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5 ways the Inflation Reduction Act will fight climate change

Wednesday - More clean energy, less dirty energy, new punishments for methane leaks and billions of dollars for communities most in need of climate-related help — those are the provisions that have environmentalists celebrating what they see as a monumental step for U.S. climate action.

Scientists urge global action after ‘historic’ US climate bill

Tuesday - Scientists welcomed the passing of US President Joe Biden’s “historic” climate bill while calling for other major emitters – namely the European Union – to follow suit and implement ambitious plans to slash emissions.

The end of snow threatens to upend 76 million American lives

5 Aug 22 - The Western US is an empire built on snow. And that snow is vanishing.

How the climate deal would help farmers aid the environment

4 Aug 22 - The climate deal reached last week by Senate Democrats could reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that American farmers produce by expanding programs that help accumulate carbon in soil, fund climate-focused research and lower the abundant methane emissions that come from cows.

A $7.3B pot of money to prepare US infrastructure for climate change

3 Aug 22 - The Biden administration is providing states with more detail about how they can use money from the federal infrastructure law to protect people and structures from the perils of climate change, a move that’s drawing cheers from both political parties.

Amazon strayed further from its climate pledge in 2021

3 Aug 22 - Since Seattle-based Amazon pledged to cut its carbon output in 2018, the company has strayed further from its climate pledge. Amazon's companywide emissions increased by 18% in 2021 alone, according to its own sustainability report.

Vermont moves to become first state to phase out linear fluorescent lights

2 Aug 22 - Aiming to reduce mercury hazards and boost energy efficiency, Vermont will prohibit the sale of the long, tube-shaped fluorescent lamps that light up supermarkets, office buildings and classrooms as of Jan. 1, 2024.

The Biden-Manchin Climate Bill isn’t very good, but It’s all we’ve got

1 Aug 22 - Biden’s climate bill is better than nothing — but just barely. “It’s a renewable energy revolution on top of a fossil fuel build-out,” says one climate advocate: in other words, a historic clean...

Schumer-Manchin reconciliation bill has $369 billion to fight climate change — here are the details

29 Jul 22 - Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., on Wednesday unveiled a long-anticipated reconciliation package that would invest hundreds of billions of dollars to combat...

US to plant a billion trees

27 Jul 22 - The Biden administration says the government will plant more than one billion trees across millions of acres of burned and dead woodlands in the U.S. West, as officials struggle to counter the...

Without Congress, what can Biden do to stem the climate crisis?

20 Jul 22 - The White House is scrambling to reassure Democratic voters that President Joe Biden can still take action on climate change after another blow to proposed climate legislation from Senator Joe...

White House economic adviser says Biden will pursue climate agenda 'with or without Congress'

18 Jul 22 - White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein told CNN on Sunday that President Joe Biden will pursue his climate agenda "with or without Congress," following the news Thursday that West Virginia...

US energy secretary says switch to wind and solar “could be greatest peace plan of all”

13 Jul 22 - A global transition to cleaner energy sources could be the world’s best opportunity to minimise the chance of global conflicts, the US energy secretary has told a major energy forum in Sydney.

As temperatures rise, farms are sprouting in Alaska

13 Jul 22 - Even as farms decline across the US, a longer growing season is bringing food security to a state that has long relied on sustenance from afar.

Major Arctic drilling project seen as ultimate test for Biden's climate legacy

11 Jul 22 - Climate groups raised the alarm and put President Joe Biden on notice after the Bureau of Land Management opened the public comment period Friday for a proposed drilling project in the Alaskan Arctic...

The downside of corporate reforestation pledges

7 Jul 22 - Many big companies have pledged to offset some of their carbon pollution by investing in tree planting project

US Supreme Court limits ways to curb emissions

1 Jul 22 - For two decades, Congress has failed to pass standalone climate change legislation.

The US city where all buses are free

1 Jul 22 - Ever since Canek Aguirre got elected to the Alexandria City Council, he wanted to make the city’s bus transit service, known as DASH, free.

Ex-fossil fuel workers convert old oil fields to solar farms

30 Jun 22 - A group of 15 trainees will be heading out into the field to begin converting two Alberta oilfield sites into solar farms, after graduating from a rapid upskilling program for fossil industry and...

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