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Our AI is exposing climate misinformation throughout COP26

12 Nov 21 - There is a kind of climate pollution that we can’t see clearly. It isn’t in our rivers, lands or skies, it is in our minds. When climate disinformation goes unchecked, it spreads like wildfire,...

How the world’s militaries hide their huge carbon emissions

12 Nov 21 - Climate change leadership requires more than stirring speeches. It means facing up to hard truths. One truth that governments around the world are struggling with is the immense contribution their...

The Global South does not need debt. We need climate justice: Mitzi Tan

12 Nov 21 - In 2009, when I was 12 years old, world leaders gathered in Copenhagen for COP15. They made a pledge to allocate $100bn per year in climate finance for Global South countries by 2020 so that they...

Saudi Arabia denies playing climate saboteur at Glasgow

12 Nov 21 - The tightest of smiles on his face and the fabric of his traditional thobe swirling about him as he strides through a hallway at U.N. climate talks, Saudi Arabia's energy minister expresses shock at...

Glasgow Conversations: Day 10

11 Nov 21 - On day 10 of COP26, Alastair Thompson is there when the US and China announce what he believes to be the most significant news of the summit to date.

Cook Islands calls for new class of climate debt

11 Nov 21 - Cook Islands prime minister Mark Brown has called for climate related debt to be treated differently from national debt.

COP26 draft text calls for tougher emissions pledges by 2022

11 Nov 21 - The United Nations climate agency has published a first draft (PDF) of the political decision countries will likely issue at the end of the COP26 summit.

COP architects furious at lack of climate justice at pivotal summit

11 Nov 21 - Researchers who helped to draft parts of the first United Nations environmental agreements nearly 30 years ago say that that low income countries are being massively let down in the current COP26...

The climate activists stealing Big Oil’s playbook

11 Nov 21 - A secretive network of public relations experts has spent the better part of the last decade whispering into journalists’ ears about climate science — spoon-feeding them facts, figures, spin and...

Youth, Indigenous people bring climate frontlines to the forefront at COP26

11 Nov 21 - Standing on the Squinty Bridge above the River Clyde, Ruth Miller, a Dena'ina Athabaskan, described how climate change has already altered her homeland near Bristol Bay in Alaska.

Uganda's Vanessa Nakate says COP26 sidelines nations most affected by climate change

11 Nov 21 - As young climate activists descended on Glasgow for the COP26 UN climate summit, Vanessa Nakate was faced with a familiar yet sad experience: Being pushed to the side.

Glasgow Conversations: Day 9

10 Nov 21 - On day 9 of the Glasgow Conversations, Alastair Thompson reports on a James Shaw BBC appearance, Nancy Pelosi's performance at the summit, and how young women are the stars of COP26.

Famine-stricken Madagascar calls for 'climate empathy' at COP26

10 Nov 21 - As the world's first climate change-driven famine ravages her tropical island homeland, Madagascar's environment minister is in Scotland to warn that other countries could find themselves suffering a...

Forest deal may not be enough to save the trees

10 Nov 21 - THE COP26 deal to limit deforestation and boost tree planting is only a small step toward slowing global warming, and key nations show few signs of adhering to the pact, writes Bob Berwyn of Inside...

Glasgow Conversations: Day 8

Photo Credit: Alastair Thompson

9 Nov 21 - On day 8 of COP26, Alastair Thompson attends a Barak Obama talk, a briefing by climate change minister James Shaw, and delves into the important but mind numbingly complicated world of climate...

Countries far apart as climate talks enter final week

9 Nov 21 - UN climate talks have entered their final week with countries still worlds apart on key issues including how rapidly the world curbs carbon emissions and how to help nations already impacted by...

Climate on track to devastate world’s poorest economies: study

9 Nov 21 - The 65 most vulnerable nations will see their gross domestic product (GDP) drop 20 percent on average by 2050 and 64 percent by 2100 if the world heats up 2.9 degrees Celsius (5.2 degrees...

African nations seek talks on $700bn climate finance deal

9 Nov 21 - African nations want Cop26 to open discussions this week on a mega-financing deal that would channel US$700bn every year from 2025 to help developing nations adapt to the climate crisis.

Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation at climate summit

9 Nov 21 - There are more delegates at COP26 associated with the fossil fuel industry than from any single country, analysis shared with the BBC shows.

Glasgow Conversations: Week 2

8 Nov 21 - As COP26 enters its second week, Alastair Thompson talks to Jeremy Rose about the week that's been and the one to come.

