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‘They ain’t seen nothing yet’: UN boss names climate change impacts coming to Australia

Tuesday - Top UN climate official Simon Stiell says Australia will be “front and centre in resettling entire national populations” if climate targets are not met.

Australian Prime Minister vows full support amidst wildfires destroying homes

Monday - Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese pledges immediate assistance to Victoria amid wildfire crisis, emphasising urgency in addressing climate change.

Pressure from young people for Anthony Albanese to consider duty of care over climate harm

Friday - A group of young Aussies fronted up to demand Anthony Albanese do more to protect them from one issue.

Australia’s best known carbon-neutral farm can no longer offset its emissions

21 Feb 24 - Trees and soil on Jigsaw Farms in western Victoria have now passed peak sequestration – reflecting the challenge for the broader red meat industry.

Climate change is forcing Australians to weigh up relocating

19 Feb 24 - Big environmental changes mean ever more Australians will confront the tough choice of whether to move home or risk staying put.

Veteran economists say a carbon levy would cut emissions, cut inflation and raise billions, but see little prospect of adoption

16 Feb 24 - Two of Australia’s most respected economists have put forward a bold plan to lower global carbon emissions by at least 6 per cent, super-charge a new green export industry, deliver much cheaper power bills and dramatically cut the rate of inflation.

Climate change ambassador explains why Australia won't back Pacific's calls to urgently phase out fossil fuels

1 Dec 23 - Australia's climate change ambassador says the federal government cannot yet back the Pacific's call to rapidly phase out fossil fuels because it's grappling with "complex" and "difficult" issues thrown up by decarbonisation.

Australia climate change activists disrupt shipping at coal port

27 Nov 23 - A climate change protest off Australia's east coast disrupted operations at the country's biggest coal export port on Saturday.

World’s biggest carbon storage project off WA coast burying only a third of what it promised

15 Nov 23 - After seven years of operation US giant Chevron is burying just a third of the carbon pollution it committed to burying at its Gorgon gas export project.

We are looking for a transformational roadmap to transform our energy sectors: German envoy

8 Nov 23 - With less than four weeks until the next UN climate conference COP-28, Germany's special envoy for climate diplomacy, Jennifer Morgan, is in Australia for a series of meetings with key climate...

The Beetaloo gas field is a climate bomb. How did CSIRO modelling make it look otherwise?

1 Nov 23 - As Australia braces for a summer of projected extreme heatwaves and bushfires, the fossil gas industry is gearing up for a truly enormous new fracking project in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo...

Australia’s compromised climate negotiators

10 Oct 23 - Sitting in a bar in Manhattan recently, there for Climate Week NYC and the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit, I watched as Australians from both government and the private sector worked the room.

Sydney smashes 1 October heat record as Victoria fights bushfires

4 Oct 23 - The previous hottest start to October in Sydney was 33.1C but Sunday’s mercury peaked at 35.6C.

Queensland carbon-negative soil project issued record number of credit units

29 Sep 23 - They look like any other cattle strolling through a grassy paddock in Queensland, but beneath their hooves the soil is doing more than producing feed. It is helping to fight climate change.

Australia would be raising $70 billion a year from the carbon price if it wasn't dismantled

19 Sep 23 - The problems at Qantas, and the explosion in executive remuneration this century, reflect a much more general problem in the Australian economy.

Australia braces for bushfire season

13 Sep 23 - Smoke sweeps through the treetops as a fire consumes the dense undergrowth of the Australian winter bush.

Canberra could protect decarbonising industries from unfair competition

8 Sep 23 - The Australian government has engaged an eminent academic to study the need for a carbon tariff to protect local manufacturers from unfair competition from imports which are not subject to...

Eco-anxiety looms as headspace survey reveals young people want climate change action

8 Sep 23 - An Australian survey of young people shows more than half fear for the future due to climate change.

Sydney is running out of water while facing climate change and a population boom

5 Sep 23 - Experts are getting increasingly nervous about a problem that’s been lying dormant for years: Sydney’s water supply is running out.

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