled burning of natural environments could help offset our carbon emissions

24 Dec 21  How artists are taking on the climate crisis

23 Dec 21  China ETS reduces carbon but needs map to cap-and-trade based system: study

23 Dec 21  EPA announces strictest vehicle emissions standards ever

23 Dec 21  Bicycle parking to be mandatory in all new European buildings

23 Dec 21  Battery wars: Serbian climate protests were just the beginning

23 Dec 21  The case for a new international crime called ecocide: Philippe Sands

23 Dec 21  Preparing, and paying for, climate change-induced disasters

23 Dec 21  Native tree numbers on the rise in Bay of Plenty

22 Dec 21  Australian carbon price surges 180%

22 Dec 21  Biden's climate promises are sunk without Build Back Better: experts

22 Dec 21  Did 2021 deal a fatal blow to climate change denial?

22 Dec 21  Climate change news coverage reached all-time high

22 Dec 21  Voluntary carbon audits scheme for Northern Irish farmers

22 Dec 21  The e-trike armada propelling a net-zero dream

21 Dec 21  Papua New Guinea’s tides expose climate risks

21 Dec 21  What losing Build Back Better means for climate change

21 Dec 21  Activists slam tweak to EU carbon allowance scheme

21 Dec 21  Are Australia’s climate wars ending?

21 Dec 21  2022 is a year to call out greenwashing in China: Bloomburg

21 Dec 21  Billionaire space flights a carbon bomb that will destroy the planet: Jacobin

21 Dec 21  Wellington councils draw down first green loans from Local Government Funding Agency

20 Dec 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $68.17

20 Dec 21  Vehicle emission declines decreased deaths: study

20 Dec 21  The ‘doomsday’ glacier is on the brink of collapse

20 Dec 21  Activists demand Indonesian climate leadership during G20 presidency

20 Dec 21  Deforestation, climate change making outdoor work unsafe: study

20 Dec 21  China’s Alibaba pledges carbon neutrality by 2030

20 Dec 21  New York is banning the use of natural gas in new buildings

17 Dec 21  10 YEARS AGO...

17 Dec 21  WORTH NOTING...

17 Dec 21  EU leaders set to ask for deeper monitoring of carbon market

17 Dec 21  The year in climate: The New Yorker

17 Dec 21  Google still ran ads on climate denial, despite promising to stop

17 Dec 21  Will kalamata olives perish due to climate change?

17 Dec 21  Why big central banks are becoming climate warriors

17 Dec 21  Japan eyes carbon credits with decarbonisation drive

17 Dec 21  NZ should follow Netherland's lead and drastically cut stock numbers: Greenpeace

16 Dec 21  World's largest asset managers fail to back climate-action resolutions

16 Dec 21  Warming climate expected to degrade forecasting abilities

16 Dec 21  Buildings key to achieving Europe’s climate goals

16 Dec 21  How we measure the effects of methane matters for climate policy

16 Dec 21  Wall Street could crumble under the weight of a ‘carbon bubble'

16 Dec 21  'World’s first carbon-negative green hydrogen project' announced in California

16 Dec 21  ‘Keep it clear’ when buying plastic bottles: Hamilton City Council

15 Dec 21  UN confirms record 38C temperature for the Arctic

15 Dec 21  Green finance groups slam HSBC's carbon exit plan

15 Dec 21  Climate change likely played a role in deadly US tornadoes

15 Dec 21  Germany's Annalena Baerbock criticises Russia over SC climate veto

15 Dec 21  Denmark bets on North Sea carbon capture to hit climate goals

15 Dec 21  Dezeen's top 10 low-carbon buildings of 2021

15 Dec 21  Open letter to ministers of forestry and climate change: Ekos

14 Dec 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $68.00

14 Dec 21  WORTH NOTING...

14 Dec 21  Plastic production accounts for much larger carbon footprint than previously thought

14 Dec 21  Farmed seafood supply at risk if we don’t act on climate change

14 Dec 21  Germany approves billions for climate, modernisation fund

14 Dec 21  How Bangladesh’s poor are paying the costs of climate damage

14 Dec 21  ‘2.4C is a death sentence’: Vanessa Nakate’s fight for the forgotten countries of the climate crisis

14 Dec 21  The politics of climate change and ESG are about to get ugly

14 Dec 21  Europe's big meat and dairy firms accused of climate 'greenwash'

13 Dec 21  Aussie carbon price outpacing house gains

13 Dec 21  When carbon credits drive people from their homes

13 Dec 21  Who will be the judge of countries' climate plans?

13 Dec 21  U.S. pulls the plug on new overseas fossil-fuel investments

13 Dec 21  Mapped: Europe’s fossil fuel-backed hydrogen lobby

13 Dec 21  Security Council to vote on historic climate change resolution

10 Dec 21  How close are we to price parity between EVs and ICE vehicles?

10 Dec 21  Carbon prices, long in the dumps, surge in U.S. and Europe

10 Dec 21  Carbon market asymmetry: time to put power in the hands of people on the ground: opinion

10 Dec 21  The millions of tonnes of carbon emissions that don't offically exist

10 Dec 21  Boost for Tuvalu's economic, social and climate resilience

10 Dec 21  Climate threats are multiplying in the Horn of Africa

9 Dec 21  Why climate lawsuits are surging

9 Dec 21  Germany’s new climate minister aims for green economic miracle

9 Dec 21  African Union urged to bring political clout to Egypt climate talks

9 Dec 21  The ‘idea’: Uncovering the peatlands of the Congo Basin

9 Dec 21  Jonathan Pie: The World's End (COP26 short film with George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas & Ed Miliband)

9 Dec 21  Plants buy us time to slow climate change—but not enough to stop it

9 Dec 21  Bay of Plenty climate projects given a boost

8 Dec 21  UK government set to step in as carbon price mechanism is triggered

8 Dec 21  Benchmark EU carbon price hits record high at 85 euros a tonne

8 Dec 21  2021's weather disasters brought home the reality of climate change

8 Dec 21  A giant 'black box' will gather all climate data for future civilizations to learn from

8 Dec 21  Scientists join Swiss hunger strike to raise climate alarm

8 Dec 21  Wealthy people cause climate change much more than poorer people do: report

7 Dec 21  Carbon trading gets a green light from the U.N., and Brazil hopes to earn billions

7 Dec 21  India not a climate villain: opinion

7 Dec 21  World's largest carbon capture pipeline aims to connect 31 ethanol plants

7 Dec 21  Biden administration chose incremental change over sweeping climate action

7 Dec 21  Climate migration will worsen the brutality in the Mediterranean: opinion

7 Dec 21  Free tree for every Welsh household in climate initiative

7 Dec 21  Shift happens - BNZ's Future of agribusiness report

6 Dec 21  James Hansen calls bullshit on contemporary climate change claims

6 Dec 21  Study sees rail move to battery-electric propulsion as feasible, cost effective

6 Dec 21  Study finds US$278 billion investment could eliminate steel industry carbon emissions

6 Dec 21  Major bank boss’ pay could be linked to climate targets

6 Dec 21  Corporations are turning to forest credits in the race to go 'carbon-neutral.' Advocates worry about 'greenwashing.'

