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COP 28

COP28: Key outcomes for food, forests, land and nature at the UN climate talks in Dubai

19 Dec 23 - Agriculture and food were very much on the menu at COP28 in Dubai, with both voluntary pledges and negotiated texts beginning to reflect their central role in climate change.

COP28 president says his firm will keep investing in oil

18 Dec 23 - Sultan Al Jaber says Adnoc has to meet demand for fossil fuels, and hails ‘unprecedented’ Cop deal.

From ‘depressed’ to a milestone: How the climate deal came together

18 Dec 23 - “There were times in the last 48 hours where some of us thought this could fail,” US climate envoy John Kerry said later.

Examining COP28's potential impact on climate change

18 Dec 23 - Once the gavel came down in Dubai, the warm words flowed - but will it really have an impact on climate change?

How COP28 fell short

18 Dec 23 - Two weeks of talks aimed at securing an international consensus on a phase-out of fossil fuels have ended with a statement that critics say does little to advance the urgent work of averting a climate catastrophe.

COP28 “frustrating” but some significant breakthroughs - experts

15 Dec 23 - Small island states facing the existential threat of climate change were particularly effective negotiators at the latest UN climate summit, according to a Kiwi expert.

NZ government swimming against the tide of history: Oil Change International

15 Dec 23 - Oil Change International campaign manager David Tong says the COP28 call to move away from fossil fuels shows the New Zealand government is trying to swim against the tide of history.

Pacific Islands delegates leave COP28 climate summit disappointed and miss out on final say

15 Dec 23 - After COP28's central document was approved, Samoa's lead delegate delivered a critical assessment of the agreement's flaws — and pointed out the Pacific Islands delegates were not even in the room...

The COP28 climate agreement is a step backwards on fossil fuels

15 Dec 23 - The COP28 climate summit in Dubai has adjourned. The result is “The UAE consensus” on fossil fuels.

COP28, where is the dough?

15 Dec 23 - A transition away from fossil fuels seems as good as a commitment as you can expect from the 198 countries taking part in the United Nations climate conference.

Instagram influencers paid to boost UAE’s climate credentials over COP28

15 Dec 23 - The individuals who spoke to DeSmog said they were ‘deeply disappointed’ by the summit and had not fully understood the relationship between UAE and the organisers.

Nations strike deal at COP28 to transition away from fossil fuels

14 Dec 23 - Representatives from nearly 200 countries agreed at the COP28 climate summit to begin reducing global consumption of fossil fuels to avert the worst of climate change, signalling the eventual end of...

Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Dubai

14 Dec 23 - Nearly every country in the world has agreed to “transition away from fossil fuels” – the main driver of climate change – at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai.

COP28 climate summit signals the end of fossil fuels — but is it enough?

14 Dec 23 - Nations make historic pledge to 'transition' energy systems away from fossil fuels — some scientists are disappointed by the softened wording.

Carbon credits talks collapse at Cop28 over integrity concerns

14 Dec 23 - The EU and allies rejected proposed carbon trading rules that followed a “light-touch” approach favoured by the US.

COP28: Australia, US and UK say they won’t sign agreement that would be ‘death certificate’ for small islands

13 Dec 23 - Australian climate change minister, Chris Bowen, says umbrella group of countries is united in saying draft agreement is too weak.

Cop28 draft climate deal criticised as ‘grossly insufficient’ and ‘incoherent’

12 Dec 23 - Text now being considered by governments calls for ‘reducing both consumption and production of fossil fuels’.

Building wind power, canceling coal — it’s all drowning under borrowing costs

12 Dec 23 - Central banks’ efforts to tame inflation have made it harder for both wealthy and poor nations to shift away from fossil fuels.

UN climate chief slams opponents of fossil fuel phase-out at COP28

12 Dec 23 - Talks intensify over calls to phase out fossil fuels, as oil producers led by Saudi Arabia put up tough resistance.

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