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European carbon trading catching less than quarter of airline emissions, data finds

Today 10:30am - Less than a quarter of airline emissions were caught by Europe’s carbon trading schemes last year, according to new data that illustrates the limitations of one of the key tools to fight pollution from aviation.

Finnish startup making food ‘from air and solar power’

Monday - The company's founders hope solein, a protein grown with CO2 and electricity, will cut the environmental impacts of farming.

EU considers bringing emissions removal credits into carbon market

Friday - The European Union is looking into whether to bring emissions removal credits into its carbon market, a move that could reopen the market to carbon credits in future years.

EU parliament adopts proposals for power market reform

16 Apr 24 - The European parliament voted for proposals to make electricity prices less dependent on fossil fuel prices, in a bid to boost renewable energy and shield consumers from price spikes.

Russia and Kazakhstan battle record floods as rivers rise further

15 Apr 24 - The city of Orenburg battled rising water levels after major rivers across Russia and Kazakhstan burst their banks in the worst flooding seen in the areas in nearly a century.

The EU’s secret to slashing emissions

12 Apr 24 - Europe proves that putting a price on carbon can dramatically transform fossil fuel–based economies.

Climate protection is now a human right — and lawsuits will follow

11 Apr 24 - Governments be warned: You must protect your citizens from climate change — it’s their human right.

Sweden's new steel mill will reduce the country's total emissions by 7%

11 Apr 24 - Swedish steelmaker SSAB, will invest 4.5 billion euros (NZ$8 bln) in building a fossil-free mini-mill, more than previously expected as inflation and higher contingencies added to costs.

European court rules human rights violated by climate inaction

10 Apr 24 - A group of older Swiss women have won the first ever climate case victory in the European Court of Human Rights.

Help us build wind farms to beat Russian bombs, Ukraine tells EU

9 Apr 24 - Ukraine’s largest private energy firm told POLITICO it wants to build a disparate energy network to better survive Russian attacks — but can’t get capital.

GHGs thousands of times more damaging than CO2 are being smuggled into Europe

9 Apr 24 - The impact of hydrofluorocarbons on global warming can be up to thousands of times greater than that of carbon dioxide.

Germany's national postal carrier stops using domestic flights to send letters

4 Apr 24 - Deutsche Post says it will no longer use domestic flights to transport letters, in a bid to improve its climate footprint.

A Spanish energy is suing another energy company for alleged greenwashing

27 Mar 24 - Spanish utility Iberdrola has filed a lawsuit against energy company Repsol for alleged greenwashing and unfair competition practices.

Dutch court finds KLM ads were misleading in 'greenwashing' case

22 Mar 24 - A Dutch court ruled that KLM had misled customers with an advertising campaign aimed at improving the company's environmental image, in a case of so-called "greenwashing"

Europe must do more against ‘catastrophic’ climate risks

12 Mar 24 - Europe could suffer “catastrophic” consequences from climate change if it fails to take urgent and decisive action to adapt to risks, a new EU analysis warned.

UN and France co-host forum in Paris to decarbonise construction sector

12 Mar 24 - France and the UN Environment Programme co-hosted the Buildings and Climate Global Forum to find ways to cut the sizeable carbon footprint of the construction sector, a major contributor to climate...

France is one step closer to taxing fast fashion

7 Mar 24 - Proposed by parliament ministers, a new bill suggests fines of up to 10 euros or 50 percent of the selling price of garments for major players like Shein, aiming to counterbalance their environmental...

Iceland is closing the circle on geothermal

6 Mar 24 - Iceland is pioneering a circular economy based on its abundant geothermal energy, offering a replicable template for the world’s net-zero transition.

Spanish power almost free with record renewable generations

5 Mar 24 - Spanish power prices have tumbled in February to a fraction of the price in neighbouring France as record wind and solar power generation in Spain has triggered an extreme slump in prices.

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