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Emissions down for 2022

18 Apr 24 - Aotearoa New Zealand’s gross greenhouse gas emissions fell by 4% in 2022, according to new figures.

Emissions down slightly for December 2023 quarter - but gross annual emissions up slightly for the year

12 Apr 24 - Seasonally adjusted greenhouse gas emissions for industry and households went down 0.5% in the December 2023 quarter, according to the latest figures released from Stats NZ.

Emissions down overall - but we're still burning too much oil

19 Mar 24 - By Robert McLachlan | OPINION: New Zealand is making progress on meeting its renewable electricity targets but failing to come close to what’s required when it comes to decarbonising transport.

Total GHG emissions increase 0.2% in June quarter

20 Oct 23 - New Zealand’s seasonally adjusted greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased 0.2% (33 kilotonnes) in the June 2023 quarter, after a 0.1% increase (26 kilotonnes) in the March 2023 quarter, according to figures from Stats NZ.

NZ’s climate emissions at historic low

20 Sep 23 - New Zealand is set to announce its lowest emissions this century, Climate Change minister James Shaw told the Climate Change and Business Conference in Auckland yesterday.

NZ needs better emissions data: research

3 Aug 23 - New research shows that New Zealand isn't doing enough to keep track of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation, with lacking data and modelling capacity in some sectors.

Annual emissions fall

21 Jul 23 - Greenhouse gas emissions fell 3.1% (2,369 kilotonnes) for the year to December 2022, according to new figures from Stats NZ.

China's Carbon Emission Allowance price at $8.76/mtCO2e

31 May 22 - The daily weighted average price of a Carbon Emission Allowance, or CEA, under China's national carbon market was at Yuan 59/mtCO2e (US$8.76/mtCO2e) on May 27, and weekly trade volume totaled 551,351...

Vermont brewery turns carbon emissions into beer bubbles

19 Oct 21 - Fans of Heady Topper, one of Vermont’s first popular craft beers, can now consume the brewery’s carbon emissions.

Only policy action can burst the carbon bubble: experts

1 Oct 21 - While strides are being made to use investment as a route to transition away from fossil fuels, policy action is what will really turn the dial, according to experts.

The net zero trap

1 Oct 21 - As more countries pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero by midcentury, one could be forgiven for thinking that the world is finally making real progress on climate change.

Carbon zero claims come under scrutiny

20 Jul 21 - Companies are buying carbon offsets like never before. They’re also facing unprecedented scrutiny over whether helping to fund green projects elsewhere really makes up for their heat-trapping...

Shopify backs underground sequestration of GHGs

30 Mar 21 - Canadian e-commerce operator Shopify plans to pay a Texas venture to pull carbon dioxide from the sky and store it underground.

Proof it's business-as-usual for emissions

17 Feb 21 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions shot back to pre-lockdown levels as soon as restrictions were lifted last year, new data shows.

Help for SMEs to cut emissions

4 Nov 20 - A new tool for measuring carbon emissions in small and medium-sized businesses will help decarbonise the country’s supply chain, says Toitû Envirocare.

Covid-19 cuts our ecological footprint by 9.3%

24 Aug 20 - The rate at which humanity is consuming the Earth's resources declined sharply this year as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, according to researchers.

Helping Chile cut emissions could help us

18 Aug 20 - New Zealand and Switzerland are helping Chile develop an emissions reduction programme that could pay dividends for this country.

Synethic gases net taxpayers $12 million

17 Aug 20 - The Government has collected nearly $12 million in levies for synthetic greenhouse gases imported into the country over the past year.

Waste operator cuts gas emissions

22 May 20 - Waste Management has cut greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations – but emissions from the rubbish it deals with are climbing.

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