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The world could soon see a massive oil glut. Here's why.

Today 10:45am - The world could have a glut of oil by the end of the decade because of rising production combined with declining demand as consumers and businesses switch to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Russia’s war with Ukraine accelerating global climate emergency, report shows

Today 10:45am - Most comprehensive analysis ever of conflict-driven climate impacts shows emissions greater than those generated by 175 countries in a year.

G7 coal charade: Funding the fire they claim to fight

Today 10:45am - COMMENT: Rich countries should take concrete steps to stem the global flow of funds from their commercial banks which are fuelling expansion of the coal industry.

Nitrous oxide emissions are accelerating with growing demand for fertilizer and meat

Thursday - Food’s role in climate change has emerged as one of the defining challenges of our time.

China to reach 2030 solar and wind energy target five years ahead of schedule

Thursday - China is expected to exceed its 2030 solar and wind energy target already in 2025, when its solar and wind capacity is projected to reach 1,720 GW, GlobalData said.

Canada signs second deal to guarantee price of captured carbon

Thursday - The Canada Growth Fund, a federal clean-tech financing agency, signed its second deal to backstop carbon prices with a proposed Alberta facility that would convert landfill waste to electricity and sequester the resulting carbon emissions.

Bonn bulletin: Fossil fuel transition left homeless

Wednesday - Countries clash over where to negotiate the shift away from dirty energy agreed at COP28, while talks on a new climate finance goal make little progress.

Supreme court ruling delays climate litigation big oil has sought to thwart

Wednesday - The supreme court asked the Biden administration to weigh in on big oil’s request to thwart litigation that could put them on the hook for billions of dollars.

Are we finally hitting a sweet spot in the energy transition?

Wednesday - COMMENT: The race between a rapidly unraveling climate and a rapid buildout of renewable energy will determine just how many people die, how many cities drown, and how many species survive.

Brazil police raid Amazon carbon credit projects

Wednesday - The Brazilian Federal Police arrested people and seized assets linked to some of the country’s largest carbon credit projects.

Scientists have built a ‘digital twin’ of Earth to predict the future of climate change

Wednesday - The complex computer model takes into account weather and climate systems as well as our impact on the planet.

Better refrigeration could avoid almost 2 billion tonnes of CO2 per year from food loss

Tuesday - More consistent refrigeration of foods could cut almost 2bn tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from food loss each year, according to a new study.

The rise of the 'no buy year'

Tuesday - As rampant consumerism continues to drive us towards climate breakdown, a growing number of people are hitting pause and committing 365 days to reset their relationship with spending.

“Great enabler of climate action” – UN urges Bonn progress on new finance goal

Monday - UN Climate head Simon Stiell called on countries to start narrowing down options to strike a deal on post-2025 climate finance by COP29 in November.

World will miss target of tripling renewable electricity generation by 2030 – IEA

Monday - Analysis of policies of nearly 150 countries shows shortfall to hit target viewed as vital for transition from fossil fuels.

Are ‘manosphere’ influencers disengaging Gen-Z men from climate activism?

Monday - In November last year, Jordan Peterson—dubbed “custodian of the patriarchy” by the New York Times—flew right-wing leaders from around the world to London, where they launched a full-scale attack on...

Here’s how climate social scientists are finding their way in the era of climate crisis

7 Jun 24 - Focusing on despair is unhelpful and may even prevent climate action. Insights from climate social scientists can help navigate the gloom and doom.

North Africa’s disappearing nomads: Why my community needs climate finance

7 Jun 24 - Comment: My people are experiencing loss and damage, and deserve international support under a new climate finance goal – negotiators in Bonn and beyond must take heed.

Climate change accelerating

7 Jun 24 - According to a study updating IPCC data, climate change is now increasing at a record rate of 0.26°C per decade.

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University of Canterbury research 'curbing our carbon conundrum'

Today 10:45am - Media release | Crushing rocks, injecting CO underground, and burning trees; UC...

Rangatahi gear up to tackle climate change in World Vision challenge

Wednesday - Media release | A rugby star, prominent TikTok content creators, singer, actor,...

Basic income can double global GDP while reducing carbon emissions

Tuesday - Media release | Giving a regular cash payment to the entire world population...

Government signs Indo-Pacific economic agreements to boost trade

7 Jun 24 - Media release | Trade Minister Todd McClay and Climate Change Minister Simon...

Octopus Energy to pay households to use less power during winter

7 Jun 24 - Media release | Octopus Energy will pay its customers who reduce their...

No "silver bullet" for methane reduction on dairy farms, but...

7 Jun 24 - Media release | Last week, Te Puna Umanga Venture Taranaki, the regional...

NZ to invest $20 million in renewable energy project for Niue

6 Jun 24 - Media release | Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Niue Premier Dalton...

Humanity must extract seven to nine billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year

5 Jun 24 - Media release | New State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report shows the need for a...

National’s climate cuts will take us backwards

4 Jun 24 - Media release | The National Government has shown all their talk about meeting...

Tiwai smelter to stay open in 20-year deal

31 May 24 - Media release | The aluminium smelter at Tiwai in Southland has secured energy...

Huge gap between net zero and real zero: analysis

31 May 24 - Media release | Government overreliance on carbon dioxide removals to avoid the...

New programme offers planet-friendly guidance for NZ’s not-for-profits

30 May 24 - Media release | Carbon footprint tracking expert Cogo has collaborated with the...

Hutt City Council announces low carbon acceleration fund recipients

28 May 24 - Media release | Five organisations with a keen eye for reducing their emissions...

Climate Change Commission chair to retire

27 May 24 - Media release | The Climate Change Commission Chair, Dr Rod Carr, has confirmed...

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