6 Dec 21  4 new myths about climate change—and how to debunk them

3 Dec 21  UN Security Council considers first ever resolution on security implications of climate change

3 Dec 21  Compressed air energy storage proposed

3 Dec 21  Climate modeling confirms historical records showing rise in hurricane activity

3 Dec 21  These Portuguese kids are suing 33 European countries to force them to cut emissions

3 Dec 21  Scottish farmers cautioned over selling carbon credits

3 Dec 21  As climate worsens, environmentalists grapple with the mental toll of activism

3 Dec 21  International meeting could open up ocean mining, drastically undermining ocean health

2 Dec 21  Record jump in energy and carbon savings from NZ efficient product sales

2 Dec 21  Brazil's Suzano CEO says $12-$13 carbon price could support forest regeneration

2 Dec 21  Solar and crop production research shows ‘multi-solving’ climate benefits

2 Dec 21  These 11 countries could face extreme instability from climate change: U.S. intelligence

2 Dec 21  Is colonial history repeating itself with Sabah forest carbon deal?

2 Dec 21  Top Commission official says EU ‘can’t exclude’ stronger 2030 climate targets

2 Dec 21  How Norilsk, in the Russian Arctic, became one of the most polluted places on Earth

1 Dec 21  Hamilton's emissions up

1 Dec 21  Australia's emissions down but not by enough: Climate Council

1 Dec 21  Universal method to report carbon in buildings and infrastructure launched

1 Dec 21  A powerful and underappreciated ally in the climate crisis? Fungi

1 Dec 21  New book tells 1,001 firsthand stories of climate change from around the world

1 Dec 21  Think climate change is messy? Wait until geoengineering

1 Dec 21  A way to reduce air pollution deaths as climate change mitigation goals are set

30 Nov 21  $22-trillion time bomb’ ahead unless banks drop high-carbon investments: Moody’s

30 Nov 21  Asset owners have little impact in reducing carbon footprints of companies: report

30 Nov 21  UN shipping body agrees voluntary measures to cut black carbon in the Arctic

30 Nov 21  Climate 'overwhelming' driver of Australian bushfires: study

30 Nov 21  Experts, activists say health equity needs more emphasis in fight against climate change

30 Nov 21  Is the climate crisis really on the WTO’s agenda?

30 Nov 21  Tourism industry challenge to cut carbon

30 Nov 21  NZ Super Fund ranked among the world’s most responsible asset allocators

29 Nov 21  UN shipping talks fail to speed up faster carbon exit

29 Nov 21  Offsetting agricultural emissions through reforestation would cost Australian farmers 15% of farm profit

29 Nov 21  Film of polar bear eating reindeer seen as evidence of climate change

29 Nov 21  The clean energy transitions enters hyperdrive

29 Nov 21  To win the new climate war, we need a new strategy: book review

29 Nov 21  No accountability for US carbon bootprint

26 Nov 21  The Arctic Ocean began warming decades earlier than previously thought

26 Nov 21  How to cope in a world of climate disasters, trauma and anxiety: Yale psychologist

26 Nov 21  China's carbon emissions fall for first time since COVID lockdowns: report

26 Nov 21  Is Norway a climate hypocrite?

26 Nov 21  Australian climate activists battling increased repression and surveillance

26 Nov 21  Decomputerise to decarbonise - a debate we can't avoid: opinion

26 Nov 21  Fish & Game supports calls for forestry re-focus

26 Nov 21  Timaru’s on-demand public transport hits 200,000 ride milestone

25 Nov 21  The fight to dismantle a shadow court system threatening climate goals

25 Nov 21  How a new global carbon market could exaggerate climate progress

25 Nov 21  Pledges not enough to keep warming below 2 degrees

25 Nov 21  Free green services can reduce harmful emissions

25 Nov 21  Europe’s social climate fund too small to make a difference: critics

25 Nov 21  Climate change causing albatross divorce: study

24 Nov 21  What's next for the Fed on climate change

24 Nov 21  ECB warns most EU banks have no 'Paris' climate plan

24 Nov 21  Big climate change job awaits WTO

24 Nov 21  Why oil industry's pivot to carbon capture isn't a solution

24 Nov 21  Corporate net zero targets: Greenwashing or genuine climate action?

24 Nov 21  Canada’s tar sands challenge the existence of land and people

23 Nov 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $64.80

23 Nov 21  Farmers drive tractors through Dublin as they protest government plans

23 Nov 21  China creates vast research infrastructure to support ambitious climate goals

23 Nov 21  Nigeria commits to annual carbon budgets to reach net zero under climate law

23 Nov 21  Canadian steelmakers embrace 'green steel' as carbon taxes set to rise

23 Nov 21  UN hails nuclear as the lowest carbon electricity source

23 Nov 21  Climate warming forecasts may be too rosy: study

22 Nov 21  US climate pledge faces test in Senate with global impact

22 Nov 21  Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward

22 Nov 21  Every battery is a treasure box

22 Nov 21  Mining Bitcoin is putting communities on the frontline of the climate crisis at risk: experts

22 Nov 21  What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition?

22 Nov 21  Coffee prices could spike due to climate change and supply chain issues

22 Nov 21  Global fisheries even worse than thought

19 Nov 21  Aussie biodiversity market a step closer

19 Nov 21  Who will ensure compliance with the Glasgow climate commitments?

19 Nov 21  Climate change deniers are over attacking the science. Now they attack the solutions

19 Nov 21  How a carbon price could gut animal agriculture without taxing farmers

19 Nov 21  Toyota bets big on hydrogen as an alternative route to carbon neutrality

19 Nov 21  Standards needed to stop private equity cashing in on dirty assets: tax expert

18 Nov 21  Coming off climate talks, US to hold huge crude sale in Gulf

18 Nov 21  Don’t be too critical on China for changing pledge on coal: EU climate chief

18 Nov 21  Why women’s participation is essential to achieve global climate targets

18 Nov 21  Knesset committee calls for climate change to be seen as a national security issue

18 Nov 21  ‘Greenflation’: Could climate action overheat the economy?

18 Nov 21  New Zealand’s first carbon zero hospital unveiled

18 Nov 21  It’s up to citizens and markets to kiss fossil fuels goodbye: Barry Coates

17 Nov 21  Covid denial to climate denial: How conspiracists are shifting focus

17 Nov 21  The public prefers climate carrots to climate sticks

17 Nov 21  Cost of capital spikes for fossil-fuel producers

17 Nov 21  Why sea level will rise for decades after we reach net zero carbon

17 Nov 21  Like basic income, but for transportation

17 Nov 21  What would it look like if we treated climate change like an actual emergency?

16 Nov 21  ‘COP26 hasn’t solved the problem’: scientists react to UN climate deal

16 Nov 21  Last month was the warmest October in the northern hemisphere since records began

16 Nov 21  Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Glasgow: Carbon Brief

16 Nov 21  Fixing climate finance: Jeffrey Sachs

16 Nov 21  EU carbon prices hit record high

16 Nov 21  Chile wants to export solar energy to Asia via 15,000km submarine cable

16 Nov 21  Dehli considering lockdowns to deal with emissions

15 Nov 21  COP26: New global climate deal struck in Glasgow

15 Nov 21  Five things you need to know about the Glasgow Climate Pact

15 Nov 21  These experts say there's reason for cautious optimism coming out of COP26

15 Nov 21  After the failure of COP26 mass protest only hope of survival: Monbiot

15 Nov 21  Glasgow Climate Pact has loopholes so big an oil tanker could get through them

15 Nov 21  Compromise COP26 deal disappoints

12 Nov 21  Climate Change vs. the Sino-American Cold War

12 Nov 21  How close are we to climate tipping points?

12 Nov 21  Our AI is exposing climate misinformation throughout COP26

12 Nov 21  How the world’s militaries hide their huge carbon emissions

12 Nov 21  The Global South does not need debt. We need climate justice: Mitzi Tan

12 Nov 21  Saudi Arabia denies playing climate saboteur at Glasgow

12 Nov 21  Lincoln University scientists launch eco-pond

11 Nov 21  COP26 draft text calls for tougher emissions pledges by 2022

11 Nov 21  COP architects furious at lack of climate justice at pivotal summit

11 Nov 21  The climate activists stealing Big Oil’s playbook

11 Nov 21  Youth, Indigenous people bring climate frontlines to the forefront at COP26

11 Nov 21  Bornean communities locked into 2-million-hectare carbon deal they don’t know about

11 Nov 21  Uganda's Vanessa Nakate says COP26 sidelines nations most affected by climate change

11 Nov 21  Urgent Couriers replaces Auckland car fleet with electric cargo bikes

10 Nov 21  Famine-stricken Madagascar calls for 'climate empathy' at COP26

10 Nov 21  Ocean's climate change 'buffer' role under threat

10 Nov 21  Forest deal may not be enough to save the trees

10 Nov 21  Climate is the ‘biggest single opportunity’ the insurance industry has ever seen: Lloyd's

10 Nov 21  London Stock Exchange aims to bring firms’ carbon claims ‘out into daylight’

10 Nov 21  Greenpeace Germany sues Volkswagen for ‘fuelling climate crisis’

10 Nov 21  Drilling into Antarctica’s past to see our future

9 Nov 21  Countries far apart as climate talks enter final week

9 Nov 21  Climate on track to devastate world’s poorest economies: study

9 Nov 21  African nations seek talks on $700bn climate finance deal

9 Nov 21  Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation at climate summit

9 Nov 21  What the $1.2 trillion US infrastructure bill means for climate change

9 Nov 21  Periodic Table updated to reflect problems of carbon

9 Nov 21  Australasia’s biggest ever electric bus order

9 Nov 21  Electric revolution for Christchurch’s Orbiter fleet

9 Nov 21  The Warehouse and Westpac NZ Sign $70m sustainability-linked loan

8 Nov 21  Nature and climate protection pledges pile up at COP26, amid ghosts of past failures

8 Nov 21  G20 nations will face a full-frontal tide of climate impacts

8 Nov 21  History shows Irish farmers can meet the carbon challenge: opinion

8 Nov 21  Climate clock reset: world one year closer to 1.5 degrees warming

8 Nov 21  China's deafening silence speaks loudest at global climate talks

8 Nov 21  PNG public shocked by expense of COP26 delegation

5 Nov 21  IEA says COP26 pledges bring climate goal close, experts urge caution

5 Nov 21  ‘End of coal in sight’ as COP26 deals take aim at dirtiest fuel

5 Nov 21  Carbon emissions show rapid rebound after Covid dip

5 Nov 21  A $130T climate promise is greeted with suspicion

5 Nov 21  Rich countries’ climate policies are colonialism in green: opinion

5 Nov 21  Cooking up carbon credits

4 Nov 21  Ireland would need to cull up to 1.3 million cattle to reach climate targets

4 Nov 21  Tuvalu and Antigua and Barbuda seeking damages from major polluters

4 Nov 21  Al Gore warns of a $22 trillion ‘subprime carbon bubble’

4 Nov 21  Current carbon market a problem: Mark Carney

4 Nov 21  Doing the maths on Biden’s climate pledge

4 Nov 21  Half the national curricula worldwide don’t mention climate change

3 Nov 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $65.25

3 Nov 21  India targets net-zero carbon emissions by 2070

3 Nov 21  U.S. announces new rules to curtail methane at climate summit

3 Nov 21  Trudeau takes carbon pricing debate to COP26

3 Nov 21  Why COP26 agreement will struggle to reverse global forest loss by 2030

3 Nov 21  Climate change in 11 charts

3 Nov 21  If nothing is done the world will have 200 million climate refugees by 2050

3 Nov 21  ‘Oppose This Climate Slavery’: A Manifesto

2 Nov 21  ‘Digging our graves’: Guterres demands action at climate summit

2 Nov 21  ‘Thin’ Pacific Island teams at COP26 spark fears of inequity

2 Nov 21  US Supreme Court considers EPA’s power to set emissions limits

2 Nov 21  How climate change traps poor countries between poverty and disaster

2 Nov 21  Australia's emissions projections are a farce based on technological pipe dreams: opinion

2 Nov 21  Climate reparations

2 Nov 21  Climate-friendly Let's Get Wellington Moving options revealed

2 Nov 21  Aotearoa joins International Climate Council Network

1 Nov 21  Extreme weather events are 'the new norm'

1 Nov 21  G-20 leaders struggle to secure climate breakthrough at Rome summit

1 Nov 21  Who’s going to the COP26 climate summit? Meet the key players at the UN talks

1 Nov 21  Why planting trees is no silver bullet against climate change

1 Nov 21  Antarctica gets a Glasgow Glacier ahead of climate summit

1 Nov 21  Reasons to be hopeful: the climate solutions available now

29 Oct 21  Polls shows rising demand for government action on climate

29 Oct 21  India rejects target for net zero emissions ahead of COP26 climate conference

29 Oct 21  World's most highly protected forests are now net emitters of carbon

29 Oct 21  What big oil knew about climate change, in its own words

29 Oct 21  Could a technological fix save the planet from climate change?

29 Oct 21  Bottom-up change could be only hope as governments repeatedly fail to deliver: experts

29 Oct 21  New Zealand public housing pilot to feature at COP26

28 Oct 21  There’s still time to fix climate — about 11 years: Scientific American

28 Oct 21  City broker launches weather data index to trade climate crisis risk

28 Oct 21  Torres Strait Islanders sue Australian government over lack of climate action

28 Oct 21  On forestry, COP26 must avoid double counting of carbon removals: scientist

28 Oct 21  Climate change to force crop switch for small farmers: experts

28 Oct 21  How one woman protected millions of acres

28 Oct 21  Wellington joins global race for climate action

27 Oct 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $65.10

27 Oct 21  Australia pledges net zero emissions by 2050

27 Oct 21  Rich countries break $100bn annual climate pledge

27 Oct 21  India lost $87bn due to natural disasters last year: WMO

27 Oct 21  Wealthy countries spending more on border security than climate aid

27 Oct 21  This concrete can eat carbon emissions

27 Oct 21  How to turn a desert into a forest

27 Oct 21  UN praises updated NDCs but still"nowhere near goal"

26 Oct 21  Greenhouse gas build-up reached new high in 2020

26 Oct 21  Why 25 previous conferences have failed to stop climate change

26 Oct 21  Climate scientists fear tipping points (maybe you should too)

26 Oct 21  Permafrost: a ticking carbon time bomb

26 Oct 21  India wants compensation for climate damage caused by rich nations

26 Oct 21  Shipping drifts off net-zero course without carbon levy: study

22 Oct 21  Document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report

22 Oct 21  70% of sustainability experts expect bleak climate future: survey

22 Oct 21  European MPs push for binding methane target

22 Oct 21  Greenpeace chief warns of ‘greenwashing’ at UN climate talks

22 Oct 21  With models under $5,000, China accounts for half the world's electric car sales

22 Oct 21  French oil giant accused of downplaying climate risk

21 Oct 21  Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade

21 Oct 21  Why fossil fuel subsidies are so hard to kill

21 Oct 21  Europeans want climate action but show little appetite for radical lifestyle change

21 Oct 21  Rio Tinto commits to halving emissions by 2030

21 Oct 21  The broken $100-billion promise of climate finance — and how to fix it

21 Oct 21  US carbon markets set for record year

20 Oct 21  Create global price for carbon: WTO boss

20 Oct 21  How trading CO2 could save the climate or not: BBC

20 Oct 21  More than 99.9% of studies agree: Humans caused climate change

20 Oct 21  Beef industry tries to erase its emissions with fuzzy methane math

20 Oct 21  ‘Eco-score’ labels make shopping more sustainable

20 Oct 21  E-bike delivery experiment reduced CO2 emissions by 30%

20 Oct 21  Victoria University Prof joins Bill Gate's Breakthrough Energy Fellows

19 Oct 21  Climate inaction could slash GDP by 3% per annum: Bank of America

19 Oct 21  South Korea aims to cut carbon emissions by 40% in 2030

19 Oct 21  Biden administration considers carbon tax

19 Oct 21  The climate crisis is a child-rights crisis

19 Oct 21  The carbon offset market could be worth $200 billion by 2050. But what is it?

19 Oct 21  Vermont brewery turns carbon emissions into beer bubbles

19 Oct 21  Climate aid boost the wrong move at the wrong time: National

19 Oct 21  Climate aid boost a fantastic outcome: Oxfam

18 Oct 21  Global carbon price of US$100 needed according to Nobel Prize-winning economist

18 Oct 21  Climate change a double blow for oil-rich Mideast: experts

18 Oct 21  How climate change is threatening Australia’s favourite fruits

18 Oct 21  Mozambique first country to receive World Bank forestry emission reducation payment

18 Oct 21  Indigenous climate activists arrested after ‘occupying’ US Department of Interior

18 Oct 21  We need more radical climate fiction

15 Oct 21  Carbon emissions from rich countries rose rapidly in 2021

15 Oct 21  Warning that 42 countries are at risk of sinking below the waves due to climate change

15 Oct 21  French court orders state to honour its climate commitments

15 Oct 21  Shell CEO roasted at TED climate conference

15 Oct 21  Indian teen inventor's solar-powered ironing cart

15 Oct 21  Plant-based jet fuel could reduce emissions by 68%

14 Oct 21  Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’

14 Oct 21  'Adapt or die': UK Environment Agency

14 Oct 21  Switzerland forms two more Article 6 agreements

14 Oct 21  Japan eyes international carbon offsets to deliver 2030 emission cuts

14 Oct 21  Helsinki's climate moonshot

14 Oct 21  Russia aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060: Putin

13 Oct 21  China's coal convulsion threatens climate goals

13 Oct 21  Concrete industry says carbon capture a key to hitting emissions targets

13 Oct 21  Could products made of CO2 help cool the planet?

13 Oct 21  Norway to hit 100% electric vehicle sales early next year

13 Oct 21  Why newer cars aren’t always better for the climate

13 Oct 21  Trade can play pivotal role in tackling climate change: UN

12 Oct 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $64.50

12 Oct 21  Climate change may already affect 85% of humanity

12 Oct 21  Over 20 more countries vow to slash methane emissions

12 Oct 21  NDCs, climate finance and 1.5C: your Cop26 jargon buster

12 Oct 21  A lack of fish faeces is changing the flow of carbon in the ocean

12 Oct 21  UN can’t rule on climate case brought by Greta Thunberg

11 Oct 21  Energy crisis sets stage for record global carbon emissions

11 Oct 21  How Australia got blindsided in the great Pacific climate coup

11 Oct 21  Iron battery breakthrough could eat lithium’s lunch

11 Oct 21  Pentagon plans for warfare in hotter, harsher world

11 Oct 21  China to set up standards of carbon neutrality

11 Oct 21  Norway to hit 100% electric vehicle sales early next year

8 Oct 21  Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11 million a minute:IMF

8 Oct 21  Turkey becomes last G20 nation to ratify Paris agreement

8 Oct 21  1 degree rise in temperature may shrink India’s GDP by 3%

8 Oct 21  Energy prices hike should boost transition: EU climate chief

8 Oct 21  Is a ‘climate action famine’ inevitable after Cop26?

8 Oct 21  New million dollar waste sorting facility to open in Taranaki

7 Oct 21  Climate change disasters will cost Australia billions each year

7 Oct 21  Greenpeace calls for end to carbon offsets

7 Oct 21  Could low-carbon trains cure Europe’s flying addiction?

7 Oct 21  Biden's silent climate betrayal: Heated

7 Oct 21  Voices from global south muted by climate science

6 Oct 21  Global citizens’ assembly to be chosen for UN climate talks

6 Oct 21  Climate change kills 14% of coral reefs in under a decade

6 Oct 21  The Tongan island using canoes to tackle climate change

6 Oct 21  Massive inflatable sails could cut shipping's carbon footprint

6 Oct 21  Climate science breakthroughs earn Noble

5 Oct 21  Water scarcity poised to exact an increasingly heavy toll

5 Oct 21  Vanuatu campaign for World Court ruling on climate change gathers momentum

5 Oct 21  Pope, faith leaders sign joint climate appeal before summit

5 Oct 21  Look beyond carbon credits to put a price on nature’s services: experts

5 Oct 21  World airlines commit to 'net zero' CO2 emissions by 2050

4 Oct 21  Climate change is making Earth dimmer

4 Oct 21  Austria govt unveils 'eco' tax reform

4 Oct 21  What scientists can teach us about dealing with climate doom

4 Oct 21  Irish environmentalists call for phasing out of €2bn fossil fuel subsidies

4 Oct 21  Climate change concerns influenced German election but will it make a difference to policy?

1 Oct 21  Climate change: Money on the agenda at Milan talks

1 Oct 21  Only policy action can burst the carbon bubble: experts

1 Oct 21  The net zero trap

1 Oct 21  Wealthy must lead by example on climate change

1 Oct 21  Interactive climate atlas allows you to travel in time

30 Sep 21  WORTH NOTING...

30 Sep 21  COP26 billboard campaign takes aim at Australia

30 Sep 21  Plastic and climate crises are linked

30 Sep 21  Seagrass: The plant that removes carbon 30 times faster than a rainforest

30 Sep 21  Data centres should be bound by emissions ceilings: Irish govt

30 Sep 21  Oil companies discourage climate action: study

30 Sep 21  Commonwealth youth demand climate action

29 Sep 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $63.60

29 Sep 21  What would a net zero emissions policy mean for Australian agriculture?

29 Sep 21  Green hydrogen’s falling costs undermines case for blue hydrogen

29 Sep 21  Students take over their classrooms to demand teaching on climate change

29 Sep 21  Tweets, emails or hand-written notes? What gets politicians to speak up on climate

29 Sep 21  Food waste feeds climate change

28 Sep 21  Removing one tonne of methane from atmosphere could be worth up to $US2700

28 Sep 21  Climate change to loom large in talks to form new German government

28 Sep 21  Carbon offset market will grow 50 times to meet 2050 net-zero emissions goals: Bank of America

28 Sep 21  Zimbabwe and South Africa pledge big cuts to emissions

28 Sep 21  China's belt and road policies could hurt environment and indigenous communities

28 Sep 21  Government welcomes collaboration between Vector and X

28 Sep 21  Air New Zealand and MBIE join forces to scope out sustainable aviation fuel industry

27 Sep 21  Legal experts define a new global crime: ‘ecocide’

27 Sep 21  Vanuatu to push international court for climate change action

27 Sep 21  Young climate activists take to the world's streets

27 Sep 21  Opinion: The West owes Africa $100bn (at least) for climate recovery

27 Sep 21  Getting fuel prices right is key to reducing carbon emissions: IMF

24 Sep 21  Australia needs to commit to net zero emissions by 2050: Frydenberg

24 Sep 21  Increasing natural gas prices boosts both clean and dirty generation

24 Sep 21  AI may be set to reveal climate-change tipping points

24 Sep 21  Report shows how native American nations respond to climate change

24 Sep 21  Opinion: tax corporations to pay for climate change adaptation

24 Sep 21  Even the Suzuki Swift can’t escape Labour’s tax: National

23 Sep 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $64.50

23 Sep 21  Air pollution kills 7 million a year: WHO

23 Sep 21  China signs up to hydrofluorocarbons treaty

23 Sep 21  Late night comedians team up to tackle climate crises

23 Sep 21  L.A.’s new reflective streets bounce heat back into space

23 Sep 21  China to stop funding overseas coal projects

23 Sep 21  Climate Commission ignored climate benefits of cutting synthetic nitrogen: Greenpeace

22 Sep 21  Biden to announce ‘good news’ on $100bn UN climate fund

22 Sep 21  Coal prices surge as power crunch upends effort to cut emissions

22 Sep 21  One in five Australian carbon credits junk: study

22 Sep 21  First credits sold under Queensland's carbon scheme

22 Sep 21  German automakers sued over climate

22 Sep 21  Sinking lid on hydrofluorocarbon

22 Sep 21  Clean Vehicles Bill passes first checkpoint

21 Sep 21  ‘Verge of the abyss’: Climate change to dominate UNGA talks

21 Sep 21  Climate change ETFs found to be undermining war on global warming

21 Sep 21  Deadwood releasing 10.9 gigatons of carbon every year

21 Sep 21  CO2 shortage: why a chemical problem could mean more empty shelves

21 Sep 21  German activists starving themselves to make politicians face the climate crisis

20 Sep 21  New solar is cheaper to build than to run most existing coal plants

20 Sep 21  Fossil fuel firms sue governments across the world for US$18 billion

20 Sep 21  Rich nations all but stall on key $100bn climate fund goal

20 Sep 21  Climate dominates Germany’s most unpredictable election in decades

20 Sep 21  Companies backing kelp may be rushing ahead of the science

17 Sep 21  Climate change not slowed by the COVID pandemic: UN

17 Sep 21  Climate experts fear Aukus will dash hopes of China emissions deal

17 Sep 21  This year's giant Antarctic ozone hole probably due to climate change

17 Sep 21  World’s first carbon-neutral fuel plant breaks ground in Chile

17 Sep 21  'Climate stars' among the world’s most ‘influential’ people

16 Sep 21  Not a single G20 country is in line with the Paris Agreement on climate

16 Sep 21  James Hansen warns rate of global warning set to double

16 Sep 21  Scientists call for 'fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty'

16 Sep 21  Time for a 'Constitution of the Earth'?

16 Sep 21  Australian bush fires belched out immense quantity of carbon

15 Sep 21  World now sees twice as many days over 50C

15 Sep 21  Climate change could trigger migration of 216 million people: World Bank

15 Sep 21  UN calls for 'repurposing' farm subsidies harming environment

15 Sep 21  Meet the world’s first carbon-neutral soccer club

15 Sep 21  River Tamar allowed to flood farmland to help wildlife and climate

14 Sep 21  At least 227 indigenous people died last year defending their lands

14 Sep 21  New Norwegian wind turbine five times more efficient

14 Sep 21  Australia is shaping up to be the villain of COP26 climate talks

14 Sep 21  Climate change and price stability mandates at central banks

14 Sep 21  The carbon footprint of a full English breakfast

14 Sep 21  Quantifying food-related global greenhouse gas emissions

14 Sep 21  Investors want climate change information

13 Sep 21  OECD boss: Carbon pricing should come through us

13 Sep 21  No time left tor ‘incremental’ climate action, warns leaked IPCC report

13 Sep 21  Jobs at risk if UK fails to hit carbon emissions target

13 Sep 21  Canada election: experts urge ‘bolder’ action amid climate crisis

13 Sep 21  Almost certainly the world's coolest climate change research centre

10 Sep 21  Australia could phase out coal in a decade

10 Sep 21  Harmonizing green incentives

10 Sep 21  Norway’s oil and money up for grabs in the coming election

10 Sep 21  Top 5 meat and dairy companies match Exxon in greenhouse gas emissions

10 Sep 21  The messy truth about carbon footprints

9 Sep 21  Vulnerable nations call for emergency climate pact

9 Sep 21  Fossil fuels must remain in ground to avoid missing Paris target

9 Sep 21  UK criticised for ‘dropping Paris climate goals in trade deal with Australia

9 Sep 21  Nature based solutions to tackle climate change in rural Tonga

9 Sep 21  Digital twins key to creating net-zero cities

9 Sep 21  Greater Wellington welcomes $1.2 billion boost

8 Sep 21  Green groups call for COP26 postponement

8 Sep 21  Can land as carbon sink save us?

