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Youth climate case moves to top tribunal in European Court

Tuesday - The European Court of Human Rights said Thursday that a complaint against 33 countries filed by six young Portuguese climate activists will be examined by the tribunal’s top panel of judges, a move reflecting the case’s legal significance.

Deadly glacier collapse in Italy "linked directly to climate change"

Tuesday - Italian prime minister Mario Draghi joined scientists in pointing to the climate emergency as the cause of a deadly glacier collapse in the Italian Alps on Sunday afternoon, saying policymakers must act to ensure avalanches don't become a more regular occurrence.

EU carbon border tax could hurt developing countries

Friday - By assisting the developing world’s green transition, Europe could mitigate the protectionist threat in its climate agenda.

The Swedish city that asked its banks for an ultimatum

Thursday - If Gothenburg doesn’t meet its climate and social goals, its lending banks will charge it a fine — at the city’s request.

EU ministers reach agreement on climate bills, zero emission cars by 2035

Thursday - EU member states have approved the end of fossil fuelled passenger cars in 2035 and found compromises on emissions trading and a “Social Climate Fund”.

Bonn climate talks end with ‘almost empty pages’

28 Jun 22 - “Kicking the can”, “pointing fingers”, and “divorced from climate impacts” were descriptions used by observers to describe progress at the latest round of global climate talks in Germany.

London could feel as hot as Barcelona by 2050

28 Jun 22 - A major climate change study has found that London's weather could feel more like Barcelona's by 2050. Even though this might sound like a dream at first to Londoners, the change could turn into a nightmare as it would be accompanied by stretches of severe drought as well as heavier downpours in the wet months, potentially challenging many aspects of life in the city.

Why Germany is pushing for a 'climate club'

27 Jun 22 - Germany is hosting this year’s meeting of leaders from the Group of Seven leading economies in the Bavarian resort of Elmau. Before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia triggered a cascade of crises...

Clothes made from 'carbon emissions': Why Zara's new line is just more greenwashing

27 Jun 22 - Rather than addressing this crisis of overconsumption, by limiting how much they produce and encouraging shoppers to buy fewer items, Zara is simply using the guise of sustainability to shift more...

EU lawmakers back stricter emission caps in climate change fight

23 Jun 22 - European Union lawmakers stepped up the fight against global warming Wednesday by requiring deeper emission cuts from power plants, factories and planes in the EU and by endorsing an unprecedented...

Valencia introduces an option for climate-neutral burial

23 Jun 22 - Starting from July, the City of Valencia will offer compostable burial urns as an alternative to traditional ones made from metal or ceramic. The vessels will come with a young tree sapling, which...

How Ukraine’s environmentalists are helping the war effort

22 Jun 22 - Volunteers are monitoring air quality, tracking environmental war crimes, sheltering people, and protecting wildlife.

Climate change leading to earlier and earlier heatwaves, scientists say

20 Jun 22 - As France grapples with a particularly intense heatwave this weekend, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, meteorologists say the increasingly early arrival of...

Countries mull delaying new EU carbon market in search of climate deal

15 Jun 22 - European Union countries are considering a one-year delay to the launch of a new European carbon market for buildings and transport, pushing back the start to 2027, as they seek a compromise on more...

Three companies seek permits for carbon storage off Norway

14 Jun 22 - The Norwegian Government has received applications from three companies seeking to secure permits for future carbon storage sites off Norway.

Plugging methane leaks is a powerful climate fix, so why aren't we doing it?

14 Jun 22 - The oil and gas industry is choking the atmosphere with a heat-trapping gas stronger than CO2 — despite cheap, fast and easy fixes.

In Turkey, study recommends investments in olive farms instead of coal mines

13 Jun 22 - In the wake of the recent regulation in Turkey opening olive groves to coal mining activities, a new report focused on the country’s Milas district found that the expansion of the olive oil sector...

On the road to COP27: Climate negotiations in Bonn

10 Jun 22 - COP27 will take place in Egypt this November. Some 4000 delegates are currently meeting in Bonn to prepare the conference. What are the intersessional negotiations? What is on the agenda? What role...

Key climate proposals fail to pass European Parliament

9 Jun 22 - Key pieces of the EU's climate legislation failed to pass the European Parliament Wednesday.

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