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EU hits Chinese EVs with tariffs, drawing rebuke from Beijing

Friday - The European Commission said it will impose extra duties of up to 38.1% on imported Chinese electric cars from July, risking retaliation from Beijing.

Swiss parliament spurns European climate ruling

Thursday - The Swiss parliament voted to snub a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that accused the country of being ineffective in fighting climate change.

What do the European elections mean for EU climate action?

Thursday - This week’s European parliamentary election results saw parties on the populist right making big gains in France and Germany, while the historic “green wave” of 2019 receded.

EU climate policies could be slowed in future after rightward shift in election

Wednesday - A more rightward-leaning European Parliament will make it harder to pass ambitious EU climate policies, but the majority of current world-leading green policies are likely to stay put, analysts said.

EU regulator calls for SMEs to be required to report on positive sustainability impacts

7 Jun 24 - EU markets regulator the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued recommendations to adjust proposed sustainability reporting requirements.

Inside the European Commission president's secret climate crusade

6 Jun 24 - The European Commission president fought hard in her first term to get her Green Deal reforms past skeptical colleagues — but then backtracked ahead of the election.

Right-wing pushback on EU’s green laws misjudges rural views

6 Jun 24 - Populist and far-right parties are wooing rural voters in the EU elections by exploiting a backlash against green policies – but new research suggests it may not work.

The warring conmen at the heart of a €5bn carbon trading scam

5 Jun 24 - Emissions trading was supposed to save the planet. But fraudsters quickly learned how to rip the system off, making themselves spectacularly rich.

Germany likely to miss 2030 climate goal, advisors calls for new policy

5 Jun 24 - Germany is likely to miss its 2030 greenhouse gas targets, government climate advisors said, contradicting the climate minister's prediction in March.

‘Unchartered territory’: What Europe’s wetter climate means for hydropower

31 May 24 - Despite increased potential in some countries, hydroelectric plants are having to contend with more extreme conditions.

Herd of bison could help store CO2 equivalent of 43,000 cars, researchers say

17 May 24 - Free-roaming animals reintroduced in Romania’s Țarcu mountains are stimulating plant growth and securing carbon stored in the soil while grazing.

EU countries approve law to slash CO2 emissions from trucks

16 May 24 - EU countries gave their final approval to a law to cut carbon dioxide emissions from trucks, which will require most new heavy-duty vehicles sold from 2040 to be emissions-free.

‘Climate change is here and it kills’: Heat-related deaths rise by 30% in Europe

16 May 24 - Researchers tracking the link between climate change and health say the adverse impacts are far-reaching.

EU proposes first sanctions on Russia’s LNG sector

8 May 24 - Until now, the EU hasn’t targeted Moscow’s lucrative gas sector, newly proposed sanctions would hit about a quarter of Russia’s LNG revenues.

Airlines lobby against EU plan to monitor non-CO₂ emissions

7 May 24 - Global carriers ask Brussels to weaken landmark plans to require monitoring and disclosure of all emissions.

EU investigates ‘greenwashing’ at 20 airlines

2 May 24 - Environmental claims come under scrutiny, including the benefits of offsetting emissions from flying.

EU votes to leave energy treaty as green rules pushed through

29 Apr 24 - EU lawmakers voted overwhelmingly for the bloc to exit a controversial international treaty that is seen by campaigners as protecting fossil fuel investments, in a series of positive votes on green...

EU Policy: Rapid militarisation jeopardising climate, claim NGOs

26 Apr 24 - Impact of conflict-related carbon emissions should be accounted for and more data from military operations is needed, according to NGOs and lawmakers.

European carbon trading catching less than quarter of airline emissions, data finds

23 Apr 24 - Less than a quarter of airline emissions were caught by Europe’s carbon trading schemes last year, according to new data that illustrates the limitations of one of the key tools to fight pollution...

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