8 Sep 21  Carbon capture—dream or nightmare—could be coming. Or not.

8 Sep 21  What to expect from China at COP26

8 Sep 21  Not seeing the wood for the trees—the EU’s environmental blunder

8 Sep 21  Investment in public transport is not enough: Greens

7 Sep 21  Over 200 health journals urge world leaders to tackle “catastrophic harm”

7 Sep 21  Recalculating the social cost of carbon

7 Sep 21  COP26 urged to prioritise adaptation as climate emergency surges

7 Sep 21  Shipping industry proposes carbon levy

7 Sep 21  Swiss Re signs a $10 million carbon capture deal

7 Sep 21  Coal will wreck havoc on Australian economy: UN

6 Sep 21  One billion kids at risk from climate change

6 Sep 21  It's possible to both eradicate poverty and meet climate goals: study

6 Sep 21  Weaponising carbon dioxide in the 21st century

6 Sep 21  Europe could miss its 2030 greenhouse gas targets by 21 years

6 Sep 21  Climate change is threatening Komodo dragons

6 Sep 21  Air quality improvements from COVID lockdowns confirmed

3 Sep 21  Increased commitment to climate change action among CEOs: KPMG survey

3 Sep 21  ESG and climate funds fall short of Paris Agreement goals

3 Sep 21  Decaying forest wood releases 10.9 billion tonnes of carbon annually

3 Sep 21  Solar ‘boom’ times as Lebanon’s fossil fuels run dry

3 Sep 21  Five things to know about carbon pricing

2 Sep 21  UN says weather disasters becoming more frequent and costly

2 Sep 21  Almost a third of world’s tree species face extinction: report

2 Sep 21  A faster, fairer way to retire carbon-emitting assets

2 Sep 21  Glasgow records hottest summer in run-up to Cop26 climate summit

2 Sep 21  Public confused by climate jargon

1 Sep 21  IMF urges countries to raise carbon price

1 Sep 21  Climate change in election spotlight in Norway

1 Sep 21  Costa Rica’s environment minister's plans for a green economy

1 Sep 21  Will chocolate survive climate change? Actually, maybe

1 Sep 21  Medellin strives to become Latin America’s first ‘eco-city’

31 Aug 21  Price of carbon crosses 60 euro for first time

31 Aug 21  Singapore exchange to tighten climate rules

31 Aug 21  Zimbabwe opens new coal mines

31 Aug 21  Forced farm buy outs mooted in Netherlands

31 Aug 21  Indigenous voices to be heard for first time at global conservation hui

30 Aug 21  Fossil-fuel interests turn to ‘carbon shaming’

30 Aug 21  China has carbon neutral goals, but at local level old habits die hard

30 Aug 21  Is deep-sea mining a cure for the climate crisis or a curse?

30 Aug 21  The killing of environmental activists continues five years after Berta Cáceres's murder

30 Aug 21  Has methane-free vegan icecream arrived?

27 Aug 21  Is the world approaching peak car?

27 Aug 21  Middle East ‘faces 60C temperatures’ due to climate change

27 Aug 21  Africa's mountain forests store more carbon than previously thought

27 Aug 21  China to increase carbon sinks in the ocean

27 Aug 21  Could working less help save the planet?

26 Aug 21  Global greenhouse gas levels were highest ever in 2020

26 Aug 21  Carbon emissions from power sector soar

26 Aug 21  Global carbon tax could turbocharge ‘green shorting’

26 Aug 21  Australia bushfires of 2020 had cooling effect on climate

26 Aug 21  Is climate change to blame for extreme weather events?

25 Aug 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $50.45

25 Aug 21  Central banks failing on climate action

25 Aug 21  Experts clash over cost of carbon

25 Aug 21  USA nears first major steps to control CO2 emissions

25 Aug 21  Maersk spends £1bn on ‘carbon neutral’ container ships

25 Aug 21  Europe's extreme rains made more likely by humans

24 Aug 21  Pacific islands call for zero carbon shipping by 2050

24 Aug 21  China’s new carbon trading market isn’t working

24 Aug 21  Carbon dividends: a win-win for people and climate

24 Aug 21  Climate change will lead to changes in crop diseases

24 Aug 21  The case against individualising climate change

23 Aug 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $49.75

23 Aug 21  Queen shirks climate responsibilities

23 Aug 21  Insurance industry seeks to limit fossil fuel exposure

23 Aug 21  Time for a cow tax?: Mother Jones

23 Aug 21  Reforestration fails to make up for Amazon's destruction

23 Aug 21  On the hunt for climate killing gas

20 Aug 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $49.75

20 Aug 21  Judge overturns U.S. approval of Alaska oil project

20 Aug 21  Climate change will disrupt supply chains much more than Covid

20 Aug 21  The soaring carbon footprint of wildfires

20 Aug 21  Mapping wildfires around the world

20 Aug 21  Kenyan health experts say climate change fuelling disease burden

19 Aug 21  Swiss announce climate disclosure timeline

19 Aug 21  CFC ban bought us time to fight climate change: scientists

19 Aug 21  Greenland halts new oil exploration

19 Aug 21  GHB move shows global market has turned on fossil fuels

19 Aug 21  Waste material from bauxite mining helps create climate-friendly cement

18 Aug 21  Rise of the 'carbon capitalist'

18 Aug 21  Australia risks international punishment for lagging on climate change: Ban Ki-moon

18 Aug 21  Danish carbon capture project backed by fossil fuel producers

18 Aug 21  Corporate polluters reaping gains from carbon capture

18 Aug 21  Overwhelming support for regenerating global commons

17 Aug 21  Climate change will reduce the cooling effect of volcanoes

17 Aug 21  Steelmaker ArcelorMittal's $10 billion climate plan

17 Aug 21  Green shipping still over the horizon

17 Aug 21  Solar-powered trucks cut refrigeration emissions

17 Aug 21  Priests call on parishes to set up climate change committees

17 Aug 21  Canterbury offers NZ's first undergraduate sustainability degree

16 Aug 21  WORTH NOTING...

16 Aug 21  July Earth's hottest month on record

16 Aug 21  Wildfires take toll on Pacific islands

16 Aug 21  China's carbon market records its first cross-border deal

16 Aug 21  “Blue” hydrogen is worse for the climate than coal

16 Aug 21  French cuisine goes off grid

13 Aug 21  Natural catastrophe losses hit $40 billion

13 Aug 21  Sicily may have recorded highest ever European temp - 48.8C

13 Aug 21  Three things we must do now to stabilise the planet

13 Aug 21  The IPCC understated need for methane emission cuts: experts

13 Aug 21  Auckland Universtiiy building project tops green ratings

12 Aug 21  Carbon budget will exhaust in 10 years at current emission levels: IPCC report

12 Aug 21  How to sell 'carbon neutral' fossil fuel that doesn't exist

12 Aug 21  Environmental policies could see Bolsanaro in front of International Criminal Court

12 Aug 21  Indonesia urged to ban new oil palm plantations forever

12 Aug 21  UN experts call for more nuclear power stations

12 Aug 21  Genesis to add solar power to energy portfolio

12 Aug 21  Contact and Genesis announce long-term renewable electricity agreement

11 Aug 21  10 YEARS AGO...

11 Aug 21  The IPCC environmental warning India cannot ignore

11 Aug 21  Rich world should pay poor countries' carbon debts

11 Aug 21  The far-right view on climate politics

11 Aug 21  IPCC report a "call to arms" say architects and designers

11 Aug 21  We are a warming world

11 Aug 21  Growing number of Wellingtonians going by bike

10 Aug 21  Pacific Island nations could be lost within the century

10 Aug 21  No part of the planet will be spared

10 Aug 21  Worst polluting countries must make drastic carbon cuts: Cop26 chief

10 Aug 21  IPCC interactive atlas provides a glimpse into possible futures

10 Aug 21  'Final warning': US lawmakers

10 Aug 21  Cutting emissions with carbon reinforced concrete

9 Aug 21  An insider's view on why tonight's IPCC report is a big deal

9 Aug 21  Time running out to stop catastrophe - Alok Sharma

9 Aug 21  Global warming could lead to some countries freezing

9 Aug 21  How can artificial intelligence help fight climate change?

6 Aug 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $49.10

6 Aug 21  COP26: Warnings that climate summit may not happen

6 Aug 21  U.N. climate report likely to deliver stark warnings on global warming

6 Aug 21  Facebook let fossil-fuel industry push climate misinformation

6 Aug 21  Half US cars to be zero-emission by 2030 - Biden

6 Aug 21  South Korea sets 3 options for carbon reduction

5 Aug 21  Costa Rica eyes ban on fossil fuel exploration

5 Aug 21  US forest fires threaten carbon offsets

5 Aug 21  Carbon accounting's dirty secret

5 Aug 21  The ‘queen of vegan cheese’ wants to change the dairy industry

5 Aug 21  NZ's only climate venture fund makes first investment Australia

5 Aug 21  Climate change with a supernatural twist

4 Aug 21  Priest sews his mouth shut over 'muting of climate science

4 Aug 21  UN climate panel models show 'implausibly fast' warming

4 Aug 21  Surplus renewable energy powers Orkney's hydrogen economy

4 Aug 21  Israel announces carbon tax

4 Aug 21  Climate change business conference announced

3 Aug 21  Best way to tax carbon at the border

3 Aug 21  The rise of greenflation

3 Aug 21  ‘No eureka moment’: the evolution of climate science

3 Aug 21  Promising battery technology revealed

2 Aug 21  More countries hike climate pledges

2 Aug 21  China and India miss UN deadline to update targets

2 Aug 21  Surge in Arctic temperatures melting Greenland's ice

2 Aug 21  "Carbon washing is the new greenwashing"

2 Aug 21  Hamilton cyclists in for a smoother ride

30 Jul 21  Reducing emissions could save tens of millions of lives

30 Jul 21  Carbon tariffs ‘not a bad thing’: WWF

30 Jul 21  The peacemaking potential of climate change

30 Jul 21  Avoiding the potential pitfalls of lab-grown meat

30 Jul 21  IGCC 2021 Climate Awards entries are open

29 Jul 21  Earth’s vital signs worsen

29 Jul 21  India skips vital pre-Cop26 meeting

29 Jul 21  EU's electricity demand jumps but emissions steady

29 Jul 21  Growing calls for Climate Change Corps

29 Jul 21  Earth overshoot day

28 Jul 21  Analysts raise EU carbon price forecasts

28 Jul 21  China avoids coal projects in Belt and Road for first time

28 Jul 21  Ireland signs ambitious Climate Act into law

28 Jul 21  Climate change threatens pomegranates in their land of origin

28 Jul 21  Is Norway the new East India Company?

27 Jul 21  G20 climate and energy ministers split over coal exit

27 Jul 21  Climate scientists meet as fires, floods and heatwaves batter Earth

27 Jul 21  New study confirms 'The Limits of Growth' are real

27 Jul 21  The true cost of the billionaire space race

26 Jul 21  India urges rich countries to slash per capita emissions

26 Jul 21  Cars in US now as big as WWII tanks

26 Jul 21  Climate change action will create millions of jobs

26 Jul 21  The future of energy is a symbiotic grid

26 Jul 21  World Heritage Committee 'postpones the inevitable' with Great Barrier Reef decision

23 Jul 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $48.10

23 Jul 21  Rich nations 'must consign coal to history': COP26 president

23 Jul 21  Offshore wind turbines could make Australia an energy superpower

23 Jul 21  Introducing China’s carbon market

23 Jul 21  The huge sequestration potential of regenerative farming

22 Jul 21  First ecosystem with its own insurance policy

22 Jul 21  Call for compulsory assessment of embodied carbon emissions

22 Jul 21  Madagascar famine solely due to climate change

22 Jul 21  Bezos coverage eclipses climate change

22 Jul 21  Men are the carbon hogs

21 Jul 21  CO2 emissions set to hit record levels in 2023: IEA

21 Jul 21  French lawmakers adopt compromise climate bill

21 Jul 21  Climate-driven changes in clouds are likely to amplify global warming

21 Jul 21  All pua to California's abalone rescuers

21 Jul 21  Progress being made on lowering cost of green hydrogen

21 Jul 21  Canterbury engineers working on carbon negative hydrogen

20 Jul 21  Global alliance for Green New Deal launched

20 Jul 21  Carbon zero claims come under scrutiny

20 Jul 21  Wind energy sector calls for G20 action

20 Jul 21  Future of winter sports in jeopardy

19 Jul 21  China's carbon market tops 210 million yuan in first-day trading

19 Jul 21  Angela Merkel calls for climate change action

19 Jul 21  Increase in number of slow moving storms linked to climate change

19 Jul 21  Regulate business to tackle climate crisis: Mark Carney

19 Jul 21  Proposed EU carbon tax will hurt poor countries: UN

16 Jul 21  US drawing up carbon tax plans

16 Jul 21  Moscow heatwave changes Putin's tune

16 Jul 21  Canberra attacks Europe's carbon plans

16 Jul 21  'Greta Thunberg Effect' belies challenges for autistic community in going green

16 Jul 21  National releases ute tax video

15 Jul 21  EU unveils sweeping climate change plan

15 Jul 21  Amazon rainforest releasing more carbon than it stores

15 Jul 21  China to launch ETS this month

15 Jul 21  Methane-powered moped

14 Jul 21  Climate change and Covid require same urgency

14 Jul 21  Weather events shown to be climate change related in record time

14 Jul 21  China's extreme weather warnings avoid talk of climate change

14 Jul 21  Technology boosts efforts to curb tree loss in Amazon

13 Jul 21  Europe's addiction to climate subsidies risks trade war

13 Jul 21  Twenty five mega-cities produce 52% of the world's urban GHG emissions

13 Jul 21  Major overhaul of Europe's ETS on the cards

13 Jul 21  Climate change will affect productivity

12 Jul 21  G20 endorse carbon pricing

12 Jul 21  Big insurance companies launch net-zero climate alliance

12 Jul 21  Excrement to crypto in a single flush

12 Jul 21  Billions at risk of malaria if global heating continues

12 Jul 21  Shipping emissions keep climbing

12 Jul 21  Nearly half of Kiwis would consider an electric car

9 Jul 21  Carbon removal hype is a dangerous distraction

9 Jul 21  Europe's plan to grow carbon sinks

9 Jul 21  The waste plastic timebomb

9 Jul 21  Emissions should be treated like financial debt: researchers

8 Jul 21  Green hydrogen uneconomic without subsidies

8 Jul 21  Bringing marine ecosystems back to life

8 Jul 21  Sami object to geoengineering plans

8 Jul 21  Hottest June on record for North America

8 Jul 21  KiwiRail’s inaugural Rail Network Investment Programme released

7 Jul 21  French court orders government to act on climate

7 Jul 21  Powerful Chinese agency put in charge of climate change

7 Jul 21  EU to funnel hundreds of billions to sustainable finance

7 Jul 21  Glacier meltwater causing flooding

6 Jul 21  Rebound in gas demand threatens international climate targets: IEA

6 Jul 21  Business views EU carbon levy as protectionest

6 Jul 21  More than 90% of Europeans consider climate change a serious problem

6 Jul 21  Climate change warnings in 1960s ignored

5 Jul 21  US urges Australia to act on climate change

5 Jul 21  Exxon's secret video reveals anti-climate campaign

5 Jul 21  ‘Cows are the new coal’: investors

2 Jul 21  Climate heat is changing Earth’s water cycle

2 Jul 21  Australia bottom of the climate change pack

2 Jul 21  Courts set for rise in compensation cases

2 Jul 21  Bangladesh ditches coal-fired power plant plans

1 Jul 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $43.47

1 Jul 21  Guardian launches climate crimes series

1 Jul 21  UK e-bike boom

1 Jul 21  ‘Hot air’ carbon offset scheme undermines Colombia’s climate goal

1 Jul 21  Fact check: Is China the main climate change culprit?

1 Jul 21  Oxfam launches farm emissions petition

30 Jun 21  US heatwave is climate change: scientists

30 Jun 21  90% of institutional investors taking climate change into account

30 Jun 21  An indigenous leader fighting climate change

30 Jun 21  EVs make up one in nine of all new cars in Europe

29 Jun 21  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $43.35

29 Jun 21  EU approves landmark climate law

29 Jun 21  Climate change could shrink global economy by 10%

29 Jun 21  Peatlands critical for climate

29 Jun 21  Wave of climate change litigation predicted

28 Jun 21  Renewable energy undercutting fossil fuel

28 Jun 21  5000 burgers a day produced at world's first cultured-meat plant

28 Jun 21  Bolsonaro accused of ecocide

28 Jun 21  Climate change threatens indigenous food systems: UN

25 Jun 21  Climate action must take into account women’s right to land

25 Jun 21  Welsh freeze new road-building projects

25 Jun 21  German citizens' assembly offers emission-slashing solutions

25 Jun 21  Northern Ireland's beef farmers oppose net zero target

24 Jun 21  Legal definition of ecocide proposed

24 Jun 21  IPCC leaked report offers grim picture

24 Jun 21  Arctic research shows ozone layer under threat again

24 Jun 21  US farmers banking carbon

23 Jun 21  Unesco: Great Barrier Reef 'in danger'

23 Jun 21  France introduces corporate climate disclosures

23 Jun 21  Billions needed for agricultural research to avoid chronic hunger

23 Jun 21  UK aviation emissions up, up and away till mid-2030s

22 Jun 21  Fighting nature loss benefits climate: IPCC

22 Jun 21  India, South Africa could pilot $2bn coal transition scheme

22 Jun 21  Solar replaces coal in Florida

22 Jun 21  Climate change threatens future of coffee

21 Jun 21  Earth's energy out of balance

21 Jun 21  New technology won't save us

21 Jun 21  Lights, camera, climate

21 Jun 21  UN says blockchain has a role in sustainable future

18 Jun 21  UK’s ‘really shocking’ climate record damned

18 Jun 21  Turning carbon dioxide into diamonds

18 Jun 21  Uganda's charcoal boom threat to health

17 Jun 21  Pacific Island bid for carbon price on shipping fails to gain support

17 Jun 21  Singapore launches new carbon marketplace for nature conservancy projects

17 Jun 21  'No time to waste' warns Japan climate activist

17 Jun 21  Combating fake climate news with a bot

16 Jun 21  Carbon negative concrete developed

16 Jun 21  Switzerland to offset in Thailand

16 Jun 21  Australian resource minister urges fossil industry to fight back

16 Jun 21  EU to compensate vulnerable household for carbon related price hikes

15 Jun 21  Australia increasingly isolated on coal

15 Jun 21  The US$2000 EV ute

15 Jun 21  Kyrgyzstan aims to increase meat production and cut emissions

15 Jun 21  Fighting climate change one maggot burger at a time

14 Jun 21  G7 to adopt tougher measures on coal

14 Jun 21  Tar sands companies aim for ‘net zero’ by 2050

14 Jun 21  Swiss reject climate tax hike

14 Jun 21  Traditional Indian housing well suited to climate change

11 Jun 21  Plantation forests not the solution for climate change: UN Report

11 Jun 21  Investors holding $41 trillion demand action on climate — now

11 Jun 21  CEOs urge world leaders to take bolder climate action

11 Jun 21  Looming EU carbon tariffs

11 Jun 21  Kiwis want action on climate change: IAG Poll

11 Jun 21  NIWA's climate change game

10 Jun 21  Halogen lightbulbs to be banned in UK

10 Jun 21  Biden's climate ambitions hit headwinds

10 Jun 21  China tempers climate change efforts

10 Jun 21  Climate change could cost India 10% of GDP by century's end

9 Jun 21  UK banks to be stress-tested for climate change

9 Jun 21  Carbon tax planned for Indonesia

9 Jun 21  Australia backs carbon capture

9 Jun 21  Tasmania has reached net-zero emissions

8 Jun 21  Carbon dioxide levels hit 4.5 million-year high

8 Jun 21  Germany's citizens' assembly on climate

8 Jun 21  Is the Growing Climate Solutions Act the solution?

8 Jun 21  Marijuana's carbon problem

4 Jun 21  IMF warns climate change is a serious risk to financial markets

4 Jun 21  Investors piling into carbon market

4 Jun 21  Oil price predicted to surge as a result of climate activism

4 Jun 21  Healthcare workers turning to climate activism

4 Jun 21  Pests increase due to climate change

3 Jun 21  Global agreement on climate disclosure for listed companies on the cards

3 Jun 21  World's first carbon-neutral cement plant to open in Sweden

3 Jun 21  G7 nations committing billions more to fossil fuel than green energy

3 Jun 21  Melting Himalayas point to problems worldwide

2 Jun 21  Virtual climate talks underway

2 Jun 21  Climate change's $250k price tag for the young

2 Jun 21  Eighty two per cent of heat deaths in Honolulu due to global warming

2 Jun 21  The surprising cheerleaders for Western big oil's woes

1 Jun 21  Finland aims to be carbon negative

1 Jun 21  First nation-led biomass revolution

1 Jun 21  Electricity-eating bacteria could help store carbon

1 Jun 21  Is this the future of double cab utes?

31 May 21  Seoul climate summit kicks off with call for cleaner planet

31 May 21  Blue carbon sinks on the rise

31 May 21  International calls for climate change to be included in school curriculums

31 May 21  Doctors urge global action against climate-linked health risks

28 May 21  Lake Horowhenua to be restored

28 May 21  Court finds Australian Government has responsibility to protect young from climate change

28 May 21  Big oil faces its reckoning: Fortune

28 May 21  Earliest known war driven by climate change

28 May 21  Ain't no convincing the sceptics

27 May 21  Shell Oil ordered to limit emissions in historic court case

27 May 21  China to launch carbon trading market next month

27 May 21  Activists win places on ExxonMobil board

27 May 21  Airships could cut short hop flying’s CO2 emissions by 90 per cent

27 May 21  Pope plans to attend COP26

27 May 21  Solar power initiative benefits Maori households

26 May 21  Most Australians want a ban on new coal mines

26 May 21  EU attempt to set tougher climate change target stalls

26 May 21  Ambitious action on climate change could be Biden’s ‘moon shot'

26 May 21  Climate agenda for Black Lives Matter

25 May 21  Demand for "green aluminium" growing

25 May 21  Investor pressure on Shell grows

25 May 21  Climate battle reaches ExxonMobil boardroom

25 May 21  Fossil fuel divestment is the road to climate justice

25 May 21  Nelson Council boosts climate change fund

24 May 21  G7 pledge to stop supporting overseas coal

24 May 21  Singapore to launch global carbon exchange

24 May 21  Brazil's slash and burning of regulations threatens Amazon

24 May 21  UAE bids for COP 28

21 May 21  Tens of millions displaced by war and climate

21 May 21  NZ link to evangelicals push for climate action

21 May 21  Investors jump into the climate risk space

21 May 21  Indonesian president slammed for ‘wait-and-see’ approach on climate

21 May 21  Sustainable business groups welcome budget

20 May 21  World's largest carbon market booming

20 May 21  Climate change denial on decline

20 May 21  Tiny life forms with huge job

20 May 21  Greening the world's largest energy grid

19 May 21  E-bikes subsidies pay dividends

19 May 21  Climate-friendly microbes recycle carbon without producing methane

19 May 21  Current climate efforts inadequate: Swiss scientists

18 May 21  Aussie scientists call for zero pollution target

18 May 21  Dams could be releasing immense amounts of carbon

18 May 21  Mangroves are carbon storage powerhouses

18 May 21  Cooking with gas bad for the planet and our health

18 May 21  Asia’s cities are worst hit in warming world

17 May 21  New Aussie battery touted as game-changer

17 May 21  Boris tells Scott to step up his climate change game

17 May 21  Solar panel industry uses forced Uyghur labour

17 May 21  The evolution of ExxonMobil's climate messaging

14 May 21  Big Oil’s malign influence is waning

14 May 21  Small town America taking on the bitcoin miners

14 May 21  Time to split emission reduction and removal targets

13 May 21  Surge in renewable energy

13 May 21  Tea threatened by climate change

13 May 21  Kenya to set up an ETS

13 May 21  High carbon price hits coal

13 May 21  How climate change skepticism held a government captive

12 May 21  Grim outlook for coral reefs

12 May 21  Tide of climate refugees swells as Earth heats up

12 May 21  Biden's civilian climate corp

12 May 21  Forest the size of France have regenerated

11 May 21  The commodities that will drive digital transition

11 May 21  Funeral smoke adds to South Asia’s woes

11 May 21  Attenborough's grim warning

11 May 21  Shareholders chide Toyota president over climate comments

10 May 21  German constitutional court backs climate action

10 May 21  Battle for the future of milk

10 May 21  Climate change impacts price stability: ECB

10 May 21  Young activists demanding change

7 May 21  Great Green Wall promises better lives to African farmers

7 May 21  US farmers going nuts over climate change

7 May 21  Dutch banning fossil fuel advertising

7 May 21  Blue economy crucial in transition to a green one

6 May 21  Airline offsetting programmes flawed

6 May 21  Covid-19 set back moves to public transport

6 May 21  Marine heatwaves devastating ecosystems

5 May 21  2.4 per cent increase in temperature predicted

5 May 21  Tree-free paper is saving forests in Washington State

5 May 21  Three-star Michelin restaurant goes 100 per cent plant based

5 May 21  Green transition cheaper than doing nothing

4 May 21  Coastal forests fall victim to climate change

4 May 21  Video games tackle climate change

4 May 21  Expert calls for drastic cut to size of houses

4 May 21  Climate change playing havoc with Chagos Archipelago

3 May 21  Amazon is now net GHG emitter: study finds

3 May 21  Support for Rarotongan climate research

3 May 21  NGOs call on Asian Development Bank to end fossil-fuel loans

3 May 21  Redirect harmful subsidies to benefit the planet, UN urges governments

3 May 21  Japan's visionary climate target

30 Apr 21  The geopolitics of climate change

30 Apr 21  California's forestry offsetting adding millions of tonnes of C02 to atmosphere

30 Apr 21  Seaweed aquaculture could reduce the size and number of “dead zones”

30 Apr 21  Cool homes and hot water are there on the cheap

30 Apr 21  Investor Group on Climate Change CEO Emma Herd calls time

29 Apr 21  World's glaciers disappearing

29 Apr 21  Nuclear industry’s unfounded claims let it survive

29 Apr 21  Epicurious drops beef recipes because of climate change

29 Apr 21  Online platform to sell forests

29 Apr 21  Climate Change photo competition winners announced

28 Apr 21  UN puts spotlight on methane

28 Apr 21  Calls for US ETS

28 Apr 21  Trees can't offset all of society's carbon

28 Apr 21  Lebanon launches electric car

27 Apr 21  Climate crisis has shifted the Earth’s axis

27 Apr 21  Extinction Rebellion protesters cleared by jury

27 Apr 21  Big advertising to ditch Big Oil?

27 Apr 21  ‘Blue carbon’ credits could help restore ecosystems

27 Apr 21  Pacific plan to decarbonise shipping

27 Apr 21  Which country has made the biggest climate commitment?

27 Apr 21  Greenpeace calls out PM

23 Apr 21  101 Nobel Prize winners call for fossil fuel ban

23 Apr 21  Blanket bans on fossil-fuel will entrench poverty

23 Apr 21  Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap

23 Apr 21  Why we can’t afford to dismiss carbon offsetting in a climate crisis

23 Apr 21  EU carbon prices hit all-time high

23 Apr 21  Kiwi methane tracking satellite

23 Apr 21  Wise Response's response to climate summit

22 Apr 21  Global emissions surging

22 Apr 21  Europe to overhaul corporate climate disclosure

22 Apr 21  Biden’s climate summit faces challenge by Brazil

22 Apr 21  Climate journalism enters solutions era

22 Apr 21  Environmental racism: how it works

21 Apr 21  Biden using job creation to sell climate action

21 Apr 21  Dutch cities heading for zero emission deliveries

21 Apr 21  Global energy inequality deeper than bitcoin

21 Apr 21  Sequestered carbon pays for tribe's development

21 Apr 21  A call to climate arms from two former Aussie PMs

21 Apr 21  Ardern should tackle issue of growth at summit

20 Apr 21  China slams European border levy proposal

20 Apr 21  Monsoon changes set to cause havoc

20 Apr 21  Biden's climate test

20 Apr 21  Investors pressure Toyota over climate stance

