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Flooded Greek lake a warning to European farmers battling climate change

Today 10:30am - Sitting in a small motorboat, farmer Babis Evangelinos glides over land he once cultivated on the Thessaly plain in central Greece, the nearby trunks of his fruitless almond trees submerged by floodwater.

Spain’s plan to ban domestic flights where you can take a train in under two and half hours

Monday - Spain is banning some short-haul domestic flights as part of its plan to reduce carbon emissions.

UK government acted unlawfully by approving climate plan, High Court told

22 Feb 24 - The UK government was “not even aware” of the risks involved with implementing its strategy to meet the climate targets, the High Court has been told.

Danish farmers must cut production to achieve climate goal, says government advisor

22 Feb 24 - Denmark’s farmers must reduce production by as much as one-fifth by 2030 if the country is to achieve its ambitious climate goals, a government-commissioned group said.

Climate trial against oil giant Eni opens in Italy

21 Feb 24 - The case coincides with a new Greenpeace Italy and ReCommon report showing Eni’s technical consultants have wide links to climate denier groups.

Developers in England will be forced to create habitats for wildlife – here’s how it works

21 Feb 24 - Most new developments – everything from a few houses to large solar farms or new roads and railways – will now have to provide a 10% net gain in biodiversity, maintained for at least 30 years.

Switzerland proposes first UN expert group on solar geoengineering

19 Feb 24 - A draft resolution aimed at creating a space for discussion on sun dimming technologies will be debated at the summit of the UN’s environment body this month.

EU calls for 90% emissions cut by 2040

12 Feb 24 - The EU executive’s recommendation comes as the bloc’s green policies are facing a growing backlash.

The climate denial network behind ‘classic astroturf’ farmers’ campaign

12 Feb 24 - Producers say ‘No Farmers, No Food’ is a populist initiative that serves to “whip up indignation and anger”.

ICC prosecutor wants court to try 'environmental crimes'

8 Feb 24 - The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor told AFP that he wants the tribunal to start trying suspects for "environmental crimes" without having to modify its founding statutes.

Paris banned e-scooters. Now it's taking on SUVs

8 Feb 24 - Parisians voted “oui” on a proposal to triple the parking charges for SUVs in the city centre — a vote that was closely watched by the auto industry and city officials across Europe.

As a Swiss glacier melts, a trove of invaluable climate data is being lost

31 Jan 24 - By analysing ice collected from glaciers, scientists can study the past composition of the atmosphere and better understand how humans have altered the climate.

EU warns countries are off track for 2030 climate goal

20 Dec 23 - European Union countries are falling behind on their core climate change target and without stronger emissions-cutting policies risk missing the goal, the European Commission said.

Solar bike paths go online in Netherlands

20 Dec 23 - Two new PV bike-path projects are now operating in the Netherlands under an initiative launched in 2018 by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch water management agency.

Bollards and ‘superblocks’: how Europe’s cities are turning on the car

19 Dec 23 - In Paris, Barcelona and Brussels, authorities are adopting varied approaches to the task of reducing congestion and pollution.

Portugal just ran on 100 percent renewables for six days in a row

28 Nov 23 - For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels.

EU greenhouse gas emissions drop 5% in the second quarter

17 Nov 23 - Greenhouse gas emissions in the EU fell by more than 5% in the second quarter of 2023, with the biggest decline recorded in electricity and gas supply.

Amsterdam marchers demand climate action as Dutch election nears

16 Nov 23 - Tens of thousands of protesters marched through Amsterdam on Sunday demanding immediate action against climate change, 10 days before the country holds a general election.

Italy's extreme drought mirrors climate in Ethiopia as climate change creates 'whiplash' of extremes

15 Nov 23 - Climate change is creating a "whiplash effect", with drought-prone areas flooding and wet areas drying out. Researchers say it is having a devastating effect on millions living in poverty.

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