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Big meat unveils battle plans for COP28

Today 11:00am - Polluting livestock companies and lobby groups will target pavilions in a coordinated campaign at the UN climate summit, documents show.

Can a climate summit in an oil state change anything?

Today 11:00am - The world's most important climate meeting, which starts today, is being hosted in Dubai by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - one of the world's top ten oil producers.

Climate change is the biggest human health risk, says Africa's disease boss

Today 11:00am - Climate change is the biggest threat to human health in Africa and the rest of the world, the head of the continent's public health agency said.

Has wind power blown it?

Today 11:00am - Financial headwinds could be a passing storm or a long-term headache for the carbon-free energy source.

US moves to protect wolverines as climate change melts their mountain refuges

Today 11:00am - The North American wolverine will receive long-delayed threatened species protections under a Biden administration proposal released in response to scientists warning that climate change will likely push them toward extinction.

We can’t address the climate crisis without nature

Today 11:00am - At a climate summit, Bill Gates sparked controversy by dismissing tree planting as a climate crisis solution, calling it “complete nonsense.”

Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil

Wednesday - Climate scientists say fossil fuel use needs to fall rapidly – but oil-rich kingdom is working to drive up demand.

Biden not scheduled to attend COP 28 climate summit

Wednesday - US President Biden is not expected to attend the opening of COP 28 this week but will send top US officials to the UN climate summit in Dubai, the White House confirmed.

Who wants what at COP28?

Wednesday - As a year of record-breaking temperatures and climate change-fuelled disasters draws to a close, nations are once again preparing to gather for another round of UN climate talks.

World's biggest iceberg three times the size of New York City is escaping Antarctica after almost 40 years

Wednesday - The gigantic iceberg A23a, which broke off from Antarctica in 1986, is finally moving away from the icy continent after being stuck on the seafloor for decades.

Leaks reveal how McKinsey drives African climate agenda

Wednesday - Whistleblowers raise alarm over American consultancy’s growing influence in pushing carbon markets and developing energy transition plans.

No easy way to communicate the impacts of climate change, says study

Wednesday - A new study outlines how researchers sought to reduce the psychological distance of climate change by showing a 3D virtual simulation of a storm surge to see if it would change their behaviours and...

COP28: UAE planned to use climate talks to make oil deals

Tuesday - The United Arab Emirates planned to use its role as the host of UN climate talks as an opportunity to strike oil and gas deals, the BBC has learned.

The green battery of the future is right under your feet

Tuesday - As the world transitions to renewable energy, some researchers are looking for a more Earth-friendly alternative to lithium ion batteries.

Portugal just ran on 100 percent renewables for six days in a row

Tuesday - For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels.

Heat, disease, air pollution: how climate change impacts health

Tuesday - Growing calls for the world to come to grips with the many ways that global warming affects human health have prompted the first day dedicated to the issue at crunch UN climate talks.

Most people don’t realise how much progress we’ve made on climate change

Tuesday - The rapid rise of renewables and EVs has already put us on a safer path.

Indigenous peoples and local communities can make the voluntary carbon market work for them

Tuesday - The voluntary carbon market has the potential to address $4.1 trillion in nature financing gap by 2050 and support Indigenous peoples and local communities — when done right.

Oil and gas industry needs to let go of carbon capture as solution to climate change, IEA says

Monday - The oil and gas industry faces a reckoning over its role in the clean energy transition, according to an International Energy Agency report.

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