20 Apr 21  The campaign against the climate

19 Apr 21  Sachs condemns BBC framing of climate vs human rights

19 Apr 21  Time for Australia to stop bluffing on climate change

19 Apr 21  Five culinary winners and losers of climate change

19 Apr 21  Shell offsets emissions with efficient stoves in Africa

19 Apr 21  Indian government country's biggest investor in coal-fired generators

16 Apr 21  Asia pushes ahead on carbon markets

16 Apr 21  Fed's focus on climate change defended

16 Apr 21  Tech billionaires' climate change solutions might not be helping

16 Apr 21  Just 3 per cent of world’s ecosystems remain intact

16 Apr 21  Is 'frugal innovation' Africa's ticket to green development?

16 Apr 21  Sustainability despite Covid-19

15 Apr 21  Europe risks €87 billion in stranded fossil gas assets

15 Apr 21  Mexico’s cactuses find novel path to cooler climate

15 Apr 21  Youth of the world unite

15 Apr 21  Scientists of the world unite

15 Apr 21  Dutch going with the flow

14 Apr 21  Outback doctors fleeing heat

14 Apr 21  Soil inoculation accelerate carbon sequestration

14 Apr 21  Native Americans at risk from climate change

14 Apr 21  New climate indices launched

14 Apr 21  Climate change study win marine biologist a PM science prize

13 Apr 21  France's e-bikes for clunkers scheme

13 Apr 21  Biden in risky talks to save Amazon

13 Apr 21  Third of Antarctic ice shelf at risk of collapse

13 Apr 21  Aboriginals fight new coal mine

12 Apr 21  Emissions and economy decoupling

12 Apr 21  EU carbon tariffs discriminatory - developing nations say

12 Apr 21  Marshall and Solomon Islands call for $100 levy on shipping emissions

12 Apr 21  Greenlanders vote for the environment

12 Apr 21  Nats call for ClimCom report back time extension

9 Apr 21  Carbon dioxide and methane surged in 2020

9 Apr 21  The decline of coal in China

9 Apr 21  NSW's big ugly coal problem

9 Apr 21  Spike in Arctic lightening could be due to climate change

8 Apr 21  Bitcoin emissions threaten China's climate targets

8 Apr 21  Where £100 can make you a solar entrepreneur

8 Apr 21  Frequent flyers should pay more

8 Apr 21  A French route to EV future

7 Apr 21  Renewable LPG the answer

7 Apr 21  Half of methane emissions come from aquatic ecosystems

7 Apr 21  Active travel must be built for women too

7 Apr 21  Zimbabwean teen leads fight for climate

7 Apr 21  UK groups demand peat compost ban

6 Apr 21  NASA finds definitive proof of climate change

6 Apr 21  Climate change slashes agricultural productivity

6 Apr 21  Indigenous pressure scuttles Gates' geoengineering plan

6 Apr 21  Apple commits to carbon neutrality by 2030

6 Apr 21  Biden bets on climate action creating jobs

1 Apr 21  Biden says plan will 'finally' address climate change

1 Apr 21  Will COP26 be delayed, again?

1 Apr 21  Carbon price is coming, one way or another

1 Apr 21  Joint venture to build electric passenger-plane

1 Apr 21  Fossil-fuel shares fall while clean energy is on the rise

1 Apr 21  Gigawatt-scale solar manufacturing plan

1 Apr 21  ConsciousCupid: Coupling sustainable singles

31 Mar 21  EU at loggerheads over 2030 target

31 Mar 21  EU experts to say nuclear power is a green investment

31 Mar 21  UK taken to task for ignoring Paris Agreement

31 Mar 21  Climate change will deepen rich-poor global divide, economists warn

30 Mar 21  Shell to link execs' pay to climate performance

30 Mar 21  Shopify backs underground sequestration of GHGs

30 Mar 21  Temperatures to soar for half a billion people

30 Mar 21  How our eating is causing global deforestation

29 Mar 21  Australia can replace oil & gas with renewables - report

29 Mar 21  Gas-led recovery? Probably not, says AEMO

29 Mar 21  The real reason humans are the dominent species

29 Mar 21  What the Canadian court rule means for carbon pricing

29 Mar 21  Farage...from Ukip leader to green finance spokesman

26 Mar 21  Canada will keep its carbon tax

26 Mar 21  Brazil to pay farmers to protect nature

26 Mar 21  Meat giant vows net-zero by 2040 amid record profits

25 Mar 21  Carbon markets prove resilient to the coronavirus pandemic

25 Mar 21  Small nuclear power plants no use in climate crisis

25 Mar 21  Why we need a carbon club

24 Mar 21  Fifth of large companies back net-zero

24 Mar 21  Sweden to increase airport fees for high-polluting planes

24 Mar 21  'Historic' climate bill due before NI Assembly

24 Mar 21  Oil pipeline tests the climate commitment of international banks

24 Mar 21  Nature left alone offers more than if we exploit it

24 Mar 21  Opportunities and challenges as Aotearoa embraces climate-resilient and low emissions

23 Mar 21  Top emitters a long way from Paris goals - report

23 Mar 21  Climate polluters accused of 'sportswashing'

23 Mar 21  Incinerator could go carbon-negative

23 Mar 21  Transport crucial to meeting targets - ClimCom

23 Mar 21  Aotearoa must accelerate climate change efforts to reach targets

22 Mar 21  Japan and China back coal despite Paris pledges

22 Mar 21  Climate facts back on US EPA website

22 Mar 21  Industry calls for hydrogen blending into gas

22 Mar 21  Aviation fuel from food waste could cut emissions

22 Mar 21  Heavy rains in Australia's east bring worst floods in 50 years

19 Mar 21  Japan's car--making heavyweights could be facing an electric shock

19 Mar 21  IEA warns petrol demand may never recover

19 Mar 21  UK calls for net--zero by 2050

19 Mar 21  Carbfix turns emissions into stone

18 Mar 21  Why fish-trawling should be in national carbon accounts

18 Mar 21  Australia tells US it's moving to a 'new energy' economy

18 Mar 21  Carbon pricing driving home renovation

17 Mar 21  France makes constitutional move on climate

17 Mar 21  Vaccine hold-up threatens representation at climate talks

17 Mar 21  Why Wall St says it's going green

16 Mar 21  Japanese bank bids for Green Climate Fund partnership

16 Mar 21  Wary US farmers weigh up joining Biden's climate fight

16 Mar 21  Droughts worst in 200 years

15 Mar 21  EU carbon border tax plan worries US

15 Mar 21  HSBC latest bank to tackle coal financing

15 Mar 21  'I didn't want Bank of England job' - Carney

15 Mar 21  EU keeps free credits for industry

15 Mar 21  Green Climate Fund a 'toxic' environment, insiders say

12 Mar 21  Paying for ecosystem services to save the planet

12 Mar 21  The price of coal weighs heavy on planetary health

12 Mar 21  Appliances should last longer, says UK

11 Mar 21  Hall of shame: Missing the green recovery

11 Mar 21  US envoy promotes climate alignment with Europe

11 Mar 21  Early shut for coal-fired power station

11 Mar 21  Shipping industry proposes ‘moonshot’ fossil fuel levy

11 Mar 21  World’s first low-carbon ship is low on gas

10 Mar 21  EU border carbon levy could help poor countries

10 Mar 21  Aussie says as OECD boss he would be climate ambitious

10 Mar 21  US urged to halve emissions by 2030

9 Mar 21  Carbon emissions slow, but not nearly fast enough

9 Mar 21  Climate work suspended in wake of coup

9 Mar 21  Land worth more if left to nature

8 Mar 21  China to cut energy intensity, but no consumption cap

8 Mar 21  OECD contender backtracks on climate scepticism

8 Mar 21  EU clashes over ‘net’ 2030 climate target

8 Mar 21  Eco-homes becoming hot property

8 Mar 21  Oil lobby killed carbon prices. Now it supports them?

4 Mar 21  Bank of England gets green remit

4 Mar 21  Climate change could put insurance out of reach

4 Mar 21  Dying oil companies leave millions in cleanup costs

4 Mar 21  Big Food eyeing China's growing flexitarian market

3 Mar 21  Fertiliser execs position ammonia as a battery for hydrogen

3 Mar 21  Climate legal cases on the rise in Asia

3 Mar 21  Get rid of coal by 2030, Guterres tells nations

2 Mar 21  Teens take their climate crisis plea to court

2 Mar 21  Banks should publish green yardstick, says authority

2 Mar 21  China’s dirty covid-19 recovery

1 Mar 21  IMF and World Bank will push G20 over climate

1 Mar 21  Climate pledges a long way from 1.5deg, UN warns

1 Mar 21  Study reveals Airbus' huge emissions legacy

26 Feb 21  Why corporate climate polluters must pay

26 Feb 21  Businesses join hands to find 'right recipe' for zero-carbon industries

26 Feb 21  Fiercer, more frequent fires may reduce carbon capture by forests

25 Feb 21  Gas firms target industrial ‘clusters’ for hydrogen

25 Feb 21  'Science-based' targets are no such thing - former adviser

25 Feb 21  Carbon tax would be popular with UK voters, poll suggests

25 Feb 21  Three technologies that will change food production

24 Feb 21  OPINION: Carbon tariffs are not about Australia

24 Feb 21  Climate threat in energy regulator's sights

24 Feb 21  Serville oranges being turned into energy

23 Feb 21  Gas networks eyeing hydrogen

23 Feb 21  India’s energy policy is key to the planet’s future

23 Feb 21  How corporations gave politicians permission to deny reality

22 Feb 21  How can soil carbon cut Australia's emissions?

22 Feb 21  Questions over Samoa flood defence project

22 Feb 21  Russian region launches carbon trading plan

22 Feb 21  IMF looks at climate credit-scores

19 Feb 21  Tax aviation to raise funds for poor countries

19 Feb 21  Amundi to quiz companies over climate action

19 Feb 21  Leveraging AI to fight climate change

19 Feb 21  Oil and gas get emojis, why not wind power?

18 Feb 21  Put a big fat price on carbon, says OECD chief

18 Feb 21  Green reforms of energy treaty divide EU

18 Feb 21  Europe pulls ahead in global hydrogen race

17 Feb 21  Hopes new WTO boss can calm carbon tensions

17 Feb 21  Millions will die if world fails on climate promises

17 Feb 21  Overhaul of Europe's farming system on the table

16 Feb 21  Let's think big, Germany tells US and China

16 Feb 21  Aviation charts path to carbon neutrality by 2050

16 Feb 21  Bill Gates warns that manufacturing could challenge climate goals

15 Feb 21  Sinking coal profits prompts rething at AGL

15 Feb 21  Solar power’s future could soon be overshadowed

15 Feb 21  Bitcoin uses more energy than all of Argentina

12 Feb 21  Shell expanding gas business despite net-zero pledge

12 Feb 21  China’s energy agency floats increase in renewables target

12 Feb 21  Carbon-free future is in reach for US by 2050

11 Feb 21  Big-emitting businesses could face costly EU carbon levy

11 Feb 21  China’s crackdown on illegal CFC gases is working

11 Feb 21  Denmark to build 'first energy island' in North Sea

10 Feb 21  Bank to stop lending to port over fossil fuels

10 Feb 21  Scientists warn over misuse of climate models in financial markets

9 Feb 21  Put talks online, says Gueterres.

9 Feb 21  'Dangerous' push to leave farmers out of Aussie target

9 Feb 21  Millions for carbon capture contest

5 Feb 21  Australian carbon offset prices jump on surging corporate demand

5 Feb 21  Will planes be flying on air?

5 Feb 21  How steel might finally kick its coal habit

4 Feb 21  Plant-based diets crucial to saving wildlife, says UN report

4 Feb 21  Court condemns French government over climate inaction

3 Feb 21  Ditch GDP and value nature, says report

3 Feb 21  Ireland uses peat to combat climate change

3 Feb 21  Scania says no to hydrogen power

2 Feb 21  Shell targets power trading and hydrogen

2 Feb 21  More consultation needed on EU carbon border levy, says China

2 Feb 21  Is Pacific Forum Zoomed to fail?

29 Jan 21  EXPERTS: Australia must halve emissions by 2030

29 Jan 21  Salla - 'The heat is coming'

28 Jan 21  Biden signs sweeping orders on climate change

28 Jan 21  Two-thirds of people say climate change is an emergency

27 Jan 21  BlackRock threatens to sell shares in worst climate polluters

27 Jan 21  Energy efficiency boosts jobs, says IEA

27 Jan 21  US promises 'significant' investment in climate action

26 Jan 21  'Gas is over,' says EU bank chief

26 Jan 21  Fuel industry leaders join Aussie emissions reduction panel

26 Jan 21  Reformed trade rules could help save the climate

26 Jan 21  Biden's Keystone death sentence means oil industry must innovate

22 Jan 21  Biden takes US back into Paris

26 Dec 20  Who's reading Carbon News?

14 Dec 20  Countries signal greater climate ambition but ‘step change’ needed on road to Glasgow

14 Dec 20  FTSE giants fail to disclose their carbon footprint

14 Dec 20  UN chief calls for more climate finance for poor nations as 2020 goal slips

11 Dec 20  Australia will not be given speaking slot at climate summit, Morrison says

11 Dec 20  Global 'elite' need to slash high-carbon lifestyles

10 Dec 20  Global emissions at new record

10 Dec 20  One-in-500,000 spring heat in Australia

10 Dec 20  Climate tipping point threatens Australia and China

10 Dec 20  Brazil sets ‘indicative’ goal of carbon neutrality by 2060

9 Dec 20  Parisversaire party to revive momentum on climate

9 Dec 20  Is the Paris Agreement strong enough to avert climate catastrophe?

9 Dec 20  Japan's emissions at record low

8 Dec 20  Bank links bosses' pay to sustainability performance

8 Dec 20  Biogas plans from livestock called greenwashing by environmentalists

8 Dec 20  Cutting emissions and making fertiliser from beer-and-chip waste

8 Dec 20  Morrison yet to be granted speaking slot at weekend climate summit

7 Dec 20  UK announces stronger 2030 emissions target

7 Dec 20  The Danish climate minister closing down the oil industry for good

4 Dec 20  China might ban coal-power investment abroad

4 Dec 20  Pressure mounts on UK to update its UN climate target

4 Dec 20  How heat threatens global health

3 Dec 20  Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN secretary general

3 Dec 20  Fossil-fuels to blow climate targets despite pandemic dip, report warns

2 Dec 20  Australia endures hottest spring ever

2 Dec 20  EU countries face off over hydrogen

1 Dec 20  UK scrambles to decide first post-Brexit climate pledge

1 Dec 20  European states ordered to respond to climate suit

1 Dec 20  Scottish homes will use 100% green hydrogen in world first

1 Dec 20  Italian and German trains hitch up to hydrogen bandwagon

1 Dec 20  China to force firms to report use of plastic in new recycling push

1 Dec 20  Draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction

30 Nov 20  Severe fire danger for Australia as temperatures smash records

30 Nov 20  Climate ‘apocalypse’ fears stopping people having children

30 Nov 20  Ammonia – a fuel of the future?

27 Nov 20  Big bosses join to beat climate change

27 Nov 20  EU backs global hydrogen market with euro as key currency

27 Nov 20  EU urged to address aviation’s full climate impact, including non-CO2 emissions

27 Nov 20  Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power

26 Nov 20  'Jet-zero' green flight goal dismissed as a gimmick

26 Nov 20  Norway hikes cash for rainforests, seeking corporate help to slow losses

25 Nov 20  Steelmakers call for ‘Green Deal’ to counter Chinese dumping

25 Nov 20  Carbon-pricing rises as world's weapon of choice in climate fight

25 Nov 20  Coal financing evaporates as countries go carbon-free

24 Nov 20  CO2 hits new record despite covid-19 lockdowns

24 Nov 20  EU, UN-led pact commits oil and gas firms to tackle methane emissions

24 Nov 20  Mixed farming beats intensive agriculture methods

24 Nov 20  XR launches campaign of financial disobedience

24 Nov 20  Net-zero and ‘passive’ houses can cut carbon emissions

23 Nov 20  Trump takes another swipe at Paris Agreement

23 Nov 20  Boomers are the greenest generation - study

23 Nov 20  Green guide to investment

23 Nov 20  Billionaire investor forcing climate action from companies

23 Nov 20  Canada to join NZ in going net-zero by 2050

23 Nov 20  'Super emitters' polluting climate at expense of those who don't fly

20 Nov 20  Nuclear-produced hydrogen is green, says EU

20 Nov 20  Paris goals threatened by farms, forests and industry

20 Nov 20  Green-trolling to bring down Big Oil

20 Nov 20  Let's recycle our urine for agriculture

19 Nov 20  G20 countries will miss Paris mark - report

19 Nov 20  UK must stop sales of fossil-fuel cars by 2026

19 Nov 20  Anger as IMO says shipping emissions can keep climbing

19 Nov 20  Thousands of jobs from carbon-capture-and-storage

18 Nov 20  Changing rainfall could mean more locusts

18 Nov 20  Floating turbines to power the future

18 Nov 20  Climate crisis finds ample answers in world’s trees

17 Nov 20  Bank of England needs more powers to decarbonise economy, say experts

17 Nov 20  Gas denied ‘transition’ fuel status in draft EU green finance rules

17 Nov 20  Russia resists tougher climate targets in dash for Arctic gas

17 Nov 20  Blue Scope is going green

16 Nov 20  EU urged to strengthen ETS

16 Nov 20  EIB seeks to become climate bank’

16 Nov 20  UK expected to ban fossil-fuel cars by 2030

16 Nov 20  Cyclones could last longer in a warmer world

13 Nov 20  Dry run: the wet farming experiment that could sow seeds for the future

13 Nov 20  Greek island ditches fossil-fuel cars

13 Nov 20  Farming faces 'historic' shift to cut GHG emissions

12 Nov 20  Carney calls for credible voluntary carbon market

11 Nov 20  UK follows NZ on compulsory carbon disclosure

11 Nov 20  The illicit trade in F-gases

11 Nov 20  Scientists’ oath pledges full climate crisis facts

10 Nov 20  Europe ready to restart transatlantic climate talks

10 Nov 20  Biden says he will expose international 'climate outlaws'

10 Nov 20  Where should be we use hydrogen?

10 Nov 20  NSW unveils $32bn renewable energy plan

9 Nov 20  Biden win a pivotal moment for global climate action

9 Nov 20  Biden could bring Paris goals 'within striking distance'

9 Nov 20  Tesla investor defends soaring share price

9 Nov 20  Air travel’s date with sustainability draws nearer

6 Nov 20  US election will determine the world's climate future

6 Nov 20  How 'geothermal anywhere' can cut our emissions

6 Nov 20  'Liquid window' harnesses light and heat

6 Nov 20  Bentleys will be fully electric by 2030

5 Nov 20  US is now out of the Paris Agreement

5 Nov 20  Creative book-keeping helps carmarkers meet EU climate code

5 Nov 20  How well is Scotland tackling climate change?

4 Nov 20  Shell's climate tweet goes badly wrong

4 Nov 20  EU set to deny gas power plants a green investment label

4 Nov 20  Why it's hard to cut aviation emissions

3 Nov 20  Pension fund settles landmark climate lawsuit

3 Nov 20  New method to measure fossil-fuel emissions

3 Nov 20  You've got cheap data, how about cheap power too?

3 Nov 20  Rewilded farmland can save money − and the Earth

2 Nov 20  Resolve carbon market dispute to step up ambition, says UK

2 Nov 20  Petronas Asia's first oil company to set zero-emissions target

2 Nov 20  The cost to Australia of unchecked climate change

2 Nov 20  Bushfire inquiry says it's going to get worse

30 Oct 20  Philippines declares moratorium on new coal power plants

30 Oct 20  Most Aussies care about climate change - poll

30 Oct 20  Ford and GM knew about climate change - and covered it up

30 Oct 20  How to boost the hydrogen market

29 Oct 20  Consortium plans carbon-capture projects

29 Oct 20  EU tries to stop fossil-fuel companies suing over climate action

29 Oct 20  South Korea joins Japan in making 2050 carbon-neutral pledge

28 Oct 20  Sleeping giant' Arctic methane deposits starting to release

28 Oct 20  India's cities look to become climate-smarter

28 Oct 20  2020 on course to be warmest year on record

28 Oct 20  Dust threatens Western US and Southeast Asia

27 Oct 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $35.07

27 Oct 20  Japan to be carbon-neutral by 2050

27 Oct 20  Which countries have a net-zero carbon target?

27 Oct 20  EU will not block new nuclear power plants

23 Oct 20  World Bank branch backs coal megaproject

23 Oct 20  Electric cars 'as cheap to manufacture' as regular models by 2024

23 Oct 20  Forestry’s climate impact ‘invisible’ under UN rules, experts say

22 Oct 20  First deal done under Paris Agreement to offset emissions

22 Oct 20  Australian business wants a Green New Deal

22 Oct 20  EU close to reforming farm subsidies scheme

22 Oct 20  Geology’s human footprint is enough to spur rage

22 Oct 20  EU to go for tough new rules for car batteries

21 Oct 20  Rising heat means more heat and more methane

21 Oct 20  Let's cool the ground and keep drilling, says Big Oil

21 Oct 20  Why Rudd wants an inquiry into the Murdoch empire

20 Oct 20  China hits out at US climate record

20 Oct 20  How China can be carbon-neutral by 2060

20 Oct 20  Mandatory climate disclosure coming to UK companies...

20 Oct 20  ...and investors say they want it

19 Oct 20  Why Britain needs negative interest rates

19 Oct 20  EU leaders to set tougher climate goals in December

19 Oct 20  World makes haste too slowly on cutting energy use

16 Oct 20  BHP hears Musk's call for more nickel

16 Oct 20  Amy Coney Barrett equivocates over climate change

15 Oct 20  Brazilian spies intimidated government’s own delegates at climate talks

15 Oct 20  Electric trucks and green hydrogen 'ripe' for investment

15 Oct 20  ‘God intended it as a disposable planet' - the pastor preaching denial

14 Oct 20  What Dutch climate case means for the world

14 Oct 20  Top asset owners commit to big carbon emissions cuts

14 Oct 20  IEA outlines how world can reach net-zero emissions by 2050

13 Oct 20  Sharp rise is extreme weather, says UN

13 Oct 20  Steel giant joins growing list of companies aiming for net-zero

13 Oct 20  Ending hunger: science must stop neglecting smallholder farmers

13 Oct 20  Want some eco-friendly tips? A new study says no, you don’t

12 Oct 20  Investment boom could follow Australia's net-zero carbon push

12 Oct 20  Exxon’s leaked documents reveal pollution plan

12 Oct 20  Pope backs divestment from companies not protecting the environment

12 Oct 20  UK finance minister wants a carbon tax

9 Oct 20  New Swedish grocery prices goods on carbon footprint

9 Oct 20  US could adopt carbon tax under a Biden presidency, ex-Fed chair says

9 Oct 20  Airport appeals court's climate ruling

8 Oct 20  Carbon capture 'moonshot' moves closer, as billions of dollars pour in

8 Oct 20  Europe sets more ambitious target for 2030

8 Oct 20  Where are US emissions after four years of Trump?

7 Oct 20  European Parliament set for tight vote on 'historic' climate law

7 Oct 20  Political 'retreat' on climate action harms all nations, says UN climate chief

7 Oct 20  Scientists didn’t expect wildfires this terrible for another 30 years

7 Oct 20  Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change

6 Oct 20  Nigeria, Jamaica bring closure to the Kyoto Protocol era

6 Oct 20  Green hydrogen could be cheap transformative fuel within a decade

6 Oct 20  Greenland’s ice loss likely to hit 12,000-year high

5 Oct 20  Second Trump term would be 'game over' for the climate, says scientist

5 Oct 20  NextEra overtakes Exxon as US' largest energy company

5 Oct 20  York's green-home revolution

5 Oct 20  Socialist Cuba wants to go carbon trading

5 Oct 20  Recognising forestry's highest achievers

2 Oct 20  Is Europe cheating on its emissions plan?

2 Oct 20  M&S cuts soya from its milk supply chain

1 Oct 20  South Korea sets net-zero goal

1 Oct 20  Stamps reveal climate message when heated

1 Oct 20  Super-enzyme eats plastic super-fast

30 Sep 20  China's new climate goal could transform global heating

30 Sep 20  Court considers whether Canada's carbon tax is legal

29 Sep 20  The low-down on Australia's low-emissions roadmap

29 Sep 20  Lentils can feed the world – and save wildlife too

29 Sep 20  Resources spokesman threatens to quit ALP over climate target

29 Sep 20  Poland to phase out coal-mining by mid-century

29 Sep 20  Fonterra should be ashamed of causing coal mine expansion, says Cana

29 Sep 20  Exxon uses carbon capture to keep oil flowing

21 Sep 20  ScoMo refuses to commit to net-zero emissions by 2050

21 Sep 20  EU under fire for including carbon sinks in climate goals

21 Sep 20  Union Square clock counts the time we're wasting

18 Sep 20  Toyota reveals plan to turn trucks into emissions-free 'power plants'

18 Sep 20  China considers going ‘carbon neutral’, peaking emissions

17 Sep 20  Australia can hit net-zero by 2050 by investing in gas, says oil exec

17 Sep 20  Energy companies keep right to sue states in private courts

17 Sep 20  Melting Arctic needs new name to match reality

16 Sep 20  Mass migration set to increase as world warms

16 Sep 20  Facebook and Google say they will go carbon-neutral

16 Sep 20  Australia’s biggest solar farm sends first output to the grid

15 Sep 20  Sir David Attenborough makes stark warning about species extinction

15 Sep 20  Global oil demand may have passed peak, says BP

15 Sep 20  Using rocket science to green transport

15 Sep 20  Asian multilateral bank to end coal-related financing

14 Sep 20  Warming could pass 1.5deg before 2030, warns UN

14 Sep 20  Public figures defend XR against 'organised crime' classification

14 Sep 20  EU lawmakers vote for 60% climate target for 2030

11 Sep 20  US wildfires could spark financial crisis

11 Sep 20  Climate change, migration and a deadly disease

11 Sep 20  Australia’s gas plans could use quarter of world’s carbon budget

11 Sep 20  France seeks German collaboration on hydrogen in EU green recovery

11 Sep 20  CONSERVATION CRISIS: two reports bring bad news for wildlife

10 Sep 20  Adani world’s biggest owner and contractor of solar farms

10 Sep 20  ‘Obsolete’ treaty must be reformed or ditched, lawmakers say

10 Sep 20  A fifth of CO2 emissions comes from multinationals

9 Sep 20  Green hydrogen breakthrough uses sun and water from the air

9 Sep 20  Shorter lifespan of faster-growing trees will add to climate crisis, study finds

8 Sep 20  Biden would push allies on climate, says adviser

8 Sep 20  Germany's CDU/CSU seek new ‘climate man’ as Greens rise in polls

7 Sep 20  Smithfield going for carbon-negative

7 Sep 20  IPCC: the dirty tricks faced by scientists over three decades

7 Sep 20  Young activists go to court over climate change

7 Sep 20  Aviation emissions nearly doubled in two decades

7 Sep 20  New solar and lighting technologies could trigger an energy revolution

4 Sep 20  City sues fossil-fuel companies over climate change

4 Sep 20  Countries promise green recovery but keep quiet on fossil bailouts

4 Sep 20  Writers rebel against London thinktanks

4 Sep 20  Only 80 countries likely to update national climate plans this year

4 Sep 20  We're cleaning up on fossil fuels, says Unilver

3 Sep 20  Call for film industry to cut its emissions

3 Sep 20  Plant world feels effect of growing climate heat

3 Sep 20  BHP chooses solar to power Queensland mines

2 Sep 20  World's first fossil-free steel pilot plant ready to go

2 Sep 20  Wood fibres report welcomed

2 Sep 20  Arctic fires have released 205 megatonnes of CO2 this year alone

1 Sep 20  Only 10% of power companies putting renewables ahead of fossil-fuels

1 Sep 20  Australia's biggest emitters offset only a fraction of emissions

1 Sep 20  Rewilding the heart of New York

1 Sep 20  Fuel-cell trucks here next year

31 Aug 20  National climate pledges must be increased well before COP, Guterres tells nations

31 Aug 20  Australia 'woefully unprepared', say business, farming and environment heads

31 Aug 20  Petrochina pledges emissions cut

28 Aug 20  Australia's chief scientist rejects experts' letter warning him not to back gas

28 Aug 20  ANTARCTICA: 60% of ice shelves at risk

28 Aug 20  Chemical recycling promising for circular economy - EU

28 Aug 20  Doubts over green bonds’ impact in Asia’s low-carbon transition

28 Aug 20  FOOTPRINT FANTASY: is it time to forget about carbon footprints?

27 Aug 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $34

27 Aug 20  Extra UN climate talks mooted to help negotiators catch up

