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Review of Australia’s carbon credit units announced

Tuesday - The Australian government has announced the appointment of an independent panel (Panel) to review the integrity of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia's most populous state

Tuesday - On a fine day, locals arrive on boats that motor up the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales to dine on the back deck of the Paradise Café.

Australia prioritizes reducing emissions and cheaper EVs

Monday - Australia’s new government is putting climate change at the top of its legislative agenda when Parliament sits next month for the first time since the May 21 election, with bills to enshrine a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and make electric cars cheaper

Rooftop solar and household batteries to take centre stage in Australia's rapid energy transition

Friday - The solar and storage resources of Australian households and businesses will have the capacity to meet nearly one-fifth of national electricity market demand by 2050, and rooftop solar alone could provide twice as much generation as coal in a decade.

Australia reconsiders methane emissions cut pledge

Thursday - The Labor-led Australian federal government, which was elected last month, said it was looking at joining the global methane pledge that seeks a collective 30% cut in methane emissions by 2030 relative to 2020 levels. The previous conservative coalition government rejected the pledge when it was unveiled last year.

Sun Cable clears new hurdle for world’s biggest solar and battery project

27 Jun 22 - Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink, the massive solar and battery project backed by Australia’s two richest men, Andrew Forrest and Mike Cannon-Brookes, has cleared another important hurdle with a ringing endorsement of its economic merits from Infrastructure Australia

Methane-spewing coal mines are climate test for Australia's new leader: report

21 Jun 22 - Australia's coal mines cause more planetary warming in a typical year than emissions from all of the country's cars.

Heavy industries in Australia’s regions could cut emissions by 80% and create a jobs bonanza: report

20 Jun 22 - The regional powerhouses of Australia’s industrial economy could slash their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% and become centres for multibillion-dollar investments in renewable energy,...

Albanese locks in Australia’s higher 2030 emissions reduction target

17 Jun 22 - Prime minister Anthony Albanese has formally committed Australia to a stronger 2030 emissions reduction target, to cut emissions by 43 per cent by the end of the decade.

BP takes major position in one of world’s biggest green hydrogen hubs in Pilbara

16 Jun 22 - Oil giant BP has taken a 40.5% stake in the $30 billion Australian Renewable Energy Hub in the Pilbara, one of the biggest renewable and green hydrogen projects in the world.

Tasmania's native forest logging sector the state's highest carbon emitting industry: report

15 Jun 22 - Based in Tasmania's Derwent Valley, Fiona Weaver's adventure tourism business trades on the reputation of Tasmania's pristine wilderness.

Gas industry regulator sued by Tiwi Islands traditional owners over Barossa gas project approvals

9 Jun 22 - First Nations traditional owners have launched a Federal Court challenge to Santos’ plans to drill for gas off the coast of the Northern Territory, arguing approvals granted to the Barossa project...

Using Indigenous knowledge and Western science to address climate change impacts

9 Jun 22 - Traditional Owners in Australia are the creators of millennia worth of traditional ecological knowledge—an understanding of how to live amid changing environmental conditions. Seasonal calendars are...

Researchers push for carbon credit payments for Australian farmers who fence their dams

8 Jun 22 - Scientists are lobbying for farmers to be financially rewarded in the form of carbon credits for cleaning up their dams.

$1m community battery unveiled in Melbourne in move towards more renewable energy

7 Jun 22 - A battery the size of four fridges installed in Melbourne's inner north is expected to provide solar power to about 200 homes in a push to get more renewable energy into the network.

“Golden age of renewables” hailed at official launch of Australia’s biggest wind project

3 Jun 22 - Spanish energy giant Acciona Energía has hailed a “golden age of renewables” at the official launch event for the start of construction at Australia’s biggest wind farm to date – the 1.026GW...

Anthony Albanese to create climate super-department in bureaucratic shake-up

2 Jun 22 - Anthony Albanese will create a new mega-department of climate change, energy, environment and water to drive the new Labor government’s policy agenda.

Watchdogs tackle the murky world of greenwash

31 May 22 - From dubious claims about bamboo-based products to climate funds that are not quite what they seem, regulators have been increasing their scrutiny of corporate claims to be green.

Climate change was the defining issue of Australian election. So what will more ambitious action look like?

27 May 22 - Despite Labor and the Coalition being conspicuously quiet about climate change during the campaign, it was in many ways the defining issue of this historic change of government.

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