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New voluntary carbon unit will incentivise landowners to preserve regenerating native bush

Tuesday - A new voluntary carbon unit, launched today, will incentivise landowners to protect areas of regenerating native bush currently ineligible for NZUs under the ETS.

NZ not doing enough to prevent deaths from extreme weather worsened by climate change

Tuesday - Negative health consequences from extreme weather in New Zealand could increase because of climate change and the country needs to do more to prevent and manage these threats, researchers say.

Sustainable Business Network launches new carbon emissions calculator

Tuesday - The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is launching a new carbon emissions calculator tomorrow to make it easier for businesses to measure and reduce emissions.


Tuesday - Ten years ago, Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith was hoping to inspire New Zealand business leaders to embrace sustainability, amid fears Kiwi businesses were lagging behind the rest of the world.


Tuesday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Report recommends rail upgrades resulting in up to 1.6 million tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions

Monday - The Wellington Regional Council has released a report that recommends replacing the diesel locomotives currently used on the Wairarapa and Manawatu lines with tri mode trains that emit eight times less emissions.

The Government’s gas conundrum

Monday - By Ian Llewellyn - Energy & Environment | The problem of how to phase out natural gas use and not cause energy security problems and inflict billions of dollars in costs is highlighted in a Cabinet paper starting work on a Gas Transition Plan.


Monday - Spot NZUs opened at $75.75 bid and $76.15 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $75.95.


Monday - Ten years ago, the government was embarking on an overhaul of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

MicroCar e-volution: The microcars already on our roads

Thursday - By Jeremy Rose | The Fiat 500 – better known in New Zealand as the Bambina - weighed in at just under 500 kilos but it was its 500cc engine that gave its name.

Greenpeace, Green Party call for stronger action on deforestation imports

Thursday - Greenpeace says a bill aimed at preventing unsustainable timber imports will do little to save the world’s rainforests or end human rights abuses.

Best by the rest...

Thursday - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in the local media: New Zealand’s offshore energy revolution; climate policy’s winners and losers; and how climate change is putting marae at risk.


Thursday - Ten years ago, the gang behind a $60m scam in the European Union emissions market were jailed for a total of 35 years by a judge in London.


Thursday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Transport-related GHG emissions cost society $1.68 billion a year

22 Jun 22 - By Liz Kivi | Transport-related greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are costing society $1.68 billion a year, according to a recent report commissioned by the Ministry of Health.

Carbon Markets set to continue growth as countries double down on climate ambition: IETA Survey

22 Jun 22 - Carbon markets around the world are set to continue growing rapidly as countries double down on climate ambition, and as corporates continue to pursue net-zero goals, finds IETA’s latest annual...


22 Jun 22 - Ten years ago, the government was accused of undermining its own policy to cut fossil-fuel subsidies by encouraging oil exploration and giving free carbon credits to internationally exposed emitters.


22 Jun 22 - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Parliamentary questions often a let down

21 Jun 22 - There is a climate crisis, but deflating people’s tyres is not okay, that in a nutshell was climate change minister James Shaw’s response to a written question from ACT’s climate change spokesperson...

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Debbie Ngarewa-Packer aims to build anti deep sea mining coalition at UN Oceans Summit

Tuesday - Media Release - Te Pāti Māori Co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer MP was...

Multi-million dollar fund set to address high failure rate of kiwi social enterprises

Monday - Media Release - A new $20 million fund and incubation initiative designed to...

Avis shifts gears to launch NZ's largest electric car rental fleet

Thursday - Media Release - Avis New Zealand has added close to 100 electric vehicles (EVs)...

Mysterious climate behaviour during Earth’s most severe mass extinction event explained

22 Jun 22 - Media Release - The end-Permian mass extinction is the most severe mass...

New biodiversity market launched

17 Jun 22 - Media Release - A new biodiversity market has been launched with the first...

Circular economy discussion paper for investors released

10 Jun 22 - Media Release - The Investor Group on Climate Change today released a new...

Landfill gas capture deal a win for the wallet and environment

9 Jun 22 - Media Release - More than five million cubic metres of potentially harmful...

Bonn climate change conference set to kick off next week

3 Jun 22 - Media Release - The upcoming Bonn Climate Change Conference (6-16 June) is set...

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