27 Aug 20  Joint venture invests billions in 'natural capital'

27 Aug 20  Changing oceans reveal clear human thumbprint

26 Aug 20  Batteries boost Californian hopes of cooler future

26 Aug 20  Children raised in greener areas have higher IQ, study finds

26 Aug 20  Europe's tough 2030 plan achievable

26 Aug 20  Prospect of snap election reanimates Canada’s carbon tax battle

26 Aug 20  Soaring costs of extreme weather

26 Aug 20  A Tesla electric plane? Elon Musk hints it’s not far away

25 Aug 20  Major investment firm dumps Exxon, Chevron and Rio Tinto

25 Aug 20  Low-carbon alternative to concrete buildings

25 Aug 20  Climate fund for poor nations vows to drive green covid-recovery

24 Aug 20  Covid-19 cuts our ecological footprint by 9.3%

24 Aug 20  More people will want air-con as the climate warms

24 Aug 20  Coronavirus forces tourism rethink in world's most visited city

24 Aug 20  Restoring forests can reduce greenhouse gases

24 Aug 20  Clemenger Group New Zealand awarded for commitment to climate action

21 Aug 20  Biden says he will ditch subsidies for fossil fuels

21 Aug 20  New rules for big-battery storage

21 Aug 20  How the gas industry is waging war against climate action

21 Aug 20  Colorado wildfires - climate change 'in the here-and-now’

21 Aug 20  Bigger EU ETS more effective than carbon tax at the border

20 Aug 20  EU climate talks enter decisive phase

20 Aug 20  Using microbes to clean up electronic waste

20 Aug 20  ConocoPhillips trying to freeze permafrost to drill more oil

20 Aug 20  Australian hydrogen company launches IPO

20 Aug 20  Net Zero: How we stop causing climate change

19 Aug 20  BHP to sell coal mines within two years

19 Aug 20  New EV is a 'loft on wheels'

18 Aug 20  Death valley hits world-record temperature

18 Aug 20  DISHING THE DIRT: Why biochar isn't the answer

18 Aug 20  Industry push-back delays Japan's decarbonisation

18 Aug 20  Greenland's ice sheet at 'point of no return'

18 Aug 20  Where the Redd went wrong

18 Aug 20  UK facing worst wheat harvest since 1980s, says farmers' union

17 Aug 20  Australia's environment laws 'must mention climate change'

17 Aug 20  Delays expected to bulk of UN climate report

14 Aug 20  Woolly rhinos wiped out by climate change

14 Aug 20  REPORT: Climate change will mean we get more diseases from animals

14 Aug 20  Trump rolls back methane climate standards for oil and gas industry

14 Aug 20  Global offshore wind industry takes huge strides

14 Aug 20  Scottish minister warns of climate challenge after Stonehaven crash

13 Aug 20  CLIMATE CRISIS: Last decade was the hottest on record

13 Aug 20  Can Kamala Harris shift US position on climate?

13 Aug 20  Cod are disappearing because of global warming

13 Aug 20  Trump man has a plan for phones

13 Aug 20  Nanotech turns bricks into batteries

12 Aug 20  Gene manipulation using algae could grow more crops with less water

12 Aug 20  Covid commission backs gas but not green development

12 Aug 20  Carbon tax back before US lawmakers

11 Aug 20  EU and Swiss carbon markets to link

11 Aug 20  Climate science’s worst case is today’s reality

11 Aug 20  Hyundai expands electric fleet

10 Aug 20  Nitrous oxide from 11 Chinese plants a potential climate catastrophe

10 Aug 20  South Africa tightens restrictions for new coal power in landmark ruling

10 Aug 20  Is this the end for King Coal in Britain?

10 Aug 20  India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

10 Aug 20  Paris weathers one of worst heatwaves in a century

7 Aug 20  BP cuts oil production in favour of green energy

7 Aug 20  Business risk and covid-19 are pushing Asian financiers away from coal

7 Aug 20  Europe is going all-in on hydrogen power - why isn’t the US?

7 Aug 20  Diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds

6 Aug 20  Gillard says her carbon price proved climate policy isn't 'too hard'

6 Aug 20  EU can and must cut emissions by more than 55% by 2030

6 Aug 20  Major ship emissions study flags a bigger role for governments

6 Aug 20  Satellites find new colonies of emperor penguins

5 Aug 20  YOUNG v OLD: The battle goes on in the forest

5 Aug 20  Trucks and buses are the electric future

5 Aug 20  Ban SUV adverts to meet climate goals, report urges

5 Aug 20  Ireland's Supreme Court damns country's climate policies

4 Aug 20  Big Oil takes big hit from covid-19

4 Aug 20  More coal power-generation closed than opened last year

4 Aug 20  John Kerry backs new carbon-price ETF

4 Aug 20  RGGI cuts carbon and helps kids to breath

3 Aug 20  Flying to bounce back faster in domestic markets

3 Aug 20  Health is all we have - but now Google wants it

3 Aug 20  DEVELOPERS v DURRELL: The battle for Corfu

3 Aug 20  Ireland forced to strengthen climate plan

31 Jul 20  Will China and the US become climate partners again?

31 Jul 20  Record number of land activists die in 2019

31 Jul 20  Super-rich fail on pledge to hand over rising wealth

31 Jul 20  E-trains gain upper hand over hydrogen locomotives

31 Jul 20  France to ban heated terraces in cafes and bars

31 Jul 20  Scientists pull 100-million-year-old microbes from sea

30 Jul 20  Is there time for the nuclear fusion dream to work?

30 Jul 20  UK's biggest pension fund begins fossil fuels divestment

30 Jul 20  Dutch city redraws layout to prepare for heating effects

30 Jul 20  The surprising reasons why people ignore the facts

30 Jul 20  How to hide from a drone (the subtle art of ghosting)

29 Jul 20  Deutsche Bank to cut ties with coal companies

29 Jul 20  The campaign that made Swedes give up flying for good

29 Jul 20  Chinese fishing vessels sound alarm off Galapagos

29 Jul 20  Big Oil helps fund powerful police groups in US cities

29 Jul 20  Carbon emissions chill atmosphere at edge of space

28 Jul 20  OPINION: I’m bewildered that Trump would imperil America by abandoning the Paris Agreement

28 Jul 20  How plastic pollution problem could look by 2040

28 Jul 20  Earth's biggest ice sheet more vulnerable than thought

28 Jul 20  How nature and business can boost each other

28 Jul 20  Microsoft can’t achieve climate goals alone

28 Jul 20  Campaigners want to break up Big Tech and Big Oil

27 Jul 20  Human climate change causes record Arctic heat

27 Jul 20  Telework helps affluent and has few climate benefits

27 Jul 20  States rev up plans for electric trucks and vans

27 Jul 20  Make nature part of 'build, build, build' policy

24 Jul 20  Tesla crushes rivals with first full-year profit

24 Jul 20  Renewables overtake fossil fuels in EU power generation

24 Jul 20  Cycling and walking can help drive Australia’s recovery

24 Jul 20  GLOBAL HEATING: Range of evidence widens

24 Jul 20  UN chief confronts China over coal boom,

23 Jul 20  New Brazilian map unmasks illegal foresters

23 Jul 20  Student accuses Australia of misleading investors on climate risk

23 Jul 20  How many polar bears will be left in 2100?

23 Jul 20  Vietnam’s energy policy marks turning point for coal

22 Jul 20  Australia has a bad idea in Antarctica

22 Jul 20  Cars rule as virus shakes up travel trends

22 Jul 20  Is corona a crisis too far for far-right outsiders?

22 Jul 20  Stored electricity can make cleaner fuels

21 Jul 20  Morgan Stanley tallying its climate impact

21 Jul 20  Making electricity from methane-rich water

21 Jul 20  Is storing CO2 in rocks a solution to climate change?

21 Jul 20  Climate-science denial is feeding the covid-19 pandemic

20 Jul 20  Island states urge EU to link to tougher target

20 Jul 20  Don’t abandon plans for high-speed rail in Australia

20 Jul 20  Portugal ends coal burning two years ahead of schedule

20 Jul 20  South Korea backtracks on green promise

20 Jul 20  Plunge in mass transit ridership deals huge blow

20 Jul 20  Australian flying car wins $1m grant

17 Jul 20  US eyes climate disaster, but Biden plan might just work

17 Jul 20  How banks are trying to capture the green transition

17 Jul 20  Official dietary guidelines are harming the planet, study finds

17 Jul 20  Buffett coal-country utility wants to cut coal

16 Jul 20  Methane levels have hit a scary record high

16 Jul 20  VERTICAL CRUISE SHIPS: How to remake housing towers

16 Jul 20  EU spent lots on fossil fuels during energy crisis

16 Jul 20  Powerful backers support a UK nuclear future

16 Jul 20  Heat might leave tropical trees unable to germinate

15 Jul 20  BIG CHILL: How nations battle 'zombie' appliances

15 Jul 20  Earth cooled naturally long before human heating

15 Jul 20  Car tyres major source of ocean microplastics

15 Jul 20  STUDY SUCCESS: No doubts, carbon pricing works

15 Jul 20  Johnnie Walker maker creates plastic-free paper-based bottle

14 Jul 20  UK premier faces court over covid-19 recovery

14 Jul 20  Booming wood-pellet business is bad for the climate

14 Jul 20  Melting glacier yields newspapers from 1966 plane crash

13 Jul 20  The plan to unite Biden and Bernie is finally here

13 Jul 20  GAS CURSE: Mozambique’s multi-billion dollar gamble

13 Jul 20  After the global oil and gas industry crash, what next?

13 Jul 20  Which species will win and lose in a warmer climate?

13 Jul 20  Nature doesn't trust us any more

10 Jul 20  First State to divest thermal coal assets

10 Jul 20  CO2 in atmosphere nearing levels of 15m years ago

10 Jul 20  EV owners plug in to help to avoid blackouts

10 Jul 20  Think covid-19 disrupted food chain? Wait and see ...

10 Jul 20  Warming waters could see fewer common fish

9 Jul 20  Weather stations show there’s more heat and rain

9 Jul 20  Fossil fuel companies take at least $3b in covis aid

9 Jul 20  Climate activists see ‘new era’ after pipeline victories

9 Jul 20  OPINION: Coconut oil production threatens five times more species than palm oil

9 Jul 20  Rare night clouds may be warning sign of climate crisis

9 Jul 20  The end of Tiwai Pt could open huge opportunities for NZ

8 Jul 20  Sun has a secret plan to become a lithium factory

8 Jul 20  Marseille turns green with election of first woman mayor

7 Jul 20  Tesla top on back of tech boost and China sales

7 Jul 20  ‘Million-mile’ batteries are coming

7 Jul 20  Nuclear plans flounder through muddy dispute

7 Jul 20  Aussies score on covid but limp on climate change

6 Jul 20  What an ocean hidden under Antarctica reveals about our future climate

6 Jul 20  $10b of precious metals dumped each year in e-waste

6 Jul 20  Proud California dairy farmer takes it on the chin

3 Jul 20  Air pollution likely to make coronavirus worse

3 Jul 20  Ocean sensitivity might lower carbon emissions cuts

3 Jul 20  Airlines granted huge emissions reprieve by UN compromise

2 Jul 20  Australia claims climate success

2 Jul 20  We've 'reached peak emissions and oil demand'

2 Jul 20  UK heading for the heat

2 Jul 20  Storing electricity under ground...

2 Jul 20  ...and in tall brick towers

1 Jul 20  Spain to close half its coal-fired power stations

1 Jul 20  How Pacific nations can survive climate change

1 Jul 20  Beavers new threat as Arctic lakes thaw

30 Jun 20  Burning coal caused mass extinctions

30 Jun 20  Microplastics are in the soils of even the remotest places

30 Jun 20  How Europe can be carbon-neutral by 2040

30 Jun 20  Ireland latest country to set net-zero target

30 Jun 20  World's biggest renewables companies abysmal on human rights

29 Jun 20  KENYA CALL: My land is now owned by lions

29 Jun 20  Trump plan would open huge area of Alaska to drilling

29 Jun 20  Extremists exploit rural nostalgia and farmers’ anger

26 Jun 20  Shipping needs to clean up act - and do it now

26 Jun 20  Why we need the opposite of a carbon tax

26 Jun 20  THAT'S RICH: Affluence is killing the planet

26 Jun 20  Border villagers prepare to dethrone the duke

25 Jun 20  Is sea-steading a vanity project for the rich?

25 Jun 20  Green recovery was the great hope of 2009

25 Jun 20  Why Americans can't afford to turn on the taps

25 Jun 20  Glacier gets the tarp treatment

25 Jun 20  Nature’s accounts show what the world does for us

24 Jun 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $30.00

24 Jun 20  Zero-carbon homes must lead the green recovery

24 Jun 20  Denmark’s e-ferry passes sea trials in style

24 Jun 20  What will it be - clean clothes or clean oceans?

24 Jun 20  Come on England, time to seize the day

24 Jun 20  Five communities go in search of green justice

23 Jun 20  EU puts onus on ‘renewable hydrogen’

23 Jun 20  Grass keeps cities cool when heat goes on

23 Jun 20  Why sport is bad news for the climate

22 Jun 20  Why world has six months to divert climate crisis

22 Jun 20  China’s Erin Brockovich goes global to stop China

22 Jun 20  Map of uncharted ocean beds takes shape

22 Jun 20  Climate 'progressives’ fail on Paris carbon target

19 Jun 20  Why we’ll still need waste in a circular economy

19 Jun 20  Construction begins on biggest liquid air battery

19 Jun 20  The iciest Antarctic waters are now less icy

19 Jun 20  Threatened mangrove forests won’t protect coasts

19 Jun 20  Hospitals new theatres of emissions warfare

18 Jun 20  Globally, how much do people care?

18 Jun 20  Siberia heat wave sets alarm bells ringing

17 Jun 20  Markets reel as oil major opts to downgrade itself

17 Jun 20  The awful truth of our hidden plastic superhighway

17 Jun 20  This job will take more than a few more cycle lanes

16 Jun 20  Big Oil all talk about revolution, says report

16 Jun 20  Sea warming spurs marine life to rapid migration

16 Jun 20  Carbon-neutral coffee arrives by schooner

15 Jun 20  Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough

15 Jun 20  Why carmakers must overhaul production plans

15 Jun 20  Fewer blizzards for North America as snow lessens

15 Jun 20  Residents fght to keep compost getting trashed

15 Jun 20  Unanswered questions dog new nuclear plans

12 Jun 20  Post-lockdown carbon emissions bound back

12 Jun 20  LOVE IS BLIND: Germany's affair with the car

12 Jun 20  SHIFTING SANDS: We don't have the full story

12 Jun 20  Sponge-tech sucks carbon from the air

11 Jun 20  Humanity finished if it fails to adapt, says Goodall

11 Jun 20  ‘Final blow’ as EU agrees to weaken aviation rules

11 Jun 20  Minister rejects Queensland wind farm project

11 Jun 20  Engineers make syngas out of cement-waste

10 Jun 20  US backs changes to airline emissions scheme

10 Jun 20  Forest trees are growing shorter and dying younger

10 Jun 20  Two-faced solar panels follow the sun

9 Jun 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $29.50

9 Jun 20  Climate change threatens mortgage market

9 Jun 20  Millions of species face extinction emergency

9 Jun 20  Talks delays deepen uncertainty over carbon markets

9 Jun 20  Coronavirus waste ends up in oceans

8 Jun 20  Not even pandemic can flatten the Keeling Curve

8 Jun 20  Germany unveils plans for €40bn climate splurge

8 Jun 20  Siberia dries out as forests burn

8 Jun 20  Car industry pushes for scrappage scheme

5 Jun 20  How science shoots down hydrogen cars

5 Jun 20  Our chance to reset global economy, says Charles

5 Jun 20  Virus could cause $25tn fossil fuel industry collapse

5 Jun 20  Hunt for the superconductors

4 Jun 20  Japan to launch ‘green recovery’ platform

4 Jun 20  European Green Deal needs strong methane rules

4 Jun 20  Climate change the most important mission for unis

3 Jun 20  Weeds on march put food on defensive

2 Jun 20  How the super-rich conquered London

2 Jun 20  Why is there so much furore over China’s Belt and Road?

2 Jun 20  'Zombie fires’ are erupting in Alaska

2 Jun 20  US renewables take the 2019 top spot

2 Jun 20  South Asia’s twin threat: extreme heat and foul air

29 May 20  Green bailouts will let airlines off the hook

29 May 20  How a contrarian scientist helped Trump's EPA

29 May 20  There's plenty of room for carbon storage underground

29 May 20  Clean energy cracker thing in a crisis

28 May 20  Climate change keeps sustainability staff busy

28 May 20  One project exposes Morrison's gas plan as folly

28 May 20  EU recovery fund has green strings attached

28 May 20  We're sitting on remains of a giant volcanic plume

28 May 20  It’s time to let the ‘fire people’ care for the land

27 May 20  COP26 likely to be delayed again

27 May 20  How dangerous is low-level radiation for kids?

26 May 20  Act now, says former fossil fuel company exec

26 May 20  Why a bullet train could increase greenhouse gas emissions

26 May 20  Recyclable bricks and concrete the way of the future

25 May 20  United push for Australia to target emissions in covid recovery

25 May 20  Green New Deal turns South Korea from climate villain to model

25 May 20  German coal generator fights Dutch coal phase-out

25 May 20  Electric bikes could halve transport emissions

25 May 20  Fires and pandemic a sign of things to come, letter warns

22 May 20  It's up to us by how much sea levels will rise

22 May 20  Australian oil and gas producers push back

22 May 20  New solar cells pass global test standards

21 May 20  Climate change turning Antarctica's snow green

21 May 20  Denmark proposes two huge ‘energy islands’

21 May 20  Supermarket chains threaten Brazil boycott

21 May 20  Seattle permanently closes 20 miles of street

21 May 20  Startups invest $4bn in UK battery factory

20 May 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $25.00

20 May 20  Scott Morrison is still Coal-Mo to the core

20 May 20  Europe plans for three billion trees in 10 years

20 May 20  Spain sets out to cut gas emissions by 2050

20 May 20  Nuclear tests affected weather 60 years ago

20 May 20  Australia ... further to fall, harder to rise

19 May 20  Investing and tech will be megatrends of the 20s

19 May 20  Natural forests are best at storing carbon

19 May 20  Largest Arctic science expedition finds itself on thin ice

19 May 20  Saucy sugar joins drive to find us better food

18 May 20  Do these bottles herald the end of plastic?

18 May 20  Alaska patiently awaits ice-melt tsunami

18 May 20  At last, a fair deal for our atomic love affair

18 May 20  Shorter supply chains needed to end hunger, says UN

18 May 20  Could New York's youth convince the State to divest?

15 May 20  Big Business backs a better economy

15 May 20  Trump buying one million barrels of oil

15 May 20  Don't forget the other curve - the climate one

15 May 20  Biden taps Ocasio-Cortez and Kerry to fight climate

15 May 20  Bangladesh to double fossil fuel imports

14 May 20  Wellington says govt urban plan fails on climate

14 May 20  Wind might pass coal sooner than we thought

14 May 20  How Australia can build a green economy

14 May 20  Pandemic will permanently change car industry

14 May 20  Lessons from the rush on toilet paper

13 May 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.70

13 May 20  Plastic waste now litters Antarctic shore

13 May 20  World could lose half its sandy beaches

13 May 20  Fossil fuel giants set for virus bailout bonanza

13 May 20  Bad soil fungi will welcome warmer weather

13 May 20  Bolsonaro sends in his soldiers

12 May 20  Ammonia is the energy future, say scientists

12 May 20  Will the virus crisis trump the climate crisis?

12 May 20  Extreme heat set to trap millions indoors by 2060

12 May 20  Belt and Road backers failing to protect nature

12 May 20  Plastic piles up as covid sidelines pollution fight

11 May 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.65

11 May 20  Shareholders call for Rio Tinto to make stand

11 May 20  How will we fly, drive, commute and ride?

11 May 20  We must save economy and climate together

11 May 20  Covid sees bikes pushing cars out of cities

11 May 20  Don't count out batteries in the future

11 May 20  Judge rules feral horses must go

8 May 20  Why world cannot return to 'business as usual'

8 May 20  Trump reverses nearly 100 green rules

8 May 20  Infectious disease rates are skyrocketing

8 May 20  South Korea backs $2b bailout of coal company

7 May 20  Virus hasn’t killed globalisation - it shows we need it

7 May 20  Businesses see climate and virus recovery as one

7 May 20  Struggling farm workers face worsening heat

7 May 20  We’ve all had a taste of disrupted food supplies

6 May 20  In 50 years, some cities will be too hot to handle

6 May 20  How Dutch were forced into emissions cuts

6 May 20  Inside gas cookers are making us sick

6 May 20  Living in the Rainbow Tree with 30,000 plants

5 May 20  Westpac to stop funding coal for power

5 May 20  Trump-friendly fuel firms get millions in aid

5 May 20  Coal industry uses enough water for 5 million people

4 May 20  Warren Buffett dumps US airline stocks

4 May 20  Global energy markets in unpheaval

4 May 20  Morrison offers $300m to boost hydrogen

4 May 20  Shopping online better for planet, says Bezos

1 May 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.50

1 May 20  Emissions drop is not all good news

1 May 20  North America’s fracking boom flounders

1 May 20  Germany offers 20 years of climate lessons

1 May 20  Threats to the insect world are growing

1 May 20  Stand by for big blows in the Atlantic

30 Apr 20  VW set for Dieselgate legal showdown

30 Apr 20  Germany defends €10 billion airline bailout

30 Apr 20  Michael Moore film dangerous, say campaigners

30 Apr 20  North Pole may be clear water by mid-century

30 Apr 20  Unexpected breather offers sport a chance

29 Apr 20  This year likely to be hottest since records began

29 Apr 20  Germany and Britain call for green recovery

29 Apr 20  Costs kill Mercedes dreams of hydrogen

29 Apr 20  Trump wants to mine Grand Canyon

29 Apr 20  Big Plastic asks Congress for $1b bailout

28 Apr 20  Dutch to act on emissions after court ruling

28 Apr 20  'We need to hear these poor trees scream'

28 Apr 20  It’s a galloping goodbye to Europe’s coal

28 Apr 20  Michael Moore takes a swipe at green A-listers

28 Apr 20  Indonesia puts new jungle capital on hold

24 Apr 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.52

24 Apr 20  Floods will be catastrophic by 2030, says study

24 Apr 20  Climate fighter Gore throws weight behind Biden

24 Apr 20  Our e-waste mountain is an outrage

24 Apr 20  UK plutonium stockpile is a costly headache

23 Apr 20  Economic rescue could take path to decarbonisation

23 Apr 20  Will climate change end waterfront living?

23 Apr 20  'Horrible hybrids' give plastics recyclers nightmares

23 Apr 20  France wants public buildings to be 50% wood

22 Apr 20  How are negative oil prices even possible?

22 Apr 20  Climate change greatest threat to humanity, say experts

22 Apr 20  Halve the farmland, save nature, feed the world

21 Apr 20  Windows could produce future electricity

21 Apr 20  France, Germany join call for green recovery

21 Apr 20  Norway's a-ha moment made electric cars the answer

20 Apr 20  BoE under fire for deal with oil companies

20 Apr 20  Everything points to a megadrought

20 Apr 20  Their world is wasted veges and empty shelves

17 Apr 20  Shell plans to be net-zero carbon by 2050

17 Apr 20  South Korea to implement Green New Deal

17 Apr 20  More frequent violent weather could bring bloodshed

16 Apr 20  TEXAS OIL: We will disappear as an industry

16 Apr 20  Plane-free skies spur research into impact of aviation

16 Apr 20  Greenland sheds ice at record rate

16 Apr 20  Here’s why soil smells so good after it rains

15 Apr 20  EU hires BlackRock to advise on green bank rules

15 Apr 20  Paris failure carries costs in the trillions

15 Apr 20  SHIFTING GEARS: Protest in the age of coronavirus

15 Apr 20  Have humans evolved beyond nature?

14 Apr 20  Emissions from fossil fuels could fall 5% this year

14 Apr 20  Biden must convince climate voters he's a believer

14 Apr 20  It's positively alpine!: Cities taste fresh air

14 Apr 20  Chile sets new target of peak emissions by 2025

9 Apr 20  Whole ecosystems could fail within 10 years

9 Apr 20  Scientists blame poor soil for carbon limits

9 Apr 20  New mutant enzyme recycles plastic bottles in hours

8 Apr 20  Atmospheric methane increase greatest in five years

8 Apr 20  New renewables capacity hit record in 2019

8 Apr 20  Australia closes in on hydrogen economy

8 Apr 20  Tropical forest damage spreads catastrophically

7 Apr 20  Oceans could rebound in 30 years — if we act now

7 Apr 20  Poles attract marine life avoiding rising heat

7 Apr 20  We need not fear ancient methane timebombs

7 Apr 20  Spain obeys, but others drag the chain

6 Apr 20  Airlines bailouts should come with climate conditions

6 Apr 20  Virus could trigger record fall in carbon emissions

6 Apr 20  A second Dust Bowl would hit world food stocks

6 Apr 20  San Francisco bans reusable shopping bags

3 Apr 20  UN postpones COP26 climate talks in Glascow

3 Apr 20  Will this coronavirus kill off the oil industry?

3 Apr 20  Obama urges voters to 'demand better'

3 Apr 20  Blue energy revolution comes of age

2 Apr 20  Barclays bows to investor pressure

2 Apr 20  Hydrogen not the answer for transport, says study

2 Apr 20  Australia has 'probably the worst year in a century'

2 Apr 20  Asia Pacific degradation worries UN

1 Apr 20  Australian academics call for survival strategy

1 Apr 20  What will the world be like after coronavirus?

1 Apr 20  Report reveals massive plastic pollution of drinks firms

31 Mar 20  Our war with the environment is leading to pandemics

31 Mar 20  Campaigners attack Japan's 'shameful' climate plans

31 Mar 20  Trump throws lifeline to oil industry

30 Mar 20  Stage set for surge in sustainable investing

30 Mar 20  Coronavirus hinders climate science

30 Mar 20  Pandemic recovery needs green strings attached

27 Mar 20  Scientists seek signs of economic shock on CO2 levels

27 Mar 20  Pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

27 Mar 20  Earth's deepest ice canyon vulnerable to melting

26 Mar 20  Too early to predict impact, says WMO

26 Mar 20  Oil eyes $10 as world runs out of storage space

26 Mar 20  Smoke from bushfires killed hundreds

25 Mar 20  Shell to slash $9 billion from spending

25 Mar 20  Pensacola plays host to a climate killer

25 Mar 20  It's official, e-cars produce less CO2

24 Mar 20  European recycling markets reel from coronavirus

24 Mar 20  Climate change is harder to spot in some places

24 Mar 20  Why planners must look beyond history to judge risks

23 Mar 20  Poor water systems greater risk than virus, says UN

23 Mar 20  Virus forces climate activists to rethink tactics

20 Mar 20  Australian leaders told to get on with it

20 Mar 20  One summer cost Greenland 600 billion tonnes of ice

20 Mar 20  The frightening origins of coronavirus

20 Mar 20  General Motors wants to go big on EVs

20 Mar 20  Southeast Asian mangrove destruction is rampant

19 Mar 20  Study fingers US banks as largest fossil fuel financers

19 Mar 20  China's greenhouse emissions rise 2.6%

19 Mar 20  Pandemic plays havoc with climate legislation

19 Mar 20  Johnson under pressure to stage UN climate talks

19 Mar 20  India finally takes climate crisis seriously

18 Mar 20  Blame the rich, says university study

18 Mar 20  South Korea wants Green New Deal

18 Mar 20  Air pollution likely to increase virus death rate

18 Mar 20  Virus could hurt growth of solar power

18 Mar 20  Old fridges still pumping out emissions

17 Mar 20  Biden and Sanders go head to head on climate

17 Mar 20  Big Money firms back Amazon oil boom

17 Mar 20  US shale will be first casualty of oil price war

17 Mar 20  STOP THE ROT: The fight to save fresh food

17 Mar 20  Green turns brown as the ecosystem suffers

16 Mar 20  Virus threatens climate action, says energy watchdog

16 Mar 20  Coronavirus could mean the end of Small Oil

16 Mar 20  Attenborough calls for ban on deep-sea mining

16 Mar 20  NSW makes life easier for electric vehicles

13 Mar 20  Wind and solar plants will soon be cheaper than coal

13 Mar 20  BOE eyes bank capital charge on polluting assets

