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Alarming Africa-wide report predicts 30% drop in crop revenue, 50 million without water

Friday - African countries will suffer significant economic loss after 2050 if global warming is not limited to below 2°C, a new study by the Center for Global Development has found.

Real solutions to climate change in Africa are about people, not profit

Friday - The continent’s leaders should resist quick fixes and deadly traps offered by the market and bring the people at the centre of the climate action.

Africa's ice is disappearing: Tropical ice fields demonstrate speed of climate change

22 Feb 24 - The ice on the high summits of the continent is rapidly disappearing, and Africa may lose its white peaks by the middle of our century.

Italy’s energy deal faces backlash in Africa

8 Feb 24 - Critics charge that a plan that aims to curb migration will derail the continent’s climate change agenda.

Climate change behind Africa cholera surge, top health officials say

2 Feb 24 - The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the continent’s chief health advisory body, has tied the worst outbreak of cholera in three years to climate change.

Climate change worsens human trafficking of the poor in Sierra Leone

31 Jan 24 - Sierra Leone’s poorest communities have long been prey to human traffickers. Climate change is making things worse.

East Africa's new love affair with geothermal energy

30 Jan 24 - There has been little interest in geothermal power in East Africa but Kenya's trailblazing energy transformation policy is now inspiring others.

Climate change is the biggest human health risk, says Africa's disease boss

30 Nov 23 - Climate change is the biggest threat to human health in Africa and the rest of the world, the head of the continent's public health agency said.

Leaks reveal how McKinsey drives African climate agenda

29 Nov 23 - Whistleblowers raise alarm over American consultancy’s growing influence in pushing carbon markets and developing energy transition plans.

Devastating flooding in East Africa

27 Nov 23 - Heavy rainfall led to extensive flooding in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya in October and November.

Neighbourhoods submerged following flash floods in the Horn of Africa

20 Nov 23 - More than 100 people, including 16 children, have died and over 700,000 been forced out of their homes in the Horn of Africa due to flash flooding.

Leaders convene to protect tropical forests

31 Oct 23 - Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of the Congo, had the privilege of hosting the summit of the three major tropical forest basins on the planet.

Africa’s first carbon-removal plant stokes questions about responsible climate solutions

10 Oct 23 - A joint venture between Swiss and Kenya-based companies has been billed as a springboard for creating a new, green economy in Africa.

Environmental groups sue energy company over 'devastating' East Africa oil pipeline

9 Oct 23 - Four environmental groups have filed a law suit against the French group TotalEnergies and its EACOP oil project in Tanzania and Uganda.

Ivory Coast deforestation rate rises as EU green imports law looms

5 Oct 23 - Deforestation in top cocoa producer Ivory Coast increased last year after declining for several years, a major report has found, raising questions about how the country will comply with a new EU law...

“Why do they punish us?” Uganda charcoal ban ignites transition debate

5 Oct 23 - While welcomed in principle, the abrupt charcoal ban has left both traders and buyers unsure of where to turn.

At least 11 people die in South Africa floods

2 Oct 23 - At least 11 people have been killed after heavy rain and winds hit South Africa's Western Cape province, including Cape Town, over the weekend leaving a trail of destruction.

Africa’s first verifiable carbon market launches in Kenya

25 Sep 23 - CYNK launches as the first Africa-based, end-to-end platform for the measurement, verification and sale carbon credits, with forward trade of more than two million carbon futures credits.

Digital technology helps farmers affected by climate change

19 Sep 23 - A Nigerian professor is advocating for the use of digital technology to help the nation’s struggling farmers cope with global warming.

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