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Von der Leyen threads the climate needle to keep her job

Tuesday - The German politician has secured a second term as European Commission president with a political program carefully designed to woo both conservatives and environmentalists.

Greece shuts Acropolis, two firefighters killed in Italy as southern Europe swelters in a heat wave

19 Jul 24 - A heat wave across southern Europe forced authorities in Greece to close the Acropolis for several hours and two firefighters died while putting out a fire in the Basilicata region in southern Italy.

The story of a heat death

18 Jul 24 - David went to work in his new job on a French building site. By the end of the day he was dead. What can David Azevedo’s story tell us about the threat increasingly extreme weather poses to human health?

How Denmark plans to tax agriculture emissions to meet climate goals

12 Jul 24 - Denmark is on its way to introducing a world-first tax on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in 2030.

Ireland's greenhouse emissions lowest in 30 years

12 Jul 24 - Greenhouse gas emissions in the Republic of Ireland are at their lowest level in 30 years, according to the latest figures.

Using Toyota's hydrogen car as the Paris Olympics official vehicle 'will damage reputation of 2024 Games'

12 Jul 24 - More than 120 scientists, academics and engineers call for switch to battery electric vehicles, arguing that fuel-cell cars are ‘not a viable net zero solution’.

New EU Parliament less supportive of green agenda, documents show

11 Jul 24 - The next European Commission will no longer be able to rely on a broad consensus among lawmakers in support of ambitious climate change policies, draft documents showed.

French election sparks relief for scientists, hope on climate change reform

10 Jul 24 - Following a second round of voting in a snap election, France's left-wing New Popular Front has secured a leading plurality of seats in parliament.

How Europe’s conspiracy influencers went from COVID-19 to the climate

8 Jul 24 - Conspiratorial narratives about climate action have entered the mainstream all over Europe.

Wildfire emergencies declared in Russia’s Far East

4 Jul 24 - Authorities in Russia’s Siberian and Far East republics of Tyva and Sakha (Yakutia) have declared states of emergency due to summer wildfires raging across the regions.

To keep clean drinking water flowing to Paris, farmers are going organic

27 Jun 24 - Rather than relying on expensive water treatment plants, the French capital is protecting its water supply at the source.

Denmark will be the first country to impose a carbon tax on farms

26 Jun 24 - Denmark, a major pork and dairy exporter, will introduce a tax on livestock carbon dioxide emissions from 2030, making it the first country to do so and hoping to inspire others to follow.

Denmark’s radical plan for a plant-based future

25 Jun 24 - The Nordic country is working toward ambitious goals to make its food systems more sustainable — and other nations are following in its path.

Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil

21 Jun 24 - Part of Stonehenge has been covered in orange powder paint by protesters, the day before celebrations begin for the Summer Solstice at the 5,000-year-old landmark.

How climate change is hitting Europe: three graphics reveal health impacts

19 Jun 24 - A growing body of research reveals the deaths and diseases linked to rising temperatures across the continent.

This city just made it illegal to advertise SUVs. Here’s why.

17 Jun 24 - Edinburgh became the latest European capital city to ban ads for aviation, SUVs and more.

EU hits Chinese EVs with tariffs, drawing rebuke from Beijing

14 Jun 24 - The European Commission said it will impose extra duties of up to 38.1% on imported Chinese electric cars from July, risking retaliation from Beijing.

Swiss parliament spurns European climate ruling

13 Jun 24 - The Swiss parliament voted to snub a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that accused the country of being ineffective in fighting climate change.

What do the European elections mean for EU climate action?

13 Jun 24 - This week’s European parliamentary election results saw parties on the populist right making big gains in France and Germany, while the historic “green wave” of 2019 receded.

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