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Election 2017

Carbon price set to break through $19 mark

24 Oct 17 - Carbon looks set to break the $19 barrier today as the market adjusts to a new government with more ambition to address climate change.

WINSTON'S THE WORD: What NZ First leader wants

25 Sep 17 - A party which has vowed to get rid of the Emissions Trading Scheme now holds the balance of power in New Zealandís Parliament.

Furious farmers should get with the programme

22 Sep 17 - Political protests this week over fart taxes and water charges are at odds with research showing the agricultural sector knows it has to pay for its pollution.

Nat turns up to debate and makes lone stand

Andrew Bayly

20 Sep 17 - All political parties except National told an audience in Auckland last night that they rank climate change as the biggest issue they face.

Climate debate tonight - but Nats might give it a miss

19 Sep 17 - The National Party is looking like a no-show for a climate debate in Auckland tonight.

THE COUNT: English stays silent on climate

18 Sep 17 - With less than one week left in the election campaign, Prime Minister Bill English has yet to mention climate change in any of his formal speeches or statements.

United Future backs emissions trading

18 Sep 17 - United Futureís new leader says he supports the Emissions Trading Scheme, the Zero Carbon Act and wants New Zealand to be carbon netural by 2050.

ELECTION UPDATE: Where parties stand on climate

15 Sep 17 - What does next weekendís general election mean for climate change?

Coalition candidates want to rid us of ETS

Jacinda Ardern

11 Sep 17 - Two of the parties that could be involved in any centre-left coalition after the election want to scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme.

What Morgan would have said ... if he'd had the chance

Gareth Morgan

11 Sep 17 - The refusal by TVNZ to include The Opportunities Party in televised election debates does the public a disservice.

THE COUNT: English stays silent

11 Sep 17 - Week 12 of The Count ... and Prime Minister Bill English is still in the starting blocks.

We need to get involved, says Maori candidate

Cinnamon Whitock

7 Sep 17 - Maori need to get involved in fighting climate change, says Maori Party Kelston candidate Cinnamon Whitlock.

CLIMATE CASE: National happy the way things are

6 Sep 17 - National is taking a business-as-usual approach to climate policy, warning that Labour and the Greens would go too far if they got into government.

THE COUNT: Peters outpaces Ardern

4 Sep 17 - New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has pulled ahead of Labour leader Jacinda Ardern in The Count, but the Greensí James Shaw is looking unassailable.

What the parties say about climate change

29 Aug 17 - Three-and-a-bit weeks out from the general election, what do we know about the partiesí approach to climate change?

Climate change no big worry, says Prime Minister

28 Aug 17 - Prime Minister Bill English says climate change is not a major concern for most New Zealanders.

THE COUNT: James Shaw bounds ahead

28 Aug 17 - Green Party leader James Shaw has extended his lead in The Count, our tally of how important our political leaders think climate change is.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS 1: Climate change

25 Aug 17 - What will the political parties vying to run our country do about climate change?

IN THEIR OWN WORDS 2: Renewable energy.

25 Aug 17 - What will the political parties vying to run our country do about renewable energy?

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