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COP 27

A kingdom built on oil now controls the world’s climate progress

5 Apr 23 - In the months before the signing of the Paris Agreement, the then-crown prince of oil-rich Abu Dhabi wondered aloud about the fate of his sheikhdom at the end of the fossil fuel era.

An oil CEO who will head global climate talks this year calls for lowered emissions

9 Mar 23 - A top oil company CEO who will lead international climate talks later this year told energy industry power players on Monday that the world must cut emissions 7% each year and eliminate all releases of the greenhouse gas methane — strong comments from an oil executive.

UN climate boss settles for no cuts on emissions

22 Nov 22 - Given an energy crisis in Europe and progress made in helping climate victims, the new climate chief for the United Nations said he'll settle for a lack of new emissions-cutting action coming out of the now-concluded climate talks in Egypt.

Pacific nations face certain disaster as COP27 fails to deliver: expert

21 Nov 22 - A climate diplomacy historian says the end of COP27 marks a historic day for Pacific diplomacy, but also a disaster for Pacific nations.

COP27: Climate costs deal struck but no fossil fuel progress

21 Nov 22 - A historic deal has been struck at the UN's COP27 summit that will see rich nations pay poorer countries for the damage and economic losses caused by climate change.

Is COP27 the end of hopes for limiting global warming to 1.5 Degrees?

21 Nov 22 - The COP27 climate conference in Egypt may be remembered as the moment when the world gave up on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the most ambitious goal set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Women lead climate talks’ toughest topic: reparations

18 Nov 22 - Men usually outnumber and outrank women negotiators in climate talks, except when it comes to global warming’sthorniest diplomatic issue this year — reparations for climate disasters.

Climate talks are wrapping up. The thorniest questions are still unresolved

18 Nov 22 - Global climate talks in Egypt are entering their final stretch, and so far, delegates have made little progress on the biggest climate questions facing humanity.

China’s surprise visit to US-EU event hints at cooperation on methane

18 Nov 22 - China’s climate envoy Xie Zhenhua unexpectedly dropped in on a Cop27 ministerial meeting led by the US and the EU, raising hopes that the world’s largest emitter will renew cooperation around methane...

Shaw commits New Zealand to an indigenous framework for climate action

17 Nov 22 - Climate change minister James Shaw told delegates at COP27 in Egypt yesterday, that New Zealand was developing an indigenous framework for climate action led by Māori, for Māori.

Rich countries are trying to hit pause on climate summit’s key issue

17 Nov 22 - The past week has given the world a glimpse of what climate-vulnerable countries have long known: while rich countries bend over backwards to pledge their support for climate action, they are far...

EU opens the door to a loss and damage facility – if China pays

17 Nov 22 - The EU is open to creating a new funding stream to help victims of climate disaster recover – as long as China contributes.

Belize to sell carbon credits worth millions

17 Nov 22 - Belize is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries, comprised of Creoles, Mayans, and Mennonites. Tourism is the primary economic driver, with people coming to snorkel in its clear ocean...

EU accused of climate accounting tricks

17 Nov 22 - There's some hocus-pocus going on with the emissions reduction numbers the European Union is proudly touting at the COP27 climate summit, climate campaigners allege.

NZ’s loss and damage, loss of face?

16 Nov 22 - Less than a week after the government boasted of being one of just three countries in the world to commit to loss and damage funding, New Zealand has been awarded the ‘fossil of the day award’ for...

Climate activist blasts leaders holding onto fossil projects

16 Nov 22 - Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate slammed world leaders Tuesday who persist in backing new fossil fuel projects despite science warnings that this will push temperatures across the planet to...

COP 27 sponsor Coca-Cola is top plastic polluter for five years in a row: report

16 Nov 22 - The Coca-Cola company, one of the sponsors of the COP27 summit, has been named the worst plastic polluter for five years running, as per a global brand audit report by ‘Break Free From Plastic’.

Biggest rainforest nations form triple alliance to save jungle

16 Nov 22 - The world’s three largest rainforest nations Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesiaon Monday formally launched a partnership to cooperate on forest preservation after a decade of on-off...

Climate disaster aid scheme ‘Global Shield’ launched at COP27

15 Nov 22 - A G7-led plan dubbed “Global Shield” to provide funding to countries suffering climate disasters has been launched at the United Nations COP27 summit, although some questioned the effectiveness of...

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