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Is $38 trillion a lot?

Friday - A new study using data from 1,600 regions over the last forty years has found that by 2050 climate change will be causing economic damage worth $38 trillion every single year.

Billions more in overseas aid needed to avert climate disaster, say economists

Friday - Pressure piles on the World Bank and IMF to steer countries to low-carbon transition at spring summit.

Global warming is coming for your shopping cart

Friday - Climate change is already increasing food prices and overall inflation, and these effects are likely to accelerate in the future, according to a new study.

New wind installations hit a record last year, report says

Thursday - The global wind industry installed a record 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity last year but needs to add triple this amount annually by the end of the decade to meet climate targets, according to an industry report.

Nature is vital to our success in fighting climate change and its real-world impacts

Thursday - OPINION: To unlock nature’s climate potential, we need investments to go to impactful nature-based climate solutions to conserve, restore or improve the management of natural and working ecosystems for their climate benefits.

Fossil fuel debts are illegitimate and must be cancelled

Thursday - OPINION: The Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF are a chance to transform outstanding debts for fossil fuel projects into grants for renewable energy systems.

A tidal wetland restoration of epic proportions

Thursday - Salt ponds form a vast mosaic spanning thousands of acres in California’s South Bay. But a 50-year transformation is underway.

The widest-ever global coral crisis will hit within weeks, scientists say

Wednesday - Rising sea temperatures around the planet have caused a bleaching event that is expected to be the most extensive on record.

Europe stands firm against US-driven ESG backlash

Wednesday - Steady investor demand in Europe for environmental and socially responsible investments and wide-ranging regulation are helping Europe's finance industry withstand political pressures that have...

A year’s worth of rain plunges normally dry Dubai underwater

Wednesday - A year’s worth of rain unleashed immense flash flooding in Dubai Tuesday as roads turned into rivers and rushing water inundated homes and businesses.

Science based targets initiative for carbon offsets and the Bezos Earth Fund

Wednesday - The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is supposed to provide standards for corporations to set emission reduction targets that are in line with climate science.

Finding new chemistry to capture double the carbon

Wednesday - Finding ways to capture, store, and use carbon dioxide (CO2) remains an urgent global problem.

The best coffee for the planet might not be coffee at all

Tuesday - Climate change is coming for your flat white. Startups are betting that substitutes made out of date seeds and chickpeas are the answer.

Can green hydrogen production help bring oceanic dead zones back to life?

Tuesday - Green hydrogen production makes a lot of extra oxygen. Could we put it to work revitalizing the ocean?

Climate target organisation faces staff revolt over carbon-offsetting plan

Monday - Employees at SBTi have called for their CEO to resign over controversial plans which they fear will enable greenwashing.

America's ageing water infrastructure is getting pounded by climate change – fixing it is also a struggle

Monday - Climate change is threatening America’s water infrastructure as intensifying storms deluge communities and droughts dry up freshwater supplies in regions that aren’t prepared.

Seagrass planted to tackle global warming

Monday - Coastal seagrass beds are being revived as part of a global effort to tackle climate change.

Global carbon trading revenues grew to US$74 billion last year - report

12 Apr 24 - Global revenues from the sale of carbon permits in emissions trading systems grew to a record $74 billion last year, as governments increasingly turn to such schemes to help tackle global warming.

UN climate chief presses for faster action, says humans have two years left ‘to save the world’

12 Apr 24 - Humanity has just two years to make significant changes to reduce heat-trapping emissions and secure the finances for this shift, according to the head of the United Nations climate agency.

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AgriZeroNZ investment in biolumic to shine light on low emissions pasture solution

Friday - Media release | AgriZeroNZ, the joint venture fast-tracking emissions reduction...

Agriculture needs innovation to stay open for business

Thursday - Media release | The agricultural sector is facing a crisis, with forecasts for...

Emissions Trading Scheme underperforming - study

12 Apr 24 - Media release | The impact of Aotearoa’s main tool in the fight against climate...

Planned plant to produce low emissions fuel a step closer

10 Apr 24 - Media release | Plans to build New Zealand’s first plant to produce low...

Purpose Capital Consortium increases investment in Lodestone Energy to $17.4M

10 Apr 24 - Media release | In March 2024 Purpose Capital led a $7.4M syndicated follow-on...

Plug-in hybrid vehicles sales on the rise in Australia

8 Apr 24 - Media release | The EV fringe benefit tax exemption, a desire to save on...

Business survey: Only a third of small Kiwi businesses prioritising climate action

5 Apr 24 - Media release | Even though small businesses know there are benefits to taking...

Scrapping Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary a ‘huge blow’ for marine protection

2 Apr 24 - Media release | The Government’s announcement that it will scrap plans for a...

Business sustainability efforts still falling short of consumer expectations, says new research

26 Mar 24 - Media release | New research from Kantar and the Sustainable Business Council...

Legal activists double down on greenwashing claims against Z Energy

20 Mar 24 - Media release | Consumer NZ, the Environmental Law Initiative and Lawyers for...

New record for NZ’s costliest weather events

20 Mar 24 - Media release | A leading global professional services firm, has published its...

Historic data reveals unprecedented heatwaves

13 Mar 24 - Media release - A thermometer dipped in a bucket of sea water on New Year’s Day...

Govt announcements make this a bad week for the climate

11 Mar 24 - Media release | “The Government has made a series of announcements this week...

Hundreds of marae exposed to natural hazards

7 Mar 24 - Media release - New research aims to bolster marae resilience against flooding,...

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