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US meat lobby celebrates ‘positive outcome’ of COP28

Thursday - Industry leaders praise un food and climate plan as “music to our ears”.

Biden awards $830 million to toughen nation’s infrastructure against climate change

Tuesday - The Biden administration on Thursday awarded $830 million in grants to fund 80 projects aimed at toughening the nation’s ageing infrastructure against the harmful impacts of climate change.

Residents of one of Arizona’s last ecologically intact valleys try to detour the largest renewable energy project in the US

Monday - The SunZia transmission line that would carry wind energy from New Mexico to California has sparked one of the most consequential fights over the development for green energy.

Challenges to US climate rules sent to conservative-leaning appeals court

26 Mar 24 - A US judicial panel consolidated at least nine lawsuits challenging the US Securities and Exchange Commission's new rules requiring public companies to report climate-related risks in a venue favoured by Republican-led states and a business group.

What do Schwarzenegger, Fonda and Newsom have in common? They’re fighting oil drilling

26 Mar 24 - As the oil industry wages a multimillion-dollar campaign to repeal California drilling restrictions, the campaign to defend the state’s environmental protections is starting to resemble a Hollywood blockbuster.

More than 100 NGOs urge US special envoy to oppose carbon offsetting under Article 6

25 Mar 24 - More than 100 environmental, human rights, and frontline organisations have written to Joe Biden’s new special envoy for climate, John Podesta.

New report shows cancer organisation shares lobbyists with fossil fuel companies

25 Mar 24 - An American Cancer Society advocacy group’s links to firms that promote carcinogen producers called “shameful” and undermining to public health.

"There were no good options"

25 Mar 24 - OPINION: A real estate story in the New York Times might be one of the most telling pieces of climate journalism I’ve seen recently.

Biden seeks to accelerate the EV transition in biggest climate move yet

22 Mar 24 - The EPA’s final rule follows a concession to labor unions worried about a rapid shift to electric vehicles, and a nod that EV sales are slowing.

Connecticut wants to penalise insurers for backing fossil-fuel projects

21 Mar 24 - A new bill could impose a fee on any company insuring a fossil-fuel project in the state.

America's first large offshore wind farm opens

20 Mar 24 - America's first commercial-scale offshore wind farm is officially open, a long-awaited moment that helps pave the way for a succession of large wind farms.

What’s slowing down America’s clean energy transition? It’s not the cost

15 Mar 24 - New report finds renewable energy faces organised opposition and grid connectivity issues.

Researchers coax people to envision greener cities using AI images of familiar streets

14 Mar 24 - By cleverly combining advertising techniques with artificial intelligence, the team increased support for a sustainable transportation bill—particularly among republicans.

John Kerry: ‘I feel deeply frustrated’

14 Mar 24 - When former Secretary of State John Kerry stepped into a newly created post as America’s top climate diplomat in 2021, the reputation of the United States abroad was, in his words, “in the crapper.”

US leads global oil production for sixth straight year

13 Mar 24 - US crude oil production led global oil production for a sixth straight year, with a record breaking average production of 12.9 million barrels per day (bpd), the Energy Information Administration...

The fires sweeping across Texas offer a terrifying warning

7 Mar 24 - As flames raced eastward across the Texas Panhandle for the fourth straight day at speeds faster than a person can run, a cold front, driving a snow squall, swept over the Great Plains.

Texas battles second-biggest wildfire in US history

4 Mar 24 - A rapidly spreading Texas wildfire has killed one person, forced residents to evacuate, cut off power to homes and businesses, and briefly paused operations at a nuclear facility.

People displaced by climate crisis to testify in first-of-its-kind hearing in US

1 Mar 24 - Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hear how climate is driving forced migration across the Americas.

NYC pensions sued for shedding fossil fuels

1 Mar 24 - Monica Weiss joined college students, financial experts, faith leaders, and then-New York City Public Advocate Letitia James to demand that the NYC's five public pension funds factor the financial...

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