13 Mar 20  Europe’s farm sector struggles to cut emissions

13 Mar 20  Greenpeace sues Poland's largest carbon emitter

12 Mar 20  2020 make or break for climate action, says UN

12 Mar 20  Public backs ban on short-haul flights

12 Mar 20  Burning gas “worse than coal” for climate

12 Mar 20  VW wants to hire climate activist

11 Mar 20  EU announces ‘clean hydrogen alliance’

11 Mar 20  Amazon-sized ecosystems can collapse within decades

11 Mar 20  Virus scare could show us how to tackle climate crisis

11 Mar 20  Honolulu sues petroleum companies

10 Mar 20  TEN YEARS AGO ...

10 Mar 20  Big Oil counting on plastics to save them

10 Mar 20  Expert debunks myth about e-car emissions

10 Mar 20  Inside Europe's shadow climate fight

10 Mar 20  Green Deal could cost 11m jobs, say unions

9 Mar 20  Morrison stops funding international collaboration

9 Mar 20  Pro-Trump climate denial group lays off staff

9 Mar 20  UN cancels climate-change meetings

9 Mar 20  Is climate change urgent enough to justify a crime?

9 Mar 20  Tropical forests could be heating Earth by 2035

6 Mar 20  Investor group tells firms to set out climate crisis plans

6 Mar 20  Carbon capture and storage has stalled - needlessly

6 Mar 20  British Gas and VW unveil electric-vehicle deal

6 Mar 20  Build a North Sea wall and save Europe

5 Mar 20  Past failures put pressure on emissions deadlines

5 Mar 20  EU unveils law for climate neutrality by 2050

5 Mar 20  UK to introduce cleaner petrol

5 Mar 20  Climate change on their minds

5 Mar 20  Support grows for cloud seeding

4 Mar 20  Coronavirus could derail COP 26 summit

4 Mar 20  Green groups take on energy giant

4 Mar 20  Countries line up for EU climate fight cash

4 Mar 20  How wood waste can strengthen recycled concrete

3 Mar 20  World could lose half its sandy beaches by 2100

3 Mar 20  EIB vows new backing for environment projects

3 Mar 20  Billionaire launches campaign to starve coal plants

3 Mar 20  Oil giants facing split over climate change

3 Mar 20  Hunger threat as tropical fish seek cooler waters

3 Mar 20  Australia's summers getting longer

2 Mar 20  Congo drilling could release vast amount of CO2

2 Mar 20  BROADCAST SNOOZE: US networks drag the chain

2 Mar 20  Logging is the last thing fire-forests need

2 Mar 20  Farmers speak out on mental health

2 Mar 20  Morrison to encourage plastics recycling

28 Feb 20  Rio Tinto spending $1b to reach net-zero emissions

28 Feb 20  Dire prospects await corporate climate-wreckers

28 Feb 20  Netherlands faces pressure as global test case

28 Feb 20  Skip the jargon if you want people to care

28 Feb 20  FIFA aims for carbon-neutral 2022 World Cup

27 Feb 20  Crisis could pose catastrophic threat, experts warn

27 Feb 20  JPMorgan Chase to curb fossil fuel loans

27 Feb 20  A third of plants and animals risk mass extinction

27 Feb 20  Ride-hailing operations highly carbon intensive

26 Feb 20  Not in five years, but holy grail of energy on its way

26 Feb 20  Old batteries can be source of new energy

26 Feb 20  Newly waterproofed Arctic seed vault hits 1m samples

26 Feb 20  Solar power booms just miles from the Arctic Circle

26 Feb 20  Older people can be mobilised to fight crisis

25 Feb 20  Australia's carbon emissions fall just 0.3%

25 Feb 20  Fertiliser could power ocean-going ships

25 Feb 20  Billions are pouring into mobility technology

25 Feb 20  Bots produce quarter of climate tweets

24 Feb 20  How these big polluters are free to up emissions

24 Feb 20  Greenhouse gases have a puzzling double effect

24 Feb 20  Bali does battle with plague of plastic

24 Feb 20  Singapore joins drive to phase out fossil fuel vehicles

24 Feb 20  Hydrogen gas study for towns wins funding

24 Feb 20  What’s holding back China’s bamboo furniture makers?

21 Feb 20  Record Antarctic temperatures fuel sea level worry

21 Feb 20  Coronavirus cuts China’s CO2 emissions

21 Feb 20  Researchers claim solar efficiency breakthrough

21 Feb 20  UK airports must shut to reach 2050 climate target

21 Feb 20  Tesla creeps closer to 640-mile mark

20 Feb 20  Oil and gas climate impact worse than we thought

20 Feb 20  Renewables could power the world by 2050

20 Feb 20  Climate change could wipe out coral reefs by 2100

20 Feb 20  Coal giant eyes 30% fall in carbon emissions

20 Feb 20  Why we must protect 30% of Earth for animals

20 Feb 20  Some aerosol emissions might have an up-side

19 Feb 20  Bezos pledges $10b to save the planet

19 Feb 20  Climate research struggles to find funding

19 Feb 20  Morrison backs technology over taxation

19 Feb 20  Malaysia’s banks buck trend against coal

18 Feb 20  EU plans to halve municipal waste by 2030

18 Feb 20  Carbon pricing role crucial, say experts

18 Feb 20  Europe’s airports face watery grave

18 Feb 20  CROSSING THE LINE: A scientist’s road from neutrality

18 Feb 20  There's more to it than just trucks, says Volvo

18 Feb 20  Johnson names new COP26 president

17 Feb 20  Earth just had its hottest January on record

17 Feb 20  Climate change already hurting Aust, says reserve bank

17 Feb 20  FIGUERES: The only uncertainty is how long we’ll last

17 Feb 20  Billions of acres of cropland await the Big Thaw

17 Feb 20  Parcels might join people on city buses

14 Feb 20  New BP chief vows net-zero emissions by 2050

14 Feb 20  Cities turn to freewheeling public transport

14 Feb 20  Antarctic melt led to 3m sea level rise 120,000 years ago

14 Feb 20  Renewables to power outback mine

14 Feb 20  Splatter tests show decline in insect numbers

13 Feb 20  Study blames fossil fuel pollution for 4m deaths

13 Feb 20  Trump budget slashes environment funding

13 Feb 20  Fresh water from sunshine keeps thirst at bay

13 Feb 20  Green transport set to rule cities by 2030

13 Feb 20  BBC to film the Greta Thunberg story

12 Feb 20  Bankers' book delivers stark climate change warning

12 Feb 20  Rise of climate anxiety 'overwhelming and terrifying’

12 Feb 20  Maps of Europe predict scale of climate catastrophe

12 Feb 20  Bushfire towns find water contaminated

12 Feb 20  Most nations ignore climate plans update

11 Feb 20  Big solar projects running into trouble

11 Feb 20  Gates eyes $830m hydrogen superyacht

11 Feb 20  Mystery deaths focus battle for the butterflies

11 Feb 20  Mining leads to flooding in coal capital

10 Feb 20  Antarctica logs hottest day on record

10 Feb 20  New material could clean up fossil fuel industry

10 Feb 20  How Big Oil's fake news fooled America

10 Feb 20  Wastewater flushes away a river of wealth

10 Feb 20  Europe falls off the pace with solar power

10 Feb 20  Living fabrics can help to clean the air

7 Feb 20  Trump blanks climate crisis in State of the Union

7 Feb 20  Johnson promises urgent climate action

7 Feb 20  Japan races to build coal-burning power plants

7 Feb 20  We hate flight shame – but not enough to quit flying

7 Feb 20  Tesla could soon be world’s most valuable company

7 Feb 20  Electric vehicle sales triple in Australia

5 Feb 20  EU urged to adopt meat tax to tackle climate emergency

5 Feb 20  Timber buildings can slow climate change

4 Feb 20  Climate case kicks off against major corporates

3 Feb 20  Tropical forests losing CO2 ability, says study

3 Feb 20  Military man takes command of the Amazon

3 Feb 20  OPINION: These fires have changed us

3 Feb 20  Asian countries spurn and burn waste imports

31 Jan 20  Climate crisis 'increasing violence against women'

31 Jan 20  Looking for the next battery breakthrough?

31 Jan 20  Protesters ‘call bullshit’ on News Corp coverage

31 Jan 20  Guardian bans ads from fossil fuel firms

31 Jan 20  Rewilding the Arctic would be a mammoth task

30 Jan 20  Tech giants power record surge in renewables

30 Jan 20  Oslo court backs Arctic oil exploration

30 Jan 20  State marks first for coastal building rules

30 Jan 20  Amazon staff risk jobs to protest climate policies

30 Jan 20  GM to invest billions in EV plant

29 Jan 20  Race to exploit seabed set to wreak havoc

29 Jan 20  Hybrids surge on to greenest cars list

29 Jan 20  China, India face crticism over potent pollutants

29 Jan 20  How this science could help us cut emissions

29 Jan 20  City buses might moove to dung-drive

28 Jan 20  MORE PLASTIC: Big Oil’s Plan B already in the pipeline

28 Jan 20  Welcome to 2020: It’s hot – and getting hotter

28 Jan 20  Conservation scientists grieving after bushfires

28 Jan 20  Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight

23 Jan 20  Wind energy crucial to EU's carbon neutrality

23 Jan 20  Mercury Quarterly Operational Update - 3 months to Dec 31, 2019

21 Jan 20  Vegetarianism in schools is entirely appropriate

15 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $29.00

14 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.93

13 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.90

10 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.90

9 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.90

8 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.85

7 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.50

6 Jan 20  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $28.50

13 Dec 19  Australians might be told to evacuate their drought towns

13 Dec 19  China’s top climate negotiator steps down

13 Dec 19  Indonesia forest fires cost $5.2 billion

12 Dec 19  Europe Green Deal will change whole economy

12 Dec 19  US seeks further block on climate compo

12 Dec 19  Only 3min flight, but Canada claims first for electric plane

11 Dec 19  Court finds Exxon not guilty of fraud

11 Dec 19  The climate is in trouble, but it's not all doom and gloom

11 Dec 19  How to design a forest fit to heal the planet

11 Dec 19  At last, wildlife TV is engaging with the climate

11 Dec 19  This small German town took back the power

10 Dec 19  1.9b people at risk from mountain water shortages

10 Dec 19  Investors fight back against climate wreckers

10 Dec 19  Denmark adopts climate law to cut emissions

10 Dec 19  Australia risks being dumping ground for cars with potent gas

10 Dec 19  Cool ideas needed to sooth scorching cities

9 Dec 19  Chile delays emissions goal boost at its own talks

9 Dec 19  Seas losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, say experts

9 Dec 19  Texas fossil fuel support paves the way for 'carbon timebomb'

9 Dec 19  ESSAY: Living with fire and facing the fear

6 Dec 19  Climate 'challenge of civilisation', says Pope

6 Dec 19  Climate change important to me, says Trump

6 Dec 19  Biodiversity 2020: the biggest threats and opportunities

6 Dec 19  Warming world throws family burden on women

6 Dec 19  Iceland does an Ardern on green priority

5 Dec 19  Climate models have got it right, study finds

5 Dec 19  New water for old as glaciers vanish

4 Dec 19  We're heading for the hottest decade on record

4 Dec 19  Kerry declares war on climate with some help from Hollywood

4 Dec 19  Race is on to find wild relatives of food plants

4 Dec 19  Why science and art should work together

3 Dec 19  MADRID MESSAGE: Forget Trump, we'll join climate fight

3 Dec 19  ARTICLE 6: The issue that will keep them exercised in Madrid

3 Dec 19  Where will the climate refugees go?

3 Dec 19  Work begins on Adelaide green hydrogen plant

3 Dec 19  Warming world could bring earlier babies

2 Dec 19  Madrid climate talks to split nations

2 Dec 19  Amazon fires are melting Andes glaciers

2 Dec 19  Bolsosnaro accuses DiCaprio: You're burning the Amazon

2 Dec 19  New IMF chief urges climate action

29 Nov 19  Paris targets need to be five times stronger

29 Nov 19  EU parliament declares climate emergency

29 Nov 19  Axa vows to cut ties with coal industry

29 Nov 19  Coal-fired electricity set for biggest fall in four decades

28 Nov 19  We might have crossed tipping points, say scientists

28 Nov 19  Scientists claim breakthrough on gut bacteria

28 Nov 19  New EU chief flags climate policy as top issue

28 Nov 19  Big Energy boosts coal in Philippines

28 Nov 19  New global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasting

27 Nov 19  Hydrogen has arrived. says Australia's top scientist

27 Nov 19  Why fossil fuel divestment won't work

27 Nov 19  EU split on declaring climate emergency

27 Nov 19  Most Americans say US should do more

27 Nov 19  It took a 60-year drought to end ancient Assyrian empire

26 Nov 19  Climate-heating greenhouse gases hit new high,

26 Nov 19  Michael Bloomberg is a climate leader

26 Nov 19  OPINION; Scott Morrison and the big lie

26 Nov 19  You can care about the climate and still drive an SUV ... I do

25 Nov 19  World is awash with fossil fuels, says UN

25 Nov 19  BIG PLASTIC: Don't blame us, it's those public litterbugs

25 Nov 19  Australians see wildlife vanishing

22 Nov 19  'Climate emergency' is Word of the Year

22 Nov 19  We need to find ways to store extra energy

22 Nov 19  EU cities confront building emissions

22 Nov 19  BAMBOO BONUS: Plant-based building materials do the job

21 Nov 19  Bill Gates backs startup using sunlight to make 1000deg heat

21 Nov 19  Can carbon offsets tackle airlines’ emissions problem?

21 Nov 19  California makes stand against major carmakers

21 Nov 19  Vietnam has a remarkable wind-energy story

20 Nov 19  'Green' cement step closer to cutting emissions

20 Nov 19  Amazon deforestation soars to 11-year high

20 Nov 19  Casualties mount in Bolivia's battle for white gold

20 Nov 19  DIRTY SECRETS: Space camera tells tale of shipping pollution

20 Nov 19  Crisis might have triggered faster wind speeds

19 Nov 19  Green new-dealers go all out on housing

19 Nov 19  Germany approves climate protection law

19 Nov 19  BARS NOT CARS: What to do with your old parking buildings

19 Nov 19  Even Nobel Prize winners can get it wrong

19 Nov 19  THAT'S THE SPIRIT: Vodka made from CO2

18 Nov 19  No more money for fossil-fuel projects, says EIB

18 Nov 19  Jet stream battle raging above our heads

18 Nov 19  POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Suburbs take to solar

18 Nov 19  Mines belching out as much methane as ships and planes

15 Nov 19  China's energy-sector emissions still on the rise

15 Nov 19  IEA points finger at gas-guzzling SUVs

15 Nov 19  Myanmar hands over forests to oil palm producers

15 Nov 19  How climate change will rule the health of future children

14 Nov 19  What's driving the Antarctic meltdown?

14 Nov 19  Green-wise Norway is drilling more wells

14 Nov 19  Wildlife is in crisis, but are we seeing a new mass extinction?

14 Nov 19  Bigger hurricanes are now more damaging

13 Nov 19  Airline probes 'fuei-tankering' allegation

13 Nov 19  Formula One pledges to go carbon neutral

13 Nov 19  New battery could slash cost of e-cars

12 Nov 19  Africa poised to lead way in global green revolution

12 Nov 19  Drivers love their e-cars, says BMW

12 Nov 19  Italy first to make climate compulsory school subject

12 Nov 19  Companies try to protect product-base plants

11 Nov 19  Climate change deniers set new battle lines

11 Nov 19  EXXON TRIAL: It's now up to the judge

11 Nov 19  It's 10 years since Climategate, so what have we learned?

8 Nov 19  Look back 125,000 years and sea-level rises are terrifying

8 Nov 19  Wall Street increasingly weighs climate risks

8 Nov 19  Australia (briefly) hits 50% renewables

8 Nov 19  Honolulu mayor wants to sue Big Oil

7 Nov 19  We're on the same track, BP tells protesters

7 Nov 19  Dumped fishing gear biggest ocean polluter

6 Nov 19  Can nests and eco bikes cut impact of delivering parcels?

6 Nov 19  OPINION: UK farmers are the best

6 Nov 19  Behind the wheel of a hydrogen car

6 Nov 19  Volvo lands biggest order for e-buses

5 Nov 19  Why oil giants must cut output by a third

5 Nov 19  Has the world's biggest polluter got a deal for you!

5 Nov 19  US will keep seat at climate talks after it exits Paris

5 Nov 19  Australia looks to Aboriginals' land knowledge

4 Nov 19  How climate change could bust the housing market

4 Nov 19  TILLERSON TALKS: Former Exxon chief in the dock

4 Nov 19  Madrid steps up to host COP25 talks

4 Nov 19  Argentina changes waste rule and opens doors to plastics

1 Nov 19  Forest emisions figures wrong, says report

1 Nov 19  US emissions will fall despite Paris pullout

1 Nov 19  Coastal homeowners don’t want to rock the boat

1 Nov 19  Catholic church denounces Amazon policies

1 Nov 19  GAME ON: New vid pits players against climate apocalypse

31 Oct 19  Rising sea levels threaten homes of 300m people

31 Oct 19  Chile pulls out of hosting COP25

31 Oct 19  MEET THE COBOTS: The robots who will be your colleagues

31 Oct 19  New Dubai city green revolution in the desert

30 Oct 19  Why offshore windfarms could do the job

30 Oct 19  How can China tame e-commerce emissions?

30 Oct 19  Fuel industry forces Russia to change plans

30 Oct 19  Nations (minus the US) pledge nearly $10b

30 Oct 19  Flying less plays a small but positive part in climate fight

29 Oct 19  SUVs second-biggest cause of emissions rise, says study

29 Oct 19  FARTY PARTY: Munich beer bash is a gas for emissions

25 Oct 19  Macron turns on climate protesters

25 Oct 19  JUNGLE BUNGLE: Brazil pushes Amazon to 2021 tipping point

25 Oct 19  US green economy boasts 10 times more jobs

25 Oct 19  Exxon turned its back on us, say scientists

24 Oct 19  Why science must go on a war footing

24 Oct 19  Packed court watches as Exxon goes on trial

24 Oct 19  Cities seek help to set up waste-energy plants

24 Oct 19  HORROR STORY: It's scary the pollution Halloween produces

23 Oct 19  Canadian election gives carbon tax a chance

23 Oct 19  We're letting down humanity, says climate scientist

23 Oct 19  Melting glaciers reveal five islands in Arctic

23 Oct 19  Ozone hole smallest since 80s, thanks to the wonky weather

23 Oct 19  Renewables could grow 50% in next five years

22 Oct 19  Exxon and oil sands go on trial in New York

22 Oct 19  Engineers turn backs on new fossil fuel projects

22 Oct 19  Warming forces world of ice into retreat

21 Oct 19  Why driverless cars won’t deliver a transport revolution

18 Oct 19  Trump plans to open 'America's Amazon' to loggers

18 Oct 19  EU bank puts off climate policy decision

18 Oct 19  Sorry about that, says Ecuador, and reinstates Big Oil subsidies

18 Oct 19  Italy eyes cheaper food without packaging

16 Oct 19  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.80

16 Oct 19  Shell has no choice but to keep drilling, says CEO

16 Oct 19  We'll see more ebola outbreaks, say scientists

15 Oct 19  Why don't all buildings have green roofs?

14 Oct 19  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.75

14 Oct 19  Big Three oversee $300b in fossil fuel investments

14 Oct 19  World needs a massive carbon tax, says IMF

14 Oct 19  Fossil fuel industry has seen the future ... and it's plastic

10 Oct 19  Coal is still king in Southeast Asia

10 Oct 19  TOMATO SOURCE: Hothouses will grow up to 20 tonnes a day

9 Oct 19  'A DEADLY PROBLEM': Should SUVs be banned from cities?

9 Oct 19  Denmark wants to rid Europe of fossil-fueled cars

8 Oct 19  Pope v president as Amazon burns

8 Oct 19  How Extinction Rebellion put the whole world on red alert

8 Oct 19  Universities sign landmark deal to buy renewable

8 Oct 19  Human ancestors lived in a low-carbon world

7 Oct 19  Largest banks lagging in sustainable finance

7 Oct 19  Can cities save the planet?

7 Oct 19  Jail climate protesters, says Australian minister

7 Oct 19  OPINION: Greta good, but let's not forget other young voices

4 Oct 19  Ocean boom picks up plastic for first time

4 Oct 19  Scotland takes aim at green red tape

4 Oct 19  Antarctica shows 65,000 ‘meltwater lakes’

4 Oct 19  TURNING OF THE SCREW: Royal Shakespeare Company cuts BP

3 Oct 19  Unhappy investors criticise firms over Paris pact

3 Oct 19  UK to deploy special climate protest police

3 Oct 19  Drought could hit half world’s wheat at once

3 Oct 19  NSW considers laws to stop courts blocking coalmines

3 Oct 19  OUR HEALTH: Should we be worried about microplastics?

2 Oct 19  Shippers rig vessels with 'cheat machines'

2 Oct 19  How Britain ended its coal addiction

2 Oct 19  Giant iceberg breaks off east Antarctica

2 Oct 19  ROBO-CROP: Five roles robots will play in future of farming

2 Oct 19  Rugby stars are losing their Pacific islands

1 Oct 19  Towns prepare for 'unimaginable' water crisis

1 Oct 19  Why nuclear power is not the answer

1 Oct 19  VILLAGERS DIG IN: 'Human rights before mining rights'

1 Oct 19  Queensland plans huge hydrogen projects

30 Sep 19  Why you should stop buying new clothes

30 Sep 19  Seabed carbon storage could help in climate crisis

30 Sep 19  Poland plunges ahead with new coal mines

30 Sep 19  'It's heartbreaking': A town watches its beach wash away

27 Sep 19  Activists suing Europe’s biggest coal plant

27 Sep 19  Sacked scientists keep working in snub to Trump

27 Sep 19  Newspaper says no thanks to ads from fossil fuel companies

27 Sep 19  China’s tree-planting drive could backfire

27 Sep 19  Insects might be trained to protect our crops

26 Sep 19  Scientists see stark future for oceans

26 Sep 19  Most big firms likely to miss climate targets

26 Sep 19  Can Asia's climate-cooked cities beat the heat?

26 Sep 19  Mining magnate puts millions into war on plastics waste

25 Sep 19  Don’t bet on UN to fix climate crisis – it’s failed for 30 years

25 Sep 19  Major economies fail to answer New York call

25 Sep 19  Banks worth $47 trillion adopt climate principles

25 Sep 19  Russia formally signs up to Paris Agreement

25 Sep 19  Pacific nations seek cash to clean up shipping

24 Sep 19  Shippers see zero-emissions vessels by 2030

24 Sep 19  Young climate protesters will force nations to answer to UN

24 Sep 19  UK to give £1bn aid for climate fight

24 Sep 19  US bird numbers drop by nearly three billion

23 Sep 19  The hard truths of climate change — by the numbers

23 Sep 19  California and 23 other states sue Trump

23 Sep 19  Canberra switching to 100% renewable energy

23 Sep 19  Protest-rubbish photo is just that ... rubbish

20 Sep 19  Twice as many planes in 20 years, warns Airbus

20 Sep 19  Climate models predict bigger heat rise ahead

20 Sep 19  Make phones that last longer and we could cut emissions

20 Sep 19  Why we must see humanity and nature as one

20 Sep 19  Lower voting age would give young a climate voice

19 Sep 19  CLIMATE ACTION: Meet the good, the bad and the ugly

19 Sep 19  Big Oil to woo climate summit delegates

19 Sep 19  Trump to block California car emissions rules

19 Sep 19  Can a climate-conscious diet include meat?

18 Sep 19  OPINION: The gloves are off

18 Sep 19  CAR WARS: Oil industry v electric vehicles

18 Sep 19  Trollbots swarm Twitter with climate attacks

18 Sep 19  Mine protesters tackle All Blacks on eve of World Cup

18 Sep 19  Global warming hotspots pass safe limit

17 Sep 19  $1m-a-minute farm subsidies drive crisis, says report

17 Sep 19  Why the New York climate summit matters

17 Sep 19  Trump's plan is to destroy Obama's green legacy

17 Sep 19  More Australians drown as summers heat up

17 Sep 19  The 'Lionesses' changed our measure of climate ambition

16 Sep 19  Americans are waking up, new poll shows

16 Sep 19  Trump ditches water protection policy

16 Sep 19  Deforestation getting worse, says study

16 Sep 19  Lifting the lid of aviation's black box

16 Sep 19  Latest thing in solar panels means more power to Prius

13 Sep 19  Logging study reveals huge hidden emissions

13 Sep 19  No need to cut back on beef, say UK farmers

13 Sep 19  Guards watch Canadian environment minister

13 Sep 19  How healthcare can affect global climate crisis

12 Sep 19  UN confident China will raise climate ambition

12 Sep 19  We'll be doing more driving, researchers say

12 Sep 19  KNEES UP: Hot days in the field might see test stars in shorts

12 Sep 19  Supermarket happy hour reduces food waste

12 Sep 19  Australia launches emergency relocation of fish

11 Sep 19  Building climate defences could boost economies

11 Sep 19  'CHAOS, CHAOS, CHAOS': A trip through Bolsonaro's inferno

11 Sep 19  More Australians fear effects of changing climate ...

11 Sep 19  ... but the disaster minister has his doubts

11 Sep 19  Europe's carmakers near carbon cliff-edge

10 Sep 19  RETURN OF THE BLOB? Marine heatwave settles over Pacific

10 Sep 19  EU bank begins green metamorphosis

10 Sep 19  Thermal battery producer heats up storage market

10 Sep 19  Booming tropical cities feel the heat

10 Sep 19  Central America climate change driving people out

9 Sep 19  Food supplies under threat as phosphate supply runs short

9 Sep 19  Can the world afford salvation by technology?

9 Sep 19  Trump scraps Obama's lightbulb rule

6 Sep 19  Queensland coal goes to war with solar

6 Sep 19  Bronze Age, Iron Age ... now it's welcome to the Plastic Age

6 Sep 19  Can indonesia avoid a capital distaster?

6 Sep 19  Green is all the go in Ireland

5 Sep 19  Big Food 'failing to face up to role' in emergency

5 Sep 19  Reaching net-zero might not be all it's cracked up to be

5 Sep 19  Don't leave crisis to 'neanderthals', says Kerry

5 Sep 19  FARMING FUTURE: When a fence is not a fence

5 Sep 19  Europe facing dramatic farmland devaluation

4 Sep 19  Belt and Road could weaken global 2deg target

4 Sep 19  Trump wants to log Alaska

4 Sep 19  Doctors declare climate health emergency

4 Sep 19  HELLISH LAS VEGAS: 'A place where we never go outside'

3 Sep 19  What does '12 years left to act' really mean?

3 Sep 19  Where are the architects who will put the environment first?

3 Sep 19  Europe confounds warming predictions

3 Sep 19  Russia likely to ratify Paris Agreement

2 Sep 19  Trump tries again to roll back methane rules

2 Sep 19  Australia hits seven-year high on emissions

2 Sep 19  Weird and wonderful ways nature is changing fashion

30 Aug 19  It's not all down to the Industrial Revolution

30 Aug 19  Frankfurt steels itself for car show anger

30 Aug 19  There's plenty of renewable energy out there

30 Aug 19  ELECTROCULTURE: How China is trying to spark up crop yields

30 Aug 19  Pilgrims to Mecca risk being killed by heat

29 Aug 19  BP selling Alaska assets to troubled private firm

29 Aug 19  CNN to run seven-hour climate crisis debate

29 Aug 19  Carbon criticism nonsense, says e-car council

29 Aug 19  BOLIVIA BURNING: It’s not just Brazil's forests that are ablaze

28 Aug 19  US Navy scuttles Obama climate task force

28 Aug 19  How is China faring at sustainability reporting?

28 Aug 19  Scottish group calls for ban on fossil-fueled cars

28 Aug 19  There's only one way nuclear war could be a cool idea

28 Aug 19  E-cigarettes could create recycling disaster

27 Aug 19  Trump skips G7 talks on climate crisis

27 Aug 19  Big Fashion signs sustainability pact

27 Aug 19  Most Southeast Asia banks ignore climate crisis

27 Aug 19  Amazonians knew tricks of saving forests

27 Aug 19  IKEA IDEA: Inspired firm aims to electrify a million boats

26 Aug 19  TEN YEARS AGO ...

26 Aug 19  Changes turning Arctic into economic hotspot

26 Aug 19  Without our help, the world's forests would not be burning

26 Aug 19  Are doctors ready to respond as planet warms?

26 Aug 19  No pot of gold for locals as China mines Sierra Leone

26 Aug 19  Cities scrambling to protect people from heat

23 Aug 19  Outcry goes global as Amazon forests burn

23 Aug 19  Sanders unveils $16 trillion Green New Deal

23 Aug 19  Will environmental populism save the planet?

23 Aug 19  Engineers taking up the climate mantle

23 Aug 19  Wooden skyscrapers sprout as world goes cool on concrete

22 Aug 19  Global engineer cuts ties with Adani

22 Aug 19  Clean-energy jobs lead the way in California

22 Aug 19  Scientists get a rough ride in Trump's America

22 Aug 19  How can we do something useful with ocean plastic?

