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Greece is scorching in a heat wave and wildfires, yet it's returning to planet-baking coal

1 Aug 22 - Dimitris Mitsaris opens his garage door and the smell of fermenting grapes emerges, as the first morning light bounces off dozens of steel tanks. Mitsaris and his family live here, in Agios Panteleimonas, a mountainous village of just 800 residents in northern Greece, and have made their home into a small winery. "I don't even have electricity here yet," Mitsaris says with a laugh.

Germany’s €177bn climate budget to focus on renovations

29 Jul 22 - The German government plans to spend €177.5 billion of the federal budget on climate action and the transformation of the country’s economy between 2023 and 2026, with a focus on increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.

Time to fix Europe’s dumbest climate policy

27 Jul 22 - Deforestation, billions of euros wasted, and soaring food and fuel prices; the charge sheet against biofuels is damning. Introduced to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, the burning of food crops for fuel has been an unmitigated disaster.

Experimental car captures more carbon out of the air than it emits

26 Jul 22 - When it comes to carbon emissions, cars are king. In fact, the EPA found that transportation is the biggest driver of greenhouse gas emissions due to burning fossil fuels. And while electric cars offer a promising alternative, it still doesn’t address the carbon that’s already in the air.

FactFind: Are Irish farmers the 'most carbon-efficient food producers in the world'?

25 Jul 22 - It is often argued by politicians and agriculture industry members that Irish beef and dairy producers are more climate-friendly compared to other countries.

Corporate carbon offset company accidentally starts devastating wildfire

25 Jul 22 - Last Monday, Dutch reforestation company Land Life started what has become a 35,000 acre forest fire in Spain.

The amount of Greenland ice that melted last weekend could cover West Virginia in a foot of water

22 Jul 22 - The water off the coast of northwest Greenland is a glass-like calm, but the puddles accumulating on the region's icebergs are a sign that a transformation is underway higher on the ice sheet.

The legacy of Europe’s heat waves will be more air conditioning. That’s a problem.

21 Jul 22 - Europe is sweltering in record-breaking temperatures this week, and across the continent, people are largely trying to cope without air conditioning.

Germany rejects delaying climate action

20 Jul 22 - German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has rejected the notion of cutting back on climate change targets despite the energy and food security crisis, speaking at the end of the Petersberg Climate...

Wildfires in Spain, Morocco produce record-breaking carbon emissions

20 Jul 22 - Wildfires in Spain and Morocco have produced more carbon emissions in June and July this year than in the same period of any year since 2003, the European Union's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring...

Irish agriculture 'cannot opt out' of emissions targets: environment minister

20 Jul 22 - The final Irish Cabinet meeting before the summer break is expected to agree sectoral targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change costing Germany billions of euros a year

19 Jul 22 - A new study shows weather catastrophes triggered by climate change have cost Germany at least €145 billion over the last two decades. Leaders at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue are looking at ways to...

Finnish "sand battery" offers solution for renewable energy storage

18 Jul 22 - Finnish companies Polar Night Energy and Vatajankoski have built the world's first operational "sand battery", which provides a low-cost and low-emissions way to store renewable energy.

EU green chief calls for day of memorial for climate victims

15 Jul 22 - Europe should create a day of memorial for the victims of climate change, the EU's Green Deal chief Frans Timmermans said Thursday, marking the anniversary of floods that killed more than 220 people...

Austria's climate minister is taking the EU to court

14 Jul 22 - TO most climate scientists and environmentalists, conversations about trying to address climate change with natural gas are a nonstarter.

Tour de France stage 10 halted by climate action protestors

13 Jul 22 - The Tour de France stage to Megève came to a stop with 35km to go as the route was blocked by a group of protestors demanding action against climate change.

Denmark to roll out new state-run climate label for food

11 Jul 22 - Denmark will establish a state-controlled climate label in order to help residents purchase more environmentally-friendly foods.

Greenwashing lawsuit against Dutch airline is the first of its kind

11 Jul 22 - As concerns over climate change rise, so too does greenwashing as a marketing tactic. And it’s often the most environmentally-destructive companies that trumpet the most outrageous claims—just take a...

Anger simmers for Dutch farmers who oppose pollution cuts

11 Jul 22 - Bales of hay lie burning along Dutch highways. Supermarket shelves stand empty because distribution centers are blocked by farmers. Then, at dusk, a police officer pulls his pistol and shoots at a...

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