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Record-breaking US heat wave scorches the Midwest and Northeast, bringing safety measures

Wednesday - Stifling heat blanketed tens of millions across United States on Tuesday, forcing people and even zoo animals to find ways to cool down as summer arrives in what promises to be a sweltering week.

‘The time is right’ for US to catch up on high-speed rail, says British Amtrak exec

Monday - With half a dozen US rail projects in the works, Andy Byford thinks Americans will soon clamor for 200mph train lines.

How congestion pricing makes cities more livable

Monday - As New York puts its gridlock-busting plans on hold, the success of congestion pricing elsewhere proves it’s not just smart — it’s popular.

Florida’s 2024 hurricane season arrives with a rainy deluge

Friday - Dangerous flooding from a tropical disturbance inundated much of southern Florida, blocking roads, floating vehicles and delaying the Florida Panthers on their way to Stanley Cup games.

International court to determine state role in protecting population from climate change harm

31 May 24 - Briefings before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights focused on how fossil fuels, mining and tourism worsen the effects of climate change, violating the human rights of the most marginalised populations.

The end of greenwashing is now within sight

30 May 24 - OPINION: The Biden administration’s new plan to overhaul the voluntary carbon market is an important step forward.

Biden’s offset reset

29 May 24 - The Biden administration is laying out new guardrails for corporate participation that could help boost confidence in markets that have come under heavy fire in recent years.

American AI data centres may use as much energy as new US solar farms produce

22 May 24 - Generative AI uses a lot of energy, though figuring out how much is hard. There’s no point in asking ChatGPT. It won’t say.

Biden ending new leases in America's top coal region

21 May 24 - The Biden administration is moving to end all new coal leasing in the country's largest producing coal region, the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana.

The dangers of secret solar geoengineering

20 May 24 - A lack of transparency in solar geoengineering projects may tank public perception for an already maligned climate change strategy.

Inside a California oil town’s divisive plan to survive the energy transition

20 May 24 - Kern County is betting on carbon capture to replace oil jobs and tax revenue. But will the county’s new economy repeat the sins of the old one?

This Utah county is buying lawns to save water

17 May 24 - Would you ditch your grass for less-thirsty plants? In a place where every drop of water counts, a little cash compels residents to say yes.

How much is a planet worth?

16 May 24 - OPINION: Donald Trump recently told fossil fuel execs that a clean billion would get them literally anything they want in his next administration. That they would use that power to once-and-for-all...

Biden to set 100% tariff on electric cars made in China

14 May 24 - It’s not official yet, but the Wall Street Journal says the Biden administration is expected to increase the import tariffs on electric cars made in China from 25% to 100%, a move that may embolden...

Vermont could become first US state to make biggest emitters pay for climate-related damages

13 May 24 - Vermont’s House of Representatives has passed S.259, a state bill aimed at collecting recovery costs for climate-related damages from the biggest emitters, such as fossil fuel companies.

What Trump promised oil CEOs as he asked them to steer $1 billion to his campaign

10 May 24 - Donald Trump has pledged to scrap President Biden’s policies on electric vehicles and wind energy, as well as other initiatives opposed by the fossil fuel industry.

Big Oil misled public for decades about climate change

6 May 24 - A new report released details how oil companies knew the consequences of their emissions since at least the 1960s.

Rooftop solar panels are flooding California’s grid. That’s a problem.

24 Apr 24 - As electricity prices go negative, the Golden State is struggling to offload a glut of solar power.

US must choose between cheap EVs or an American industrial renaissance

23 Apr 24 - Chinese electric vehicles—should be a godsend to the Biden administration, whose two biggest priorities are reducing carbon emissions quickly enough to avert a climate catastrophe and reducing...

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