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Australian Super accused of greenwashing by investing funds from ethical option in coal, oil and gas industries

Today 10:45am - Australia's largest super fund has invested money from its 'Socially Aware' option in the coal, oil and gas industries.

Greece shuts Acropolis, two firefighters killed in Italy as southern Europe swelters in a heat wave

Today 10:45am - A heat wave across southern Europe forced authorities in Greece to close the Acropolis for several hours and two firefighters died while putting out a fire in the Basilicata region in southern Italy.

UK supermarkets to trial methane-reducing feed supplement for dairy cows

Today 10:45am - UK supermarket chain Tesco has announced it will trial a methane-reducing feed supplement for dairy cows as part of an initiative to cut its carbon footprint.

‘Significant shift’ away from coal as most new steelmaking is now electric

Today 10:45am - The steel and iron industry is responsible for 7% of greenhouse gas emissions and 11% of carbon dioxide emissions globally, according to the consultancy firm Global Efficiency Intelligence.

US court overturns Alaska oil lease sale in a win for environmentalists

Today 10:45am - A federal court in Alaska overturned an oil and gas lease sale that had been mandated by the Biden administration's signature climate law as part of a political compromise.

From green energy to rivers, environment at heart of nine plans in King’s speech

Today 10:45am - The UK's new Labour government recognises the ‘urgency of climate challenge’ but also presents measures as way to also cut the cost of living.

BP-owned company is selling carbon credits on trees that aren’t in danger, analysis finds

Thursday - Some forest carbon offsets sold by the biggest offsetting company in the United States offer little or no benefit to the climate, a satellite analysis has found.

Preparing London for climate impacts is ‘non-negotiable,’ landmark review warns

Thursday - The government has been warned that preparing London for climate change is “non-negotiable” as a landmark review of the capital’s climate resilience is published.

'Canada Carbon Rebate' starts

Thursday - Starting today, Canadian banks are expected to clearly identify direct deposits of carbon tax rebates in customers' accounts.

Gas giant Woodside buys grazing properties in southern NSW to offset carbon emissions

Thursday - Woodside has bought four sheep and cattle farms in NSW for $40 million to help offset emissions from oil and gas projects.

The story of a heat death

Thursday - David went to work in his new job on a French building site. By the end of the day he was dead. What can David Azevedo’s story tell us about the threat increasingly extreme weather poses to human...

Can digital payments help countries adapt to climate change?

Thursday - For thousands of farmers in the Philippines, climate change is a direct threat to their livelihoods.

Climate change is altering the length of days on Earth, according to new research

Wednesday - The days are getting longer as global temperatures continue to rise, new research shows.

We now live in a world of planned disasters

Wednesday - COMMENT: When Hurricane Beryl blew into Houston last week, many bayous and roadways were flooded and more than 2.2 million homes and businesses were left without power.

‘Antidotes to despair’: five things we’ve learned from the world’s best climate journalists

Wednesday - From climate crisis being a crime story to presenting basic weather news in the context of climate change, here are some lessons from journalists.

Rising seas wiped out an entire US species for the first time. Scientists say it’s a sign of things to come

Wednesday - A unique plant has become the first species in the United States to be exterminated from the wild by the compounding effects of rising seas, scientists say.

New map shows predicted climate impacts where you live

Wednesday - A new climate change map shows predictions for just how devastated the future climate will be in various places around the world.

California wildfires have burned five times the average area this year, officials say

Tuesday - Cal Fire head Joe Tyler urges residents to be ‘extra cautious’ and reveals fires have scorched nearly 220,000 acres.

We built our world for a climate that no longer exists

Tuesday - OPINION: Earlier this week, the Third Avenue Bridge in Manhattan had to be shut down because the bridge – which pivots to allow ships to pass – wouldn’t close correctly.

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