8 Nov 21  Nature and climate protection pledges pile up at COP26, amid ghosts of past failures

8 Nov 21  G20 nations will face a full-frontal tide of climate impacts

8 Nov 21  China's deafening silence speaks loudest at global climate talks

8 Nov 21  PNG public shocked by expense of COP26 delegation

5 Nov 21  ‘End of coal in sight’ as COP26 deals take aim at dirtiest fuel

5 Nov 21  A $130T climate promise is greeted with suspicion

5 Nov 21  Rich countries’ climate policies are colonialism in green: opinion

5 Nov 21  Cooking up carbon credits

4 Nov 21  Glasgow Conversations: Day 4

4 Nov 21  Tuvalu and Antigua and Barbuda seeking damages from major polluters

4 Nov 21  Al Gore warns of a $22 trillion ‘subprime carbon bubble’

4 Nov 21  Current carbon market a problem: Mark Carney

4 Nov 21  Doing the maths on Biden’s climate pledge

3 Nov 21  Kiwi inspired solar silk road gets boost at COP26

3 Nov 21  Glasgow Conversations: Day 3

3 Nov 21  India targets net-zero carbon emissions by 2070

3 Nov 21  U.S. announces new rules to curtail methane at climate summit

3 Nov 21  Trudeau takes carbon pricing debate to COP26

3 Nov 21  Why COP26 agreement will struggle to reverse global forest loss by 2030

3 Nov 21  Climate change in 11 charts

3 Nov 21  If nothing is done the world will have 200 million climate refugees by 2050

3 Nov 21  ‘Oppose This Climate Slavery’: A Manifesto

2 Nov 21  Glasgow Conversations: Day 2

2 Nov 21  ‘Digging our graves’: Guterres demands action at climate summit

2 Nov 21  ‘Thin’ Pacific Island teams at COP26 spark fears of inequity

2 Nov 21  How climate change traps poor countries between poverty and disaster

1 Nov 21  Glasgow Conversations: Day 1

1 Nov 21  Who’s going to the COP26 climate summit? Meet the key players at the UN talks

1 Nov 21  Reasons to be hopeful: the climate solutions available now

29 Oct 21  Introducing the Glasgow Conversations

29 Oct 21  India rejects target for net zero emissions ahead of COP26 climate conference

28 Oct 21  National pushing for bilateral carbon market agreements

28 Oct 21  Health and wellbeing must be heart of climate response: healthcare professionals

28 Oct 21  There’s still time to fix climate — about 11 years: Scientific American

28 Oct 21  On forestry, COP26 must avoid double counting of carbon removals: scientist

26 Oct 21  New Zealand might not announce its NDC until after COP26: Shaw

26 Oct 21  Why 25 previous conferences have failed to stop climate change

22 Oct 21  Greenpeace chief warns of ‘greenwashing’ at UN climate talks

21 Oct 21  The broken $100-billion promise of climate finance — and how to fix it

14 Oct 21  Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’

12 Oct 21  Over 20 more countries vow to slash methane emissions

12 Oct 21  NDCs, climate finance and 1.5C: your Cop26 jargon buster

8 Oct 21  “The fight is on” to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees: climate change ambassador

6 Oct 21  Global citizens’ assembly to be chosen for UN climate talks

5 Oct 21  Pope, faith leaders sign joint climate appeal before summit

1 Oct 21  NZ should commit to regenerative agriculture at COP26: Greenpeace

1 Oct 21  Climate change: Money on the agenda at Milan talks

30 Sep 21  An international carbon market key to COP26 success: ACT

27 Sep 21  NZ should champion split-gas approach in Glasgow: National

9 Sep 21  NZ working with UK and Australia to help Pacific Island delegates attend COP26

8 Sep 21  Green groups call for COP26 postponement

8 Sep 21  What to expect from China at COP26

10 Aug 21  Mother of all climate science reports

10 Aug 21  Worst polluting countries must make drastic carbon cuts: Cop26 chief

9 Aug 21  Time running out to stop catastrophe - Alok Sharma

6 Aug 21  COP26: Warnings that climate summit may not happen

1 Apr 21  Will COP26 be delayed, again?

19 Mar 21  UK calls for net--zero by 2050

17 Mar 21  Vaccine hold-up threatens representation at climate talks

9 Feb 21  Put talks online, says Gueterres.

7 Dec 20  UK announces stronger 2030 emissions target

5 Nov 20  How well is Scotland tackling climate change?

14 Oct 20  How does the COP26 delay affect GHG emissions?

3 Apr 20  UN postpones COP26 climate talks in Glascow

19 Mar 20  Johnson under pressure to stage UN climate talks

4 Mar 20  Coronavirus could derail COP 26 summit

18 Feb 20  Johnson names new COP26 president

5 Feb 20  Does Britain know what it's doing with Glasgow?


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