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Govt under pressure to show 'coherent' climate policy after failing to sign renewables pledge

Today 10:30am - New Zealand was one of only a few developed countries that didn’t sign a renewables pledge at the international climate summit in Dubai over the weekend. The country is now under “significant pressure” to show it has coherent climate policy consistent with its international obligations, an expert says.

NZ signs sustainable agriculture declaration

Today 10:30am - New Zealand was one of 134 countries at Dubai’s COP28 UN climate summit to sign the COP28 “UAE declaration on sustainable agriculture, resilient food systems and climate action”.

New Zealand continues to punch above its weight in Fossil awards

Monday - New Zealand has once again won itself the dubious honour of a Fossil of the Day Award at COP 28 in Dubai, the third time in as may years.

Genesis plans $1.1 billion spend on renewables - while still relying on fossil fuels

Monday - Genesis Energy has unveiled its plans to find a way forward using profits from the Kupe field to refresh Huntly as a lynchpin in the electricity network as it pushes towards 100% renewables.

Carbon price up ahead of auction next week

Friday - The carbon price is up to just under $75 ahead of the Emissions Trade Scheme auction on Wednesday next week.

Scrutiny on global voluntary carbon market and changes to ETS led to Toitū dropping NZUs

Friday - By Ann Smith | OPINION: Toitū’s decision last week to transition away from accepting New Zealand carbon credits brought the global voluntary carbon market, and debates about its integrity, into sharp focus.

Best by the rest...

Friday - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Helter smelter - the Tiwai Point dance begins again; the new government's climate plans include some surprises; and will reviving oil and gas exploration make NZ a ‘pariah’ state?

Consumer NZ takes legal action against Z Energy over climate claims

Thursday - Consumer NZ is taking Z Energy to the High Court, claiming the company has misled New Zealanders with its claims over emissions reductions and mitigation.

COP28 climate conference kicks off today

Thursday - Climate change ministers old and new will represent New Zealand at the UN’s largest ever climate conference, which starts today.

Massive native reforestation project proposed

29 Nov 23 - By Jeremy Rose | New Zealand could go from being a buyer of offshore carbon credits to an exporter of offsets, according to the promoters of an ambitious plan to reforest and restore 2.1 million...

Climate friendly transport: Why Air New Zealand needs to get onboard with passenger rail

29 Nov 23 - By Paul Callister and Robert McLachlan | Air New Zealand has a problem. The national airline needs to be profitable and, traditionally, this has involved increasing passenger numbers.

Incoming govt might face $24 billion climate bill

28 Nov 23 - By Liz Kivi | The new government has a major task ahead to deliver on the country’s international obligations for emissions reductions, with implications for international trade if targets aren’t met.

Greens launch petition to keep oil and gas ban

28 Nov 23 - The Green Party has launched a petition to stop the incoming government repealing the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration.

New govt cans ETS review, climate and environment ministers outside cabinet

27 Nov 23 - By Liz Kivi | The new National-led coalition government has dumped the current review of the Emissions Trading Scheme, and appointed climate and environment ministers outside cabinet.

Energy and resources portfolio split

27 Nov 23 - The former energy and resources portfolio has been split into two by the new government.

Biodiversity finance? Definitely. Biodiversity credits? Maybe

24 Nov 23 - By Jeremy Rose | The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and some of the country’s major environmental groups have questioned the government’s one-eyed focus on biodiversity credits.

NZ aircraft to fight climate-fuelled wildfires worldwide

24 Nov 23 - It’s unusual for an aircraft manufacturer to be able to genuinely claim its product is making a net positive contribution to climate change but that’s the claim of one Hamilton-based company - and it...

Best by the rest...

24 Nov 23 - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in local media: Big carbon farming decisions lie ahead; the good (and bad) news on climate change; and growing concerns around the Māori...

Toitū to stop accepting NZUs

23 Nov 23 - Toitū Envirocare, the government’s carbon certification service, announced today that it will transition away from accepting New Zealand carbon credits in its carbon certification programmes.

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'Silent devastation' of drought set to increase globally under climate change

Today 10:30am - Media Release | Droughts will become more frequent and more severe under...

Progress towards Canterbury's Climate Action Plan

Thursday - Media release | The Canterbury Mayoral Forum endorsed a collective funding...

New VCMI guidance opens door for corporate carbon credit claims

29 Nov 23 - Media Release | The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) has...

Fly-in fly-out MPs urged to save money and the environment

24 Nov 23 - Media release | Greater Wellington chair Daran Ponter has sent new Members of...

Mercury Kaiwera Downs windfarm opens

22 Nov 23 - Media release | Mercury has cut the ribbon to celebrate stage one of the...

Climate adaptation planning: “Strengthen community engagement,” says Helen Clark Foundation and WSP

21 Nov 23 - Media release | A new report from the Helen Clark Foundation and engineering...

New Zealand’s largest insurer calls on new government to prioritise flood resilience

21 Nov 23 - Media Release | The economic toll of our summer of storms continues to mount,...

Majority of New Zealanders want public transport discounts to stay

16 Nov 23 - Press release - A new poll has found that 71% of New Zealanders want to keep...

Forest & Bird backs action to stop mining on Coromandel conservation land

14 Nov 23 - Media release | Coromandel-based anti-mining group Ours Not Mines is in the...

Oxfam joins calls for New Zealand to support fossil fuel free Pacific

9 Nov 23 - Media release | Oxfam is backing calls from Pacific leaders for the New Zealand...

Landfill has a new front-end loader – and it’s fully electric

7 Nov 23 - The recently introduced front-end loader at Wellington’s Southern Landfill is...

New tech to boost emissions reduction effort

6 Nov 23 - Media release | Ground-breaking new portable technology to measure methane...

Scholarship awarded for world first climate change degree

1 Nov 23 - Media release - A Mount Maunganui-based university student is the first...

‘It’s just how life is here’: Children in Vanuatu devastated by early return of cyclone season

30 Oct 23 - Media release | Category Five Tropical Cyclone Lola in Vanuatu has claimed at...

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