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Growing African mangrove forests aim to combat climate woes

9 May 22 - In a bid to protect coastal communities from climate change and encourage investment, African nations are increasingly turning to mangrove restoration projects, with Mozambique becoming the latest addition to the growing list of countries with large scale mangrove initiatives.

DR Congo approves auction of oil blocks in one of the world’s largest carbon sinks

5 May 22 - Cabinet ministers in the Democratic Republic of Congo have approved the auction of 16 oil blocks, including in one of the world’s largest carbon sinks and most environmentally sensitive areas.

West African countries pledge $294 billion to fight climate change

4 May 22 - The leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional, political and economic union of west African countries, recently agreed to spend $294 billion over the next 10 years to fight against climate change.

African economies risk suffocation by 'shock' carbon tax

22 Apr 22 - The climate is surely one area where the European Union and African Union should be in step with one another. Curbing global warming and agreeing how to produce clean power would help keep more of the world habitable and prosperous.

Climate justice coalition files criminal complaint against South Africa

19 Apr 22 - A group of climate change organisations have filed criminal complaints against the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and a number of prominent cabinet ministers, accusing the government officials of “unlawful negligence” by failing to take “practical action to address the climate crisis.”

Climate change intensified deadly storms in Africa in early 2022

12 Apr 22 - Climate change amped up the rains that pounded southeastern Africa and killed hundreds of people during two powerful storms in early 2022.

Nestlé looks to dairy supply chain to achieve net-zero

4 Apr 22 - Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, is supporting farmers in its supply chain to farm more sustainably and help reduce the carbon footprint of the value-added products that it produces.

Ukraine war accelerates climate emergencies in Horn of Africa

29 Mar 22 - In some parts of the region, famine is now not just a threat, it is waiting, says UNICEF's regional director for Eastern and Southern Africa Mohamed Fall.

Climate smart’ policies could increase southern Africa’s crops by up to 500%

25 Mar 22 - The climate crisis is threatening food stocks in sub-Saharan Africa, but a comprehensive approach to food, farming and resources could increase crop production by more than 500% in some countries in...

African experts call for climate-proofing farming systems to overcome hunger

7 Mar 22 - The eradication of hunger and malnutrition in Africa will only be realized once governments leverage nature-based interventions to strengthen the resilience of farming systems in the face of climatic...

Timber giant quietly converts Congo logging sites to carbon schemes

4 Mar 22 - A major European logging firm may have illegally converted more than a dozen of its timber concessions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo into so-called conservation concessions, a new...

Kenyan farmers test insurance to ward off climate-driven hunger

1 Mar 22 - When drought ravaged her sorghum and bean crops five years ago, Kenyan farmer Ngina Kyalo did not need to stand in line for food handouts, as in previous years when the rains failed.

African nations forced to spend on climate adaptation

28 Feb 22 - African countries are having to spend up to five percent of their annual economic output to shield themselves against the impacts of climate change, even though they emit the least greenhouse gases...

'A journey with no end': Angola's climate refugees

25 Feb 22 - SOUTHWEST ANGOLA has been experiencing its worst drought for the past 40 years. It has forced thousands of people to flock to neighbouring Namibia after failed harvests and rising food prices...

‘2.4C is a death sentence’: Vanessa Nakate’s fight for the forgotten countries of the climate crisis

14 Dec 21 - She started a youth strike in Uganda – then just kept going. She discusses climate justice, reparations, imperialism and why the global north must take responsibility

Climate threats are multiplying in the Horn of Africa

10 Dec 21 - Jutting out from the second-largest continent, the Horn of Africa is one of the world’s regions most vulnerable to climate change. The four countries on the peninsula—Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and...

African Union urged to bring political clout to Egypt climate talks

9 Dec 21 - Africa has been trying for years to get its special needs and circumstances officially recognised in UN climate talks, without success. The bloc left Glasgow last month disenchanted once again.

The ‘idea’: Uncovering the peatlands of the Congo Basin

9 Dec 21 - The notion seemed straightforward: A massive swamp in the Congo Basin relatively unknown to most of the world, apart from a few human communities and a bewildering array of wildlife, could be the...

Nigeria commits to annual carbon budgets to reach net zero under climate law

23 Nov 21 - Nigeria has become the first major developing country to commit to set annual carbon budgets to plot its path to cutting emissions to net zero.

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