22 Aug 19  World leaders, high fashion stitch together a climate deal

21 Aug 19  Don't blame nature for this warming world

21 Aug 19  Singapore expects to pay $72b for climate peace of mind

21 Aug 19  Australian power stations among most toxic

21 Aug 19  Saying climate change is real could bring trouble

21 Aug 19  World’s largest electric ferry enters service

20 Aug 19  Changing waves add to coastline worries

20 Aug 19  Global fossil fuels trifecta: Russia 1, Saudi 2, Australia 3

20 Aug 19  China and allies challenge UN chief’s climate vision

20 Aug 19  OPINION: This is crunch point for our oceans

20 Aug 19  SOIL STUDY: What's going on beneath our feet?

19 Aug 19  Magnets could help rid oceans of microplastics

19 Aug 19  Green groups challenge US ban on scientists

19 Aug 19  Dirty shipping fuel margins plunge

19 Aug 19  PLANE SAILING: How will we travel the world in 2050?

19 Aug 19  Boris Johnson’s partner pressures politicians

16 Aug 19  Can Morrison deliver on Pacific climate promises?

16 Aug 19  Greta's young fans hungry for books about activists

16 Aug 19  How Europe could power the world

16 Aug 19  Warming worsens China's pollution problems

16 Aug 19  Surf's still up but climate is changing Hawaiian beaches

15 Aug 19  Heat-trapping gases soar to new levels

15 Aug 19  Fracking pushes up methane count, says research

15 Aug 19  Plastic, poverty and paradox ... the sad story of a great river

15 Aug 19  Australia sets 50% e-car target by 2035

14 Aug 19  Australia seeks to water down Tuvalu declaration

14 Aug 19  Changing climate traumatises Greenlanders

14 Aug 19  Whatever feeds these young minds, it won't be beefburgers

14 Aug 19  Media too soft on contrarians, says study

13 Aug 19  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.35

13 Aug 19  Australia puts $500m into Pacific climate fund

13 Aug 19  Winds of change driving Antarctic ice melt

13 Aug 19  Germany pulls millions in Amazon funding

12 Aug 19  China makes way for even more coal mines

12 Aug 19  Toxic mercury in fish rising with climate change

12 Aug 19  Your reusable coffee cup may be no better than a disposable

12 Aug 19  Glasgow likely host of 2020 climate summit

9 Aug 19  Protein diet would free up land, say scientists

9 Aug 19  OPINION: How Big Oil is polluting politics

9 Aug 19  Quarter of world running short of water

9 Aug 19  Super-sized airships could again be kings of the skies

8 Aug 19  Fiji calls world leaders selfish and irresponsible

8 Aug 19  China busily expanding its UN presence

8 Aug 19  Storage key to renewable energy success

8 Aug 19  Green growth is trusted fix – here’s the problem with that

7 Aug 19  Are shared e-scooters good for the planet?

7 Aug 19  Southeast Asia drowning in electronic waste

7 Aug 19  We might be expecting too much of the Amazon

7 Aug 19  China Oil threatens major African nature reserve

6 Aug 19  Moody's makes move on climate change risks

6 Aug 19  BHP threatens to quit Minerals Council

6 Aug 19  Portugal solar energy auction sets record

6 Aug 19  Artificial snow could save the world, but there's a downside

5 Aug 19  We must change food production, says IPCC

5 Aug 19  Arctic wildfires: How bad are they and what caused them?

5 Aug 19  OPINION: Let's suck the glamour from the car industry

2 Aug 19  Capitalism part of solution, says Carney

2 Aug 19  BlackRock drops $90b investing in fossil fuels

2 Aug 19  The Med is Europe’s most waste-polluted sea

2 Aug 19  Ethiopia gets busy and plants 350 million trees in one day

1 Aug 19  Pacific leaders serve Australia with blunt warning

1 Aug 19  NEW READ: Only a revolution can cool the world

1 Aug 19  Can China electrify all new cars by 2030?

1 Aug 19  Airport expansion stalls on climate grounds

1 Aug 19  This week, we passed Earth's resources point of no return

31 Jul 19  China likely to meet climate change goals early

31 Jul 19  Boris has plans for UK nuclear power tax

31 Jul 19  Philippines now deadliest place for green warriors

31 Jul 19  At the garbage cafe, pay for your curry with plastic waste

30 Jul 19  Major carmakers strike deal with California

30 Jul 19  Experts call for ban on glass skyscrapers

30 Jul 19  Report ranks fashion brands for toxic textiles

30 Jul 19  Storms damage nearly half Australia's seaboard

30 Jul 19  Tokyo turns to e-waste for fashionable Olympic medals

29 Jul 19  Human body close to thermal limits, says scientist

29 Jul 19  How Big Oil can sue for loss of profits

29 Jul 19  German Greens want trains before planes

29 Jul 19  European bank looks to cut all fossil fuel projects

29 Jul 19  TRAVEL TIP: Note the famous views tourists likely to lose

26 Jul 19  Environment damage a war crime, say scientists

26 Jul 19  Von der Leyen faces carbon border tax battle

26 Jul 19  Car craze brings gridlock and grumpiness to beaming Bhutan

25 Jul 19  No room now for doubt, say climate scientists

25 Jul 19  What Boris Johnson thinks about climate crisis

25 Jul 19  Funds managers urge cement makers to act

25 Jul 19  BUTT OUT: Our most-littered item is impacting plant growth

24 Jul 19  UN chief drops a line - to everyone

24 Jul 19  Melting ice will hurt Southeast Asia

24 Jul 19  Many animals can't handle changing climate

24 Jul 19  Iceland leaves memorial to a glacier - and a global warning

23 Jul 19  How science can double the solar dividend

23 Jul 19  We need to talk, scientists said 40 years ago

23 Jul 19  Biden vows net-zero farming emissions

23 Jul 19  One flight emits as much as many people do in a year

22 Jul 19  Patience, the e-car revolution is coming

22 Jul 19  US on path to extreme heat, warn scientists

22 Jul 19  Betting on geoengineering has its risks

22 Jul 19  In a mushroom suit you'll be pushing up more than daisies

19 Jul 19  THE CHALLENGE: Grow more food without more land

19 Jul 19  Leaked report warns of bioenergy and food clash

19 Jul 19  Offshore auctions will bring Queen a windfall of millions

18 Jul 19  Manmade Antarctic snows could save coastal cities

18 Jul 19  Adani sets dangerous science precedent

18 Jul 19  Can the global cement industry cut back its carbon emissions?

18 Jul 19  Elephants are our friends in climate fight

17 Jul 19  July shapes up as hottest month on record

17 Jul 19  Climate stance pays off for new EC leader

17 Jul 19  Big firms silent on deforestation impacts

17 Jul 19  UK gives Jaguar Land Rover loan for e-cars

17 Jul 19  MAKING WAVES: Female crews to chart oceans' plastic crisis

16 Jul 19  Greens founder speaks out against wind farm

16 Jul 19  Corruption and coal rule in Indonesia

16 Jul 19  Pigs in the shade: This radical farming system banks on trees

16 Jul 19  Australia hunts for more climate-hardy vines

15 Jul 19  Wealthy vow to raise millions for activists

15 Jul 19  UK puts zero emissions rules on ships

15 Jul 19  Cattle out, camels in as farms forced to fight climate change

12 Jul 19  Residents sue government over ‘world’s filthiest’ air

12 Jul 19  Major cities to face ‘unknown’ climate conditions by 2050

12 Jul 19  UK climate planning ‘like Dad’s Army’

12 Jul 19  EC candidate sees carbon first for Europe

12 Jul 19  France plans eco tax on plane tickets

11 Jul 19  Quarter of biggest firms fail to disclose emissions

11 Jul 19  Antarctic melting might become irreversible

11 Jul 19  Putin has doubts but Russia will sign Paris pact

11 Jul 19  WAY TO GO: What’s a greener method of corpse disposal?

11 Jul 19  Alaska swelters in record temperatures

10 Jul 19  Australia’s emissions show another surge

10 Jul 19  Every week, there's a climate crisis happening somewhere

10 Jul 19  Attenborough: Climate change could be equal of slavery

10 Jul 19  Energy giants to cut thousands of petrol and diesel vans

9 Jul 19  China's solar plants pay the price for dirty air

9 Jul 19  LNG industry could be as bad as coal, experts warn

9 Jul 19  It's a tough one, but hunt goes on for cleaner, greener plastic

8 Jul 19  Heat stress at work could cost $2.4 trillion a year

8 Jul 19  Europe tackls China’s dominance of rare earth metals

8 Jul 19  Saudi row over 1.5deg science raises frustrations

8 Jul 19  MAKING A CRUST: Chainstore puts new life into dead bread

5 Jul 19  Migration can't be only option on drowning islands

5 Jul 19  Rampant deforestation driven by greed for meat

5 Jul 19  Heat waves threaten nuclear power production

5 Jul 19  Roaches could soon become too tough for pesticides

4 Jul 19  China pledges to strengthen climate plan

4 Jul 19  LSE reclassifies oil and gas producers

4 Jul 19  US mayors pressure Congress on carbon pricing,

4 Jul 19  Glue could be simple solution to a sticky carbon problem

3 Jul 19  Today's power plants already lock in 1.5deg

3 Jul 19  Antarctic sea ice records 'precipitous' fall

3 Jul 19  HOT SPOT: Welcome to the fastest-heating place on Earth

3 Jul 19  Costly aircraft contrails are going sky-high

3 Jul 19  Behind the Oregon walkout lies a sordid story

2 Jul 19  How the climate crisis will change your plate in 2050

2 Jul 19  Coal waste 'ticking time bomb' across Australia

2 Jul 19  What did Irish citizens’ climate assembly achieve

2 Jul 19  Solar future shines ever more brightly

1 Jul 19  Guterres fights to save the climate ... and the UN

1 Jul 19  Denmark raises climate to highest priority

1 Jul 19  'Red alert' France records its hottest temperature in history

1 Jul 19  OPINION: It's time to change the climate script

28 Jun 19  US makes renewable energy breakthrough

28 Jun 19  Doubting Saudis block key climate report

28 Jun 19  Would you eat meat grown from cells in a laboratory?

27 Jun 19  World faces ‘climate apartheid’, says UN expert

27 Jun 19  Investors with $34 trillion demand urgent action

27 Jun 19  Temperatures on the rise ... and so is the rat population

27 Jun 19  Greenland could be ice-free in 1000 years

26 Jun 19  G20 countries triple coal-power subsidies

26 Jun 19  Your coverage unacceptable, climate protesters tell media

26 Jun 19  Science looks at turning carbon dioxide into cash

25 Jun 19  Labour plans major climate role for Bank of England

25 Jun 19  Why pursuit of profit won’t solve climate crisis

25 Jun 19  Trump buries studies showing dangers to food supply

25 Jun 19  Is this the best way yet to tell the global warming story?

24 Jun 19  Four countries block EU climate deal

24 Jun 19  Vanuatu eyes ban on disposable nappies

24 Jun 19  Gas-guzzling US military one of the world's biggest emitters

24 Jun 19  Will born-again materials be fashion’s next big thing?

21 Jun 19  Trudeau signs off on fuel pipeline - again

21 Jun 19  US seawalls come with $416 billion price tag

21 Jun 19  Australia's north has a powerhouse vision

21 Jun 19  Grab your brolly, there's going to be a lot of heavy rain about

21 Jun 19  Leftover spy satellites reveal Himalayas melt

20 Jun 19  The good, the bad, and the ugly of climate battle

20 Jun 19  New York approves ambitious climate plan

20 Jun 19  UK to host critical 2020 UN climate summit

20 Jun 19  Can Australia avoid drifting into a slow, painful decline?

20 Jun 19  Floridians set record for underwater cleanup

19 Jun 19  Oil companies make carbon promise to the Pope

19 Jun 19  It's all about microbes, say scientists

19 Jun 19  Hydrogen could be big by 2050, say experts

19 Jun 19  More countries back EU neutrality goal

19 Jun 19  Deaths rise among reporters telling environment stories

18 Jun 19  Hopes falter with coal still king across Asia

18 Jun 19  Warmer world will be more dangerous

18 Jun 19  Ireland has bold plan to tackle climate crisis

18 Jun 19  Drought forces Namibia to sell wild animals to highest bidder

18 Jun 19  Poor nations could be future species guardians

17 Jun 19  Aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

17 Jun 19  Arctic permafrost melting 70 years ahead of time

17 Jun 19  A weekly walk in the woods works wonders for the soul

17 Jun 19  Florida clears path for autonomous vehicles

14 Jun 19  Australia gives go-ahead to Adani mine

14 Jun 19  Coal-dependent Japan sets neutral goal

14 Jun 19  POWERHOUSE: Pentagon gas emissions higher than Portugal

14 Jun 19  App tracks deforestation - as it happens

13 Jun 19  Emissions from energy rise at fastest rate since 2011

13 Jun 19  UK commits to 2050 emissions target

13 Jun 19  African city heat set to grow intolerably

13 Jun 19  KELP KILLING: Fortunes being made from seaweed harvest

12 Jun 19  Thirty years to climate meltdown – or not?

12 Jun 19  Largest hybrid-electric aircraft takes flight

12 Jun 19  Brazil leader guts environmental agencies

12 Jun 19  Survey finds number of plant extinctions is 'frightening'

11 Jun 19  At this rate, we'll have more plastic than fish in the ocean

11 Jun 19  Bloomberg mission is to close all US coal plants

11 Jun 19  Loss of plants will make a world of difference

11 Jun 19  More rain brings big problems for dam builders

11 Jun 19  OPINION: Australia pays the price

10 Jun 19  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.30

10 Jun 19  It's going to take a long time, says former BP chief

10 Jun 19  What's worrying the plastics industry?

10 Jun 19  Trump disses climate change after meeting Charles

10 Jun 19  Some day soon, people might be queueing to get to Siberia

10 Jun 19  Global natural gas boom about to slow

7 Jun 19  There’s more CO2 in the atmosphere than you think

7 Jun 19  Australia's rising emissions spark row

7 Jun 19  Meet the coastal dwellers who don't fear rising seas

7 Jun 19  Coal-dependent Chile vows to come clean by 2040

7 Jun 19  Australian musicians band together to run solar farms

6 Jun 19  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.55

6 Jun 19  Interpol names most-wanted eco criminals

6 Jun 19  Compound heat waves mean double trouble

6 Jun 19  Britain powers to two weeks free of coal

6 Jun 19  Changing climate has seabirds dying in their thousands

6 Jun 19  Lawmakers want to pay homeowners for bee gardens

5 Jun 19  SNOW BUSINESS: Could flakes be a source of clean energy?

5 Jun 19  Pacific sucks up more anthropogenic emissions

5 Jun 19  Finns going carbon-free faster than we are

4 Jun 19  Climate crisis seriously damaging human health

4 Jun 19  What happens now with Adani?

4 Jun 19  Well-managed soils make better carbon stores

4 Jun 19  Students must plant 10 trees to graduate

4 Jun 19  Macedonians might have done battle with climate change

31 May 19  Sky-spy will map all carbon emissions

31 May 19  Scientists fight Brazilian leader's cutbacks

31 May 19  Florida creates office to take on climate crisis

31 May 19  Author of dystopian climate novel is 'deeply optimistic'

31 May 19  Malaysia loses last male rhino

30 May 19  Pope pleads for 'startling' inaction to end

30 May 19  Rising seas threaten Australia’s major airports

30 May 19  Tesla’s electric-car dream will soon come crashing down

29 May 19  Triumphant Greens demand more radical action

29 May 19  South Africa signs carbon tax into law

29 May 19  China succeeds in greening its economy

29 May 19  TREATED LIKE TRASH: Asians send back the West's rubbish

28 May 19  Inaction poses trillion-dollar risk for investors

28 May 19  Amazon staff demand Bezos act on climate crisis

28 May 19  Instore or online - what’s the greenest way to go shopping?

28 May 19  France’s nuclear industry stumbles along

27 May 19  Climate crisis could lead to nine-hour working week

27 May 19  Humans held responsible for climate twists

27 May 19  MOON FEVER: It's all aboard with Musk, Bezos and Trump

24 May 19  Industry urges Morrison to build coal plants

24 May 19  Climate ambition in balance as Europe votes

24 May 19  Anger as Church of Scotland stays with fossil fuels

24 May 19  Climate changes drive plankton towards poles

24 May 19  Planners turning to parks as climate crisis moves uptown

23 May 19  Turning methane into CO2 could help the fight

23 May 19  Pacific leaders urge Morrison to act

23 May 19  CLIMATE CODE RED: It's time we all called a spade a spade

23 May 19  What is sustainable rubber?

22 May 19  Coasts should plan for higher sea level rise

22 May 19  Louisiana readies for resilience ... and retreat

22 May 19  Stop dragging your feet, biggest investor told

22 May 19  It’s not just about the bees – earthworms need love, too

21 May 19  April was second-hottest on record

21 May 19  Inside the long war to protect plastic

21 May 19  OPINION: Only radical measures will work

21 May 19  To get climate crisis talked about, get Corrie on the case

21 May 19  Glasgow aims to be UK’s first net-zero city

20 May 19  New York aims to create green union jobs

20 May 19  How billions of gamers could help us fight the climate crisis

20 May 19  Bob Hawke and a climate change 'what if'

20 May 19  California bans pesticide linked to brain damage

17 May 19  Disasters put pressure on human survival, says UN

17 May 19  How mismanaged waste kills million people a year

17 May 19  Let's face it, building in glass was never a very good idea

17 May 19  These strange beasts are our cars

16 May 19  Agriculture emissions put Wales on the outer

16 May 19  Clean up or pay up, New York warns Trump over buildings

16 May 19  States fight rollback of Obama lightbulb rules

16 May 19  New orchards offer new life to wild species

16 May 19  Pollution research points finger at Coca-Cola

15 May 19  Islanders sue Australia over climate inaction

15 May 19  New guidelines, old loopholes in carbon accounting

15 May 19  City investors push for BP to be more open

15 May 19  Half of melting glaciers could go by 2100

15 May 19  What Daimler’s move means for carbon-neutral car industry

14 May 19  What Australian parties say about climate change

14 May 19  Bosch pledges to be carbon neutral by 2020

14 May 19  Denying climate change is evil, says the founder of Patagonia

14 May 19  London to have first hydrogen doubledeckers

14 May 19  Irish schools get a fail on climate change

13 May 19  Climate effort gets thumbs-up from UN chief

13 May 19  Most countries agree to stem flow of plastic

13 May 19  Washington commits to 100% clean energy

13 May 19  CARBON BOOTPRINT: Fans set to leave their mark on Europe

10 May 19  CO2 to be buried in empty North Sea gas fields

10 May 19  Only a third of world's great rivers remain flowing freely

10 May 19  UK goes coal-free for entire week

10 May 19  Chernobyl has become a refuge for wildlife

10 May 19  OPINION: How we move past the grief

9 May 19  Germany, Italy, Poland snub EU climate appeal

9 May 19  Origami navy carries kids' SOS to the global shipping industry

8 May 19  Renewables pass coal in US for first time

8 May 19  El Nino becomes stronger and stranger

8 May 19  OPINION: Canberra wants business to sit tight

8 May 19  Clever card counts the cash - and your carbon emissions

7 May 19  What the UN has found and what it means for humanity

7 May 19  Investors pressure Big Oil over plastics

7 May 19  UK ‘to end contribution to global warming’

7 May 19  Wesfarmers dumps coal and turns to e-cars

7 May 19  How China is redrawing the map of world science

6 May 19  Ross Ice Shelf melting at faster rate

6 May 19  Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030

6 May 19  Heat makes ocean winds and waves more fierce

6 May 19  Six ways to make the world a much better place for everone

3 May 19  Permafrost collapse might double warming

3 May 19  MPs endorse Corbyn call to declare emergency

3 May 19  Gulf states shape as green energy superpowers

3 May 19  NO DROUGHT ABOUT IT: The science says we are to blame

2 May 19  Scotland and Wales declare climate emergencies

2 May 19  More than 80 Fiji villages on relocation list

2 May 19  New wonder material could change electronics

2 May 19  FUR WARS: Australia to cull over two million feral cats

1 May 19  Coal deals go down at China’s ‘green’ summit

1 May 19  Spain’s socialists win with Green New Deal platform

1 May 19  Los Angeles reveals its own Green New Deal

1 May 19  'Biodegradable' bags survive three years in soil and sea

1 May 19  How Australia can be 100% renewables by 2030s

30 Apr 19  Corbyn launches bid to declare climate emergency

30 Apr 19  Activists stage die-in protests across globe

30 Apr 19  Militaries go green in face of climate assault

30 Apr 19  How will we cope with vehicles that do our driving for us?

30 Apr 19  Soccer and WWF join forces to boost sustainability

29 Apr 19  Large fines could clean up corporations

29 Apr 19  Ford under criminal probe over emissions

29 Apr 19  Warming hits ocean species hardest

29 Apr 19  Emperor penguins flee unsteady ice

29 Apr 19  Climate world behind the wall

26 Apr 19  Figures show we're heading into a hot 2019

26 Apr 19  How will climate warming patterns look in future?

26 Apr 19  Climate warming might boost economic inequality

26 Apr 19  Dutch building string of solar islands

26 Apr 19  Dying bananas signal we've got our global food system wrong

24 Apr 19  OPINION: We must believe in humans again

24 Apr 19  New study pushes global deal for nature

24 Apr 19  IT'S NO JOKE: Laughing gas is leaking from Alaska permafrost

24 Apr 19  Pacific cities call for rethink of climate resilience

24 Apr 19  Climate scientists support youth protests

23 Apr 19  Banks hear they can't ignore climate dangers

23 Apr 19  Greta goes for climate change general strike

23 Apr 19  Flygskam (that's flight shame) is spreading across Europe

23 Apr 19  New York sets ambitious climate rules

18 Apr 19  New studies show it could be even hotter than we thought

18 Apr 19  Europe needs its own Green New Deal

18 Apr 19  Finance ministers pledge climate action

18 Apr 19  Asian voters want environmental action

17 Apr 19  China eyes nuclear fusion power by 2040

17 Apr 19  Super plants the key, says leading biologist

17 Apr 19  Finns vote for party against climate action

17 Apr 19  Could tipping points save the climate crisis?

17 Apr 19  BLOWIN' IN THE WIND: How plastic can get everywhere

16 Apr 19  'Hair dryer' winds pressure Antarctic ice

16 Apr 19  Crowds of climate protesters disrupt London

16 Apr 19  MARINE MESSAGE: From under the sea, a president's plea

16 Apr 19  Farmers fight build-up of salt in soils

16 Apr 19  UK plant aims to make hydrogen from plastic waste

15 Apr 19  Rio Tinto ready to quit Minerals Council

15 Apr 19  Amazon employees push Bezos to get busy

15 Apr 19  EYES ON ICE: Anchored science ship will go with the floe

15 Apr 19  Australia not ready, say expert firefighters

15 Apr 19  Glaciers’ global melt might leave peaks bare

12 Apr 19  Worried property dealers size up climate threat

12 Apr 19  Today’s young face lives with tiny carbon footprints

12 Apr 19  Why flying taxis could be the way to go for long journeys

12 Apr 19  Queensland upsets with new solar rules

11 Apr 19  Australia sitting pretty on hydrogen

11 Apr 19  ‘Forest restoration’ puts climate targets at risk

11 Apr 19  Tasmania's bushfires raise mercury scare

11 Apr 19  World Bank's new chief confirms green commitment

11 Apr 19  In the land of El Dorado, clean water has become ‘blue gold’

10 Apr 19  Warming pushes Arctic toward ‘unprecedented state'

10 Apr 19  DC dawdles, so powerco chiefs go for green

10 Apr 19  Threatening tide levels see UN launch push for floating cities

10 Apr 19  Europe’s food imports devour rainforests

9 Apr 19  Global CO2 levels highest for three million years

9 Apr 19  OPINION: Attenborough uncomfortable

9 Apr 19  Australia's fire forests might be changed forever

9 Apr 19  Climate change drives migrants to the US

9 Apr 19  Sikhs aim to plant a million trees as 'gift to the planet'

8 Apr 19  Global financial system must change, says UN

8 Apr 19  Norway’s giant oil fund dives into renewables

8 Apr 19  Power companies eye EV-charging potential

8 Apr 19  Last Antarctic forests send a message on climate change

5 Apr 19  These countries have prices on carbon

5 Apr 19  Scientists invent 'transparent wood' for new building material

5 Apr 19  New York to make drivers pay for pollution

5 Apr 19  Chinese consumers ignore calls to eat less beef

5 Apr 19  Science festival bans fossil fuel sponsorship

4 Apr 19  Saudi oil company world's most profitable business

4 Apr 19  Coalition tailors budget for climate denial

4 Apr 19  Ancient ‘Snowball Earth’ thawed out in a flash

4 Apr 19  German Greens want to become the people’s party

4 Apr 19  Termites show humans how to keep their high-rise cool

3 Apr 19  Trade war spells disaster for the Amazon

3 Apr 19  Labor climate policy is to hit big polluters

3 Apr 19  EU on track for 50% emission cuts by 2030

3 Apr 19  Ryanair joins what used to be the EU's all-coal polluters' club

3 Apr 19  Electric cars outsell the rest in Norway

2 Apr 19  Canada imposes carbon tax on four provinces

2 Apr 19  Slovakia's new leader will fight Big Coal

2 Apr 19  Judge blocks Trump's Arctic drilling plans

2 Apr 19  How the lion lost its mojo

2 Apr 19  Japan to oppose new coal-fired power plants

1 Apr 19  Can the world quench China’s thirst for milk?

1 Apr 19  CLIMATE QUESTION: How do we keep the kids interested?

1 Apr 19  Corporate giants join green-energy alliance

1 Apr 19  Canberra gets blame for failure to cut vehicle emissions

1 Apr 19  UNEQUAL EMISSIONS: The gulf between global rich and poor

29 Mar 19  Global climate impacts accelerating, says WMO

29 Mar 19  Warming world could mean a colder Europe

29 Mar 19  China and India are making a greener Earth

29 Mar 19  Climate denial is evil, says Mary Robinson

29 Mar 19  How the car industry hid the truth about diesel emissions

28 Mar 19  Senate defeats Green New Deal proposal

28 Mar 19  Fossil fuel now costs more, says study

28 Mar 19  ON YER TRIKE! A new way to ensure the mail gets through

27 Mar 19  Global emissions hit record high in 2018

27 Mar 19  I want plans, not speeches, says UN head

27 Mar 19  Don't know how to save the planet? This is what you can do

26 Mar 19  Top companies accused of undermining Paris deal

26 Mar 19  What Warren Buffett thinks about climate change

26 Mar 19  The day the Earth’s climate went berserk

26 Mar 19  Six ways to fill your wardrobe with sustainable clothing

26 Mar 19  Drones make it easier to monitor environment

25 Mar 19  Russia floats first law to regulate emissions

25 Mar 19  How insurance could be out of reach for many

25 Mar 19  UK lines up first deep coal mine in decades

25 Mar 19  Melting ice exposing bodies of Mt Everest's missing climbers

25 Mar 19  Attenborough to tell us the facts in new film

22 Mar 19  Ten years ago ...

22 Mar 19  US judge halts hundreds of drilling projects

22 Mar 19  More gas mining threatens climate, water and health

22 Mar 19  Plant waste key in new aviation fuel

22 Mar 19  Toyota's Melbourne plant to make hydrogen

22 Mar 19  Most US produce has pesticide residues - even after washing

21 Mar 19  FLANNERY: People are shocked; they should be angry

21 Mar 19  IPCC treading softly on language, says study

21 Mar 19  Good keen youths could form a Green Army

21 Mar 19  Look what happened when they cleaned up this rubbish beach

21 Mar 19  How Cyclone Idai was made worse by climate change

20 Mar 19  America cares about climate change again

20 Mar 19  OPINION: To end climate change we must end capitalism

20 Mar 19  Green New Deal aims for triple payback

20 Mar 19  ‘No doubt’ Arctic temperatures will rise 3.5deg

20 Mar 19  Weatherman wants climate change 'forecasts'

19 Mar 19  Japanese investors back renewables

19 Mar 19  New ultra-thin material seen as breakthrough

19 Mar 19  We'll just make Manhattan bigger, says New York

19 Mar 19  Energy and oil majors turn to rural Africa

19 Mar 19  HOT CHOCOLATE: Cocoa is helping to slow climate change

18 Mar 19  EU votes for 55% emissions cuts by 2030

18 Mar 19  Hydrogen could be fuel of the future

18 Mar 19  US blocks UN action on geoengineering

18 Mar 19  Why radical plan to cool climate could work

