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UN meeting on climate change kicks off in Nairobi with focus on plastics

Today 10:30am - World leaders are in Nairobi to debate and make decisions on 19 pressing environmental issues at the world’s largest environmental gathering.

Scientists under arrest: the researchers taking action over climate change

Today 10:30am - Fed up with a lack of political progress in solving the climate problem, some researchers are becoming activists to slow global warming.

The false promise of carbon capture as a climate solution

Today 10:30am - Fossil-fuel companies use captured carbon dioxide to extract more fossil fuels, leading to a net increase in atmospheric CO2.

As power-hungry AI sparks a carbon time bomb, a Google technique may hold the answer

Today 10:30am - Tech giants are racing to ward off a carbon time bomb caused by the massive data centres they are building around the world.

EU carbon tariff likely to have limited impact on emissions without global efforts

Tuesday - European Union import charges on carbon-intensive products are expected to have a limited impact on climate change and only a modest negative effect on economies in Asia and the Pacific.

Carbon credit markets are figuring out how to give people money today

Tuesday - Every day that passes means more carbon removal will be needed to meet environmental targets.

One of the world’s biggest cities may be just months away from running out of water

Tuesday - Alejandro Gomez has been without proper running water for more than three months. Sometimes it comes on for an hour or two, but only a small trickle, barely enough to fill a couple of buckets.

One simple change to reduce your climate impact? swap out beef

Monday - Replacing beef with a different protein — even for just one meal — can cut the emissions footprint of a person’s diet that day by as much as half.

Chicago sues five oil companies, accusing them of climate change destruction, fraud

Friday - The suit says BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil and Shell have hurt the city by discrediting science even as their products lead to “catastrophic consequences,” including strong storms,...

Buried microplastics complicate efforts to define the Anthropocene

Friday - Plastic particles in sediments could help to pin down the start of a new geological epoch. But their ability to migrate to older layers is muddying the waters.

Forget carbon offsets. The planet needs carbon removal credits

Friday - The carbon removal market is fast growing, with an array of different removal methods available to businesses keen to mitigate their environmental impact.

Regular droughts could become the Mediterranean's ‘new normal’ due to climate change

Friday - Earlier this month, Catalonia declared a drought emergency with levels in reservoirs as low as 16 percent of capacity and no rain in some areas for three years.

20°C seems the optimal temperature for life on Earth to thrive – what does this mean in a warming world?

22 Feb 24 - Have you ever wondered about the optimal temperature for life on Earth? For humans, 20°C is comfortable.

You’re probably underestimating the willingness of others to take action on climate

22 Feb 24 - Nearly 70% of the global population would give up 1% of their household income to stop climate change, according to a new survey of nearly 130,000 people in 125 countries.

Another big question about AI: its carbon footprint

21 Feb 24 - It’s “an accelerant for everything,” potentially including climate change.

Could wild horses help fight wildfires?

21 Feb 24 - The controversial animals graze on the grass and brush that fuel blazes. So one California naturalist asks: Why not send them to fire-prone wilderness?

How to reinvent yourself at 50: an IEA guide

21 Feb 24 - Created to secure rich countries access to fossil fuels, the International Energy Agency has found a way to maintain its influence in the fast-changing business of energy and climate change.

Study: Top oil and gas majors rake in $281bn in profits since Russia invaded Ukraine

20 Feb 24 - Research lays bare huge scale of profits achieved by just five leading oil and gas majors as a result of the global energy crunch.

Climate change, extreme weather and conflict exacerbate global food crisis

20 Feb 24 - Global food insecurity has risen substantially since pre-pandemic times, exacerbated by extreme weather, climate change, war and conflict.

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Native snails heading for extinction

Tuesday - Media release | New Zealand has some of the most spectacular land snails in the...

Tohatoha launches new climate change education initiative – The Climate Disinformation Night School

21 Feb 24 - Media release | Non-profit community education group Tohatoha announced it is...

Water quality and climate change top survey issues again: Otago Regional Council

21 Feb 24 - Media release | Water quality and climate change remain the most important...

Time to name the silent killer: heatwaves

20 Feb 24 - Media release - As Western Australia reels from record-breaking heat, the...

Govt to spend $3.6 billion on environment in 2023/24 fiscal year

15 Feb 24 - Media release | Central government agencies are estimated to spend $3.6 billion...

Mongolian Dzud: Extreme weather puts 90% of country at ‘high risk’

14 Feb 24 - Media release | The ongoing “white and iron” dzud in Mongolia has reached a...

Forest & Bird says hazard policy a must to protect Kiwi communities from future floods

13 Feb 24 - Media release | Forest & Bird is calling on Penny Simmonds and Simon Watts –...

Academics weigh in on Smith V Fonterra

9 Feb 24 - Media release - The Supreme Court's decision to advance Michael Smith's climate...

Otago Regional Council expects new electric buses will significantly impact emissions

8 Feb 24 - Media release | The first of a fleet of electric buses (e-buses) will appear on...

Extreme weather a critical concern for the next decade of farming, experts say

7 Feb 24 - Media Release | Climate change, extreme weather events and water quality are...

Antarctic frontier project ‘tantalisingly close’ to vital climate secrets

1 Feb 24 - Media release | An international team co-led by GNS Science Te Pū Ao, Te...

CarbonPool, the world's first carbon credit insurance company, raises $12M

30 Jan 24 - Media release - CarbonPool helps society reach net zero by providing in-kind...

New research into carbon sequestration potential of kelp

29 Jan 24 - Media release - Could kelp be a secret weapon in the fight against climate...

Rise in new renewable electricity generation projects

26 Jan 24 - Media release - A report commissioned by the Electricity Authority Te Mana Hiko...

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