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Don’t forget women in new UN climate fund, policymakers urged

Monday - At home on a flood-prone island in northern Bangladesh, Ms Mosammat Shahina and her family take refuge from frequent inundations on a boat, causing upheaval that adds to her domestic workload.

India’s supreme court expands ‘right to life’ to include protection against climate change

11 Apr 24 - In another landmark climate decision, the Supreme Court of India has ruled that an individual’s “right to life” includes protection against the impacts of climate change.

Climate disasters decimate Mongolian livestock

10 Apr 24 - Millions of livestock have perished as climate change exacerbates impacts of extreme winter weather in Mongolia, crippling nomadic communities that rely on the animals for income and threatening wider economic damage.

A coal billionaire is building the world’s biggest clean energy plant

28 Mar 24 - Five times the size of Paris. Visible from space. The world’s biggest energy plant. Enough electricity to power Switzerland.

India calls for $1 trillion per year climate finance from next year, submits its proposal to the UNFCCC

15 Mar 24 - India in its latest submission to the UN climate body has called for developed countries to provide “at least” $1 trillion per year in climate finance to developing countries from 2025.

New report details rights abuses in Cambodia’s Southern Cardamom REDD+ project

14 Mar 24 - Human Rights Watch has detailed forced evictions, property destruction and violence against Indigenous communities living within a REDD+ carbon offset project area in southwest Cambodia.

Climate change pushes Malaysia’s coastal fishermen away from the sea

11 Mar 24 - On an overcast morning six years ago, Mohammad Ridhwan Mohd Yazid was on his way back to Malaysia’s southern Johor coast when his small fishing boat was caught in a sudden storm.

Toyota is hitting the gas on hybrids as EV sales cool. But what does that mean for the planet?

11 Mar 24 - It was just over a year ago that Toyota appeared to acknowledge it had dropped the ball on electric vehicles.

Qatar announces new gas field expansion

27 Feb 24 - Qatar has announced new plans to expand output from the world’s biggest natural gas field, saying it will boost capacity to 142 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) before 2030.

Climate change-fueled winter extremes put 90% of this country at 'high risk'

26 Feb 24 - So far this year upward of 2 million livestock animals have died, according to official statistics.

Kazakhstan: Methane mega-leak went on for months

19 Feb 24 - An estimated 127,000 tonnes of methane escaped when a blowout started a fire that raged for over six months last year at a remote well in Kazakhstan.

India will be world's biggest oil demand growth driver through 2030, IEA says

9 Feb 24 - India is expected to be the largest driver of global oil demand growth between 2023 and 2030, narrowly taking the lead from top importer China.

Saudi Arabia ditches plan to raise oil production

1 Feb 24 - World’s biggest exporter says it will no longer seek to increase output to 13mn barrels a day.

Climate change in South China Sea will impact global weather: experts

25 Jan 24 - The impact of climate change in the South China Sea and its surrounding areas on the local and global weather system could be “profound,” new scientific research has found.

Bangladeshi farmers eye drought-resistant tree as a climate and economic solution

25 Jan 24 - Farmers in Bangladesh are increasingly turning to the fast-growing, drought-resistant moringa tree, which is indigenous to South Asian nations.

Fiscal reforms needed to address global problems like climate change and ageing

24 Jan 24 - The world needs to cut high levels of debt and raise tax revenues to deal with challenges such as climate change and rapid ageing in developed countries, said Singapore President Tharman...

Bottom trawling is kicking up tons of carbon dioxide

23 Jan 24 - Your shrimp cocktail comes with a side of carbon dioxide, according to scientists who have for the first time quantified greenhouse emissions caused by a destructive fishing technique known as bottom...

Here’s why climate change in Afghanistan has global repercussions

13 Dec 23 - Severe droughts are exacerbating Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis, but funding for climate change adaptation is frozen.

Iraqis displaced by climate change fall into poverty

23 Nov 23 - In a country of 43 million people, nearly one Iraqi in five lives in an area suffering from water shortages.

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