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US announces $3 billion pledge to green climate fund

Monday - Vice President Kamala Harris announced COP28 that the US is pledging $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund — the world’s largest climate fund — created to help developing countries handle climate change.

How the US, oil industry plans to drastically cut methane emissions at the forefront of COP28

Monday - The US government and the oil industry have announced plans to drastically reduce emissions of methane, one of the most dangerous GHGs, due to its heightened ability to raise global temperatures.

US expected to reach new record for fossil fuel production this year

Friday - The year 2023 is already expected to be the hottest on record, following a record-hot summer. But despite this, the US is expected to reach record numbers in fossil fuel production for the year.

US moves to protect wolverines as climate change melts their mountain refuges

Thursday - The North American wolverine will receive long-delayed threatened species protections under a Biden administration proposal released in response to scientists warning that climate change will likely push them toward extinction.

US carbon emissions set to fall again, a key sign of progress

23 Nov 23 - A projected drop in US greenhouse gas emissions—one of the largest of the past decade—is still not enough to meet the country’s commitments under the Paris climate accord.

One solution to fight climate change? Fewer parking spaces.

20 Nov 23 - Less parking could pave the way for denser housing and more accessible public transportation.

New US climate report: land theft and colonisation amplify the climate crisis for Indigenous peoples

16 Nov 23 - The report concludes that Indigenous self-determination is a key climate solution — if the federal government can get behind it.

Defrosting US-China relationship offers tantalising hope for climate action

14 Nov 23 - Even though we now have the Paris agreement, cooperation between the world’s two biggest emitters, US and China, is still crucial.

‘Take it or leave it’: Acrimony flares amid tenuous agreement on climate aid

13 Nov 23 - The U.S. pushed for voluntary payments in a high-stakes negotiation over a global fund for climate disasters.

California startup to 'sponge' CO2 from atmosphere

3 Nov 23 - Scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air is imperative if humanity is to limit global warming, experts say, and a California startup says it can do just that, using limestone as a carbon-sucking sponge.

US pushes to ensure nuclear “is not forgotten” in COP renewables pledge

1 Nov 23 - The United States is working behind the scenes to ensure nuclear power is not excluded from an expected global pledge to boost renewables at the upcoming climate summit in Dubai.

How Hurricane Otis shocked forecasters in a "nightmare scenario"

30 Oct 23 - Hurricane Otis' extremely rapid intensification — so close to the Mexican coast — was one of the biggest, most high-stakes hurricane forecasting failures in years.

The climate crisis has a price — and it’s $391 million a day

25 Oct 23 - Damages from the global climate crisis have racked up costs amounting to $391 million per day over the past two decades, a report showed.

Carbon capture pipeline nixed after widespread opposition

24 Oct 23 - A company has abandoned plans to build a 1,300-mile pipeline across the US Midwest to collect and store carbon emissions from the corn ethanol industry following opposition from landowners.

To shut down the supply side of climate change, start here

20 Oct 23 - September was a scary month — or as one prominent climate scientist termed it, “gobsmackingly bananas.”

Climate change isn’t just about emissions. We’re ignoring a huge part of the fight.

17 Oct 23 - Last month, we heard yet again about the need to stop global warming at about 1.5 degrees centigrade above pre industrial levels.

How broken are corporate carbon pledges?

10 Oct 23 - Fortune 500 companies are responsible for nearly a third of all greenhouse gas emissions—and many of them would like you to think they’re doing their best to shrink that.

Coffee is in danger. Starbucks is working on solutions.

5 Oct 23 - Coffee is a finicky crop — arabica coffee, the most popular variety, in particular. And climate change poses a huge threat to the coffee business and to farmers.

Europe just launched the world’s first carbon tariff. Will the US follow suit?

4 Oct 23 - In the U.S., where climate policy has been highly politicized, the concept of a carbon tariff has recently emerged with rare bipartisan support.

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