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Iraqis displaced by climate change fall into poverty

23 Nov 23 - In a country of 43 million people, nearly one Iraqi in five lives in an area suffering from water shortages.

The reappearing forests of West Bengal

15 Nov 23 - The trees in this corner of India vanished decades ago, leaving heat waves and drought. What happened when they returned proves the healing power of reforestation.

Bangladesh cyclone forces nearly 275,000 to evacuate

27 Oct 23 - Cyclone Hamoon, the latest of the numerous and deadly weather events affecting the country and creating climate refugees, has killed at least 2 and left at least 10 injured.

Over a year after Pakistan floods, survivors battle climate anxiety

25 Oct 23 - Climate anxiety among the flood-affected communities across the South Asian nation has failed to make headlines.

Carbon pricing efforts accelerate in Asia

20 Oct 23 - Asia is emerging as the key catalyst for growth in carbon trading, though the region’s markets currently cover only a fraction of emissions that account for half the world’s total.

Tokyo Stock Exchange begins trade in carbon credits

12 Oct 23 - Japan's Tokyo Stock Exchange started trading carbon credits on Wednesday, as the world's fifth-largest carbon dioxide emitter put in place a key element of its strategy to tackle climate change.

How the tiny island city-state of Singapore fights rising sea levels

11 Oct 23 - During a half-century of independence, Singapore has fought to expand its territory, inch by hard-won inch.

Peace has not stopped Afghanistan’s depopulation

10 Oct 23 - Climate change is bringing about more devastation, forcing more Afghans to flee. Deportations from neighbouring countries will not stop them.

Glacial lake bursts in India leaving 100 missing and 14 dead

6 Oct 23 - More than 100 people are missing in India’s northeast after heavy rain caused a glacial lake to burst, leading to flash floods which ripped through the Himalayan state of Sikkim.

Vietnamese climate activist jailed in ‘unjust’ government crackdown

2 Oct 23 - Five environmentalists have been jailed in the last two years, while the government works on a clean energy partnership with rich nations.

How climate change threatens some of the world’s most coveted real estate

26 Sep 23 - Until recently, the upscale homes of the Redhill Peninsula seemed like an oasis for rich Hong Kongers aspiring to a tranquil lifestyle in an otherwise notoriously cramped metropolis of 7.5 million.

Court ruling spares Papua forest from further clearing for palm oil

15 Sep 23 - An Indonesian court has upheld a government decision to curb the expansion of a multibillion-dollar oil palm plantation project in the country’s easternmost region of Papua.

India launches global biofuel alliance at G20

12 Sep 23 - India has announced the launch of a global biofuel alliance at a G20 summit in New Delhi to boost the use of cleaner fuels.

India steps up coal use amid unusually dry weather

7 Sep 23 - India stepped up the use of coal to generate electricity in a bid to stop outages caused by lower hydroelectricity output, and as renewables struggle to keep pace with record power demand.

Pakistan faced with deep-rooted energy crisis after catastrophic floods

6 Sep 23 - Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world. It is currently in the midst of a crippling energy and economic crisis that has brought it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Indonesia climate deal in $20bn gridlock as Vietnam, India on hold

6 Sep 23 - Last November, G20 leaders in Bali hailed what they said was a transformational climate change finance deal to help wean Indonesia off coal.

In a world of climate risks, Sri Lanka is finding ways to adapt

1 Sep 23 - In a landscape of interconnected and mutually compounding risks, climate change has emerged as a key risk factor for Sri Lanka, specifically for vulnerable sectors and groups.

First crops, now animals: Climate change hurts Bangladesh farmers

29 Aug 23 - Bangladeshi farmers are adapting to deal with worsening salinity and climate change, yet fears are growing for their livestock.

50% of Asia’s protein must be animal-free by 2060 to reach net zero

22 Aug 23 - Countries in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific must increase their alt-protein production by 2030 to help mitigate the climate crisis, as animal protein and its associated emissions must peak by the...

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