18 Mar 19  What world knew when today's leaders were little Greta's age

15 Mar 19  Environment a deadly mess, says UN

15 Mar 19  CRUISE CONTROL: Bigger ships, bigger trouble

15 Mar 19  Sorry, says expert, but Bitcoin can't be green

15 Mar 19  Digging up stuff responsible for half our carbon emissions

15 Mar 19  UK to end of fossil fuel heating in new houses

14 Mar 19  Arctic warming must be urgently tackled, warns UN

14 Mar 19  Global air pollution deaths double previous estimates

14 Mar 19  Scientists call for stronger land-clearing laws

14 Mar 19  Human growth robs other species of space

13 Mar 19  Trump budget slashes clean energy spending - again

13 Mar 19  Growing number of carbon schemes cover emissions

13 Mar 19  CHEMICAL CRISIS: Nations have failed to tackle the hazards

13 Mar 19  Coal-fired stations deliver danger dust

12 Mar 19  Mosquito-borne disease could threaten half the globe by 2050

12 Mar 19  Former church leader backs school climate rebellion

12 Mar 19  Western Australia watchdog gets tough

12 Mar 19  Detroit gets new life as e-Motor City

11 Mar 19  Cars are killing us ... we must phase them out

11 Mar 19  How America’s food giants swallowed the family farms

11 Mar 19  Norway to ditch some oil and gas stocks

11 Mar 19  Greenland’s winter rain washing away the icecap

11 Mar 19  UK aims to triple number of green-collar jobs

8 Mar 19  Glencore millions ran campaign to prop up coal

8 Mar 19  New solar panel makes hydrogen to heat homes

8 Mar 19  HORROR HEAT: Australia looks back on its angriest summer

8 Mar 19  Chile to host next climate summit

7 Mar 19  High-flying airlines in short haul mode on gas emissions

7 Mar 19  How Trump rollbacks hurt health and emissions

7 Mar 19  Ex-coal industry lobbyist new EPA chief

7 Mar 19  Electric cars star at Geneva motor show

7 Mar 19  Wetlands' value runs into trillions of dollars

6 Mar 19  Filters could capture CO2 in the air

6 Mar 19  UK emissions continue downward trend

6 Mar 19  Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest

6 Mar 19  Climate-neutral EU can jumpstart economy

6 Mar 19  Smart planners rethink city parking - by getting rid of it

5 Mar 19  Heatwaves sweeping oceans ‘like wildfires’

5 Mar 19  China’s coal consumption on the rise

5 Mar 19  Carbon tax v Green New Deal battle has begun

5 Mar 19  OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF LUCK: Hidden victims of heatwaves

4 Mar 19  Global food security at risk as web of life unravels

4 Mar 19  Climate change putting bite on fish catches

4 Mar 19  Green New Deal is already changing the climate debate

4 Mar 19  Finland approves ban on coal from 2029

4 Mar 19  EU invests €10b in low-carbon tech

1 Mar 19  Massive iceberg set to break with Antarctic

1 Mar 19  Australian emissions reach new peak

1 Mar 19  Coastal flooding erasing billions in property values

1 Mar 19  Deep waters become 'ultimate sink' for plastic

1 Mar 19  Plastic trash will get youngsters a free book in southern Italy

28 Feb 19  Carbon rise could cause cloud tipping point

28 Feb 19  We've made concrete the most destructive material on Earth

28 Feb 19  And the Nobel Prize for climate change goes to …

28 Feb 19  Women ‘uniquely placed’ to inspire climate action

28 Feb 19  Costa Rica aims to show world the way

27 Feb 19  World might hit 56m year carbon level by 2159

27 Feb 19  EU experts eye trillion-euro climate pact

27 Feb 19  Plastics the new coal in Appalachia

27 Feb 19  More and more, scientists need backup of the volunteer army

26 Feb 19  Insurers warn of slump in property prices

26 Feb 19  Sustainability grows on private equity companies

26 Feb 19  Germany eyes net-zero emissions by 2050

26 Feb 19  Theresa May gets a message from Moon

26 Feb 19  What happens to our world if all of the insects disappear?

25 Feb 19  China eyes solar power stations in space

25 Feb 19  Morrison adopts $2b 'climate solutions' fund

25 Feb 19  Back the science, Greta tells EU politicians

25 Feb 19  Global shipping inches forward on fuel rules

25 Feb 19  Jesus might think again if he could see the Jordan today

22 Feb 19  South Africa set to introduce carbon tax

22 Feb 19  Now it's the teachers' turn to strike for climate

22 Feb 19  How the world got hooked on palm oil

22 Feb 19  US cities will see their climate heading south

22 Feb 19  DON'T FEED THE MONSTER: People stop buying new clothes

21 Feb 19  Coal giant Glencore to limit production

21 Feb 19  Scientist made global warming a household term

21 Feb 19  TISSUE ISSUE: Are our ancient forests paying a heavy price?

20 Feb 19  Majority of European firms have no reduction targets

20 Feb 19  Florida is drowning ... but they're still building condos

20 Feb 19  Renewable energy will be tops by 2040, says BP

20 Feb 19  UK plans to make plastic producers pay

20 Feb 19  Our biggest animals are being hunted to extinction

19 Feb 19  Angry islanders reject rights swap idea

19 Feb 19  Ireland lays ground for stronger climate action

19 Feb 19  Ice voyage will explore ocean hidden for 100,000 years

19 Feb 19  Scientists feel under attack over Adani work

19 Feb 19  Changing weather could make food less safe

18 Feb 19  Sharp rise in methane threatens climate targets

18 Feb 19  Climate-disasters bill $650b over three years

18 Feb 19  Trump’s wall violates conservation laws

18 Feb 19  In this Siberian town, the snow - and the future - is black

15 Feb 19  Young protesters ask: If not us, who?

15 Feb 19  Why Australia won’t meet Paris targets

15 Feb 19  Groundwater impact might take years

15 Feb 19  How forest managers might pick the brains of clever trees

15 Feb 19  Savage heat engulfs temperate Tasmania

14 Feb 19  World is halfway through its hottest decade

14 Feb 19  Buy organic to help insects, say scientists

14 Feb 19  Race is on to define Green New Deal

14 Feb 19  BAMBOO BOOM: There's a bold new look in building materials

13 Feb 19  China and India lead greening of landscape

13 Feb 19  Sweden puts deadline on fossil-free ships

13 Feb 19  How emissions reporting is set to change

13 Feb 19  Islands declare emergency after invasion by hungry polar bears

13 Feb 19  Ambitious Danish island ends fossil fuel use

12 Feb 19  Plummeting insect numbers threaten collapse of nature

12 Feb 19  Australia could be 100% renewables by 2032

12 Feb 19  Electronic devices trigger surge in e-waste

12 Feb 19  Labs busy finding new ways to power the world

12 Feb 19  OPINION: Stop feeling guilty and think of the future

11 Feb 19  France tables 2050 carbon-neutral law

11 Feb 19  NSW court rejects coal mine in landmark call

11 Feb 19  To keep humans safe, let nature shape the coast

11 Feb 19  Street artists are joining the fight to save the environment

8 Feb 19  Science races climate as ecosystems vanish

8 Feb 19  Green New Deal claims bold plan to fight change

8 Feb 19  Two billion people dread the day the Himalaya ice cap fails

8 Feb 19  OPINION: Canberra is laughing at us

8 Feb 19  Cities need to grow up - not out

7 Feb 19  Past five years hottest run on record

7 Feb 19  Russia takes new look at Paris Agreement

7 Feb 19  Big Oil races to buy slice of e-car business

7 Feb 19  Trump fails to mention climate change

7 Feb 19  Overheated Aussies might have to sideline favourite sports

5 Feb 19  Cruising boom builds concern over emissions dodging

5 Feb 19  OPINION: The more we know, the worse it seems

5 Feb 19  UN calls Brazil dam burst a crime

5 Feb 19  Major study changes view of vital Atlantic conveyor belt

5 Feb 19  Ponds in your garden can fight climate change

4 Feb 19  Australia heat sign of things to come, say scientists

4 Feb 19  BP acts on shareholder demands

4 Feb 19  European colonisation of America killed so many it cooled the Earth's climate

4 Feb 19  OPINION: What a burning world tells us

4 Feb 19  Toxic smog forces Bangkok to close schools

1 Feb 19  How the polar vortex is linked to climate change

1 Feb 19  Intelligence chiefs warn of climate threats

1 Feb 19  Scientists find Scuba system can contain coal gases

1 Feb 19  Bali will bill tourists for plastic pollution

1 Feb 19  Industrial fishing ushers the albatross closer to extinction

31 Jan 19  Coal mining likely cause of China emissions rise

31 Jan 19  Shellfish under threat as seas become more acidic

31 Jan 19  Someday soon, a tablecloth could charge our phones

30 Jan 19  Investors urge fast-food chains to cut emissions

30 Jan 19  Big farms a growing driver of climate change

30 Jan 19  Paper, the forgotten forest destroyer

30 Jan 19  Walls don't work when it comes to coping with climate change

29 Jan 19  Why Gen Z has real power to influence business

29 Jan 19  Germany agrees to quit coal by 2038

29 Jan 19  China returns to Edison for power solution

29 Jan 19  Adidas sets target of 11 million shoes made from waste plastic

29 Jan 19  Planetary diet must also work for the poorest

25 Jan 19  Scientists warn of groundwater 'time bomb'

25 Jan 19  Boeing's flying car lifts off in race to revolutionise travel

25 Jan 19  Free public transport is great but it’s no silver bullet

25 Jan 19  Brazil's resources open for business, says Bolsonaro

25 Jan 19  Climate changes make some jobs more dangerous

24 Jan 19  In a warming world, bigger waves pack a stronger punch

24 Jan 19  Plastic-waste pact founders ‘back new plants’

24 Jan 19  Americans are getting the message

23 Jan 19  Our oceans broke heat records in 2018

23 Jan 19  Garden of Eden is no more, Attenborough tells leaders

23 Jan 19  Climate no laughing matter, Fiji warns Australia

23 Jan 19  Scores of US military bases under threat

23 Jan 19  Palm oil not a biofuel, says France

22 Jan 19  Climate death toll could be higher, says report

22 Jan 19  AUSSIE OVEN: ‘It’s like hell here’

22 Jan 19  Why sea-ice cover is so low (it’s not just climate change)

22 Jan 19  Troubled Tesla cuts 7% of workforce

21 Dec 18  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $25.00

21 Dec 18  Poor losing the high ground in Miami

21 Dec 18  Global water supply shrinks in wetter world

21 Dec 18  Risks of 'domino effect' greater than thought

21 Dec 18  How did grim Poland get such a strong carbon price?

21 Dec 18  Scientists find plastic pollution at deepest point of the ocean

20 Dec 18  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.85

20 Dec 18  Believe it or not, Australia's going to get hotter and drier

20 Dec 18  EU reaches coal deal (with caveat for Poland)

20 Dec 18  California insists on electric buses

20 Dec 18  Warming pause didn't happen, say experts

20 Dec 18  Watch plastic toys, Christmas shoppers warned

19 Dec 18  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $24.82

19 Dec 18  Stage set for humanity’s two most crucial years

19 Dec 18  EU agrees deal to cut emissions from cars

19 Dec 18  BBC under pressure to tell climate story

19 Dec 18  Storm left bill of $5b after tearing apart air force base

18 Dec 18  Anti-climate change strongmen still on the outer

18 Dec 18  Protesters to up pressure on governments

18 Dec 18  OPINION: Divestment is hitting where it hurts

18 Dec 18  Climate passports might come in handy

18 Dec 18  GOOD HEALTH: Let's hear it for yew trees and Gila monsters

18 Dec 18  There's no problem a billion cockroaches can't handle

17 Dec 18  What was agreed and why did it take so long?

17 Dec 18  Sydney and Melbourne vow to ditch coal power

17 Dec 18  London mayor unveils climate change plan

17 Dec 18  Meet the Australian farmer with 240 million trees to his name

17 Dec 18  That small patch of bush might be saving a species

14 Dec 18  China says it's open to ‘uniform’ climate rules

14 Dec 18  Instead, let’s focus on the cost of avoiding climate change

14 Dec 18  Better land use could slash emissions

14 Dec 18  SILENT REVOLUTION: It's all power to the e-bus in this city

14 Dec 18  Why Whyalla faces a bright new future

13 Dec 18  International trading back on agenda

13 Dec 18  Carbon trading will mean fair trading

13 Dec 18  UN chief in bid to revive flagging talks

13 Dec 18  Saudi falls foul of developing countries

13 Dec 18  They're trying to save us, so why do we punish activists?

12 Dec 18  We're making progress - towards 3deg warming

12 Dec 18  Indigenous peoples clinch climate deal

12 Dec 18  Vietnam milk boom leads to billions of cartons on beaches

12 Dec 18  Patagonia gives $10m tax cut to the cimate cause

11 Dec 18  Australia's silence shocks delegates

11 Dec 18  US is still very much in the game

11 Dec 18  BP faces shareholder challenge over carbon targets

11 Dec 18  Bolsonaro appoints 'beef caucus' minister

11 Dec 18  Climate plans pushed to 2041 in UN draft

11 Dec 18  By 2025, VW intends to be making million e-cars a year

10 Dec 18  Global investors call for more action

10 Dec 18  Oil producerrs scrap over UN climate report

10 Dec 18  California plans coastal retreat as sea starts swallowing homes

10 Dec 18  Airlines not using enough green planes

10 Dec 18  War hero president MIA in early climate battles

7 Dec 18  Climate control could save millions of lives, says WHO

7 Dec 18  Indonesia manages to fly below the radar

7 Dec 18  Parched world watches as water vanishes

7 Dec 18  Greenland ice melt is in overdrive

7 Dec 18  Maersk has idea to slash ship emissions

7 Dec 18  To feed 10 billion people we'll have to lay off the steak meals

6 Dec 18  Emissions jump to all-time high in 2018

6 Dec 18  Why we can’t trust finance with the planet

6 Dec 18  Four things that must be done at Katowice

6 Dec 18  World Bank to invest $200b in climate fight

6 Dec 18  Australia eyes role as clean-energy exporter

6 Dec 18  Pure electrics shine as China shows off cars of the future

5 Dec 18  Macron move likely to be felt at Katowice

5 Dec 18  Climate leader running short on power

5 Dec 18  You're acting like children, child tells leaders

5 Dec 18  Adani will fund mini-version of its mega-mine

5 Dec 18  Rising tides bring threat to Pacific military readiness

5 Dec 18  Stella McCartney makes eco-fashion charter

4 Dec 18  Attenborough: Collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

4 Dec 18  Kiwi sitting at the Katowice top table

4 Dec 18  Host calls for solidarity with coal workers

4 Dec 18  Polite applause for e-cars, but fans go ga-ga over Gladiator

4 Dec 18  Cheap drainage nets keep water pollution at bay

4 Dec 18  Asia's media ignores air pollution shocker

3 Dec 18  COP 24 OPENS: The world at a crossroads

3 Dec 18  Thousands of Aussie kids take to the streets

3 Dec 18  It's just worst-case stuff, says Trump

3 Dec 18  Happy birthday, big battery

3 Dec 18  GOOD COP: You've got to know your NDCs from your LMDCs

30 Nov 18  Why China must lead to save life on Earth

30 Nov 18  Global food system is broken, say world’s science academies

30 Nov 18  France sets up independent climate council

30 Nov 18  New tech hailed as tool to protect oceans

30 Nov 18  Heat threatens hospital systems, says Lancet

29 Nov 18  EU plan calls for ‘climate neutrality’ by 2050

29 Nov 18  Fiery February El Nino could mean summer could sizzle

29 Nov 18  Brazil pulls offer to host COP 25 summit

29 Nov 18  Wild plant ancestors need more protection

29 Nov 18  Everest's glaciers sensitive to climate change

28 Nov 18  We must triple efforts or face catastrophe, says UN

28 Nov 18  China drags chain on emissions trading scheme

28 Nov 18  Mishap forces Pacific garbage patch swimmer to give up

28 Nov 18  Gas demand spurs race to build tankers

28 Nov 18  End of an era as Ireland closes its peat bogs

27 Nov 18  Draft G20 statement waters down Paris stand

27 Nov 18  Labor’s smashing win tonic for clean energy

27 Nov 18  Trailblazing UK climate change act a global model

27 Nov 18  Scientist unveils blueprint to save bees and enrich farmers

27 Nov 18  Cruise ship captain fined for using dirty fuel

27 Nov 18  Morrison tells striking schoolkids to butt out

26 Nov 18  Hunt begins for 'detergent' to clean up the sky

26 Nov 18  Risks are spiraling, warns US weather scientists

26 Nov 18  Report over the top, say Trump's people

26 Nov 18  Europe, too, will feel the heat

26 Nov 18  Solar geoengineering could be cheap option

26 Nov 18  She trolled Trump, but can she lead green wave across Europe?

23 Nov 18  Climate-heating gases at record levels, says UN

23 Nov 18  Chinese money will make or break climate fight

23 Nov 18  Vanuatu eyes climate action against fossil fuel companies

23 Nov 18  Polish government split over coal

23 Nov 18  US exporters find new coal friend in India

23 Nov 18  UK advised to look at hydrogen heating

23 Nov 18  Mangroves are on the march

22 Nov 18  Ten EU countries demand net-zero goal

22 Nov 18  Attenborough to speak for the people at UN climate summit

22 Nov 18  Oceans could be facing mass extinctions

22 Nov 18  Biofuel land grab will squeeze nature’s space

22 Nov 18  Marshalls first to submit new climate targets

22 Nov 18  UN environment chief resigns

21 Nov 18  We need to act 'today', says new IPCC report

21 Nov 18  Big Business backs cuts to industry emissions

21 Nov 18  How Antarctic melt could slow temperature rise

21 Nov 18  Hungary wants end to coal power by 2030

21 Nov 18  Fog, freezing cold, plague, hunger ... 536 was a shocker

20 Nov 18  Europe could face migration chaos, says Kerry

20 Nov 18  What exactly is the Green New Deal?

20 Nov 18  Dead fish new power behind high-polluting cruise ships

20 Nov 18  Climate changes threaten navy shipyards

19 Nov 18  China, Russia and Canada policies a threat

19 Nov 18  Crucial Antarctic current is changing

19 Nov 18  Trump plans coal sideshow at Katowice

19 Nov 18  Bolsonaro names climate denier as key minister

19 Nov 18  Fires become more complex, nuanced ... and alarming

19 Nov 18  Crab fishers sue fossil fuel industry

16 Nov 18  Spy in the sky spots households wasting heat

16 Nov 18  France acts to ban deforestation imports

16 Nov 18  Anti-fossil fuel campaigns contain lessons

16 Nov 18  Carmakers slam new Spanish climate law

16 Nov 18  Greenland crater points to another climate-changing asteroid collision

15 Nov 18  Bolsonaro already at work in the Amazon

15 Nov 18  Trump plans to target heavy trucks

15 Nov 18  Venice flooding is getting worse

15 Nov 18  Sweet taste of chocolate has turned sour for orangutans

15 Nov 18  Heatwaves can hurt male insect fertility

14 Nov 18  We have no capacity to absorb new fossil fuel plants

14 Nov 18  EU states call for tough action on deforestation

14 Nov 18  Hydrogen is back in the energy picture

14 Nov 18  Can Teresa Ribera transform Spain?

14 Nov 18  Bruised Iraq now has climate-change worries

14 Nov 18  PROBLEM PLASTIC: What's behind our sudden rage and will it make a difference?

13 Nov 18  Big Oil spent 1% on green energy in 2018

13 Nov 18  Environment crusaders head to Congress

13 Nov 18  Why 2018 will see record for carbon emissions

13 Nov 18  Amazon is adapting, but not fast enough

13 Nov 18  Britain's new climate could bring wine bonanza

13 Nov 18  How the US interior department became a tool of big business

12 Nov 18  How fund managers could help save Amazon

12 Nov 18  China faces pressure over illegal greenhouse gases

12 Nov 18  Germany pours money into EV battery ventures

12 Nov 18  Flash floods increase as mercury climbs

12 Nov 18  End of the end of the Earth ... according to Jonathan Franzen

9 Nov 18  Carbon Clock wound back - just a tick

9 Nov 18  JFK first to be warned about climate change

9 Nov 18  Messed-up ozone layer is on the mend

9 Nov 18  Red-meat tax would save many lives, says study

9 Nov 18  WORTHY AWARD: 'Single-use' named 2018 word of the year

8 Nov 18  Climate change back on US political agenda

8 Nov 18  OPINION: Attenborough has betrayed the living world

8 Nov 18  Big hydropower dams unsustainable, says study

8 Nov 18  Aussie schoolkids take action over climate change inaction

8 Nov 18  Palau bans sunscreen to protect coral reefs

7 Nov 18  Bitcoin mining takes twice the effort

7 Nov 18  Ministers call for transparency in climate finance

7 Nov 18  E-car demand fuels rise in Congo child labour

7 Nov 18  Unseasonably hot, you say? Not any more

7 Nov 18  Living normally, a platypus could ingest 69 drugs a day

6 Nov 18  In two years we could face our own extinction, says UN

6 Nov 18  Is corporate Australia facing a 'tipping point'?

6 Nov 18  OPINION: It would help if companies paid their taxes

6 Nov 18  Court allows children's climate case to go ahead

5 Nov 18  Threatened cities trade sea walls for parks

5 Nov 18  This crab could save your life - if humans don't wipe it out first

5 Nov 18  Climate warming messes with the jet stream

5 Nov 18  Dreaded tsetse flies wilt in Africa’s growing heat

2 Nov 18  Scientists will risk prison to get climate action

2 Nov 18  The Paris climate gang is breaking up

2 Nov 18  Electric food – the new sci-fi diet that could save our planet

2 Nov 18  Bolsonaro to merge environment and agriculture

2 Nov 18  NSW launches emerging energy programme

2 Nov 18  US makers double down on utes and SUVs

1 Nov 18  Only 16 countries meet their Paris commitment

1 Nov 18  Wildlife in 'mindblowing' crisis, says WWF

1 Nov 18  Climate change drives migrant caravan

1 Nov 18  UK announces tax on plastic packaging

1 Nov 18  Chinese city launching own moon to save on power bill

31 Oct 18  Investors challenge 55 companies on climate lobbying

31 Oct 18  Polish utility sued over financial risk of coal plant

31 Oct 18  Clean energy is surging – and headed for a fall

31 Oct 18  MEATLESS MEAT: One major issue is what do we call it

31 Oct 18  Big brands pledge to turn tide on plastic waste

30 Oct 18  Will Trump of the Tropics wreck Amazon rainforest?

30 Oct 18  Global effort to cut ship emissions stalls

30 Oct 18  Catholic bishops call for faith in Paris target

30 Oct 18  Litigation likely to rise on back of IPCC report

30 Oct 18  Compressed air could be our energy friend

30 Oct 18  Oil countries will have to change their ways

29 Oct 18  Air pollution the new tobacco, warns WHO head

29 Oct 18  Spain to close most coalmines in $400m deal

29 Oct 18  How boiling Darwin could keep the people and regain its cool

29 Oct 18  Hydrogen offers hope for island dwellers

29 Oct 18  Climate fund approves $1b for poor countries

29 Oct 18  Ocean-sweeper targets plastic waste in Caribbean

26 Oct 18  We can’t take many more populists like Bolsonaro

26 Oct 18  Dyson to take vacuum cleaners to the next level - electric cars

26 Oct 18  Hunger for raw materials bad news for the climate

26 Oct 18  Coalition digs deeper into coal and climate denial

25 Oct 18  Ocean warming hits highest recorded level

25 Oct 18  Brexit and Germany erode EU climate resolve

25 Oct 18  Australia shows interest in hydrogen power

25 Oct 18  How one small island showed us how to clean up our act

25 Oct 18  Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes

24 Oct 18  US scientists keen to get political power

24 Oct 18  Coalition could help out new power projects

24 Oct 18  Australia to have ultra-fast charging network

24 Oct 18  Solar is here to stay, but where are the boats?

24 Oct 18  How a little warming paved the way for reign of the dinosaurs

23 Oct 18  TINY TRACTORS: Welcome to the rise of the robot farmer

23 Oct 18  US emissions fell in 2017 as coal plants shut

23 Oct 18  Trump tries again to stop youngsters' case

23 Oct 18  Nauruans (and refugees) have nowhere to hide

23 Oct 18  Study finds 90% of table salt contains microplastics

23 Oct 18  Russian town besieged by hungry polar bears

19 Oct 18  Global carbon emissions set to hit new high

19 Oct 18  Wales to turn back on coal mining

19 Oct 18  New climate threatens heritage sites

19 Oct 18  Fracking protesters set free on appeal

19 Oct 18  Rice gene bank wins survival funding

19 Oct 18  ANGKOR'S END: Did floods speed the end of ancient city?

18 Oct 18  Leaders move past Trump to protect the world

18 Oct 18  Banks and insurers must have plans, says BoE

18 Oct 18  Judge rules youngsters can sue the state

18 Oct 18  CLIMATE CASE: The fact is we just don't have enough data

18 Oct 18  Greens big winners in European elections

18 Oct 18  Change ‘laboratories’ open up in EU

17 Oct 18  Australia should be 'exporting sunshine, not coal'

17 Oct 18  UK steps towards zero-carbon economy

17 Oct 18  There's something there, says Trump

17 Oct 18  We're cutting down the tree of life, warn scientists

17 Oct 18  TROUBLE BREWING: Climate could cause beer shortages

16 Oct 18  How the world dairy herd could be brought to its knees

16 Oct 18  IPCC report too soft, say some scientists

16 Oct 18  Fracking part of the deal, says UK minister

16 Oct 18  Australia needs a plan, says chief scientist

16 Oct 18  It's time to put away the mower and let the front lawn run wild

15 Oct 18  Top climate scientist blasts fracking plans

15 Oct 18  Scrapping grants for hybrid cars 'astounding'

15 Oct 18  A million electric vehicles in the US. So what?

15 Oct 18  Reality bites for Australian farmers

15 Oct 18  BBC to show first climate film since 2007

12 Oct 18  Forestry boom turns Ireland into an ecological dead zone

12 Oct 18  And the worst plastics polluter is ... Coca-Cola

12 Oct 18  Why we must drastically cut amount of meat we eat

12 Oct 18  Climate strategy has Trudeau firmly on back foot

12 Oct 18  ‘Disappointed’ EU ministers agree on CO2 cuts

12 Oct 18  Vehicle made from recycled plastic to explore the ice

11 Oct 18  Trump says he'll have a look at IPCC report

11 Oct 18  Now near 100m bpd, when will oil demand peak?

11 Oct 18  Bioenergy will lead the way, predicts IEA

11 Oct 18  Likely Brazil leader is full of climate threats

11 Oct 18  ROBOBEES: Scientists say they can make drones to take over

11 Oct 18  Dutch court shoots down government appeal

10 Oct 18  Global energy sector's emissions keep growing

10 Oct 18  Australia rejects IPCC call to dump coal

10 Oct 18  TIMELINE: How the climate panel got to 1.5deg threshold

10 Oct 18  Nobel goes to father of 2deg warming limit

9 Oct 18  OPINION: We've all been set a very clear target

9 Oct 18  Little-known 2016 treaty could help delay climate catastrophe

9 Oct 18  Morrison says no more money for climate fund

9 Oct 18  Three decades later, Chernobyl goes solar

9 Oct 18  Palm oil giant vows to cut deforestation

8 Oct 18  Frozen Arctic moves seawards in hectic melt

8 Oct 18  Wind-solar hybrid means 24-hour energy

8 Oct 18  Labour’s low-carbon plan is a good start

8 Oct 18  Protesters celebrate German forest's reprieve

8 Oct 18  I sued the state of Washington because I can't breathe there

5 Oct 18  Labor says Australia can remain energy 'superpower'

5 Oct 18  Jet makes historic flight on LanzaTech fuel

5 Oct 18  Denmark ban plan includes hybrid cars

5 Oct 18  New pact bans fishing across much of Arctic

5 Oct 18  WASTE NOT: Dumped plastic can be worth its weight in gold

4 Oct 18  US critique sets stage for Incheon showdown

4 Oct 18  MEPs vote for 40% cut in car emissions by 2030

4 Oct 18  Mazda picks up the pace in electric vehicles

4 Oct 18  Paris builds zero-carbon future with a conscience

4 Oct 18  German official backs clearing forest for coal mine

4 Oct 18  VESPA VETO: Why Genoa is moving to ban its icon of cool

3 Oct 18  MARKET LATEST: NZUs $25.00

3 Oct 18  Climate scientists consider 'life changing' report

3 Oct 18  Trump administration sees a 7deg rise

3 Oct 18  Even fish can eat this latest replacement for plastic

3 Oct 18  Victoria renewables boom opens up jobs

3 Oct 18  Uber puts $10m into sustainable transport

3 Oct 18  Meet the man who beat Monsanto

2 Oct 18  High-yield farms clue to feeding the world

2 Oct 18  Which cities will sink into the sea first?

2 Oct 18  The thing with electric cars is selling them

2 Oct 18  Scientists have high hopes for solar-flow battery