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FISH FACTS: Scientists say our claims are biased

15 Jun 17 - New Zealand’s claims that its commercial fisheries are sustainably managed are under fire from international scientists.

How plastic got into our fish

16 Feb 17 - Scientists at Ghent University in Belgium recently calculated that shellfish lovers are eating up to 11,000 plastic fragments in their seafood each year.

Jellyfisheries are booming, but perhaps they're not a good idea

9 Dec 16 - Georgia fisherman Wynn Gale lifts a massive net over his boat, where it bobs and bounces when it hits the deck. That’s because it’s not filled with the rigid bodies of shrimp or fish, but thousands of jellyfish.

SICK SEAS: Our seafood industry under threat

28 Oct 16 - New Zealand's seafood industry is threatened by an increasingly acidic ocean caused by climate change, a new report is warning.

NZ takes part in first global fishing treaty

8 Jun 16 - New Zealand is one of 29 countries to sign a groundbreaking international accord aimed at stamping out illegal fishing.

Fishing group fears impact on Maori rights

18 Jan 16 - New Zealand’s largest Mâori-owned fishing group says it’s worried that recreational fishing parks and marine reserves will affect Maori fishing rights.

Marine scientist wants to cut by-catch victims

12 Oct 15 - Examining the best ways to minimise the by-catch of protected species in fishing operations will be the subject of PhD research by a Victoria University graduate who has been awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to study at the University of Oxford.

NZ pushes for fisheries protection

5 Oct 15 - New Zealand will push for greater protection of high-seas fisheries at an international conference in Chile this week.

NZ injects $50m into Pacific fisheries

14 Sep 15 - New Zealand will spend $50 million over three years to support the transformation of the Pacific fisheries sector.

Fishing industry faces quota system review

24 Aug 15 - The Quota Management System for fisheries is to be reviewed.

We need to show off our quality seafood

24 Aug 15 - New Zealand seafood needs a clear, New Zealand-branded validation scheme to take advantage of growing global demand for environmentally sustainable, natural, healthy food, Seafood New Zealand chair...

If we want to eat tuna, we need to learn how to share

24 Aug 15 - Amid growing demand for seafood, gas and other resources drawn from the world’s oceans, and growing stresses from climate change, QUENTIN HANICH examines some of the challenges and solutions for...

Group sits down to settle cod question

2 Jun 15 - Consultation on new proposals to manage the blue cod fishery in the Marlborough Sounds start today.

New fishing method proves potential

13 Apr 15 - A new fishing method with the potential to revolutionise the New Zealand fishing industry, boosting earnings and improving sustainability is proving itself, says a government-industry joint venture...

NZ orange roughy exports grow as fish stocks improve

16 Feb 15 - New Zealand orange roughy exports are accelerating as catch limits of the deepwater fish, once a poster child for bad fisheries management, increase amid confidence about improving stocks.

Eels worth the effort, says environment watchdog

15 Dec 14 - New Zealand needs to put more effort into protecting long-fin eels, or tuna, says the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Fish-catching technique nets innovation award

20 Oct 14 - A technique allowing wild fish to be landed live – and released if necessary – has won the supreme title in the New Zealand Innovators' Awards.

Fish heading south big worry for tropic zone

13 Oct 14 - Fish stocks could migrate up to 26 kilometres a decade as the world’s ocean warm.

Fishers waking up to dangers of acidic oceans

11 Aug 14 - Research has highlighted the negative effect acidification of oceans can have on marine life, but now fishing communities are waking up to the big threat it poses to their livelihoods.

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