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The Tory network of climate denial and fossil fuel funding

Today 10:45am - DeSmog catalogues how oil and gas firms have forged ties with the highest levels of government in the UK, as well as with the media and influential think tanks.

UK climate aid reaches record £1.8bn in 2023 after loosening rules

Monday - The UK government’s spending on climate aid reached its highest-ever level last year, with more than £1.8bn channelled into projects aimed at cutting emissions.

UK won’t cook the books to hit its climate goals

23 May 24 - Announcement on next carbon budget comes after weeks of speculation the government would try and find more ‘headroom.’

BP and Shell ‘shaped’ UK carbon tax proposals, private emails show

13 May 24 - Internal documents expose how oil and gas majors were given the chance to influence a report by the Policy Exchange think tank.

UK's new climate action plan unlawful due to delivery risk

6 May 24 - Britain's latest climate action plan is unlawful because ministers were not told of the risk that key policies could not be delivered, London's High Court ruled.

Liz Truss book calls for climate laws to be abolished and boasts of effort to cancel UK COP summit

23 Apr 24 - The former UK prime minister attacks flagship climate deals and makes false claims about electric vehicles, Russia’s influence on energy policies, and net zero.

Food security threatened by extreme flooding, farmers warn

16 Apr 24 - The flooding and extreme weather linked to climate change will undermine UK food production unless farmers get more help, according to the National Farmers Union.

UK Government faces High Court challenge over ‘inadequate’ climate protection plans

16 Apr 24 - The case has been brought by an activist who lost his house to coastal erosion, a disability campaigner and Friends of the Earth.

UK emissions in 2023 fell to lowest level since 1879

13 Mar 24 - The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 5.7% in 2023 to their lowest level since 1879, according to new Carbon Brief analysis.

Rewilding Ireland: ‘Undoing the damage’ from a history of deforestation

4 Mar 24 - Eoghan Daltun has spent the past 14 years successfully rewilding 29 hectares (73 acres) of farmland on the Beara Peninsula in southwestern Ireland.

UK quits treaty that lets oil firms sue government

26 Feb 24 - The UK has withdrawn from an international treaty that lets fossil-fuel companies sue governments pursuing climate policies for billions in compensation for lost profits.

Rishi Sunak hits back at criticism of fleeting COP28 visit

5 Dec 23 - UK prime minister rejects suggestion half-day stay shows lack of ‘seriousness.’ Rishi Sunak defended his decision to only attend COP28 for a half a day, saying it would be wrong to “measure our...

Green growth or degrowth: what is the right way to tackle climate change?

27 Nov 23 - Nearly all the world’s governments and vast numbers of its people are convinced that addressing human-induced climate change is essential if healthy societies are to survive.

UK manufacturers call for EU-aligned carbon border tax

14 Nov 23 - A new poll of UK businesses has found that almost three-quarters would support the introduction of a carbon border adjustment mechanism that mirrors the one coming into force across Europe.

UK watering down net zero policies 'will lead to rising deaths from global heating'

10 Nov 23 - The ‘watering down’ of net zero policies ‘will ensure that the number of deaths due to the impact of global heating on the UK population will keep on rising’, says climate scientist Bill McGuire.

Greta Thunberg at protest demanding oil chiefs pull their money out of politics

18 Oct 23 - Arrests have been made as protesters disrupted a conference at the InterContinental Hotel in central London where oil company CEOs are meeting.

Emissions from UK residents and businesses rose by 2% in 2022, figures suggest

11 Oct 23 - Residence-based emissions stood at 512 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2022 , according to Office for National Statistics provisional data.

Attacks on net zero at UK Conservative Party conference alarm green-leaning MPs

9 Oct 23 - Green credentials used to be considered a vote-winner but rhetoric around net zero has changed.

UK industry risks falling foul of EU’s new carbon tax

4 Oct 23 - British businesses selling into the European Union are unprepared for the bloc’s new carbon tax and run the risk of penalties if they are not compliant, a leading advisory firm has warned.

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