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Review of Australia’s carbon credit units announced

Tuesday - The Australian government has announced the appointment of an independent panel (Panel) to review the integrity of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Youth climate case moves to top tribunal in European Court

Tuesday - The European Court of Human Rights said Thursday that a complaint against 33 countries filed by six young Portuguese climate activists will be examined by the tribunal’s top panel of judges, a move reflecting the case’s legal significance.

Deadly glacier collapse in Italy "linked directly to climate change"

Tuesday - Italian prime minister Mario Draghi joined scientists in pointing to the climate emergency as the cause of a deadly glacier collapse in the Italian Alps on Sunday afternoon, saying policymakers must act to ensure avalanches don't become a more regular occurrence.

Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia's most populous state

Tuesday - On a fine day, locals arrive on boats that motor up the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales to dine on the back deck of the Paradise Café.

Restoring nature is not a silver bullet for global warming, we must cut emissions outright

Tuesday - Restoring degraded environments, such as by planting trees, is often touted as a solution to the climate crisis. But our new research shows this, while important, is no substitute for preventing fossil fuel emissions to limit global warming.

Gabon to sell €275m worth of carbon credits before COP27

Tuesday - For Gabon, forests are rich in with economic opportunity. The country plans to create 187 million carbon credits and sell half of them on the offset market.

Energy demand rose by 5.8% and carbon emissions by 5.7% last year, BP reports

Monday - Energy use rose by 5.8% last year while carbon emissions also increased, though fossil fuels continued to make up a smaller chunk of global energy use, according to BP's recently released "Statistical Review of World Energy."

Climate change threatens coffee growers in Tanzania

Monday - Coffee-growing farmers in Tanzania’s northern Kilimanjaro region are bearing the brunt of climate change, which is affecting their incomes and livelihoods.

How AI can have a positive and negative impact on climate: study

Monday - A study published last month in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change sought to understand the potential impact of artificial intelligence on climate change.

Climate activists glue hands to Vincent van Gogh painting, other artworks in UK

Monday - British climate activists have glued their hands to the frames of three valuable works of art — including one from Vincent van Gogh — in three separate incidents this week to protest the United...

Technofixes are the elite's attempt to sidestep blame for the climate crisis

Monday - Science has a resistance to ill-founded assertions embedded deep in its bones. Carl Sagan called this “baloney detection.” But in the face of climate change, arguably our largest science-related...

Australia prioritizes reducing emissions and cheaper EVs

Monday - Australia’s new government is putting climate change at the top of its legislative agenda when Parliament sits next month for the first time since the May 21 election, with bills to enshrine a cut in...

US Supreme Court limits ways to curb emissions

Friday - For two decades, Congress has failed to pass standalone climate change legislation.

Climate change cases surge as courts become environment battleground

Friday - A quarter of all climate change-related legal cases since the 1980s were filed in the last two years, according to new research Thursday showing surging litigation targeting governments, fossil fuel...

EU carbon border tax could hurt developing countries

Friday - By assisting the developing world’s green transition, Europe could mitigate the protectionist threat in its climate agenda.

Rooftop solar and household batteries to take centre stage in Australia's rapid energy transition

Friday - The solar and storage resources of Australian households and businesses will have the capacity to meet nearly one-fifth of national electricity market demand by 2050, and rooftop solar alone could...

The US city where all buses are free

Friday - Ever since Canek Aguirre got elected to the Alexandria City Council, he wanted to make the city’s bus transit service, known as DASH, free.

The benefits of growing brocolli beneath solar panels

Friday - Despite being “yucky” according to some picky eaters, broccoli is well-suited to grow alongside solar panels, according to a new study.

Climate impact of food-miles up to 7 times higher than previously thought: study

Thursday - Fresh research suggests transport accounts for one-fifth of total food-system emissions, with fresh fruit and vegetables amongst the most carbon-intensive.

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