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Studio MOM creates eco-friendly cycle helmet from mycelium and hemp

Thursday - Dutch design office polystyrene (">Studio MOM has developed a bicycle helmet from biomaterials that, unlike

EU climate emissions higher than before pandemic

Wednesday - The EU's greenhouse gas emissions in the last quarter of 2021 were higher than any quarter since late 2018, scrubbing out the apparent gains made during the pandemic.

MEPs raise ambition on EU carbon market reform

Wednesday - The European Parliament environment committee on Tuesday (17 May) agreed on reform of the European carbon market — including its expansion to buildings and transport.

Berlin pushes for a €60 minimum price on EU carbon markets

Tuesday - Discounting allegations of speculation on the EU carbon market, Berlin is throwing its weight behind a minimum price of €60 per tonne of CO2, saying it will ensure this through national measures if the EU does not take action.

Zero-carbon flat glass made for the first time by Saint-Gobain

Tuesday - In a world first, France’s Cie. de Saint-Gobain said it produced carbon-neutral flat glass by using recycled materials and green energy.

Sustainable bonds poised for growth, but standards remain a potential bottleneck

13 May 22 - A recent study estimates that green, social and sustainability bond issuance may reach €1.6tn in just four years, but also highlights concerns on standards and the liquidity of the market.

Giga-scale solar manufacturing roaring back to Europe: industry chief

13 May 22 - Solar players are now very willing to relocate to Europe again to cater for soaring demand as the continent tries to wean itself off Russian energy imports and meet climate targets, Carsten Körnig, chief executive of the German solar industry federation (BSW Solar) said at the opening of the Intersolar 2022 event in Munich.

Biggest 'floating solar park' in Europe will open this year in Portugal

12 May 22 - Europe's largest floating solar park will take shape in July this year, in Portugal's Alqueva reservoir.

European carbon prices tumble, failing to scale new highs as gas drops

11 May 22 - There may be no fresh risks of an escalation in the Ukraine war and in the standoff between the EU and Russia regarding its fossil fuels, but recession fears spilled over to the carbon market. The...

Swedish green steel firm racks up sales before plant is built

11 May 22 - Sweden’s H2 Green Steel has pre-sold more than half of its planned initial capacity and aims to close financing for a plant in the north by the end of the year, Chief Executive Officer Henrik...

This Arctic town wants to make renewable energy work at the top of the world

10 May 22 - For Toku Oshima, a hunter from Greenland, the quest to bring renewable energy to her hometown of Qaanaaq is not just a fight against climate change — it’s a fight for cultural survival.

German transport minister plans massive increase of e-car subsidies

10 May 22 - Germany’s transport ministry plans to almost double e-car subsidies to achieve climate targets, but experts and NGOs criticise the plans as hugely expensive and ineffective, reports business daily...

Norway wants people to park their EVs and ride the bus

10 May 22 - Norway has been incredibly successful at introducing electric vehicles. In 2021, nearly two-thirds of all new vehicle purchases there were EVs, and combustion sales there are set to end just three...

Interruption or incentive: Will the war in Ukraine thwart Europe’s green energy transition?

Paris's Iconic Statue de la Republique has been dressed in Extinction Rebellion attire for the last four weeks
Photo Credit: Gregor Thompson

3 May 22 - By Gregor Thompson | Across Europe, the War in Ukraine is forcing states to reconsider how they source their energy. Some see a rare opportunity to affect meaningful progress on climate change.

In Switzerland, parliamentarians have requested training on global warming

3 May 22 - SEVERAL IPCC experts spoke for three hours at the Swiss Federal Palace yesterday. An event prompted by a hunger-striking dad.

‘Money time’ for EU carbon market reform in the European Parliament

"The EPP must start playing ball," said Pascal Canfin, the chairman of the European Parliament's environment committee. "The last thing we want is for such an important decision to depend on five votes in plenary,” he told EURACTIV.

3 May 22 - The lawmaker overseeing the adoption of a key package of EU climate legislation in the European Parliament has urged colleagues to stop fighting over the proposed reform, saying Europe must rise to...

German carmakers have an uphill struggle to go green

2 May 22 - As Germany speeds up investment in renewables, the energy consumption of its automakers reveals just how reliant the country's most important industry is on fossil fuels, a Reuters analysis of...

Germany makes push to quit Russian oil by late summer

2 May 22 - Germany says it’s making progress on weaning itself off Russian fossil fuels and expects to be fully independent of Russian crude oil imports by late.

German auto association calls for bicycle use to save energy

29 Apr 22 - Europe’s largest motoring association ADAC has called on its members to save fuel and take the bicycle wherever possible to help reduce the reliance on Russian oil imports

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