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Gravity storage start-up says it has “multi gigawatt hour” plans for Australian zinc refiner

Today 10:30am - Gravity storage start-up Energy Vault says it has begun site planning for what it now describes as a “multi-gigawatt hour” project for long and short term storage to support the green energy plans for Australian zinc refiner Sun Metals.

Experts say the net zero concept is often used to delay taking action against emissions

Today 10:30am - As large parts of Europe and North America swelter and then ignite, a future of endless climate destruction seems inevitable.

Green hydrogen has a leakage problem that may cancel out some of its climate gains

Tuesday - Hydrogen has emerged as the great white (or green) hope of the clean energy transition due to its potential use in decarbonising hard-to-abate industries like shipping, steel production, and even transport.

Good news on climate change? Australia's Great Barrier Reef has healthiest coral in 36 years

Monday - Australian Institute of Marine Science says results in north and central regions are a sign the reef could still recover, but loss elsewhere highlights risks

New 2030 climate target has Australian scientists excited

27 Jul 22 - Australia’s Chief Scientist has challenged the science and business community to figure out how to reach Australia’s new climate target.

Australia’s three richest men are spending their billions on green energy transition

26 Jul 22 - The surprise bid for renewables and storage developer Genex Power announced on Monday morning by billionaire Scott Farquhar and his wife Kim Jackson tells two interesting stories about Australia’s green energy transition.

Australia leads world in green hydrogen hype and hope, but not in actual projects

22 Jul 22 - Australia, you will read almost anywhere, aims to be a global renewable energy superpower, even a renewable hydrogen superpower – in much the same way it does in fossil fuels, where it is one of the world’s three biggest exporters.

Octopus launches $10 billion renewables platform, buys Australia’s biggest solar farm

21 Jul 22 - Octopus Investment Australia has officially launched its new $10 billion renewables “platform”, that will seek to finance big solar, wind and battery storage projects and has already bought the...

Australia's environment in 'shocking' decline, report finds

21 Jul 22 - Australia's environment is in a shocking state and faces further decline from amplifying threats, according to an anticipated report.

How Canberra avoided the global energy crisis

20 Jul 22 - The “Canberra bubble” is something of a derisive term in Australia, referring to the niche interests of politicians, lobbyists and media insiders in the country’s capital — the equivalent of being...

Chevron to lay out millions for more credits to cover another Gorgon carbon capture shortfall

18 Jul 22 - Chevron faces a renewed multimillion-dollar buy-up of carbon credits to cover another shortfall by the world’s biggest carbon capture and storage scheme at the Gorgon LNG project off northern WA.

Integrated wind and solar still cheapest, and green hydrogen costs falling fast: CSIRO

12 Jul 22 - Australia’s main scientific body and the country’s energy market operator have again underlined the fact that “integrated” wind and solar – including the cost of storage and transmission – is still...

Industry calls on Aussie government to support household batteries

6 Jul 22 - Another emerging player in Australia’s energy market has called on energy regulators to ditch plans for a capacity mechanism, arguing that installing more energy storage capacity would be a better...

Review of Australia’s carbon credit units announced

5 Jul 22 - The Australian government has announced the appointment of an independent panel (Panel) to review the integrity of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia's most populous state

5 Jul 22 - On a fine day, locals arrive on boats that motor up the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales to dine on the back deck of the Paradise Café.

Australia prioritizes reducing emissions and cheaper EVs

4 Jul 22 - Australia’s new government is putting climate change at the top of its legislative agenda when Parliament sits next month for the first time since the May 21 election, with bills to enshrine a cut in...

Rooftop solar and household batteries to take centre stage in Australia's rapid energy transition

1 Jul 22 - The solar and storage resources of Australian households and businesses will have the capacity to meet nearly one-fifth of national electricity market demand by 2050, and rooftop solar alone could...

Australia reconsiders methane emissions cut pledge

30 Jun 22 - The Labor-led Australian federal government, which was elected last month, said it was looking at joining the global methane pledge that seeks a collective 30% cut in methane emissions by 2030...

Sun Cable clears new hurdle for world’s biggest solar and battery project

27 Jun 22 - Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink, the massive solar and battery project backed by Australia’s two richest men, Andrew Forrest and Mike Cannon-Brookes, has cleared another important hurdle with a...

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