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‘We don’t need air con’: how Burkina Faso builds schools that stay cool in 40C heat

Today 10:30am - Architects use local materials and merge traditional techniques with modern technology to make schools and orphanages cool, welcoming places.

Spanish power almost free with record renewable generations

Today 10:30am - Spanish power prices have tumbled in February to a fraction of the price in neighbouring France as record wind and solar power generation in Spain has triggered an extreme slump in prices.

Plastic recycling is a scam

Today 10:30am - The fossil fuel industry has known for decades that recycling alone won't solve the plastic crisis. But it's spending millions to convince the public otherwise.

Funding for new research from Antarctica, which affirms the threat of the ‘doomsday glacier,’ running out

Today 10:30am - In a worst case scenario, rising global temperatures and marine heatwaves could melt enough of the Thwaites Glacier and other Antarctic ice to raise sea levels 10 feet by the early 2100s.

Report: harmful waste creation set to increase

Today 10:30am - The United Nations Environment Programme said in a report that public waste creation will greatly increase by 2050, causing hundreds of billions of dollars of damage through biodiversity loss, climate change, and deadly pollution.

ESG Watch: How transition finance can 'bring the bad guys in'

Today 10:30am - If 2023 was the year that investors started to ask companies to move from disclosing their climate risks to tackling them, 2024 looks like being the year when they start to work out how to pay for it.

Energy-related CO2 emissions hit record levels in 2023

Monday - Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose to a record level in 2023, but the growth slowed from previous years thanks to continued expansion of clean technologies, the International Energy Agency said.

Texas battles second-biggest wildfire in US history

Monday - A rapidly spreading Texas wildfire has killed one person, forced residents to evacuate, cut off power to homes and businesses, and briefly paused operations at a nuclear facility.

Nations fail to agree on solar geoengineering

Monday - At talks in Nairobi, governments could not find consensus on new global governance for SRM, including proposals for “non-use” and a UN expert panel.

Rewilding Ireland: ‘Undoing the damage’ from a history of deforestation

Monday - Eoghan Daltun has spent the past 14 years successfully rewilding 29 hectares (73 acres) of farmland on the Beara Peninsula in southwestern Ireland.

Decades after the US buried nuclear waste abroad, climate change could unearth it

Monday - A new report says melting ice sheets and rising seas could disturb waste from US nuclear projects in Greenland and the Marshall Islands.

Colombian community displaced by coastal erosion takes case to human rights commission

Monday - A Colombian community under threat from coastal erosion will have their case heard by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Europe’s carbon price crash looks like serious market myopia

Friday - The emissions trading system is too clunky to deliver the required impetus to decarbonisation.

People displaced by climate crisis to testify in first-of-its-kind hearing in US

Friday - Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hear how climate is driving forced migration across the Americas.

NYC pensions sued for shedding fossil fuels

Friday - Monica Weiss joined college students, financial experts, faith leaders, and then-New York City Public Advocate Letitia James to demand that the NYC's five public pension funds factor the financial...

Alarming Africa-wide report predicts 30% drop in crop revenue, 50 million without water

Friday - African countries will suffer significant economic loss after 2050 if global warming is not limited to below 2°C, a new study by the Center for Global Development has found.

Real solutions to climate change in Africa are about people, not profit

Friday - The continent’s leaders should resist quick fixes and deadly traps offered by the market and bring the people at the centre of the climate action.

EU's appetite for Beyond Meat lifts share price

Friday - At first glance, the fourth quarter earnings report published in February by the plant-based foods company Beyond Meat is nothing to write home about.

Climate change: 'Ice bumps' reveal history of Antarctic melting

Thursday - Scientists say they now have a better idea of exactly where and when the margin of Antarctica started melting.

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